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Not gonna lie, pretty much the only thing on my mind right now is Spring Break (or #SB14, if you prefer it in hashtag form).

This could be my last Spring Break ever! And I feel like it couldn't come at a better time, between work, school, and work again lately (you get it, we're all busy. Here's to vacay)!

That being said, I've also found myself looking at some lovely goodies representing the Best Coast, Golden State, and my Home Sweet Home.

Here's my etsy CA wishlist (my birthday's in a couple months people!):
California State Necklace (sterling silver)

I've seen a couple people (both bloggy friends/real life) with these and I'm DYING for a CA necklace! 
How cool is the heart stamp, above the Bay Area perhaps?
Gold Filled California Necklace

But I'm torn because I really like this cut-out version. If I ever let myself go super hip and artsy, this is my best idea for a tattoo. Hunter (and my mom, I'm sure) recommend I just get the necklace instead.
SAN FRANCISCO Subway Sign. Bus Scroll. Destination List - Canvas 24" x 48"
Definitely dreaming about some wall prints for my new place (wherever that is!). I've seen some "Nashville" prints like this, but i LOVE the SF one. 
San Francisco California Art City Heart Map - Wood Block Art Print
Another really cool SF wall print idea. Although I feel this is DIY-able?
Vintage fabric California map
This is a vintage map printed on fabric! Looove it. 

There you have it folks! Help me pick out what to get for my new house.

And all you Californians (or any other state, for that matter) what's your favorite way to be statriotic*?
*this is a word I made up. See the complete list here


Elana said...

I love my CA necklace, you should totally get one! This is making me miss home so much! That SF print is awesome and definitely DIY-able, you should do it and show us the results!

Kristian said...

Oh, so cute! I love this kinda thing, but it never works for my state (Wyoming; it is a square and No town is big enough to have anything be named anything).

Unknown said...

I wanted that first necklace (midwest-style!) as a college going-away present two years ago, but I'm too lazy to explain where my itty-bitty, non-map-showing town is. Ha ha. I ended up showing my state pride by... not moving out of it! Oh well. Cute list of "Statriotic" ideas!

Alexa said...

okay loving that first necklace <3 i cant wait for spring break either!! the wall prints are also super cool. Hope you had a great week Priya! Can't wait for the next post

Alexa <3

Tea Journal said...

Love the map heart of San Fran! I bought some maps to DIY something similar but I've been to chicken to cut the maps up so far, haha. As for being statriotic (love it), I'm a fan of Katie Daisy's state art! http://www.etsy.com/shop/thewheatfield?section_id=12753471
She's so creative!

Happy Spring Break!!

Nataly said...

OH MY GOODNESS I WANT ALL OF THIS but replace the bay area with socal :) that print is my favorite!! buy buy buy! (or make make make!) Oh how i love you california :) :) :)

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