Garden Pleats

*photos edited with VSCOCam*
| sunnies: H&M | tank: Urban Outfitters via Carina (old) | cardi: Banana Republic (old) | skirt: Old Navy | clogs: ON | purse: vintage | bracelets: gifts (Huntee, Marjo, Rachel) | watch: c/o JORD |

At this point, my family and friends know that anytime and anyplace is GREAT for taking outfit photos! #Bloggerprobz, amiright? These were taken as we waited to get into Monell's for brunch last weekend. They have the most beautiful garden courtyard, complete with porch swing; we waited for maybe 45 minutes but didn't mind it a bit! We then proceeded to eat a meal with four kinds of meat. Other things too, but the protein had to be noted.

When Tuppy touched down in Nashville and I asked him what he wanted to do, he said "I don't really know. But I definitely want some country food." Ha! I sure have more fun with those twins than probably anyone else in the world.

This outfit is the direct brainchild of wanting to wear this tank before the Summer was over (per my updated style strategy.) It's super old, and used to be one of my favorites; but I just don't find occasions for casual racer-back tanks anymore.

I bought this skirt from Old Navy online this Summer, it was a bit of a splurge (I mean, for Old Navy, where I never pay full price for anything), but it looked like it would be perfect. And it really, really is. I've been wearing it non-stop, and even took it home last weekend. The brilliant thing about it is, I think it'll wear just as well (better?) in the Fall and colder weather with tights + boots. The holy grail.

I have it under good authority (because...I just bought it in red :|) that you can still get it at Old Navy, and now for a cool $10. I have nothing but good things to say about it- cool prints, breezy fabric, great legnth and fit. You can find it right here!

Happy weekend, one and all! I'm going to stay as chill as possible- I haven't made any plans, but they usually find me :) Hunter is officially moving on Monday, and right now my car is loaded with empty boxes from the office for him. So I imagine I'll be helping out because I'm the best girlfriend ;)

Have a great one, and thanks for reading! 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

He's moving into the new house?? How exciting!! You look absolutely adorable in this outfit. The navy and yellow make a nice pairing!

Rachel Morrison said...

You still wear my bracelet, that made my day!!

Priya said...

This comment made my day! Thanks for being a superfan :) and of COURSE I still wear both of them!!

Priya said...

Thanks Lauren! Yup, he closed last week, and officially moves Monday!

reshma said...

This whole outfit is totally on point. Totally love the bag, shoes, and sunnies to complete the look. I can see a lot of versatility with the skirt... great pick! Good luck with the move. :)

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Girl, you always look SO cute! And you mix colors to perfection!! Love your sunnies!

Larissa said...

You pictures look so much like Summer whereas here it is getting cold and I am getting out all my woolen sweaters out from underneath the bed ;) You look super cute (like always) and I really like this pretty skirt!

Priya said...

Thanks so much Reshma!!

Priya said...

You are too kind. I've been trying to be more adventurous about color combos so I appreciate it!!

Priya said...

Yeah we're not quite there yet. I suppose you don't have Old Navy in Germany, but maybe you've visited in the States? It is my favorite!!

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