a little more Halloween

another picture that will be irrelevant very soon:

PRESENTING: Batman and Poison Ivy!
I've loved the idea of a Poison Ivy costume ever since I used to watch the "Batman-Superman Show" when I was younger.
Hunter, of course, loves Batman, and he got to wear his CWX running tights (good deal).
Yellow belt belongs to me, construction paper bat cut out by me.
In other news, I loved being a redhead for the night!
 Hunter loved wearing eye-shadow for the night. 
It did add something special to the intensity of his look!

We had a relatively low-key Halloween, but it did include dancing to "Thriller" and people recognizing me as Poison Ivy and not a woodland fairy, which is all I wanted from the night.
Here are our cute friends that joined us: (l to r) Farmer Mike, Little Red Serbrina, Sam the Cat Lady, and Jill the Pirate Wench.
Thanks for joining us guys! 

Well, it's time to put away my spooky socks, stop eating so much candy, and go pumpkin smashing.
Happy November everyone (countdown to home: 15 DAYS)

And on the note of costumes: opening night was tonight. It was fantastic. Here's to a weekend of amazing performances! #pajamagame


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Aaaww you look soooo cool in this costume!! It sounds like you had a blast, good for you!

Priya said...

Thanks so much Marie! & we did :)

Tea Journal said...

No way! You guys look awesome! I'm definitely a fan of couple costumes.

Btw, I FINALLY posted a Liebster post! SO sorry it took me...uh, 3 months? Thanks again for nominating me :)

Alexa said...

you look amazing Priya! i absolutely love it <3 loving hunter's eyeshadow!

Alexa <3

The Braided Bandit said...

Oh my goodness I love it! I wish we lived closer and could have gone out as a group! We ran into Bane to as literally one of the first costumes we saw that night! So jealous you guys have some pictures out too! I think your batman looks pretty bad-ass too :)

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