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This is the most perfectly of Priya remixes: running from a job interview to my current job! The nice thing about the place I work now is that so long as my toes and shoulders are covered, I can pretty much wear whatever I want. The most comfy and practical thing to wear is a t-shirt, jeans, and Vans, but I like to mix it up with skirts/dresses & flats, just to keep those in rotation in my closet!
necklace- from Renae, blouse- c/o Mom, belt- Francesca's, skirt- Target (circa Soph Year of HS), heels- Marshalls
Interview: I'm not sure if I'm correct in doing so, but I always like my interview/business casual outfits to look profesh, but still fresh (haaaaa). Clothing is an easy way to show off your personality. And really, who wants to hire some one who wears only neutrals?!

This skirt stems from my houndstooth obsession in high school (not in any way associated with UoAlabama). My mom had to hem it because it is from the regular height lady section, but now it's just perfect! Still! After all these years!
Otherwise, red is the perfect complement to houndstooth, the silk blouse is another stolen good/inheritance from my mom, and these are my power pumps. And you can't really tell but the pearls are a really cool matte 80's pair from my dear friend Renae. 

A silk blouse + printed skirt is an easy and always classic business-y look! The only downfall to this is puffy muffin blouse sydrome, pictured above.
t-shirt- Urban Outfitters, belt- J.Crew c/o Carina, skirt- Target, flats- Old Navy
Day Job: I've said before how I will wear a graphic tee with literally anything, but this might be one of my favorite combos. The t-shirt dresses down the skirt, while the skirt is much prettier and put-together than some old jeans. Plus I think the dressy graphic of this shirt goes especially nicely with the whole look. 
This might be the debut of these flats on the blog, gasp! I got them at Old Navy when they had all their flats on sale for $10, a great decision. They are basically the pointy black flats of my dreams, and I've been wearing them non-stop!

I didn't have a belt on initially with this look, but I was amazed at the difference it made. This belt was given to me by my sister because it was "too big on her waist". I don't mind being her "big little sister" at all!

Hope everyone is enjoying a great Thursday! I'm loving sitting indoors with the chill and rain outside (fin.a.lly!). I may even get out my fall/winter clothes, do I dare? Thanks for reading!


Kristian said...

A cute remix. I think interviews are tricky to dress for and what seems appropriate varies a lot on the type of job too.

Unknown said...

it's amazing how versatile black and white skirts can be :D

Anonymous said...

Great skirt Priya!! Also I wish I had a picture right now because I am basically wearing the opposite to your first outfit - I have a plain red skater skirt on with a black and white houndstooth top at this very moment. HAhahaha! Great colour combinations - great minds think alike! You look very smart and I also love that cute little belt. XX

Priya said...

ah, I would love to see an outfit post of yours as well!

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

So cute! I love the pattern of this skirt... vintage Target is the best!


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Unknown said...

Oh my Priya, These pics are Hot!

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

So cute! I like the way that you dressed down for your job. I hope your interview went well!

Priya said...

well thank you, kind stranger.

Larissa said...

I love that skirt and I think its perfect for job interview and work :) I will have to think about job-interview clothes soon too :( I am done with my MA thesis and before starting with my PHD I have to earn a little bit of money ;)

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

This reminds me of what I do! I dress nicer for the blog and then have to make it more casual for my work environment. Great post!
Exploring My Style

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