ipsy vs. Birchbox, March

ipsy vs. Birchbox time! Originally I was trying to pick one instead of being subscribed to both; but for now, I'm enjoying experimenting with and reviewing a load of new beauty products every month. Getting a sub in the mail makes me giddy!

If this series feels a bit tiresome, I have to say: it certainly puts a fire under my butt to try out everything I receive so I can review it, and as long as I do that, I'm allowing myself to keep both.

On to the goods of the month!
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ipsy (left to right)

skyn Iceland Eye Gels- These are supposed to help with puffiness/redness, which I have pretty much constantly right now due to insane allergies. I tried a set on one evening, they felt nice but also pretty weird. My under eyes looked good afterwards, but I didn't notice a huge difference. It's nice that they included two packs in the bag though.
*Milani Nail Lacquer in Peri-Wink-* I'm so happy I got this! Some of my fellow ipsy girls in the office received a similar color in months past and I really liked it. This was the perfect shade for an Easter mani, the pigment I wanted took four coats. I love love the color, but the polish started chipping in under a week. 
NYX butter lipstick in Little Susie- This is the third NYX butter lip color I have (balm here, and a gloss I got from a friend.) I think they're great! The color is just so creamy. This lipstick goes on more like a balm and stays looking freshly applied. This is a new shade for me too, and I wore it here
Equitance Brightening Serum & Spot Corrector- I don't even know what this is for. Dark spots from what? My biggest complaint with both subs is the age serum corrector gloop I keep getting. Sure, maybe I should start early and be taking better care of my face now, but I can't even tell a difference after sampling this. 
Evelyn Iona concealer- I'm just about done with my current concealer, so YAY. I thought this was eye base at first, so I wore it on/under my eyelids. Really helped my eyeshadow stay in place on a long day. This stuff goes on smooth and the shade was great. 

*Favorite of the month. One thing I'm constantly suckered into buying is new nail polish, you can alwayssss find a color you don't have. I was so happy to receive this periwinkle shade! 

This bag is pretty cute! I would say as far as florals go, they could have done better; but still very Spring appropriate and fun. I've been toting this around for make-up on the go lately. 
Birchbox (left to right)

Amika Blowout Spray- I'm not the best judge of this because I generally don't like and don't use hair products. I also tried this out when I didn't blow dry my hair, but I noticed the description says it can be used on dry hair as well as texturizing spray. I didn't like the way it felt after it dried in my wet hair at all. 
*Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo-* My hair is super thick, and to get a good wash in the shower, I have to wash my hair twice, and in two separate sections. I was in desperate need of clarifying shampoo to get rid of that dry shampoo build-up, so I was so excited to receive this! Unforunately, I don't think it worked well. But I did try this paired with the hair masque (conditioner) it came with, so maybe that was the problem.
Jurlique Herbal Recovery Serum- Right? Why do I keep getting stuff like this? I've used it a couple times, can't report on how it works, but it smells nice (like plants!)
Jelly Pong Pong Highlighter- I'm just a baby when it comes to highlighting/contouring, so I looked forward to trying this out. Super weird that it looks just like nail polish, down to the applicator brush. I liked the shimmer, but it was difficult to apply and blend, pretty splotchy.
Harvey Prince Signature- I may be the only one who loves perfume samples! I ran out of my go-to perfume a few months ago and still haven't picked out a new one. These are the perfect size for stashing in my desk at work, for an after-lunch-workout refresher! This perfume smells classy and slightly floral, I would wear it! 

*Favorite of the month. I'm open to trying this again and giving my hair a really good wash, because if it does what it's supposed to, I'll be thrilled! This wins because I really needed clarifying shampoo and there it was. 

This box! Is so cute! Sure, a box is less functional then a pouch, but the last 4 boxes I've recieved have been so, so cute. I feel silly keeping any of them, but Kelley suggested I use them on a bookshelf which is GENIUS. I've been messing around with them on the shelves in my apartment, and it looks great! Bonus that I could stash anything in them and it would still be cute! 

Victor for February: ipsy, fosho. None of the Birchbox items were stand-outs for me this month, whereas ipsy had a few (nail polish, concealer, lip stick.)

I'm realizing that at any given point, I typically have anywhere from 2-5 different shades and types of lip color on me. Do I have a problem? I mean, it helps that between these two subs I get a new one every month. 

It takes me WAY back to 7th grade, where my middle school best friend Lauren & I used to be obsessed with lip gloss. Bonnebell, Lip Smackers, you name it, we had it. We used to bring a different one to school every day and compare and ask, "What do you have on you today?" and I got busted in science glass for re-applying (whatever Miss Schlink, science is for shmucks!), and one time in class we even started a collection (it was more of a minstrel-type situation) for change to buy new gloss! We were influencers, for sure. And this is where my lip color complex has it's roots.

Any fellow subscribers to ipsy or Birchbox (or something else?!) out there? How were your subscriptions for the month; am I missing out on something, or using a product incorrectly?

As always, you can sign up for ipsy or Birchbox (or both, it's not like, the worst thing that happens to me every month), by using my referral links right here: ipsy // Birchbox

Have a happy Saturday everyone, and don't forget: tomorrow is beauty day! Time to use up all those new products. I just recieved my subs for April, eeeeee. Thanks for reading! 


reshma said...

I'm a big lip gloss fan myself! It's probably my most frequent beauty purchase. I agree the box is cuter than the bag for this month. I like the idea of displaying the boxes on your bookself... another idea I read about somewhere was using them on coffee table to store remotes, coasters, etc. I enjoy reading your reviews! :)

Priya said...

Another good idea! I just couldn't bare to throw them away when they are SO cute. Lip color is my fave. Maybe because it's so easy to apply- I put it on in the car when I'm running late (always.)

Thanks for reading, Reshma!

Alysia Avé said...

Ha Ha! "Dark spots from what?" You clearly have excellent skin of which I am envious :-) I really like reading your reviews since I'm pretty basic in my skincare and I'm thinking about branching out. These boxes seem perfect since I tend to get overwhelmed when trying to pick something for myself!

Alysia Ave

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Love the nail polish color and lipstick from Ipsy! I have a nail polish that's so similar and I wear it so often during the summer!

Priya said...

I didn't mean to sound bratty or anything...I just don't know anything about serums!

You should totally try out a subscription box, I'm not really a beauty person and easily get overwhelmed picking out products. That's why I LOVE when they are picked out and sent to me! Easy!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Ipsy seems to be the clear winner every month, except for maybe last month when you were given a Beauty Blender. If you decide to only keep one, I'd say you'd be happier with that one. :) I LOVE the NYX butter lipsticks. The formula goes on smoothly but there's only one color I like on me haha. It's a pretty neutral mauve color. Nice score on that nail polish too! That's always fun!

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