weekend update: mostly Valentine-y

Did everyone have a great Valentineekend? (Not quite the same ring as Halloweekend...I'll work on it.)

I celebrated my first ever corporate V-Day, and I have to say, it was right up there with a desktop mailbox grade school one. Namely, treats galore and an intense sugar high that made for a very exciting day, along with giving and getting cards from sweet work friends.

Hunter and I kept our festivities pretty low-key but he did send me with flowers at work (after delivering 10+ bouquets that were not for me, it was the best surprise!) Along with making me dinner, and a couple awesome Lululemon headbands. I've been wearing the same one every day, he knows me!

Here's a couple bits (mostly sweets from Friday) from this weekend!

1. I came home on Thursday to find: V-Day cookies from my Mom (verbatim from her card: "Priya, you're a real sweetheart [except when you go on strike]), a card from Katie, and a letter from Steph. THE best surprises!

2. Christine made by herself the best V-tine's for us girls in the office.

3. A sweet wife made & sent in this candy basket and cupcakes,

4. The first thing I saw when I came in the morning. I have to say that I purposely did not eat breakfast.
1. Said flowers from Huntee!

2. Yet another cupcake. I can't be stopped, especially when it comes to cupcakes.

3. Hunter and his gift (note the ribbon because I put work into that)! 

4. They MAKE these. The first one I ate said "Holla" on it. Times have changed.

Saturday Hunter ran the Hot Chocolate 5K, I slept through it. Then I made him take me out for date night before we went to an "apartment warming" party. Here I am, high maintenance as ever on date night.
 photo 6071A6AC-BBAA-4F64-86B7-AD245E0DDC6F_zps47myfkwi.jpg
I've been craving McDonald's forever and it just felt so right. It has been a long time since I ate inside at the restaurant at a normal hour. When we pulled up I said "I hope we can get a booth" and Hunter laughed really hard because it sounded like I was talking about some five star cuisine. I did really want a booth though. 

No pictures exist from Sunday, but just trust me, it happened, and included: church, a long happy run outside, a nap on the couch, room cleaning, four loads of laundry, and re-watching one of my favorite movies ever: Like Crazy. One time I wrote a blog post about it here.

I hope you had many happy surprises and even more treats this weekend, you deserve it! Nashville just might be transitioning into Spring and we couldn't be more thrilled. 


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

aw so sweet. Cute photos! Uhm, I have to admit. Every now and then I get a craving for McDonalds breakfast. I often feel terrible about my craving but, I satisfy it nonetheless! haha.

P.S. Hello to you in Santa Cruz! Thanks for your comments to me. =D


Aunie said...

Ha! You're so cute!!! We had McDonalds this week too... it just sounded SO GOOD! Sometimes indulging is so much fun!

Gita said...

lol did you give your man whey protein for valentines day? i guess it's healthier than chocolates ;)

- Gita

Unknown said...

UM. If you love Felicity Jones, tell me you've seen "Chalet Girl." If not.........you MUST watch it on Netflix!!

Anonymous said...

Priya, your blog always makes me laugh, you're so funny, I feel like if we met we would just sit around giggling! Glad you had a great valentines! I was working and performing through mine but it was fun all the same :) X

Larissa said...

When I am looking at all these Valentines Day posts I somehow regret that we do not really celebrate it around here. It looks like so much fun and so... yummy ;)


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