dreaming of bare legs

Thursday, January 30

Kinda fitting that I am posting this today, since I'm wearing the same sweater/scarf combo (that I wear like, everyday), but NOT the same skirt without tights. Not at all. Without being complain-y, I would like to say that I'm pretty much over the freezing conditions. I have reached the point in the year where I'm tired of wearing tights (and you can now disown me as a blogger). 

Getting up in the morning on an "adult schedule" is hard enough for me, but when I check my phone in bed (trying to slowlyyy wake up the brain) & it says THREE DEGREES?! Are you for real? That's when I just go back to bed. I can't think about how to wear enough clothes to keep me warm in that. 
 photo IMG_3980_zpsalsvz76m.jpg
sweater- c/o Shel, scarf- c/o Carina, shirt- Gap, skirt- handmade by Abuela, belt- Huntee's, boots- Nashville Flea

Ok, so it's cold, blah blah. One last thing about the weather and I'll shut up- is it SUPER obvious or just kinda how absolutely frigid I was when taking these pictures. I thought I could brave it and that it wasn't really that cold, but oh gosh, it was. The WIND these days! Plus my lil Rebel is slowly dying (editor's note: my photo savvy co-worker investigated and told me my lens is essentially dead. Though I told myself I was DONE spending money for the month, new lens city here I come!) so these pictures were pretty much miserable to take.

BUT I am beyond excited to be wearing 1 of 2 of the beautiful skirts my girl Andrea's sweet (& talented!) abuela made for me. Andrea's equally sweet Mom makes fabulous table linens (check her out here), and was kind enough to share some of the fabric so I could have a couple new skirts! Talk about wonderful friends! I seriously cannot get over the gorgeous patterns in this fabric. I haven't blogged an outfit with my 2nd skirt, but you can see it here.
I am not exaggerating when I say I have been living in this scarf, stolen from my sister, that is the biggest comfiest scarf I own. It's amazing how certain colors can match when you want it bad enough. Ditto with the sweater though really, a hand-me-down from Shelby's ex-Hipster wardrobe, thanks Shel! 

This ring is a giveaway win from Pretty Cat Vintage, via Messages on a Napkin. I've been lucky enough to win a couple giveaways from her blog, which always results in some amazingly curated vintage items, that I could never find on my own! 

Other things going on this week:

It's been a very busy but FUN week, watching The Bachelor (who's your girl???), cooking, visiting with old friends, and tonight celebrating a birthday & a friend going away. Whew! I need to remind myself I need personal evenings not filled with activity, or by Thursday I am a very sleepy girl!

I've been working out at the YMCA almost every day and loving it! Last night I went to Zumba for the first time in a while, I forgot how much i LOVE it and can't help but laugh out loud while doing it.

This week I also booked flights for myself, Huntee, and my brother Amir to go home the first weekend of March because my brother Tarif is starring in Shrek the musical as Donkey! I am so incredibly proud of him, and excited to see the show. Let the countdown begin!

weekend update: #adventureSaturday at Montgomery Bell State Park

Tuesday, January 28

Last time I did one of these, I was wearing new Christmas pajamas.

One of my goals for the year (not previously mentioned) is to explore within the state of TN. Though I've been here for 4+ years now, I've mostly been in Nashville and a few other cities. TN has beautiful (and widespread) state parks, as well as many charming small towns. It's my plan to visit as many as I can this year!

This past weekend Hunter and I had our first #adventureSaturday at Montgomery Bell State Park in Burns, TN.
The high was 43 for the day but it was very, very cold when we were actually hiking.
Best part? Frozen Lake Woodhaven (above) and Creech Hollow (below).
We also found a frozen pond that we (Hunter) "skated" around on. 
I know what you're thinking, I've seen this end badly in too many movies.
But, we did our homework and first threw rocks as hard as we could at the ice. As you can see, it didn't shatter. This is the first plus of the polar vortex, as far as I'm concerned.
Feels like I've been living inside for a few months now, so it was super nice to get out and explore.
Even if we were a bit chilly. 

Hunter planned this #adventureSaturday himself, so it's my turn next!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the week and staying cozy. Thanks for reading.

*photos edited with VSCOCam 

blogging resolutions!

Friday, January 24

I mentioned in my "resolutions but really more like goals" post about how the only concrete mandates I have made for 2014 were in regards to perfectly P. Which might be silly. I haven't decided yet. I figure the best place to document them is here on my blog, because chances are, someone that reads this might have similar plans! Let's work on them together.

Here they are, anyhow (in no order but stream of consciousness)!

1. new header- I'm working on this with my friend, Kevin! It's proving to be harder than I thought. Might be because I *gasp* actually like my dreadfully simple header now. Though I would like it to be more customized, enter Kevin the amazing graphic designer.
2. better outfit posts- Here's what I mean: I find myself having outfit photos that get backlogged, and when I finally do post them, it's because I want to be chronological. But they might be pictures I don't necessarily like/didn't turn out well. Am I the only one that does this? Even though this is quite dramatic, here' s my new philosophy: What would I want my last outfit post to be if I died tomorrow?
3. get better at photography!- Sister to #2. I am hoping I can invest in a new lens for my 'lil Rebel. I want to keep working on my photography, get better at shooting in manual, AND: organize all my pictures! I finally have them on an external hard-drive but there is much sorting and down-sizing to do.
4. write more, because I love it-  Every now and then I write a post about something that actually matters (interested)? I want to do more of that, just because. I'd like to focus more on quality of posts than quantity. I read a quote recently that said "It's better to not post anything at all than post something that's not up to your blog's standard of quality."
5. continue connecting!- Making "bloggy friends" has been one of the best parts of blogging, no doubt. I feel like there are girls I have really gotten to know, and I enjoy keeping up with their journeys. I want to keep making friends, and develop the friendships I have. And in the blogging world, this includes things like weekly link-ups, guest posts, and swaps! I want to do them all!
6. updated about me- I never really wrote a conventional "about me" page. I should probably get on that, especially since they're my favorite pages to read on other blogs.
7. updated bio pic- I definitely need an updated "about me" pic where I don't have bangs (because it's been almost a year)! I'd like to have the same one for my blogger profile, Google profile, and perfectly P Twitter profile.
8. new button- I made my first button in a frenzy because I was so excited that I figured it out, and was ready to swap. It can use a make-over.
9. blogging challenges-  I'm really gonna do one of these! Some kinda of 30x30 or 7x7 or 10 pieces 14 outfits or t-shirts only week will definitely get my creative juices flowing and aid in a "minimalistic" not super-consuming mindset for the year. I've been hesitant previously because I worried about taking pictures for ever day of my challenge, but I guess the more important thing is actually DOING it, and taking pictures when I am able to.
10. update blog love- Because this list is somewhat outdated. I've seen a few blogs with current reads categorized by region, and that's my plan! That way I can highlight my BlogNashville ladies AND the California girls as well.
11. update best of- I just need to add to this.
12. go through old posts- Some posts need label updates, some can be drafted because they didn't work out well. Mostly I want to make my labels more consistent. I've been trying to label outfit posts by specific items to keep a record of wearing certain things.
13. update mini-bio- I don't know, I tweaked a few things and now it might be just right. We'll see.
14. twitter active-  I don't want my blog Twitter to just be about promoting my blog. I want to use it to connect with others and share awesome content. Plus it works in a pinch for an #ootd post.
15. button swaps- Gonna keep swapping with a (hopefully) new button. I'd like to reach out to more bloggers about doing this. The absolute worst that could happen is that they say no!
16. better at responding to comments- Whether it's a direct response on my blog, or visiting their blog as well, I really want to be good about this. When someone takes the time to visit my blog and encourage me/share an opinion, I really want to do the same for them. Doesn't mean it always happens. But I'm trying hard.
17. scheduling posts-  I think this will just make my life easier. If I can be on top of it!

I think my main goal in all of this is to keep blogging something I do because I enjoy it. I want to be consistent, sure, but I don't want it to feel like a chore. And though it's something I love, there are many! I think they best way to keep it as something I can do for a long time is to stay consistent, but not let it be overbearing. Balance.

Anyone out there have some goals for blogging in 2014? Let's talk!

brickin' cold

Wednesday, January 22

brooch- super old, sweatshirt- Old Navy, skirt- H&M, tights- Target, boots- Breckelles via Amazon, jacket- ON, scarf, ON

Ok, let's talk about the weather. I'm not so much complaining about how cold it is as I am explaining that this California girl is just lost. I mean, what am I supposed to put on in the morning when it is TWELVE degrees outside?! That's not even in the "teens", that's a disgruntled pre-teen that's just wishing. Here's some perspective: prior to coming to TN, the coldest weather I had ever actively existed in whilst in the Bay Area was somewhere in the 40's. This is a huge drop. 

So on a day like today, or this day back in [these pictures are old] all I can think is layer layer and add every cold-weather accessory I can think of. I've been wearing a lot of scarves lately, which is great! I'm amazed at how much warmth they add. This also aids in my quest to really "wear out" my closet, otherwise my scarves just sit around. 

I've had my eye on a coat like this FOREVS and finally landed one. I've been living in it. It seems so much warmer than my other coats, I love the fur on the hood, and it seems much more relaxed than a wool/peacoat. I do wish it was fur-lined, but otherwise it's very warm!
Since I moved I've been very lazy about jewelry. Unless I actually put some thought into it, I end up wearing the same pair of studs for days! I would really like to add some more statement necklaces to my jewelers closet. In the meantime, I'm making use of random pieces I might have sitting around. Like this pin, which I can say (but not confidently) came on a sweater that my sister Carina bought in high school maybe from Express? Correct me if I'm wrong sis.

P.S. Kelley took these pictures for me outside my office!

I hope everyone is enjoying the week so far and staying cozy wherever you are//wherever you're from! 

And i SUPER appreciate the support and kind words on my last post! 

nyr update: December AND 2014 resolutions!

Sunday, January 19

You didn't think I would let January slip away without re-capping my last month of resolutions for 2013, did you?? You probably hoped I did. Anyway, here's my progress report for December of the resolutions I made waaaay back in January 2013 (you can read that post here).
In December I: made a lot of Christmas cards, spent time with my nears & dears, made some snowglobes. 

(If you're interested in viewing the other months, here they are!)
(This is mostly to keep myself in check although you're welcome to share encouragement/criticisms/keep me accountable!)

Here were my resolutions for the year, with my personal commentary for the month added in:
1. Ride my bike more. [Uhh...I didn't really exercise in December, at all. I take that back. I trained really hard for the race we were supposed to run in Memphis at the beginning of the month (I mean, for the week before the race.) Then it got cancelled because of the pre-polar vortex. So did my exercise for the rest of the month.]
2. Send something to my Mummo [Finnish grandma] every month. [This was hard to keep track of because I never set a day of the month to complete this by. But I did send her a Christmas card, and got a Finnish Christmas postcard from her.]
3. Remember all my friends/families birthdays. [December is not a big friends/family birthday month. Not that I didn't buy presents for everyone in the world.]
4. Read a book every month. [I did finish a book this month. Still don't wanna talk about it.]
5. Only buy what I need & get rid of what I don't need [Moving again helped me go through my closet once more. No doubt there is still down-sizing that can be done. Otherwise, I did buy a few things for myself, a long with lots of gifts (needed). My credit card bill was higher than I would have liked in Jan. but I blame that completely on the holiday.]
6. Be confident. [December treated me really well, actually. Being home makes me feel especially well-loved.]

And now it's the new year! Luckily I'm so late making resolutions that I've been able to take cues from lots of other resolution posts (that is so not the point at all, I kid). But honestly? This seems like the year of NOT making resolutions. Maybe it's because we are already so overwhelmed with our jobs, relationships, and uh, blogs, that we don't want another list of things to do? Or maybe that's just me.

Keeping concrete resolutions and documenting them for a YEAR was eye-opening. And I wasn't very good at it. By December, (more like March, to be honest) I was kinda over several things I thought I wanted to do all year. Mind you, I have a very short attention span. I brainstormed having a resolution of the month, but even with that, I couldn't think of 12 solid ideas. 

All this to say: while I don't have concrete, bulleted, cause-and-effect mandates for the year, I do have things on my mind. To challenge myself with and hopefully make my life better. Here's whats on my mind. (This is a working list, and some of the things don't really make sense.)
Here's a pretty accurate picture of how I look, now, as I'm making these goals for 2014. 

1. "Use it or get rid of it." I suppose I mostly mean this about clothing, but everything, really! The idea of minimalism seems so freeing to me (and so, so, SO far away!). I just won't be able to have one of everything. I can live with that. But as far as things that are old and taking up space, out with the old!
2. "If you already have it, don't buy it." The cool, trendy, sister to #1. I wrote a post a while back about thrifty living, and one of the things I constantly remind myself of is: I don't need multiple versions of the same things! Too often I buy things because the packaging is nice, or I think I might want a new one. That being said, if I do buy a new old, I need to lose the old one!
3. Finances- being disciplined & budgeted. I found myself telling people that I was waiting for my finances to "balance out" after transitioning from working part-time to working full-time. Guess what? There's not some huge change in my bank account that's going to happen. BUT: now it is very easy for me to track exactly how much I am making, and how much I am spending in every category. I have very clear fixed costs and bills every month, and a pretty much fixed income. So, I want to be disciplined about that. I want to have a set amount for my "etc." category: clothing, going out, incidentals; and when that runs out for the month, so does my spending money!
4. Getting well-connected with a church. I've bounced around between several churches since leaving the primary one I attended in college. I want to find one I really like (and can attend with Hunter) and get involved with it, aside from a service on Sunday. I won't preach to you on the topic otherwise, but that's a goal for the year.
5. Being a good friend (and sister). When I came to Nashville in 2009, I realized it was going to take added effort to stay in touch with my close friends and family in California. This is something I am still working hard at! I feel like many can relate to this. In 2014, I want to strive to be a better friend and sister (and daughter). I thought to myself recently, "Wow, I haven't talked to this person in [too long of a time period]." And then I realized, omg, sending a text message (bare minimum) that says "hey, how are you?" takes less than 2 seconds! Nooo excuses there. I want to constantly let people know how much I appreciate having them in my life. I want to remember their birthdays and special days (not necessarily with gifts! Because I ran myself a little ragged last year with that).
6. Being a good girlfriend. Hunter and I recently had a long conversation about where our relationship was headed, and the things we could each improve on. I won't bore you with the details, but his one big word to me is: patience, and mine to him is: support. 
7. General wellness. I joined the YMCA! I want to attend a yoga, etc. (because they have so many great options!) class 2-3 times a week, and be running consistently, but just for fun (for now). I want to eat more fruits + veggies, less carbs, and less in general. By that I mean, a healthy amount, always, and not 'til I'm stuffed. I want to be more disciplined about sugar because I can't cut it out or even heavily moderate it. I want to get more sleep on a regular basis, not be desperately catching up every weekend.
8. Reading. Well, I'll say I want to actually read, and not set any other goals for this one.
9. Creating. Spending time at home reminded me of just how much I have left in the "to be scrapbooked" files at my parent's house. Additionally, I want to not be afraid of trying new projects though I'm pretty much the least artistic/crafty person ever. My "Stuff I Can Actually Do" board on Pinterest is a great place to start.
10. Traveling. I started this year with an adult amount of vacation days, and maybe an excited young adult's amount of excitement to travel. I think I already have a couple trips lined up, and a looong list of cities I would like to visit this year (that will get a post of it's own).
11. Not complaining, like, ever. That's a really big goal of mine this year. I tend to be overly dramatic and sassy but I don't want that to transform into habitually complaining. When I think about it, complaints are just silly because I have SO much! Can we have a safeword on the blog that you comment if I'm complaining? How about "cupcake"?

And is it SO terrible that the only concrete resolutions I've made have to do with blogging? Maybe it's because those actually seem measurable. I've thought about several things I want to do/change with perfectly P this year. Enough to where I have a whole post I'm preparing about it, yikes! 

If you made it this far...you're the best. No really. What would I do without you?? 

Care to share any of your resolutions for the brand spankin' new 2014?

emerald city

Wednesday, January 15

 photo IMG_3920_zps648535fe.jpg
necklace- gift from Huntee, blouse- Old Navy, belt- Wish Memphis, pants- Old Navy, flats- Report c/o Carina

Meet my new favorite pants! Lately if/when I shop, I maintain a mindset that I want to fill my closet with only things I love. Enter these beauties. I believe I was Christmas shopping (for others) at Old Navy when these caught my eye. I was totally mesmerized by the opulent emerald color & wallpaper-y texture, and I couldn't help but think they looked very Anthropologiesque. I passed them by initially but couldn't stop thinking about them the whole time I was in the store. And if that's not a sign to buy, I don't know what is!
 photo IMG_3924_zpsae3ae1e4.jpg
And then I had to try them on. I know you don't want the full sob story about how chic ankle pants never fit me because I'm short and have legs that have run, a lot, but these FIT! With a simple (non-existent) one cuff tuck-under, they are the perfect length for my shorty gams.
 photo IMG_3936_zpsdef5054f.jpg
Major shout-out to my little brother, Amir, who took these pictures for me while I was home. This shot is my fav because it really shows off the pants! Good eye, Mel! [Anyone have time for a really quick & cute family story? Amir's childhood/forever nickname is Marshmellow tee-hee!]
 photo IMG_3942_zps75048db7.jpg
I have to confess I bought this outfit as an entire combination. You may remember my first foray into silk blouses, I am equally obsessed with this one. It's even at the dry cleaner's now because I spilled coffee on it last week. I would really like one in every color...

Old Navy also carries several spins on the pants, I'm dying for the black tuxedo stripe pair (see Kendi wearing hers) or the black wall-paper-y ones. Run, do not walk and get thyself a pair! PSA for how much I love Old Navy, done.
 photo IMG_3914_zpse3504327.jpg
Pink lipstick courtesy of my housemate, Shelby, for a very Merry Christmas indeed! The shade is Saint Germain by M.A.C. (this girl's first M.A.C. product)! This necklace just keeps on giving (take a gander at a few ways I've worn it!). Also, please excuse my bedhead. All. The. Time!
So I'm totally sold on this combo, and would recommend both pieces to your closet. Not gonna lie, the emerald + gold combo made me feel deluxe.

Is everyone having a good week so far? Mine has actually been really great, not super busy, but I am enjoying the down-time after work. I did join the YMCA yesterday! My only plans for this weekend so far involve shelving for my room (wheeee, I am an adult) and possibly a good old Friday night out on the town. We'll see!


Monday, January 13

Just a couple pictures from my New Year's Eve! Only two weeks after the fact!
Shelly bean made glitter cupcakes! And you know I can't resist cupcakes.
Originally I said "Hunter why the crazy picture?" but now I like it.
Yummy and adorable sweets from Andrea's friend the aspiring local baker!
Just some frannnssss on NYE.

For more details on how this was a big old first for me, check out THIS post on the lovely Kristian's blog. I'm famous y'all!!

of Christmases long, long ago

Thursday, January 9

Ok, so not that long ago.

If anyone cares to know my mental map for perfectly Priya during the month of January: last week re-capped the past year as a whole, this week I'll chronicle two year-end events that can't be ignored (namely Christmas & New Years), and next week I'll get into some of my aspirations for the year, of which there are several (but don't worry, no more monthly resolutions posts, I think)!

Anyway. I was lucky enough to head home to sunny California for the week of Christmas. It was different to not be getting the 2.5 week deluxe vacation you get while in school. But honestly, I managed to squeeze in quite a bit of loved ones, and several naps that could've ended a war.

spent a day in SF with Carina, exploring new places and stealing her old dresses, 
spent a day in Santa Cruz with these two, laughing my head off
one of my very favorite moments of the trip was: breaking into the backyard of Jenae's old house (where her family no longer lives) to dig up a time capsule we had buried Junior year of high school. the entire thing had nearly disintegrated, save for one group picture.
had Thai food with two of my best girls, Katie & Rachel
got to see these two, kinda on a whim. so happy.
spent lots of time with this little nugget (and T.Swift), Daddy in his new Christmas sweater
ssssooo much good food. half of the goodness is having someone make it for you, I have found.
and, of course, the actual holiday.
we spent a part of the day walking in Santa Cruz, this picture as evidence of the gorgeousss weather
 I enjoy these guys, a whole lot
being out there in the sunshine, with some of my favorite people in the world, felt like the most wonderful way to spend the day.
my sister Galina was out traveling the world, and we missed her a whole bunch! but she did send us m&ms with her face on them. we also enjoyed that.

Oh, and I don't have any pictures of this (unless my "day out in SC with play clothes on" pics count) but I spent a lot of time playing. Ping-pong, Polish (a new ping-pong game that I was terrible at), Poker, Scattergories, mostly with my brothers, but others when I was lucky too. Nothing makes me feel like a kid again more than running out the back door and playing for hours. 

So, I had a really lovely trip home. Honestly already planning my next trip back to hang with the crazies!

baked goods

Monday, January 6

Happy Monday to you! Here's a story about how I got my favorite sweatshirt of all time. 
 photo IMG_3633_zpspkehjjrs.jpg
| earrings: gift | button-up: Huntee's | sweatshirt: gift | skirt: vintage via Local Honey | tights:?? | pumps: Marshalls |

The scene opens: last fall, I was working my restaurant job when in walked a girl wearing this exact sweatshirt. I love donuts by default, because, duh, but they have an extra special place in my heart from my days working at Donut Den. I couldn't help but squeal and tell the girl I loved her sweatshirt. She informed me it was Kate Spade. I found it online, despite already knowing it would be out of my price range. And it was :,(

Even still, I texted my sister, Carina, right away (that's what we do). She agreed, it was a sweatshirt of almost unreal proportions. The sweatshirt then stayed nestled only in my sartorial dreams. Until...

Fast-forward to a few months later. Carina texted me and said she had to send my Christmas present right away, because she was too excited and couldn't wait. Fast-forward to a few days later, when I received a package in the mail, with none other than: my dream sweatshirt. I made sounds that probably only dogs could hear. Then I called my sister and made some more louddddd sounds.
 photo IMG_3640_zpse2eqapnq.jpg
Maybe this is just me, but when I get some wonderful article of clothing I'm instantly a bit stressed about how to wear it. Perhaps I'm only striving to to do it justice? Hunter voted for "a nice pair of jeans" since the sweatshirt itself is so fun. I immediately thought of this skirt from my favorite vintage shop in Nashville, Local Honey, because of the similar color scheme. I agree completely that the sweatshirt could go with something simpler, but I couldn't help myself.
 photo IMG_3642_zpsjwkrbftj.jpg
This bracelet brought to you by my graduation from college outfit. Sparkly mani by yours truly.
These pictures were actually taken a while ago, by my new work friend Kelley. Don't tell anyone, but sometimes she takes pictures for me realllly quick while we're at work. We've gotta capitalize on that daylight! Otherwise a fashion blog can become obsolete in the winter!
 photo IMG_3641_zps1xlvilcu.jpg
And here's "the icing on the donut", if you will: my old "work earrings", pink frosted mini-donuts from Claire's gifted to me by Huntee, because he's cute. This is borderline kitschy, but again, I can't help myself.
 photo IMG_3636_zpsl2loae81.jpg
Thank you Carina, for being in my top two favorite sisters, and for sending me one of the best gifts ever! Problem: I want to wear this sweatshirt every day of my life.

I hope everyone is staying warm and cozy on this freezing day (current temp in Nashville: 10 degrees. This is the HIGH today. Whaaaaaat?) You better believe I am wearing exercise pants and pretending they are tights. Have a great start to the week! 

2013: what I did

Saturday, January 4

I couldn't let 2014 arrive without realizing what a huge year 2013 was for me. I would say, generally, it was a good year [how can you gauge that though? Really.] Most importantly, I think it's set me up for the next chapter of my life, as a young, working professional. I've kissed my college and part-time job days goodbye...and without any more spoilers, here's a look at what went down in 2013.
In January my best girllll from high school, Jenae, came to visit me in Nashville (read more here).
 photo 85C5F47A-1B0F-4489-A288-03351EF34A41_zpsvqbxtahb.jpg
In February I celebrated a very Nashville V-Day (and 30th month anniversary) with Huntee (here).
 photo IMG_1804_zps38c138c9.jpg In March I spent #SB13 in Gulf Shores with grand friends (here).
 photo F34FB302-DAC5-4BFB-8C04-50AE5705CC86_zpserpjrerd.jpg In April  I saw one of my favorite musicians, Andrew McMahon in concert (here). 
 photo IMG_2046_zps4b5330b1.jpg In May I graduated from college, visited with family in Nashville, and got my first car (here)!
IMG_2450 In June I turned 22, and spent the month in CA (and cruisin'!) with family & friends (here).
 photo 2865B668-A12D-4407-899D-B748A35E06FF_zpse4yvrzsk.jpg
In July I headed back to Nashville, back to work, and saw BEYONCE (here).
 photo E85F7C05-3B10-4F41-BDE3-E986546E7F9D_zpsfqa4vlyq.jpg In August Hunter & I celebrated our three year anniversary with many of our favorite things (here).
 photo IMG_3093_zps172e3bb3.jpg In September I traveled to Virginia Beach, VA via Davidson for a Labor Day brofest (here).
 photo IMG_34202_zps9af39233.jpg In October, I dressed up as the Chiquita Banana lady, visited with family, and started a new job (here)!
 photo IMG_3526_zpsb7e86ccb.jpg In November, I traveled back to CA to spend Thanksgiving with my faves (here).
 photo IMG_3649_zps75c595ec.jpg
In December, I celebrated Christmas in Nashville & CA, and moved again (here)!

What a year it was! Thank you for sharing it with me.
What were your biggest moments in 2013? I'd love to share those with you!