red, borrow, & steal

Thursday, February 28

IMG_0181necklace- from Renae, blouse- from my Mom, pants- Old Navy, shoes- from Carina (trust me)

Here's my philosophy on clothing:
steal it from people.
Kinda joking, kinda not.
I would never actually steal something from a friend that didn't realize it was missing.
What I mean is like, "Oh hey Mom, the clothes you're wearing are suddenly in style."
"Thank you Priya."
"Can I have this blouse?"
"Sure I've had it for like 25+ years."
"Thanks Mom, I'll give you a shout-out on my blog."
(SHOUT-OUT TO MY MOM! A lovely lady who has said to me my entire life,
"I hope one day you have a daughter just like you."
She told me the other day that she likes reading my blog because it's funny. Aww!)
So anyway, as I've mentioned before, my favorite items are consistently ones I've inherited/been given.
Sometimes you have to convince people to give you their stuff.
I am also not above that.
The shoes that you can't see I've been wearing nearly every day,
I found them in a giveaway bag from my sister. Gem-ridden!
This necklace was (gifted? lended?? we never really settled the terms) by my dear friend Renae.
I think it's from the 80's and I also think it's made of recycled breath mints.
Thank you to Emily for photographing me, in red, once again.

A few photos that didn't make the cut
(and yet here I am, posting them, you're welcome.)
"Emily is making me take pictures and I don't want to do this!"
Funny because it's just the opposite, I forced her to do it.
you never know what measure of fashion blogger may be lurking in our Ivy tree.

weekend update: cakies and friendship

Wednesday, February 27

we hung out at the house this weekend and I made these:
cake mix cookies (cakies, duh)!
the chocolate chip ones didn't turn out quite as well as the funfetti
but, still delicious. so delicious that I'm baking them again for church this weekend! 

i'm thankful for: housies, friends, boyfriends, my mom, my girls, my readers
(I feel pretentious saying that like I have a "readership")
what I would like to say is, I am thankful for being able to share my thoughts with you! 

career day & a lesson in hosiery

Tuesday, February 26


necklace- present from Hunter, top- from Leena, blazer- thrifted, pants, Banana Republic c/o Carina, heels- Marshalls 

I just realized how much red I've been wearing lately! 'Tis the season?
When I was younger I had like 5 red t-shirts (and all I wore was t-shirts) so I wore red all the time.
The color gradually phased out of my wardrobe but seems to be back again!

This blazer seemed like a steal on my last thrifting trip, I fell in love with the gold buttons
AND it's Ralph Lauren (oh heyyy Ralph).
It's been sitting in my closet for a few months because I've been stumped.
A couple weeks ago I attended a career fair as part of my job, 
and Hunter helped me figure out how to make this blazer look not too big and not too old.
I baited him into helping me by wearing the necklace he got me :)

I originally planned to say "In other news that may get me shunned from the blogging community, I am SO TIRED OF WEARING TIGHTS AND LEGGINGS"
but then yesterday I did a good amount of laundry, 
finally my tights feel crisp again and I don't have to constantly do the delicate dance of pinching them off my legs and pulling them up.
TMI? Sorry. Here's my life lesson of the week: wash your tights. 

30 for 30

Monday, February 25

(I was supposed to hit "publish" on this yesterday. Oh me...)

Well, I normally don't blog on the weekends. Also, don't get excited, because this isn't a normal blogger 30x30 (which I totally support and would love to do, for the record).

TODAY marks 30 months that Hunter and I have been together! 30 months is a couple years and then can do the math. And yes I still celebrate the month. (Editors Note: Hunter pointed out this is our 2.5 year anniversary, so it's an actual time period to celebrate!)

I've decided to do a round-up of 30 random memories to commemorate this day.Untitled
1. The first time I beat Hunter at ping-pong, ever, I announced it on a loud-speaker.
2. MLK Day last year, we took a random day-cation to Bellbuckle, TN. 
3. rd time we hung out, it snowed in Nashville, and I bought us hot chocolate.
4. One time I made teriyaki chicken, and green tea for him and wore my Kimono.
5. The first time Hunter met my mom, it was in an elevator.
6. For his birthday, last year, I surprised him with tickets to a Heat game in Atlanta!
7. Last Thanksgiving day was spent the Findian way with my whole family.
8. We used to "meet halfway" between both of our dorms on campus.
9. For our 7 month anniversary I made him a scavenger hunt across our campus. Awesome.
10. For our one year anniversary, we went to Mellow Mushroom, and he won me a rubber duck.
11. Last year for Halloween we were Batman & Poison Ivy. Best couple costume ever.
12. Sometimes when we run together I make him hold my hand, it's awkward and funny.
13. I used to throw rocks at his dorm room window...he would never hear me.
14. A couple years ago we kicked off the summer by babysitting Natalie and spent hours in her pool.
15. One night we rode our bikes downtown and locked them at the Frist Museum.
16. His first Christmas present to me was (part) a trip to Build-A-Bear where I made Percy the Panda.
17. This is a million memories in one: trips to Waffle House. At all hours of the day.
18. I should include this too: trips to Taco Bell. Any time at all. 
19. One year: Hunter writes me a poem with the line, "To this Phyllis, I'll be Bob Vance."
20. Christmas two years ago: I gave him something every day of December until I left.
21. A million study dates in the engineering lab, with (his) engineering pals.
22. One year: I woke Hunter up with the best breakfast ever, he says, "How did you get here?"
23. Hunter used to do card tricks for me that would blow my mind AND frustrate me. 
24. th, August, 2010. Hunter hides flowers in his car and asks me to be his girlfriend! 
25. The first time Hunter ever had Indian food, I wore an Indian outfit and cooked for him in my dorm.
26. I just realized for Hunter's second birthday together I made him watch Slumdog Millionaire. Haha
27. We went through a period of time where we played pool a lot...he always won.
28. Same thing with checkers, and I even bought him a set. He's an online champion.
29. A million spaghetti dates. Usually with ESPN on in the background.
30. Things Hunter didn't want to do that he ended up loving: get a Pedicure, watch The Bachelor.

Happy 30 Month anniversary to someone who is currently, and will forever, be driving me crazy.

awkward moments as of late

Friday, February 22

1. Last weekend I went to a "90's Dance Party", and on my way out, I was fixing my hair, putting on my new coral lipstick, etc. I asked my roommate if she liked my hair better half-up or down and if she liked my lipstick or whatever. When I was done getting ready I said "Ok what do you think?" She says, "Great! You look SO 90's!" #thatawkwardmomentwhen your roommate says "You look so 90's!" and you weren't trying to dress 90's at all.

2. I found myself walking to one of my after school gigs (ok, from the bus stop to the office) down Music Row (#Nashvilleprobs), and I was seriously power walking to make it there by 2:30, when a Nashville "Studio Tour Bus" passed me. Maybe I was being overly pretentious when I imagined the tour guide, "Now here's Priya, running to work after school in cowboy boots! She does this every day!"

3. Monday night this week I took a class to get my serving license for work. 5 hours of the craziest teacher ever. I sat next to this guy who had gotten a misdemeanor for weed and three consecutive DUIs, both of which I learned in the first five minutes of class. About 2.5 hours into class he passes me a note. Of course, my initial reaction was "Oh how friendly, he wants to talk to me about how outrageous this class is." Instead I got a nicely phrased note about how he lived closed to my restaurant and we should go out sometime, "just as friends, but just for know ;)" yikes! Being the queen of awkward, I sat there for probably 30 minutes before responding "I am flattered but I have a boyfriend."

4. (Scene: scanning my Driver's License and Social Security card for my I-9 Employment Form)
My new "boss" Lara who is the same age as me: I noticed you were very precise about the placement of your license and card in the photocopier.
Me: I wasn't sure how official it needed to be...I don't even look American so I can't take any chances."

Hope everyone has a truly fantastic (possibly awkward?) weekend!

sampling of my heart collection

Thursday, February 21

*editor's note: I didn't wear this oufit on Valentine's Day. On that day I wore my new yoga pants.IMG_1606IMG_1611IMG_1613IMG_1607*
earrings- H&M, necklace- found at home, sweater- borrowed from Amanda, dress- UO, leggings- Nordy's Rack, boots- Breckelles via Amazon

If you would have asked me to write this post a few hours ago,
when my sleep-deprived brain was trying to make sense of life,
post-law test that once again, I did not prepare myself for (when will I learn?),
wearing rainboots and a rainjacket on a perfectly dry day (note: it is POURING now!)
I would have probably cried.

After napping all afternoon and just now eating an entire bag of kettle corn,
I feel so much better!
So now I can actually say:
I have a million heart-printed etc. things, and I chose the day before Valentine's Day to wear one.
I've loved this dress since the moment I saw it at Urban,
and I've been pleasantly surprised by the different ways I've been able to wear it
(see the detachable vest, here!).
Maybe I'm waaay behind in the blogosphere saying this, but wearing tops over dresses =
I've amassed a large collection of heart-shaped jewelry too, here sporting dangly hearts from H&M
and a very random necklace I found on my last trip home!

I'm off to go eat TJ's Gnocchi and catch up on Nashville and The Bachelor
with my favorite boy ever (who obdiently watches shows with me. Don't be fooled though he is totally into The Bachelor). (Also I want to post my thoughts on the Bachelorettes remaining). 

weekend (ha) & life update

Tuesday, February 19

Umm hiii. I promise you that last week I did more schoolwork that I have done all semestere, and then I worked all weekend. So though I was absent from my blog, I was working hard, on something.
Here's what I've been up to lately.

 Valentine's Day:

 Got off to an interesting start. Then I spent the entire day studying for a test I had that night. I was so down to stay in and get Chinese take-out, I felt a wreck, and had wanted to wear a dress that I didn't have time to pick up from the dry-cleaners (debatably shallow. But what girl doesn't want to dress up
 on Valentine's Day?). I tried to convince Hunter not to take me out (note to guys: if a girl tells you she doesn't want to go out and doesn't care about Valentine's Day: that is a BOLD-FACED LIE), he picked me up from my test with my dress he had picked up AFTER the dry-cleaner had closed. He
may have been assaulted by a disgruntled Asian lady. Romance, friends, is alive.

At least my teacher gave us heart-shaped donuts. I love anything heart-shaped.
all photos via iPhone in this post so...sorry about that

We ended up getting Asian food after all! We went to Koi and had sushi, a bento box, pad thai, etc. and got to sit in this cozy Asian style booth.
note that Hunter has a pencil in his pocket #engineeringboyfriends

After dinner, we walked on the pedestrian bridge in downtown Nashville.
It was romantic, and freezing.
I got Hunter a giftcard for a Massage (an ATHLETIC MASSAGE) and I think my present is Beyonce tickets. But more about that later. Here's a belatedtine I made for my Finnish grandparents, per my New Year's Resolution.Untitled


I am now in the red after purchasing not one, not two, but THREE tickets to see Beyonce in Nashville. Only because the first ticket I bought in a panic was a single seat. So I had to buy two more. Now making me the recipient of three Beyonce seats and not very much money. Friday morning at 10 am was absolute madness. Anything for Beyonce!
Emily's notebook.

Jenae sent me new leggings. Pictures to come.Untitled
Got to pick up a giant check with Lara, my new boss. #bucketlistUntitled
Hanging out with my new work friend, Brittani, outside of work! With lipstick! (Disclaimer: She is dressed "90's")Untitled
Got to babysit this little firecracker yesterday. Our best kissy faces.

Everything else:
When I first met Clyde (Shel's) he was this big. Now he is this big.Untitled
This is one of my favorite things!

Consider yourself fully update on my life! How is everyone else doing? Y'all I almost have 30 followers! Hooray! Thanks for reading! 

on yoga pants & positive thinking

Tuesday, February 12

It's another week where my planner has too many colors and too few spaces to write in the things I want to do. Blogging being one of them, and yet, here I am. Priorities skewed?

I am amazed at how much effort it takes me right now to get schoolwork done. Call it #senioritis. Or just an advanced level of procrastination. Either way, notably today I was on campus by 7:40 to get coffee and be on time for class! (Maybe this doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is to me.)

The main thing I wanted to share today, for my benefit and yours is:

I've been going to a yoga class on Mondays that I am thoroughly enjoying. I don't know what it is about the atmosphere that puts me in a calm and thoughtful mindset for a complete hour (which will not happen for the rest of the week.) I love it. As cliche as this sounds, my body and my mind get so so stretched and I love the feeling afterwards.

Usually we are encouraged with some thoughts by the instructor. She also encourages us to be "fully there" which is THE hardest thing in the world for me! Yet suddenly I am paying attention to the music playing, the temperature of the room, how each part of my body feels, how the mat feels under me. What a crazy feeling!

Ok here's the actual point: she got on the subject of "positive thinking" (or maybe she didn't and I got there myself? Possible.) and suddenly this thought came into my head. I was blown away by the simplicity and powerful ness of it.

I only have room for positive thoughts. 

And clearly I don't because a million little things throughout my day will inevitably make room for negative thoughts. But. I should, I could, I would like to, only have room for the good ones. So the bad ones feel out of place and don't really stick and get ejected, immediately.

That's all. I had a long, and emotional, weekend, so class was extra nice this week. A good friend aggressively encouraged me to write more on my blog. So, that explains this extra loaded post.

To keep this blog on (somewhat) topic, I also bought these pants yesterday:
It was a buy yourself newlulemons kinda day (defense to inevitable backlash: Christmas money I finally spent. Thanks Tuppy!) I will be honest, I am very excited to wear these to class, a great yoga outfit makes for a great class. Call me shallow. Read the rest of this post.

Thanks for reading!

a vested interest

Friday, February 8

vest- Local Honey Nashville, necklace- trade w Amanda, dress- H&M, tights- Amandas? boots- Nashville Flea Market

I couldn't help myself with the vest pun.
Comes with the territory of being a blogger, no? 
Anyway, meet me new vest! 
Probably the best $5 I've ever spent, 
during Local Honey's huge sale a few weekends ago
(Nashvillians: Local Honey. My favorite vintage store). 

Then again I knew I liked it, but wasn't sure how to wear it
Shea Steele, the owner, rang up my stuff and said she loved it over a tank dress
Sub tank dress for real dress. 

Things that are making me happiest as of late:
random incidents that make today feel special.
And not like, another day in the never-ending cycle of days
i.e. buying steak from a door-to-door salesman
Mr. Wizard the cat unrolling toilet paper 
lunch with my best friend 
a "get well soon" email from a teacher
a handmade card, complete with Princess sillyband (difficult to sleep in) 
letting each of my brothers know I love them on National Brother's Day (yesterday!)

Working again all weekend, but I think it's gonna be cloudy and cold so that's alright. 
Happy Friday to everyone! 

post-bowl reflections

Wednesday, February 6

Ok. Here's all I have to say about Sunday:
It was a great game, though it did end in disappointment. Next year. #ninersforever
BEYONCE. Don't even get me started.
I cried (only a little, during "Halo")
but I was squealing the whole time.

She's coming to Nashville July 13th.
Soo...wasn't sure where I'd be in July before I heard that, 
but now I will be there. 
Hunter is considering combining Valentine's Day + my birthday...let's hear it for the boy! 
I almost lost my mind during the Halftime show preview,
so seeing her in concert will probably be life-changing. 

Lastly, enjoy this picture of little me and some 49ers cheerleaders:Untitled
the story here is that I read my quota of books from the library over the summer,
so I got to have "Lunch With The 49ers!"
bookwormin', ftw.

another consolation is that we did look really cute in our sweatshirts:Untitled

and I won these!
with the trivia Q: "What is the brand of jeans that Beyonce sings about in 'Single Ladies'?"
A: Dereon!

So, I appreciate your condolences, but all is not lost over here.
Actually feeling pretty good because I got some hw done BEFORE blogging today.
Guys, this is a big deal.
Best Wednesday wishes to you!

habitual & deficit

Monday, February 4

 photo IMG_1527_zpsa7cfec2a.jpg
 photo IMG_1528_zps37ed1bfa.jpg
 photo IMG_1530_zpsac6fec22.jpg
 photo IMG_1526_zpsfbea7572.jpg
 photo IMG_1532_zpsc7a0b4ec.jpg
coat- F21, sweater- Old Navy, gloves- Urban, dress- F21, tights- Nordy's Rack, boots- Breckelles via Amazon

My winter coat.
I was originally a little unsure of the color, but now love it completely. 
These gloves, they (kinda) match with everything.
My only non-black pair of tights. 
and this dress, (from the Mall of America, MN, hee-yyy) proven to be soo versatile and seasonless. 

my brain and emotions,

NYR check January

Friday, February 1

picture from my first Nashville snow day in 2010

(This is mostly to keep myself in check although you're welcome to share encouragement/criticisms/keep me accountable!)

Here are my resolutions for the year, with my personal commentary for the month added in:

1. Ride my bike more. [pleased to say I HAVE been doing this, even in the frigid weather. Like last night, for example, to my night class]

2. Send something to my Mummo every month. [YES I sent her a January card, with a Valentine in the works]

3. Remember all my friends/families birthdays. [Shelby AND Dith had birthdays, I was there. I could stand to do a little something more for them though. Maybe on their half-birthday.]

4. Read a book every month. [ehh I am way behind in The Fountainhead BUT I am really starting to get into it so that's a good thing]

5. Only buy what I need & get rid of what I don't need [I bought a few things at my favorite vintage store in Nashville because they had a huge sale last weekend. Otherwise, I have a Goodwill bag that's been sitting at my house that I WILL take this weekend. Also I'd like to go through the stuff in my basement. Also, I should add to this resolution my current financial plan: my tip money is my spending money, {includes food, clothes, fun, etc.} so my paychecks go into my account, never to be seen again {for rent, Europe, and getting a car}]

6. Be confident. [I can always work on this one. I would really like to challenge myself on this one this month. I need a new affirmation, maybe "Bow to the queen"]

In other news: It snowed last night. It's beautiful and freezing. My bangs are so long I can barely see. It's Friday but I am literally working all weekend so, that's not much of a "weekend". Thanks for reading friends! I hope your weekend is warm and cozy and have some extra fun for me please!