this shirt again. I know.

Saturday, September 29

   At this point, I'm sure you're about to disown me as a fashion blogger, because I present to you yet ANOTHER look with a stripey button-down. 
top- thrifted Ralph Lauren, cargos- A&F c/o Carina, flats- J.Crew c/o Carina
     The main drive of this outfit was the cargo pants, another circa 10th grade piece I stole from my sister (or rather, she gave to me, because I ripped a hole in the butt while jumping on a trampoline). My question? Are they still relevant as pants? Cargo pants are trendy right? But how are you actually supposed to wear them? Brynn suggested a button-down, which brings us to Friday's outfit. 
   Maybe I should make this a signature of my blog or do a "3 Ways To Wear This" feature. Scratch that, I've worn my two stripey button-ups way more than 3 times already. I could title this feature "The Piece You Can Do All Of Your Outfit Posts With, At The Fear Of Losing Credibility As A Fashion Blogger." Catchy?
    I think these shoes are awesome, but also rarely wear them because they also stump me. I chose them Friday as I was running out the door...they turned out to be pretty handy because it was rainy (as evidenced by puddly splotches on the ground).
   As I'm sure you've noticed by now (as I am emphasizing my tied-up shirt in nearly EVERY picture) I tied up my shirt! The scandal! Otherwise this beauty is just too long. I've only ever tied a shirt over a dress before, so this was new for me. It wasn't really that comfortable but I'll pretend it was for the sake of this outfit. 

Snazzy pictures by Huntee. 

My jaunt at my old desk job, although lofty the aspirations, has primarily resulted in this blog post. 
And clean laundry. 
And a 1000th tweet. 

friday i'm in love

Friday, September 28

with my boyfriend, Hunter.
with my housies, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYNN!
with my family. i miss you guys.
with my bike, Whitney, thank you for being dependable!
with my girls. you ladies are the best.

Just realized I never shared pictures from Amanda's birthday celebration, last weekend. Never too late for a weekend update, right?
we had fun.

   Last night I unexpectedly went bowling for our friend Ben's birthday. My favorite part was jumping up and having Hunter spin me around every time I got a strike (which was a few times, I'm decent). After 4 1/2 games, (we payed for the all you can bowl) I was done. Hunter continued bowling for 2 people until 6 games had elapsed because he is cray. 
   Afterwards we visited Ben & Grace's newlywed over-the-garage apartment, all decorated for fall. It is adorable, and got me to thinking...good for them for having it completey decorated from their wedding. It's their first apartment. And it's the perfect size for two. That's special.

   Can it be FRIDAY?! Hooray! After getting a day off from rehearsal we are back in full-swing, nothing like a little Friday night dance rehearsal. At least, as my housie Emily pointed out, I will be dancing. Have a fantastic weekend everyone, and thanks for reading!

booties take twosies

Thursday, September 27

   This little shoot happened in a slow moment in the middle of a very busy day. I was so excited to finally wear this blouse, and of course my new booties/belt. Brynn, Hunter, and I walked down the back alley behind my house, where this old shed (barn?) stands at the very end. I've walked and ridden my bike by it several times and KNEW it had to be a photo spot. I love the texture of it; the chipping paint, the split boards, the brush framing the bottom, and the old red brick. It was really a nice moment in the day, and I felt fab having a crew with me ;)
 top- handmade, belt- Ann Taylor Loft, pants- Old Navy, booties- Target, bracelet L- gift from Rachel, bracelet R- handmade 
   The beginning of this week felt like fall (now we're about to have thunderstorms, bleh) so I was ready to wear these booties everyday! I can already think of a bunch more ways to wear them! I should keep finding items I want, and then hold out on buying them so I am thrilled and inspired once I get them. I think they're really going to be my "fall" shoe (I feel like such a fashion snob)! 
   This blouse has been sitting in my closet since I brought it from home at the beginning of the summer. It was originally (wait for it) part of a musical costume my mom made for me, my sophomore year of high school! I've kept it this whole time, thinking, "It's not that weird, maybe I can wear it in real life one day." Having worn all measure of crazy, hideous, and most certainly NOT real-life wearable costumes in my day, actually wearing one is like a big inside joke. 
   I desperately wanted to find a way to style it, but I was so stumped. My cool friend and now housie Brynn is a whiz at that stuff (no really. She went to fashion week. Visit her at being/ELLIOTT) so naturally I asked her. I've been doing that quite a bit lately and I feel FAB having a stylist! Seriously, asking her questions about new ways to wear old pieces of clothing has totally spiced up my wardrobe. I recommend grabbing a stylish friend you admire and asking her/him for some advice! Getting a new set of eyes to look at your closet makes all the difference!
   Honestly though, why don't I follow my own advice? After four years of telling my roommate Amanda, "If you ever find yourself asking the question, 'What shoes should I wear with this?', the answer is always black flats." I should have realized that the answer is also black pants. Like these black pants that I wear with everything. Whose mint green and blue cousins are on their way to me!
    And here's what Hunter was doing while we took these he wasn't offering me suggestions or helping us with lighting (I told him to bring a leaf blower!), he was being a boy and throwing rocks.
   I actually had my shirt untucked for most of the day, but Brynn suggested the half-tuck so I could show off my new belt! It's leopard print and calf hair! And orange!

   Tonight is a monumental night for me: I have NO rehearsal, and NO work (job OR schoolwork!). I barely even know what to do with myself. Probably see some friends and live it up, because I haven't had a night like this in a month! Enjoy the rest of your day!

Oh P.S. just turned on the new Mumford & Sons...this is THE most perfect fall music!

today should be a great day

Wednesday, September 26

"Life is more than Facebook photos, Twitter updates, LinkedIn profiles, blog followers, or overall web presence.
Life means more than the sum of bank account figures, stock portfolio projections, successful capital ventures, or career choices.
Life can't be measured by the size of wardrobe, shineyness of vehicle, quality of education, stylishness of living quarters, or physique of body.
So what is it?

A baby's laugh, a bird's song, the wind's whisper.
Autumn leaves, hazy blue mountains, the starry sky.
Piping-hot apple pie, homemade ice cream, and Thanksgiving feast.
Sand between toes, tropical breeze in hair, and ice-cold drink in hand.
The scent after a summer rain shower, fresh white linen sheets in a sun-soaked room, the love of your life's favorite shampoo."

- Andrew Shankles, from Living on the Edge
(a must-read if you're looking for something a little deeper than a fashion blog!)

the skirt I want to wear every day for the rest of my life

Tuesday, September 25

   Alternate title for this post: the classiest way to wear sweats, ever. Because, I wore sweats to church on Sunday (my mom would kill me?) I also wore sweats yesterday, when I wore this. Because this skirt is MADE OF SWEATS PEOPLE!
necklace- 31 Bits from Jacqui, leather cuff- handmade, shirt- vintage c/o Brynn, skirt- Ann Taylor Loft, shoes- Target
I found this Saturday when I wandered into Ann Taylor Loft. I've been in there a bunch of times but never actually bought anything. Until I saw this skirt. And said, I want to wear this everyday.
Subsequently I have worn it two days in a row, so that kinda counts. It is incredibly comfy, and I feel really sneaky because really I'm just wearing sweatpants, but everyone else thinks I'm wearing wearing a skirt. You fools.
I've written about this necklace before, but just so you know: it's awesome and for a good cause (and makes a great gift, thanks Jacqui!) check out 31 Bits if you haven't already! My bracelet, that I love everytime I remember to wear it, was made by a girl I work with. How cool is that? It's really gorgeous leather. Let me know if you interested in buying one!!
Pictures taken by my housie Mariel, as the dull morning light caressed my face. 
My final pair of new shoes from that time I got rid of a pair of shoes and consoled myself with three more! I have been wanting bootie/wedges exactly like this FOREVER, so when I saw them at Target in my size, I knew it was fate and I didn't think twice. I'm wearing them again today :O (Side note: I didn't plan on my socks showing, but since you asked: they're my American flag socks. I told you I was a history buff).

   Hope everyone is having a fantastic day already! Mine's pretty good, I had blueberry waffles (well, toaster waffles) for breakfast, and I got a B on my physics test I took last week! Wahoo!

the hermitage does not disappoint!

Monday, September 24

   Last week, for another manager's meeting with my internship, I was able to visit The Hermitage, the home of Andrew Jackson and a Tennessee landmark. Since taking AP US History my junior year of high school, I have become a US history buff (I made up a song so I can name all the presidents). I just enjoy it, plus I love touring old houses, plus I figured that since I've been in TN for going on four years it was about time I visited.
The front door.
 Loved this porch.
 The grounds were beautiful, it was such a gorgeous early fall day.
The back of the house and the kitchen (to the right).
 Went off the path for this one :O
 Entering the beautiful and melancholy "Rachel's Garden", named for Jackson's wife that died prematurely. 
 The cemetary plot in the garden, where the family is buried.
 Couldn't resist a boot shot!
 What I really wanted at the gift shop.
What I actually got- postcard for Mom, postcard for Katie (my APUSH buddy), pin for me, pin for Rachel (that says "Rachel's Garden"). 

   Well I thoroughly enjoyed visiting, and learning about the Jackson's and the extensive crew it took to run a plantation. Other highlights include some incredible wall-paper from the 1800's with Greek mythology on it (they don't make 'em like they used to), a spiraling staircase, and of course the beautiful garden. Seriously, what would it have been like to live in the 1800's? Wild. 

firstfruits of fall fashion

Sunday, September 23

   Happy Sunday friends! This week is already starting off better than last with the realization that: I don't really have any schoolwork to do for tomorrow! I'm still a bit under the weather, but I'm pretending it's a character study with a raspy, Lindsay Lohan-like voice. OH, and the weather is gorg. I am in love. Last week I got to wear boots for the first time and I was happy happy! 
 button-up- Old Navy, skirt- H&M, boots- Breckelles via Amazon
Looking back on this outfit, I think it makes me happy because the colors just pop! I love wearing bright colors. And this felt really fall, which was thrilling of course.
Another set of Huntee pics. He's just about professional at this point, and therefore that much more attractive to me!

   Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I was hostessing it up, celebrating Amanda's birthday, and I may or may not have done a little shopping :O now about that storage issue...

I'm excited to check out some blogs and see what everyone has been up to. Cheers! 

but really, TGIF

Friday, September 21

   I try to never be like "oh gosh I live for the weekend and TGIF and the week is finally over" because I try my best to enjoy the week as well, and everyday really. But today I must say I am OVERJOYED that it is Friday, tomorrow is the weekend, and the next day is also the weekend. I want to spend some time doing NOTHING, catching up on blogs, sleeping and napping, and (dare I say) getting a head-start on next week so I don't have another week like this one.

I wanted to share a little something funny to start off your weekend. Now presenting, your e-card of the week:
Funny Weekend Ecard: Let's spend the weekend recklessly blowing the $600 we didn't blow on the iPhone 5.

Because who wants the new iPhone, am I right?! My brother is already getting his. Cray. 
Have a fabulous weekend friends!


Thursday, September 20

   Because I don't really care about the rest of this outfit, or the pictures.
   But the shoes! Look at them! Purchase #2 of my consolation shopping spree. At Target, for $10. I'm trying to think of a time when I've spent ten better dollars. And I really can't. 
   These shoes are equally perplexing and adorable, because I SWEAR this is Unikko print, the statement flower of Finnish design-powerhouse Marimekko, that my family is obsessed with (I'm Finnish. I consider this "the pride of Finland." "The best of Finland." I've blogged about this before, from the motherland. Whatever, I love it.) Yet there is no "Marimekko-Target" collab I've heard of. The tag simply says "Merona." Check out the Marimekko link and tell me I'm not crazy! Oh, and if you have money to blow, pick yourself out some sweet Finnish digs.

Anyway...oh yeah, I did wear clothes with these shoes.
 headband- c/o Jenae, button-up- Brooks Brothers c/o Mom, skirt- Old Navy, loafers- Target
   i KNOW I just wore a shirt like this (editor's note: not the exact same one)! I know I do this a lot! I wrote a whole post on this, guys!
Also, welcome to my kitchen.
Here I am thinking "Shoot. I wore a shirt just like this in my last outfit post." It happens. 
Also: Hunter is going to kill me for posting this, but here he is testing the lighting for me with his best "blogger pose". If you're actually seeing this, congrats, because that means he hasn't made me take it down yet. I think it's a handsome picture though! Not to mention hilar.

   In other fashion news, today I ordered blue and mint colored pants! Big deal, I'm way behind the "pop pants" trend, but Old Navy is having a sale on their pants (that I love). Yeah, this is another run, don't walk moment. I am so excited!

   Today after my physics test (Turns out I don't know anything about elevators or Newton's Laws) I took a little bit of mental and physical health time. It was glorious. I had French Onion soup and tea, took a hot shower, slept with Mr. Wizard at the end of my bed...just a few hours to unwind helped me SO much.
   Now it's back to physics hw (that I did wrong so I'm doing over) and rehearsal.

   To complete this random and long-winded outfit etc. post: it's my roomie/best friend's birthday. Sister is 21 TA-DAY! Happy birthday Amanda! I love you!

lovely little lately

Wednesday, September 19

   Especially because my blog is called "perfectly PRIYA", it may come as a shock to you that I am not, in fact, perfect. I like to think of myself as passionate (which is a nicer way to say moody). Lately in attempt to better myself I have been trying really hard to be level-headed and calm.
   Do you ever write things on your hand as a reminder to yourself? Of course, the typical "clothes for Aerobics" reminder is classic, but I'm talking about deeper reminders that you can apply throughout the day. On my even keel quest, I have adopted several mantras: think AWYS and CMEIB. 
   The average person says about 9000 words per day, which means that I probably say close to a million. The amount of words, especially without thinking, that I say astounds me. This is addressed by mantra #1: Think about what you say. Seems so simple, and it probably is. By thinking about what I say before I say it, I can actually contemplate "Is this a smart thing to say? Is this a nice thing? Am I edifying someone? Am I actually contributing?"
   Mantra #2 was given to me by my roommate/best friend who suggested "Control my emotions I'm beautiful." I love her. And I should be in control, more than I actually am.
   This week I've absolutely been runnin' crazy. But I wanted to make sure and document the little things that have really caught my attention.
I came briefly on Monday to find this little giftie on my bed. My housemates are the sweetest and we get along great! Last night they watched the Katy Perry movie on DVD while I did a business paper (all my willpower. BOO). 
I do NOT want to be that girl that takes the pictures of her coffee. But, I do want to say that I've been drinking coffee a LOT lately and it has been so nice! I almost feel stupid at how much that little pick-me-up really picks me up! This combo = the dream team.
My planner, my third arm. Writing things down makes everything seem more organized. Mine is a Moleskine and I love it!
I had to capture the gloriousness of the weather yesterday afternoon (continuing today, we are lucky)! I got to wear BOOTS and it was COMFY. Beautiful autumn makes me so happy.

   So, life is pretty great. Thank you all for your kind comments!

oh wait, I've worn this before

Tuesday, September 18

   Does that ever happen to you? Find a combination that works and then find yourself wearing it again (you can find that first outfit here. Bun and all. Oh Priya)? I was so determined to wear these NEW wedges on Sunday when I was hostessing. These wedges are so fabulous that I wasn't sure what to wear them with, but I figured I couldn't go wrong with all black.
 headband- F21, top- c/o cousin Leena from Finland, pants- Old Navy, wedges- Target
Pictures taken by my housie Emily at probably the coolest picture spot ever: an old hat shop. Before I moved in I always wondered, "How is that shop still in business?" Well, turns out that concern was valid, because now it's closed.
 I love this velvet top, given to me by my mom's cousin Leena. I have probably six plain black shirts, but the velvet totally transforms this one into something special.
 And here they are. Purchased as I consoled myself over the loss of another pair of shoes, per everyone's suggestion. I got these at Target, on clearance, for (wait for it) $15! That's right! Run, do not walk, to Target, to find these beauties (also available in patent white and black. See Jenny rocking the white here).
I really liked wearing this. It felt a little more funky-luxe than my usual quirky-classy style of dress, but it was FUN and comfortable.

   Happy Tuesday friends, and thanks for reading. I'm in the middle of a two news stories, physics test, and business paper kinda week so...I promise I haven't forgotten you all!