storm warning

Thursday, January 31

scarf- c/o Carina, sweater- thrifted J.Crew, trench- Gap, jeans- F21, flats- Target, belt- F21

I feel much better posting these pictures now, as opposed to the last few days,
because it's actually freezing again.
Tuesday and Wednesday we had a weird pre-tornado heat wave,
along with tornado sirens and hiding in the basement at 3 am.
As a Californian, the only natural disaster I'll acknowledge is an earthquake,
so I stayed in bed while my iPhone and the sirens howled.
This will eventually end up screwing me, I'm sure
but until then, I'll keep sleeping through tornado warnings.

I couldn't help but think Hunter Hayes' cute song "Storm Warning"
although Hunter, news flash, storms aren't really that cute.
They're not even so much "a beautiful mess"
as they are a complete mess.

This pictures are from a couple weeks ago when I thought:
"I'm so tired of wearing boots! How cold can flats be?"
I learned two things that day: very cold. and I am an idiot.

Thanks to Em again for the pictures, I promise you she makes me look a lot better than I actually do!

full disclosure

Tuesday, January 29

somedays, like today, you only put your make-up on after your 8 o'clock class
which consists of a Business Law test you really didn't study for 
that's after seriously considering swapping your degree for five more minutes of sleep
then you remember you are counting down the days 'til graduation
and on your way to class you realize you chose your navy purse and the rest of your outfit is black
all these things make me feel sloppy, but hey, this is full disclosure! 

as I mentioned yesterday I've been working a lot (which is great, not complaining) 
(ok this is a complaint: a double on Superbowl Sunday! When the Bay Area will reign supreme!)
(also I got a new sweatshirt, so I can rotate between my two old Niners sweatshirts this week)
(also I think I led everyone to believe that I am tasting food for my job, which would be ohmygoshamazing but not my job)
anyway, it leaves a few things I love doing undone (this little blog being one of them). 
it's really, really, nice to catch up with writing in my journal, blogging, reading, those human things. 

I spent yesterday with my best friend:
who was in serious need of a cheer-me-up.
here's proof that I love her: we played basketball for like an hour and a half
(love basketball when it's March Madness, but I am terrible at it and it frustrates me to no end)
then I enjoyed an amazing yoga class 
(which makes me sound so snobby you guys! it's not even like that! its at my school! and I looove it)
then Hunter decided to be a doll and took me to a surprise dinner: 
UntitledHow cute is this place? I was ready to break out into songs from West Side Story.Untitled
the waitress didn't believe me when I said "Don't worry, we're good eaters."
(quick first date story: we split a large pizza. yes, I ate HALF a large pizza.
and that's when he knew I was the one.)
Bella Napoli (for you Nashvillians, amazing) was fantastic. thank you Huntee.

one more little thing that's making my day:
 a letter from Jacqui and my Tues/Thurs. coffee
(a resolution of sorts, I get coffee when I make it to my 8 o'clock,
also sorry to be that girl with pictures of coffee but this is a perk of my day).

oh and here's Hunter's roommate's puppy Cassius licking my cowboy boot.

and if you're waiting with bated breath to hear my plans after graduation: 
so am I! 
ha no plans have been made, but I assume I'll be working here in Nashville as I look for a real job
but it changes everyday! 

a little weird

Monday, January 28

IMG_1478 IMG_1469
necklace- gift, sweater- Hunter's, belt- Gap, pants- Old Navy, shoes- Report c/o Carina 

This necklace might look a little weird because it was a gift from when I was in elementary school.
This sweater might look a little weird because it's Hunter's.
These pictures might look a little weird because it was definitely dusk out when we took these pictures.
These shoes might look a little weird because I've been stomping through the mud in them.
My hair might look a little weird because it's the aftershock of a sock bun.

So life's a little weird lately.
I've mostly been working a lot, and then I remembered I'm in school,
and this blog post is a little present to myself in the midst of an onslaught of homework.
Which I haven't done yet this semester so I shouldn't really be worried.


weekend update: Jenae and Shelby

Friday, January 25

I know what you're thinking, weekend update of this weekend? Already?
Shouldn't it be pre-weekend update?
Well actually, here's my weekend update from LAST weekend.
Coming to you a week later.
Jenae was in town 'til Tuesday and I've kinda still been on best friend vacation mode
i.e. not doing any real work and waking up at the extremes of 7 am or noon.
Saying that makes me feel bad about myself but hey, full disclosure!

nae nae I miss you, come back, come back! 
her trip involved lots of eating and lots of coffee [my SloCo chicken parm]
teaching me some new poses for my blog
also shelby turned 22 this weekend! give it up for mahh gurlll
on her last night here, we went to Puckett's where there was a live show!
how very Nashville of us. Untitled
ladies and gentlemen, my best friend.

back to real life! no seriously, come on Priya.

why I'm not acting like a blogger

Tuesday, January 22

- because my best friend is in town for two more hours.

[and specifically a fashion blogger]
- because it's 20 degrees out
- and I rode my bike to school today
- and the niners won yesterday

UntitledUntitled  see y'all tomorrow! 


Wednesday, January 16

 photo IMG_1430_zpsa9ff9a95.jpg
 photo IMG_1456_zpsfebd698e.jpg
 photo IMG_1434_zps54a1a061.jpg
 photo IMG_1459_zps3a4f9995.jpg
 photo IMG_1445_zps932b4bee.jpg
hat- UO, necklace- Tiffany's, button-up- AE c/o Shel, sweater- ON, pants- ON, belt- Ann Taylor Loft boots- c/o Carina

Now Beatrix Potter hat.
I love this hat and think it's fab, but it usually feels like a little much, you know?
I struggle to wear it because I want the rest of the look to be as boring and normal as possible.
Now I know how Beatrix felt. 

Thanks to dith for snapping these pictures of me!
I've been able to spend some time with neglected and/or abroad best friends during time slots between classes, and it has been wonderful! for my new job (and tasting food everyday :D)
still ordering textbooks/trying to do homework and remember I'm in school
eagerly waiting for the arrival of Jenae
freezing my butt off outside (no shame...I'm a Californian, and it is really cold)
hanging with my Hunee-cup whenever I get a chance, though he's working 3 days a week!

Thanks for reading!

oh yeah, new year's resolutions

Monday, January 14

one more picture from Emily, thanks Em!

Well at least it's still January.
Like most people, my resolutions don't make it past the month.
I have good intentions, but then I a) forget b) change my mind or c) give up.
Anyway, I try not to put too much pressure on myself, but here's what I'm working on for the year.
Permission granted to keep me in check.

1. Ride my bike more. [especially to school, which might only start during the Spring when it's warm]
2. Send something to my Mummo every month. [my Finnish grandma]
3. Remember all my friends/families birthdays. ["remember" so I don't have to actually do anything ;)] 
4. Read a book every month. [this month: The Fountainhead]
5. Only buy what I need & get rid of what I don't need [this is gonna be hard]
6. Be confident. 

Here's to 2013!

kindergartener kolor

cardigan- Banana Republic, pin- handmade, dress- H&M, tights- Nordy's Rack, boots- RackRoom shoes, bracelet- gift

My housemate and bunkmate (literally) Emily is a brilliant person and photographer, so naturally I could not refuse when she offered to take pictures for me with her new lense.
These pictures are at a church right by our house, so we walked over on Friday afternoon.
This is when the weather was still weirdly in the 70's because it stormed all weekend, 
now we're back to frigid cold and all I can think is to dress in layers?

I like this outfit, I kinda felt like a kindergarten teacher.
I love dressing in fun colors! It's such a great way to boost your mood.
The last time I wore this dress was to audition for The Pajama Game!
I've been wanting to wear this fun pin FOREVER (or since my mom's cousin gave it to me in May, whichever).
It's such a fun little piece, and as soon as I am inspired again I will wear it again. 

This weekend: a couple friends from Texas were in town so I got to hang out with a bunch of people [so much fun], saw Django Unchained [SO GOOD], make chicken fajitas [well if I am the judge, I would say they turned out well], saw Hunter in a bridal show [man looks good in a tux].

This week: I am training for my NEW job all week, also my best friend from home, Jenae, flys in on Thursday! Ready for that day to hurry up and get here. 

Also: for anyone holding their breath with me about my pencil case...Saturday I bought new Sharpie pens/highlighters. Sunday I found my pencil case in a purse. So, crisis averted. 

agreeable statements

Thursday, January 10


necklace- gift from Huntee, t-shirt- Madewell, sweater- Urban, skirt- Target, tights- c/o Carina, boots- Nashville Flea

The last outfit from over Christmas break.
I mainly wanted to wear the new necklace Hunter got me for Christmas (didn't he do great?!)
Katherine blogged about making a resolution to buy clothes that her husband liked, and I laughed because Hunter and I have very different ideas about fashion (i.e. he likes things that are solid, classic, and...boring, and I mostly don't)
So when I gave him the idea of "statement necklace" for Christmas, I really wasn't sure what he would come up with (he doesn't like big jewelry).
To my delight, he found a necklace we both like!
And here I am with my cowboy boots yet again, yes these boots were made for walking #bootcliche

In other news of the day: I made it to my 8 o'clock at 7:55, coffee in hand (this is a huge deal)
And, I decided to make a tumblr
(still in it's baby stages, but if you'd like a look, the link is up top "simply priya")

new year, new semester, etc.

Tuesday, January 8

    Well, I'm not gonna say "yesterday was my last first day of school ever!" because I've already had that post, however, it kinda was, what with having new classes, realizing I don't have to register for classes again or fill out my FAFSA, and writing "GRADUATION" in my planner on May 4th.
    Also I won't bore you with the details of the thoughts I've had lately, about what I will be doing when I graduate. I can't say I'm worried, necessarily, more just anxious to see what I will be doing. I shouldn't worry, because life will go on, I'm sure I'll be happy, and it'll all be ok.
    I think more than anything I feel slightly overwhelmed, because there are so many options, Then also, stressed because what I really WANT to do and what I'll NEED to do aren't really the same thing. Having hobbies like journaling and blogging (is that a hobby? That sounds pretentious. Being into clothes, I guess?) are great because they are low-risk outlets to pursue what you are really interested in. Ideally, I would love a career that allows me to be creative. But, we'll see.                                  
    After having two days of class and being the passionate (read: emotional) person that I am, today I got a little panicky and realized this semester could be difficult and I'll have to get up early and make decisions blah blah blah. Isn't it amazing how fast you can go from feeling like you're on top of the world to thinking it's the worst day ever?
    I told myself a few things that are absolutely no-brainers: Priya, when you have an 8 o'clock class, if you stay up late, you will hate yourself in the morning. Priya, comparing yourself to other people is a terrible idea, have a little more confidence. Priya, you shouldn't have a care in the world because this is a GREAT place in your life, with great friends, a warm home, and a loving boyfriend and family. Also Priya, wearing the same pants two days in a row is not the end of the world. Sometimes I have these little talks with myself and they really help!

   So, that's what's on my mind lately. Thought I would keep it real with a little heart-to-heart so I can look back and think, Priya, your life turns out just fine so noooo worries!
Also, I have become a chicken wing FIEND lately. I used to never eat them, because I don't like food that is super messy, until this one night (pretty sure I blogged about it) when I was craving them out of nowhere. And now, I've had them three times this past week. So, someone please stop me.

Last night I had a dream that I met Christina Aguilera, and I really wanted her to meet Hunter (because he loves the song "Beautiful" don't tell anyone I told you that) and I said to her "I've never been a Britney girl." Blame it on the hot wings! They give me crazy dreams!!

Still in a technology crisis with my iPhone/a course I'm taking is an iPad course so we all got iPads for the semester. Yes, it is awesome, but now I'm overwhelmed by all this technology and how to use it.

Also I think I left my pencil pouch with all my good Sharpie pens and highlighters at home. That is all.

a travel 'fit

Sunday, January 6


scarf- borrowed from Amanda, shirt- c/o Carina, leggings- Nordy's Rack, bag- c/o Carina, boots- Nashville Flea Market

I can fully vouch for this as a travel outfit, having worn it on our road trip to LA and my flight back to Nashville. 
Since you asked, my philosophy on leggings as pants includes the "only if my top covers my butt" clause, this not being the best documentation of that, but there is a sweater in this outfit (same one I wore my entire time at home...I figured you already knew what it looked like).
And as far as traveling goes, I will pardon anyone for wearing leggings, the easiest way to look classy and still be so comfy. 
But NEVER pajama pants (the number of people I saw wearing them in the airport...shameful).

Funny story about this scarf, my roomie left it at my house when she came for a party I threw.
She left without saying goodbye to me.
I told her I was keeping the scarf hostage until she spent time with me again.
Still waiting! And loving the scarf!

Both this stripey t-shirt and blue bag are courtesy of my sister's hand-me-downs.
I have loved this purse FOREVER, and like most girls, I judge a purse by how much it can hold.
This one can hold everything.

Did I mention I'm back in Nashville?
Did I mention I start class for the last time ever tomorrow?
I couldn't help but be all weird and emotional and thoughtful on my flight back, remembering the very first time I ever flew to Nashville.
That's a story for another time.
But I'm pleased to say THIS time I wasn't running on 3 hours of sleep, with tears and snot running down my face, and everything I owned strewn across the airport as I tried to make my suitcase weigh 50 lbs. 
We have come a long way. 

bff outfit

Thursday, January 3

Welcome to the funnest outfit shoot of my life. When I spent the day with my master photographer friend Stephanie (Jenae was there too) I knew I had to take advantage of her camera skillz.
necklace- Tiffany's, shirt- Kohl's, skirt- thrifed, tights- Nordy's Rack, flats- American Eagle
Stephanie's backyard proved to be the perfect mix of urban grit and scenic suburban. All props property of Eric Brazelton. 
Did my nails at Katie's with this Essie polish that i LOVE but don't know the name of. It's still going strong. One of those mysteries of life I suppose. 

Here's what was happening behind-the-scenes:
Jenae was excellent at holding the flash, but unfortunately prevented me from doing any sexy fashion blogger pouts because I was laughing waaaay too hard.

   Notes on this outfit: I got this skirt on my thrifting expedition before I came home for Christmas, and although I still think it's cute, I'd like to find a better way to wear it. I wore gray tights because I thought they would match the flats better, but it all ended up looking a little weird. I'll head back to the drawing board on this one, and black tights it is.
   Come tomorrow morning I'll be headed back to Nashville, but I can definitely say I capitalized on time spent with friends over this break. Like I mentioned yesterday, I'm so thankful to still have friends at home that I still get along/have a blast with.

So long, time I'm back I will be a graduate :O