weekend/NYR update: February

One picture from my weekend:Untitled
We had gumbo, drinks, dessert, and plenty of latin music at my friend Andrea's house.

I also worked three shifts, decided to grow out my bangs, fell asleep early, watched "Sunshine Cleaners", and made steak fajitas and cakies, again. 

One picture from my month:Untitled
this is what we've been helping with at church lately!

(Again, this is mostly to keep myself in check although you're welcome to share encouragement/criticisms/keep me accountable!)

Here are my resolutions for the year, with my personal commentary for the month added in:

1. Ride my bike more. [Well, Whitney has a completely flat tire. Plus it's been absolutely freezing here. I do want to get her fixed up and I am looking forward to warm spring bike days!]

2. Send something to my Mummo every month. [YES I sent her a Valentine!]

3. Remember all my friends/families birthdays. [No birthdays in February really.]

4. Read a book every month. [still kinda reading The Fountainhead, however I also started reading Perks of Being A Wallflower. It's actually been a really sad book, and I've almost finished it. I would definitely like to start reading more.]

5. Only buy what I need & get rid of what I don't need [I don't think I bought any clothing etc. this month! I spent some money on gifts for others (completely justifiable) and otherwise just food. I just started another giveaway bag and I could stand to add to that this week!]

6. Be confident. [This is always on and off! As of very recently, I think I've been doing a good job. Being good to others (especially Hunter) and myself (eating right, sleeping well, taking time to get ready) somehow really contributes to this. That's my challenge for this month. Take care of others and myself (Priya, note: others is listed first)]

I hope everyone is having a great start to the month! Spring is in the air, Spring Break is definitely in the air (T-13 DAYS!) special birthdays are in the air (Huntee!) snow is in the Nashville air, ok, I went a little too far with that. Point: it's a great time of year. 


Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

Come on spring, I want to ride my bike too! Although the snow was pretty this weekend, I really could go without any more coldness!
How gorgeous are you in that red lippy!? (Answer: SUPER!)

Tea Journal said...

Love your resolutions! I wish I had a bike so I could ride it more! Ha! I've been trying to read more lately, too. It's a process, apparently :)

Happy (nearly) spring break!

Nataly said...

You're so gorgeous, girl! Can't stand it *____* hehe

1. Yes!!! More bike riding! It's easy exercise and SO fun! My dad threw out my bike and I've been sad since )-:
2. Aw, how shweeeeet! Moms are the best aren't they. They deserve little treats!
3. Hehe sometimes remembering so many birthdays are hard, huh!
4. I'm not a huuuuge fan of Ayn Rand BUT I saw Perks (the movie) and it was SO SO SO GOOD OMG
5. This is my problem. Seriously. I bought a cat figurine this weekend at goodwill womp.
6. Aw, you're a gorgeous, sweet girl! You should feel confident ;-)

You're so going to yell at me for changing my blog name again....but there it is. I have the most indecisive mind on earth, girl. But I let you know this time ;-) also love the new header!

Alexa said...

the candles look soo nice! sounds like a nice and busy weekend. you look reallly cute in the picture. i love the striped top

Alexa <3

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