Thankful Thursday #3 and monthly goals, February

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mostly irrelevant though I am thankful for lip color and heirloom pins! 

I might just be overdue for a Thankful Thursday! And on this Thursday, I am thankful for:

13. Sugar by Maroon 5 and car dancing, in general. You guys. This song. Is SO catchy. I cannot listen to it without wanting to sing and dance along, and it instantly puts me in a good mood. Sometimes I allow myself to listen to it on the radio more than once a day! Also, dancing in your car, especially while stuck in traffic, is so good for you. Plus you get weird looks, which is always fun.

14. An outfit that makes me feel like a little Valentine. I mean, it's still February right? Wearing pink and red together makes me feel girly and great, bonus that I brainstormed this outfit while still in my bed.

15. A trip home next week, and all my sibs in one place! This came upon me SO fast, and I just can't wait to be with everyone, including Huntee, in the Golden State. A little vacay never hurt nobody.

16. Good hair days. I've been having a little bit of "haircut remorse" (if you will) and envying some long locks; but when I styled my wet hair with a pillow the other night and have thoroughly enjoyed the results all week long...then I really like short hair.

17. Freshly washed sheets. Is there anything better then going to sleep when you JUST washed your sheets? That makes for the sweetest dreams possible, truly.

18. Wine + Girl Scout cookies + Parks and Rec. We'll go ahead and just call this the best Tuesday night ever. Especially since this was after getting harassed by a Spencer Gift's employee.

19. That my plans tonight are baking and wrangling together sparkly party supplies. It's a hard life. Not too bad for a Thursday night.

20. A new phone! I went gold and white, and I have to say, I don't hate it. Mostly excited about gigs on gigs of space for all my photos of Beyonce, videos of babies, etc.

Just like you, I can't believe it is nearly the third month of the year. February was a good month for me, in terms of my monthly goals and life in general.

This past month I: went somewhere new (Austin), saw live music (Copeland), saw a family member (Carina), love was my one word motto and I knocked that out of the part (imho), I am hosting some girls tonight for dinner, and I sent out a lot of Valentine's! The only thing I didn't accomplish was reading a book, but as I've been telling myself: they're just goals. If I accomplished everything with ease then I would be perfect.

It always feels like things really pick up for Spring though- this year is no different, so



Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I'm also thankful for Sugar (definitely very catchy!), good hair days (those are THE best), family and friends, and cookies! To that list, I add: getting books you've been waiting weeks for, surprise gifts, pizza, and getting a good night's sleep!
Have a fab weekend!

Alissa said...

Sugar is soo good and gets me through with a mini dance party!!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Ahh I wish I could come see you back home! One of these days we'll be back at the same time. We will meet! Good hair days are the best. I absolutely love the shorter locks. Oh yes, and dancing in your car in traffic is the best. Not that I do it or anything.. :p

Priya said...

Getting a good night's sleep. Omg I am almost embarrassed at how much I love that.

Danielle Wallace said...

Somehow I totally missed this post! Sugar totally makes me dance like a crazy person in the car too! If you dance in the car while stopped at a red light and people are around, you totally would be my best friend. Just sayin. My hubby and I are infamous for this :P

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