weekend update: i should be studying

Sunday, April 29

    I may as well just re-name my blog "I Should Be Studying." Not a bad idea, actually. I don't think anyone would believe me if I said I was really prepping for finals all weekend though. And I totally wasn't.

I started packing up for home/summer home/next semester's home and for the first time in my college career, I am not stressed!
First to go was my wall decor. These came off my bulletin board: Mindy Kaling's cover of Entertainment Weekly (obvi), a picture of my sisters and I at Filoli gardens, and a ceramic (?) bow I stole (on a dare) from Buca. 

Saturday night we grilled out with my good friends...cheese dogs. Hot dogs, which I love, with cheese INSIDE. No, seriously. They are amazing. Oh and my other friends!
Yes, my hair days are back to normal. To be fair, this was post-run.
Loved hanging out with these girls, my cool friend Brynn and her COOL friend Holly! 

Am I the only person that tries to see what their tortilla ship is shaped like? Usually I just do states but then the craziest thing happened: I found this chip shaped EXACTLY like Yoda's head! 
This is real life guys. A chip of epic proportions. So I put it on the fridge, next to my twin brothers.

Today between more studying (and taking tests online...gross) and packing, we drank Pomegranate Limeaide from TJ's in our Redneck Wineglasses 
And broke into these bad boys on the porch swing.

    Still trying to finish everything before I leave to go home on Wednesday morning and then to Finland on Thursday! 

    I'm really feeling the love on my blog guys! So thanks, it's been alot of fun. And I'll do my best to keep it good...so keep reading. 

wishing i were

Friday, April 27

or in Griffith Park

or at In-N-Out

or in Belize

 or on an adventure with these two 
instead of doing this. Happy Finals everyone. 

attention readers

Thursday, April 26

    After the past three showers I have taken, I have actually styled my hair. I know you're thinking "Big deal. I do this everyday." But for someone like me, with alot of hair and very little time and patience, this is a BIG deal! Everytime I see my sisters one of the first things they say to me is "[some snarky remark about how I need to do something about my hair]." Well be proud, sisters.

    Let's take a second to talk about the hair dreams and hair envy I have. Don't tell me you don't see a girl with fab hair and get insanely jealous really fast and wonder "Well why does it have to be so straight and beautiful? Why doesn't she have to use a de-frizzing cream?" I definitely do. Sometimes it's just mesmerizing to me. I would define a "hair dream" as "any way that you would really like your hair to be" and I have considered pixie cuts, bobs, down-to-my-butt long, if I didn't already look like a small child most of the time I would totally get a bob.

    Let's see what a web authority on beauty (Pinterest) has to say. My ideal hair style uses no product,  takes about 7 minutes tops, and is durable enough to go from class to Zumba and back. However I have a lovely collection of elaborate (and realistic) hairstyles on Pinterest. And you do too.

braided bangs. via @Joanna Goddard SO beautiful. How does she manage to look early 1900's and super hip at the same time? I'm gonna vote this one off the island though because that loose braid wouldn't make it very far in my life.

Pinned Image LOVE this big bow! Takes me back to my Music Man days, my mom made me a couple of these ("We've surely got trouble!")

Pinned Image This girl hops out of bed in the morning and her hair just looks like this. Also all of her friends hate her.

Undone chic Oh my gosh, who put a picture of me on Pinterest without me realizing? Ha, I'm only joking. Although, this is what my hair looks like on a daily basis! I meticulously style it in a "messy chic bedhead way." Jokes jokes, this is what MY hair looks when I hop out of bed in the morning, so there.

Love I don't think this one is actually real. I'm pretty sure she's a Hello Kitty robot.

Dear readers, please share some real girl hairstyles with a desperate girl with lots of hair!

     Other good news of today: Today at Donut Den was record-breaking in the tip department! I have one final down, 4 to go! I'm about to go to a Zumbathon! One week from today I'll be on my way to Finland! I had a delicious nap today! I ate a Reeses Peanut Butter egg for lunch!

I'd love to hear your good news too. Thanks for reading!


in the middle of the craziness

Wednesday, April 25

     My biggest inspiration for fashion is the weather. That being said, the most confusing weather to dress for is rainy and warm. This is unheard of in California, but here in the good old South, it's commonplace. When it's warm I obviously want to wear a dress or skirt or shorts, but the rain throws me off. It's too warm to wear my rainboots, too wet for sandals, too messy for shorts. Thus, I bring you something completely inappropriate for the weather. 

      Featuring my favorite flea market find earrings. I'm off to finish a few more study guides, eat dinner by myself in the caf, and as for my exciting audition news.... I'm going to a callback tonight! And I'm determined that even if I am just a Factory Worker, I will be the most FAB Factory Worker ever. Happy Wednesday! (That's what day it is, right?)

Thanks Brynn for the pictures! 

stressing about:

Tuesday, April 24

- finals/schoolwork
- housing situation for the summer
- my audition tonight
- moving out & in
- being a good person
- traveling alot
- working

basically everything. But despite the stress, today I am choosing to just be happy.

   I am totally auditioning for a musical tonight guys! It's been since Sophomore year of high school that I've done an audition and I am freaking out. I've decided to sing "My New Philosophy" from You're A Good Man Charlie Brown. 

   Hoping to channel my inner Kristin Chenoweth/Lea Michele. I have no idea how the theater department here works. Does everybody get cast? Do they record the auditions so they can laugh at me later? Are they looking to add some ethnic flair to their cast? My best bet is to be the most enthusiastic, sassiest Sally Brown I can, despite a lack of (recent) experience. I'll keep you posted on that. 
   One more cool thing! Today at the Den I met two people that had just moved to Tennessee from California! This is a novelty! I love talking to random people that I'm somehow connected to. Actually even without the connection I like talking to them :)

weekend update: although I should be writing a paper

Monday, April 23

     Today I feel absolutely distracted. I just took a test that I didn't study for, additionally I have a marketing paper due tomorrow that's...in progress, and I just found out THIS MORNING that the auditions for my school's musical are tomorrow! So now I'd desperately like to prepare for my audition (oh, am I auditioning?) but I should really focus on, maybe schoolwork.

Oh yeah, and this weekend needs some reflection too!

     It was a great one! Including Contra dancing (the best part was probably pretending I was in a Jane Austen novel), banana bread muffins, organizing Hunter's closet (he just needed a woman's touch), another 5K victory for my little stud, and some Waffle House! 

     Also I straightened my hair for the first time since...well I don't really remember when. A few people have told me that I resemble actress Hannah Simone (Cece on New Girl). Thoughts?

     My best attempt at imitating her pose, ha! Other news: 3 days left of classes, then finals, and 8 days until I leave for home and summertime! But for now, back to this crazy week. 

everybody's looking forward to. the. weekend!

Friday, April 20

     First off, yes I did steal that quote from my girl Rebecca B. Happy Friday everyone! As I do every week, I'm trying to get done some last minute homework today so I don't have to think about it all weekend. Tonight I'm looking forward to maybe some Contra dancing or a musical show but definitely a G.N.O. (leggo)! Before I get back to Principles of Finance, I leave you with these words of wisdom to start off your weekend:

Wisdom from Tina Fey
From Bossypants by Tina Fey.

today i crashed on my bike

Thursday, April 19

     TWICE. I'm good at bike riding, I swear. I have pretty good balance. What I am not good at is manuevering around things, I think I just panic. So today I was biking to Hunter's after class, and someone had left a giant garbage bin on the sidewalk. I said to myself, "Ok Priya, let's slip in between the bin and the drop-off next to the sidewalk. " I dismounted but still had my legs around my bike, and tried to carefully steer around the bin, next thing I know my bike topples over and I go careening down a hill into someone's yard, falling flat on my face. I even stopped a nice concerned man in his car, but I just waved him away.
     On my way back, I was riding up a hill and stopped to try and get my phone out to call a friend (I frequently multi-task while riding my bike). Once again my bike swerved, fell over, and subsquently so did I, falling down the hill and into a fence.
     And these were both before Zumba! Now I feel really worn out, banged up, and I have a fat knee.
     So I leave you with this! I love Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Blue Ivy (although why WHY couldn't she have been Ivy Blue? Way better)! This made seriously lol. Thanks to Shel for the recommendation.

(This isn't the full version, but you can find it on Hulu). 

buffalo, blue, & bangs!

Wednesday, April 18

     Well I woke up this morning and could not see out of my eyes. Time for a bang trim! Me being the wildly passionate (read: moody and emotional) person that I am, this left me feeling a little grumpy. Dumb bangs. I assumed that once I got the famed "straight across bangs" I would look exactly like Zooey. But I look nothing like her and they are difficult to maintain! (Side note about Zooey: she even has an iPhone commercial now! She is on top of it!) Disgruntled and in need of adjustment, this afternoon I visited my friendly neighborhood Head Resident who cut them for me! I think they are the perfect legnth, not too long that I can't see and look like a shaggy dog, but not too short that I look like a dork with a bowl-cut. Of course, I'll let you be the judge of that.

     A few notes about what I'm wearing...I have come to find that random items I inherit/discover/permanently borrow are the best, most versatile pieces in my wardrobe. E.g. That funky shirt, from a thrift store in Nebraska via my best friend from home, Jenae. Or the flats, I took those from my sister Carina probably two years ago. I should add "gifted" because the bracelet was a gift from my wonderful friend Rachel, who got it on the island of Curacao. It sat on my desk intimidating me for a while until I realized, "Hey, I could literally wear this with everything." So now I do! 

     Hope everyone had a great day! I enjoyed skyping with an old friend (love to Schep) Zumba-ing with a new friend (oh hey Brynn thanks for the pics) and going to Mazatlan/homework date with two great friends (Huntee and Dithy). If you didn't get a name-drop in this post...I'm working on it.

     Also realized today I finish school in ONE week, leave for home/Finland in TWO and turn 21 in SIX. Ye gads! So things are pretty perfect(ly),



Tuesday, April 17

This post brought to you by my awesome new bookmark I got at the library:

     Lately I've been reading books non-stop, I don't know what it is? Maybe it's because reading is the most guilty-free form of procrastination for me? I've always loved to read but have done significantly less of it now than when I was younger. I used to be a voracious reader, I remember praying that I could learn to read like my sister. I remember learning to read and hang upside-down on monkey bars/my bunk-bed right around the same time and thinking "Theoretically I could read whilst hanging upside down a la Pippi Longstocking or something." Although in retrospect I doubt I used the words "theoretically" or "whilst" in 1st grade. And lucky for me, our house didn't have air conditioning, which resulted in entire summers spent at the library. This fostered my young love for reading even more. Here's what I've been reading lately:

The Five People You Meet In Heaven- Mitch Albom. This has been on my bedside for ages! I just started it this morning, so I can't completely vouch for it. So far it is a fascinating view of heaven and actually pretty psychedelic. Waiting for it to change my life.

The Hunger Games & Catching Fire- Suzanne Collins. Obvi. This has been one of those phenomenon books that everyone reads at the same. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it. However, this is not my favorite genre of book. It was very reminiscent of 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and Brave New World which all read like the same exact book to me (and I didn't like them). Mockingjay is eagerly waiting for me on my Kindle for plane ride. Also I have a girl crush on Katniss. What, like you don't?

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo- Steig Larsson. I beg you, do NOT see this movie until you have read the book! This is because it is the most suspenseful book I have read in a looong time. It is dark, unhappy, and pretty disturbing, but you will not be able to put it down. I read it in about two days. The movie is alright but gives away little details in two minutes that you have to discover over the course of the book. So, def read the book. And then watch the movie. Rooney Mara is as good as they say.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? - Mindy Kaling. Oh I enjoy a light read as well. I adore Mindy Kaling. I pre-ordered this on Amazon (don't be fooled by this marketing ploy: I received it about a week after it actually came out) and proceeded to read it in about 24 hours. Mindy is...going to be explained in another blog post for future. I don't want to get into it here. Read it, you will love it.

The Secret Life Of Bees- Sue Monk Kidd. You might be disappointed at the end. This is a pretty weird book. I now know more about bees than I probably ever cared to know. I would recommend it though, just picture a disgruntled Dakota Fanning in your head the whole time.

What have you been reading lately? I am always looking for good books!

A fine memory of procrastination, reading this beauty in 24 hours.