weekend update in 10

1. seeing Shelby for the first time since Fran's wedding!
2. being Shelby's 3rd favorite (which I am NOT used to!)
 3. narrowly missing The Grilled Cheeserie
 4. wiping my tears with 5 Points Pizza 
5. Nashville at night
 6. fancy feast with dapper dudes 
 7. glam: Huntee modeling his new tie (polka dots for the win!)
 8. not as glam but still attractive: Huntee fixing my sink
 9. domestication: making Huntee lunch, complete with cold meds (but if you have to take pills, at least make them hot pink)
10. friends who can use my camera better than me. what is this witchcraft?!

   Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Back to a five day school/work week, whaaaat is this? I start rehearsals for The Pajama Game tonight! I feel apprehensive, hopefully it goes well and people don't think I am a freshman. Which they inevitably will. 


Kelly said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! You look gorgeous :)

I want hot pink pills ahaha



Elana said...

I love weekend updates, looks like a great one! Gosh, Nashville looks gorgeous at night. I'm jealous. And that pizza looks amazing! And it's too cute that Hunter fixes your sink for you :)

Priya said...

Aww thanks Kelly! They're just off-brand Benadryl, I think it's called Waldryl or something (from Walgreens) ha

Priya said...

I call him my handsome handy man so that I can get a lot of things done :) thanks Elana! Come visit!!

Unknown said...

That's too funny that we got the same shoes!!! They had the orange and white ones of those wedges at my Target too and I was leaning towards the orange at first, but then I realized I don't have any white shoes. Anyways, I hope you enjoy your new pairs and they bring you great memories like the black and white ones did :)

xo Jenny

Priya said...

I really liked the white ones too! That patent white is really unique. Thanks Jenny! Can't wait to see how you style yours too!

Priya said...

Thank you Annie!

Alexa said...

looks like an amazing weekend! i love the pic of you and hunter! you guys are such a gorgeous couple <3

Alexa <3

Katherine said...

the grilled cheeserie?!!?! i totally googled that. i want to drive and come eat there NOW! too bad i really can't get there and back overnight.

and this street festival looks great.

and i love seeing old friends - it's great to reunite like that

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Priya said...

Awww thanks Alexa!

Priya said...

The Grilled Cheeserie, even if you don't like Grilled Cheese (I am obsessed, btw) is AMAZING! Hope & pray that they will expand to wherever you are, and stay open when you're out and about! Thanks Katherine!

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