CMT Awards!

   Wednesday was like this: one minute, I was laying out by the pool with my roomie, looking through old issues of Glamour, the next minute my housie Julie was screeching about how she had two tickets to the CMT Awards that I could have and then I was screeching too.
   At the risk of sounding incredibly (pretentious, snooty, ridiculous) stupid, these are honestly things that can randomly happen when you’re in Nashville. Julie had some connection or something…I didn’t ask questions.
   Ever have to go from 0 (or in my case, -, with a tangled mass of after-pool hair) to ready in about an hour? All I could think was, if I don’t collapse from this stress-induced frenzy I think I could have a really great night. Well, we made it, got our tickets, stopped for Tacos, and then the magic began!
 I’ve never been on the other side of an awards show before. I guess it was somewhat like I imagined, all “60 seconds til live…30…10…” and “Energy people! Let’s get some applause!”
 I honestly loved seeing all the awards and winners.
Brad & Carrie winning for "Remind Me"
And some AMAZING performances.
Now a huge fan of Luke Bryan. Although I would like to contest the line in his single “Drunk on You”. It goes like this “If you’re not a 10 you’re a 9.9…” Rule #1: Don’t ever tell a girl she’s anything less than a 10, duh. Still loving that song though.

 The new Little Big Town song “Pontoon” is so weird, but the stage set-up was so fun!
 Not a huge Carrie Underwood fan post-American Idol (because I was all over that season. I always feel like I kinda helped her win. You’re welcome Carrie.) but her performance of “Good Girl” had all the bells and whistles (and spotlights and glitter) and was amazing.
 The most spectacular part of the whole night was watching Rascal Flatts perform “Don’t Stop Believing” with Journey. THE Journey. That was a moment for life.
I had to take a second after the show to enjoy the view downtown. Broadway is so fun. I’m Nashville lovin’, that’s for sure!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! 



Kelsey Elizabeth said...

holy cow what a fantastic opportunity! too cool, you're bound to make a lot of girls jealous with this post :) thank you for your sweet comment!
xo kelsey

Jacqueline (Chic Advisor) said...

how amazing it is that you got to go there. I am jealous.
I also want to go down South one of these days as I want to eat some authentic southern food badly.

I have a $100 gift card giveaway starting June 11. Come check it out.

keep in touch.

Cheers, Jacquie


Priya said...

Thanks! I felt so lucky that it worked out. Also I love your blog, so no problem :) thanks for stopping by!

Priya said...

You'll love Nashville, you should come down! Thanks for your comment!

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