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HI! Happiest of New Years to you! Hope you all had a magical holiday season and are feeling inspired and refreshed in the way that only a new year can bring. 

I was reflecting toward the end of the year, as one is wont to do, and I realized that I'm fairly certain 2019 was the best year of my life. I quit my job to pursue some dreams (more on that eventually!) I got to travel an absurd amount, both to grand new cities and to spend time with family & friends, and I got engaged at Thanksgiving (!!!) 

More on that last one soon especially, but I've basically spent since Thanksgiving feeling totally overwhelmed with love and life. In the best way! I hope I can share the proposal story soon (maybe with some engagement photos) but I really doubt I will be blogging much about the wedding planning process, I just don't think that's my steez.

Anyway! In years past when I have been way more ambitious about blogging I've done several year end recap posts (or at the very least, one full post of my favorite outfits), and while I couldn't muster up multiple posts this year, I couldn't let the new year slide with out at least ONE mega best of list to rule them all :D 

Please also enjoy my "selfie scrapbook" from the year below - pretty fun to make as most of these coincide with fun memories from 2019! 
Best Book:
Stay tuned for the full list of everything I read in 2019 (2018, 2017) but I believe my favorite read of the year was Still Lives by Maria Hummel. I came across it on a book list somewhere online, and then was shocked at how niche it was for my interests. To be fair I did read this in about two days on the beach in Portugal/Spain, which was definitely a contributing factor, but I think I'd recommend it either way!

Best New App:
Lol why is this a category? I am such a boomer when it comes to my phone, honestly. Anyway, Marco Polo for keeping in touch with besties around the world and Libby for making the most of my library!
Best Meal:
Tough but a fun category - I know recency bias has something to do about it, but I'm still dreaming of the dinner we had at Dumpling Time in San Francisco over Thanksgiving. Literally last night I said to Art "I want to go to Dumpling Time." Everything we had was delicious and then a few things were extra delicious. Runner-up: Kloof Street House in Cape Town!

Best Travel Destination:
And on that note...in 2019 I traveled more than I ever have! I guess quitting your job lends nicely to that. This was tough because I truly saw so many incredible places that I loved & would visit again, but I have to say: Cape Town was my favorite travel destination of the year. I know part of it was only having a dedicated few days in our 10ish day trip to South Africa & wanting so much more - scarcity bias? Is that a thing? Runner-up: Porto!
Best Concert:
It's hard to top Kacey Musgraves at the Ryman, fresh on the heels of her Grammy win, BUT: as far as total concert experience goes, I have to say surprising Art with Incubus tickets in Minneapolis for his birthday. That was an amazing weekend and surprisingly, a show I enjoyed even more than I thought.

Best Albums:
Ok I have a few here: Be the Cowboy - Mitski, Dedicated - Carly Rae Jepsen, On the Line - Jenny Lewis, Father of the Bride - Vampire Weekend, Jaime - Brittany Howard, Norman Fucking Rockwell - Lana Del Rey, Dirty Computer - Janelle Monáe, Ella Mai - Ella Mai, Fine Line - Harry Styles (more than a few but I would die for all of these.) More favorite music from the year on my Spotify Top playlist! 

Best of TV/Movies:
OK I'm going to be cutthroat & only share favorites: JudyMindhunterLove Island UK, FleabagShrillBohemian RhapsodyCold Case Files, LittleLate Night, JailbirdsDerry Girls.
Best Outfits 2019 Best Outfits:
This feels like a whimper considering favorite outfits of years past posts! I blogged less than ever this year & therefore, shared less outfits, but I do love all of these. Moreover, I feel like they are indicative of my ever-shifting personal style in the freeze frame of 2019. It also makes me feel good to reflect on these outfits in the midst of a no-buy year - I can confidently say that while shopping less than ever, I was still able to put together outfits that I loved! Pls indulge me in just a lil commentary (l-r):

1. The coziest Fall fashion combo I could imagine, 50% of which is stolen from Art's closet :)
2. A classic, age-appropriate, with a couple fun touches, including espadrilles I bought in South Africa!
3. This wasn't even on the blog, but - a fun, casual combo I loved for a very fun day in Minneapolis (I am going to blog about this eventually, I swear.)

Best Purchases:
Stay tuned for a no-buy year post mortem! My purchases were few and precious, but I can confidently narrow down my absolute FAVORITE thing I bought this year to: my Mara Hoffman floral sundress, purchased at a sample sale in LA for my birthday! I will wear this forever. It's still available here!

Best Beauty Find:
ONE favorite beauty product?! Without overthinking, I'm gonna say - The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault eyeshadow palette in Armed & Gorgeous. Technially I found this in 2018, but it only became a real favorite this year. Lots more beauty favorites this a way. 
UntitledBest of Milo:
Yeah, my nephew gets his own category because LOOK at him! This is Milo's first birthday outfit. He wore this while he cried in the arms of a mariachi band as we celebrated his first birthday on June 5th ;)

As always always, I would love for you to share your favorites of 2019 with me in the comments! Favorite moment, favorite book, favorite meal, anything goes! If you wrote any kind of recap post, please share the link with me because I love reading them!

Thanks for reading! I hope I can cheer you on for a wonderful 2020! 

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