inspiration & ramblings on a Tuesday

   The weather is cloudy and rainy, I miss Hunter, there's a rouge possum living outside of my house, I'm pretty sleepy, and I'm suffering from intern projects block. But I'm doing ok! 
    I'm sleepy because I got to work at Donut Den last night! Oh man I've missed it (donuts. I've missed eating donuts.) I'll probably be filling in some evenings shifts here and there, which is also known as the "Muffin Shift". Yes, this means I will be learning how to make the muffins! I'm movin' on up at the Den! I totally tweeted at Taylor Swift and told her to come by...she didn't. But I'm really feeling good that it's gonna happen one of these days. 
    Today I'm looking forward to Zumba (it's been SO long!) and getting my nails done with one of my housies, Julie. I'm thinking a businessy-classy neutral whitish shade (does that make any sense at all?)
simple white nails.
   That or maybe a mint color. And I'm digging the one sparkly nail trend. It's glam, but not too involved. I figure if I'm not spending money on new clothes, I can spring for a polish change, which makes me feel equally fabulous and costs less! 
Essie’s Mint Candy Apple + Martha Stewart’s Aquamarine Glitter = Mermaid Nails
   And now I'm going to stop looking up pictures of people's hands, it's kinda freaking me out. 

   An update on my goals for the week (for those who care, otherwise skip this paragraph). I went on a run yesterday after work, in the middle of a thunderstorm, thinking "Oh, maybe it's a break in the clouds." Except there are no BREAKS in CLOUDS during a THUNDERSTORM! I'm all about life is beautiful dance in the rain blah blah but when I'm trying to preserve my straightened hair and the sky opens up and just pours on me...yeah I was a little ticked. But, I did run! Also have been eating pretty good (minus a few donuts) last night my housies grilled some chicken and let me have some for a couple burrito/fajitas AND my salad for today's lunch! Success! 
Pinned Image
   I just found this and loved it. Hey, this is totally a drawing of Whitney, my bike. So, enjoy that. I'm off to write some reports about Craigslist and Google clicks! 

   Wishing you the loveliest of Tuesdays! 



Audrey Allure said...

Love that quote with the bike :)

Priya said...

It's a good one! Thanks for visiting!

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