day to night

   You know those tutorials in magazines that are like "Kelly works as a stock broker in New York City and after work she likes to hit the bar with her friends. Heres how she can transform her pencil skirt from business casual to getting down to business" or whatever? Yesterday I channeled all my day to night knowledge for an outfit that would take me from real estate intern to fine dining hostess.

Here I am by day:
to night:
   You've probably noticed that I didn't change anything. I just woke up, put on my "money dress" (as I affectionately refer to it, because it's like money in the bank to anyone that wears it), some heels that I would sincerely regret at 9 pm, and called it a day. 
 dress- Target necklace- F21, heels- Target
 I contemplated "just having cool long bangs" instead of cutting them but this is getting out of control. 
Don't let the suede fool you. These shoes are not playing nice. 
Here's Hunter saying "Priya smile big! With your teeth!" And me saying "No Hunter, I want to look like a fashion blogger not an idiot."

   Yes, another exciting day in the life & times of yours truly. I'm hopefully heading to Knoxville in a bit for another intern-related trip, so I'll catch you next on Rocky Top! 



Carina said...

Love this post, you are hilarious.

Karen said...

First of all, gorgeous as ever! Secondly, I moved apartments and today I got to go into my old mailbox for the last time. Still nothing. But I've just sent you an email with my address in it. Hopefully now I can haz a donut postcard...? :-)

Priya said...

Thanks :) have you gotten anything special in the mail yet?!

Priya said...

Thank you Karen! And YES I got your email and will be sending another postcard your way. No idea why the first one didn't get there. The next resident will have a nice surprise! I got your I can haz cheeseburger reference, btw :)

Alexa said...

you are so beautiful <3 love this outfit! especially those bright pumps

Alexa <3

Priya said...

Thank you Alexa!

Elana said...

Damn, girl! (I never say that, I don't know why I thought I could pull it off) Holy crap, those shoes are awesome. I imagine they're the type of shoes that you put on and just feel like you can do anything and look good while doing it. I started laughing really hard when I saw the second photo and figured out that you hadn't changed anything. Well played! This post was great, as usual, and you are rocking that money dress like no other.

Nautical Stripes said...

LOVE the heels and the dress combo. Great day to night look :)

Mindy at www.nauticalstripes.com

Priya said...

Thanks Elana! I think you can definitely pull that off. As soon as I started reading this comment I thought "Wow, she's really serious!"

Priya said...

Thanks so much Mindy!

Oeendree mukherjee said...

Love this OOTD!

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