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Hello! Today I am linking up with Bri for Third Thursday Threads, Beauty edition. 

I haven't talked about beauty on my blog...like, ever. Not because I'm not into it! I got bitten by the beauty bug like most girls, in middle school, and suddenly all I wanted was glittery lipgloss in every single color possible. 

My tastes have changed a little, I still love it, but I have to say: I'm not a beauty-obsessed girl. This is for a few reasons: foremost, if I have to choose between sleep in the morning and styling my hair, sleep wins 90% of the time. I would much rather spend money on new clothes than new nail polish. And I often find myself feeling the most beautiful/comfortable in minimal make-up. I just honestly don't spend that much time on my hair + make-up. 

[Not that there is anything wrong with that at all and I keep hoping to one day be grown-up and actually take this stuff seriously. Southern Belles, you are gorgeous to me. Californian hippies, you are also gorgeous.]
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So while I don't have tons to contribute to a post about beauty, I thought I would share a few simple things I've incorporated into my "routine" (in "" because said routine is pretty laughable aka simple.)
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jacket: Gap, necklace: Old Navy, t-shirt: Madewell, skirt: thrifted, booties: Target, purse: Target
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1. Red lipstick. I almost feel silly posting about this because it is such a duh nowadays in the blogosphere. To my credit: I first fell in love with red lipstick my junior year in high school. I had found the perfect Jackie O. dress for our Spring formal, and knew I wanted red lips to complete the look. So I did it. Felt slightly vampy, got some strange looks, but I loved it. Red lips = instant glamour.

So while what I'm suggesting is nothing new, this might be a new thought: don't wait for an occasion to wear red lipstick. Rock red lips with a white t-shirt (done it) for the ultimate simple sophistication. And if someone gives you a hard time for drinking beer with a straw, well, beauty is pain.
 photo IMG_4110_zps5a0981c7.jpg
2. Dry shampoo. Another duh, I know! I'm down to washing my hair no more than twice a week (granted my hair is very dry and coarse naturally and I couldn't do this if it were fine.) Using dry shampoo stretches out my clean hair, and also gives it a pretty nice second, third, and fourth day texture.

But here's my tip with this: don't want until your hair needs it to use it. I use dry shampoo pretty much as soon as my hair is dry from the shower. Preventative measures, friends. And don't shy off if your hair is dark! I've spent 4ish years trying to convince Hunter my hair isn't black. I like to spray the shamps right before I go to bed, because it marinates nicely in my sleep.
 photo IMG_4104_zpsaa8fda26.jpg
3. Petroleum jelly. There are like, a thousand ways to use this stuff.

I don't know about you, but my hands get sooOOoooO dry in the winter time. I use lotion all day long, but right before bed, I use my little tub of Vaseline. I would say use a "liberal" amount but only after you've checked Twitter for the last time and set your alarm (iPhones + jelly = a terrible mess.) It also works great on your face, elbows,  knees, basically anywhere that needs some extra attention.
 photo IMG_4102_zps512242a1.jpg
4. Filled-in brows. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that FULL BROWS ARE FINALLY IN! I have wished for about 20 years that I had the super skinny, well-behaved eyebrows I saw on my friends. But now, I finally love my brows.

Because they are so dark and thick, I never thought they needed a boost. When my friend Kelley did my make-up for our office holiday party, she filled them in with powder and I was amazed at how much of a difference it made! Now I do it pretty much every day in a just a couple minutes: brown eyeshadow and an angled brush are all you need! Try it out and see who notices ;)
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That's pretty much all I got.

A few notes on the outfit (which I feel waaaay more comfortable talking about): I finally went thrifting this weekend for the first time in forever! I got two skirts that I am so excited about. This outfit is pretty much copied from this pin. And I do believe this is the debut of my dreamy Target purse that was one of my Christmas presents from Huntee.

Also, a big thank you to Andrea for taking these pictures for me, on the most beautiful Springy day.

Now it's your turn: do you have any simple but game-changer beauty tips to share? Please do!!


Danielle Wallace said...

You look gorgeous in these pictures! (Not that you don't always look gorgeous, just extra gorgeous today I suppose!) That is possibly why you don't have to worry too much about beauty products. ;)
I'm so with you on the red lips. It can spice up a simple casual outfit. And dry shampoo, how did I ever live without it?
Also, you may have just convinced me to keep my red skirt I have been trying to sell :)

Priya said...

you are sweet, thanks a bunch!

Unknown said...

nice tips, totally agree about the red lips and the brows thing :D :D

Indy said...

Wow, you have such a lovely smile! And pretty lipstick color to make it pop :)

Emily said...

I can totally relate; I'm really not a "makeup" person myself - it's just not really on my radar. I do love a good strong lip color, though. I am intrigued by your suggestion about filling in brows - I have pretty full brows myself and I never would have thought of doing this! Will have to give it a shot.

Kristian said...

You look great in such a classic color combo.

I don't use much make or beauty items, so this was fun to read (new to me tips!). I try to use dry shampoo but it never seems to help much. What brand do you use?

Chelsey Patti said...

This red lip is gorgeous on you!!! Lovely meeting you tonight! :)

Rumela said...

Love this look. And girl you are so pretty.

Alissa said...

Girl you are looking STUNNING! That red lipstick on you is killer!

Akshara Vivekananthan said...

I'm a simple gal as well- beauty to me is all about going for the natural look. That, and I'm too lazy to get up in the morning to get all dolled up. I love the red lipstick look on you, very classy! I've been dabbling in thought about treating myself to the perfect shade with a test trial at Sephora, and I think I just might do it!!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I'm so glad you went thrifting!! Once I find some booties, I'm totally copying this outfit. So feminine but casual at the same time. I can't wait to see the other skirt you got!

Sharena C. said...

o m g. Yaaaahhhh. I definitely agree with you on the whole I'd rather spend money on clothes than makeup. And so I think that's why our routine usage is very similar...maybe less lippy stuff. But I love lipstick!

Btw, it was nice meeting you the other night! (:


Unknown said...

I'm loving your Beauty tips Priya because they are simple and easy to do. I have actually never tried dry shampoo, but you make me want to give it a try!! You always look fantastic with your red lips btw ;)

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

Yes yes yes for full brows! I always hated mine when I was younger and now I am so glad they are "in." You are so pretty, Priya so I think it's great that you don't consider yourself a "beauty person." Your natural beauty shines through!

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful Priya! Found you through Lauren's style challenge. Red lipstick looks fabulous on you. I have heard a lot about dry shampoo but never tried it. I am not a big beauty person, but have a lot of respect for those ladies who can spend the time in the morning without extra effort. That is something.

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