weekend update: Pensacola, or Spring Fake #2

Monday, March 31

back again! a little tired, a lot sun-burned, but oh-so thankful for the trip I was able to make this weekend. Sundar and I had the best time! He cooked for me all weekend, we ran our hearts out on Saturday morning, and I got to meet his friends & see his current world in Pensacola, FL. 
#flightsuitFriday with Sundar's roomates Kyle & Adam, and a slew of Marines, Navy, and Air Force 
 photo IMG_4561_zpsd56760bc.jpg

 photo LrTrddq7RfC1RFfDj5uhJA_zps6878eae4.jpg photo IMG_4572_zps049fe240.jpg
as for my first race in about two years, I was a bit nervous, but it was fun! Also special to run a race with my big brother. I won a commemorative pint glass- that's what I love, a gift I can use. 
our post-race festivities included quinoa salad, the most wonderful afternoon nap, and then a trip to McGuire's Irish pub, followed by a arcade-type bar. does everyone know that I love skee ball? 
 photo IMG_4590_zpsdd0b8786.jpg
Sunday I made Sundar go to the beach with me, and it was a beautiful day! 
 photo IMG_4586_zpsa6bbe4fa.jpg
a couple more prizes from the race

when we got back from the beach we had time for one more grill-out and some homemade salsa, before I hit the road back to Nashville. pretty much the perfect end to a weekend I throughly enjoyed.

man I love my brother. he had me laughing all weekend long! there's something that made me feel very content about a few days spent with good food and a great companion! very few things can beat time spent with my siblings, I think, and I'm already scheming about who I can see next!

also, I can't wait to go back to Pensacola Beach.

but for now, I can't wait to go home and take a nap.

pleated polka

Friday, March 28

Nothing says Friday like an outfit, amiright? It's my blog so of course I'm right.

This week was crazy busy, and it was a short one for me! Monday I picked up an odd job, Tuesday Hunter & I went to a Nashville Predators (hockey) game, Wednesday I spent all evening cooking (Indian) for my lunch bunch at work, and tonight I packed up, cleaned my room, and got all ready for my trip!

Oh you wanna talk about what I'm wearing these days? Fine. 
 photo IMG_2639_zpsd8f5b8e3.jpg
necklace: H&M, blazer: Target, shirt: from Carina, skirt: H&M, heels: Urban Outfitters

I wore this a few weeks ago to church, and planned on wearing it to work, but the temperature seriously dropped. Have I mentioned I'm ready for sunshine? Initially it seemed like a great idea, and a combination of all my favorite things; but looking back at these pictures I feel like the proportions of the midi skirt + blazer might be a bit weird. 
 photo IMG_2644_zps13bec7bb.jpg
Of course I adoreeee this pleated skirt from H&M that I picked up a few weeks ago. As gorg as it is, I found myself wondering if it was worth what I spent and if it fit correctly and blah blah blah but at this point, I think it's too late to return it anyway so the decision has been made. And it is really pretty.
 photo IMG_2640_zpsefcb8be2.jpg
I picked up this blazer probs a few months ago at my friendly neighborhood Target. I was pumped because it was on clearance, seemed to actually fit me well, etc. But it has sat in my closet stumping me since! I don't know how to explain this weird thing I have with blazers. I think they're adorable on everyone but I have the hardest time wearing them myself. I would love your thoughts on how to style this!
 photo IMG_2641_zps71f404b3.jpg
And if these heels have never made it on my blog...(I don't think they have) I am shocked. These are probably my favorite shoes and I've nearly worn them apart. They have the absolute perfect peep-toe and kinda perforated material.

Also notable in this picture is the weird goosebumpy-ness on my legs. Proof that we went in to church in the mid-60's, and came out in the 40's. Serious!
 photo IMG_2642_zps7549fd46.jpg
Anyone still not believe that I've been wearing my gold chainz non-stop?
So anyway. Might go back to the drawing board with this one. Whole-heartedly love all the pieces, maybe not just all together.
 photo IMG_2638_zpscc9116a6.jpg
I feel a little bit like I'm cheating because by the time anyone is reading this, I'll be on my way to Florida! This weekend I'm headed to Pensacola to hang with my brother Sundar and run my first ever half-marathon! I'm ready for some sunshine and fun with my bro. I've been getting excited all evening knowing pretty soon I'll be spending time with some family!

Now I'm signing off 'til next week! Keep up with my adventures over the weekend on Twitter @perfectlypriya//@priyapappu. Until then!

BlogNashville: clothing swap at The Impeccable Pig!

Wednesday, March 26

It's true, included in all the euphoric and hair-pulling moments of blogging are new friends IRL (that's, in real life, for anyone over 30.)

I'm so thankful for the BlogNashville community, headed up by the lovely Jessica at Here & Now! I've gotten to make new friends on & off the internet, shop, and explore our awesome city together!

Our latest event was shopping and a style swap at The Impeccable Pig.
cutest little shop, nestled right in Hillsboro Village. So many gorgeous choices for Spring!
this picture is silly, yes so am I. I was especially entranced by the jewelry. 
I am the type of person that ALWAYS have to have someone in the dressing room with me.
shopping & trying on with these girls was a blast!
meet my friends! Jessica // Sharena // Chelsey
on to the swap, aka, a dream come true. We each brought a couple items to swap and left with something new! 
all photos by the lovely & wonderful Zipporah

I made out like a bandit with a sequin-y dress from the fabulous Jess' closet. Win! 

a big ole thank you to Jessica for planning the event, and The Impeccable Pig for hosting us!

If you are a blogger anywhere near Nashville, I encourage you to check out the FB page and sign up for the mailing list! Can't wait to meet you :)

read about our prior BlogNashville hang-out, here!

packing list- for a long weekend

Monday, March 24

Good Monday to you all and guess what? I finally put my post together to showcase what I packed for my most recent trip to CA (a few weeks ago now...)

I'm proud of myself! Like most, I chronically over-pack. I just can't help myself. I hate packing because it feels so limiting, & planning what to wear for days feels like a gargantuan task. But this time, in addition to having a lovely stay, I felt good about what I packed & what I wore (such a #bloggerprob, excuse me, but you understand, don't you?) 
 photo longweekendathomecollage_zpsce83dbfa.jpg
not pictured: undergarments, pjs, workout clothes, toiletries, purse & plane goodies

This is hardly revolutionary. My packing list is nothing special, and made for some pretty simple outfits. But I have to say I love seeing "packing guides" on other blogs. It's always helpful for me to see what & how people pack for certain trips. So, if anything, this should be helpful to ME for future (though I sure hope it's helpful for YOU!)

I honestly got myself to think about what we would be doing each day, and what I would like to wear for each event. Some were easier than others (Tarif's show on Friday night vs. hanging out and running errands on Thursday.) Even though it was kinda a pain, it made a huge difference!
 photo IMG_4484_zps69e6fa3e.jpg
I chose very basic tops that could be easily accessorized. The whole trip was pretty casual (plus we were in CA) so I really only needed a nicer option for the show (dress as top) and for church (sweater top) on Sunday. 
 photo IMG_4518_zps9bf596ad.jpg
Leggings are a safe bet to have on hand for any errands, or in my case, getting your hair done! I also frequently travel in them. It's true, I could dress more airplane chic, but I hate flying, so at least I can be comfy. 

The black pants were an excellent decision! A skinny pair of black jeans goes with literally everything.

I wanted a fun skirt for church, and also wanted to wear my new gray heels. Thus, this skirt.

My velvet skirt was another new purchase I was excited to wear. Plus velvet seemed very appropriate for going to the theater. Also- black skirt, duh. Not super exciting, but super versatile.
 photo IMG_4521_zpscf4780f3.jpg
I worried about not packing another jacket, but the nice thing about going home is I could always borrow a sweatshirt. A jean jacket goes with pretty much everythingggg otherwise (hey I just did a remix on that, crazy!)

I probably could have packed less by wearing this dress to church on Sunday. But, I had trouble picking a top to wear for the show, plus this dress is new and I really wanted to wear it.
 photo IMG_4506_zpsa51f7ad1.jpg
Shoes are hard for a trip. Shoes are also heavy, so you can't pack too many. I wore my tennies on the trip there, and flats (with socks in my purse) for the way back! Otherwise alternating between flats/sneaks for casual days worked just fine. (Oh, to be fair, I had my running shoes too.)
 photo IMG_4486_zpsea2fe9da.jpg
Accessories are always THE hardest part of packing for me! I usually end up wearing one pair of earrings for an entire trip, or packing one necklace that I never wear. I didn't necessarily match these necklaces to my outfits, I just packed them knowing one or the other would go with everything. 

The scarf came in handy for traveling and also matched with my whole color scheme.

Here are the four main outfits I wore while I was there. Check out the original post for more pictures, outfit details, and what I did on each day!
 photo 20140310-142141_zpsfb74f025.jpg

I will add- for traveling both ways I wore my leggings, a t-shirt, my jean jacket, and either flats or tennis shoes. Here's one selfie for documentation.

I'm pleased that I carefully calculated every item I packed, and I didn't end up needing more. This just goes to show- I don't need a suitcase full of clothing for a short trip! I will definitely be challenging myself to pack this way from now on. And you can expect updates about that right here! Ok, am I beating a dead horse yet??

How would you pack for a long weekend? What are your minimalistic travel tips? I'd love to hear! 

california Sunday

Friday, March 21

 photo IMG_4391_zpsgxdt8ni2.jpg
hair clip: F21, necklace: H&M, sweater top: thrifted, skirt: handmade (gift), heels: H&M

Hi friends, & happy Friday! Here it is, finally, my last outfit from my trip to California (here's the first, second, and third.) The pictures turned out a tad bright, but it accurately shows the last sunny Sunday during our trip. I also had to get those blooming trees in the background, that were blossoming all up and down my street!
 photo IMG_4402_zps76udbs1y.jpg
Not much new here actually: heels I've been wearing non-stop since I bought them (wearing them today), statement necklace that I'm obsessed with because it goes with everything (also wearing it today...#embarrassing.) 
 photo IMG_4394_zpst8dvbuct.jpg
 photo IMG_4402_zps76udbs1y.jpg
I love this beautiful skirt (see it also here) that was handmade for me by my girl Andrea's abuela! Since it's so colorful, I feel like I have plenty of options to pair it with on top. The sweater top brought a new color into the mix, and felt really luxe paired with the statement necklace.

I wore this outfit to church with my family, and then for lunch at the house. Neither of which I have pictures for.

Next stop: a re-cap of my smart packing adventures! Here's to better long-weekend trip packing for me and you. Wishing you all a safe and sunny Spring weekend! 

remix: jean jacket!

Wednesday, March 19

Time for a remix! [Sidenote: I realize things have been a little outfitpalooza around here. Always trying to find that balance. And then sometimes I feel like I haven't worn clothes in forever. Anywayyy, thanks for following along.]

I think I've told the story before of how I got this jacket. My sister Carina and I shared a lot of clothes in middle/high school, shopped together, and she often shopped for me. It was circa 2005 when she bought herself one of these jackets. It was one of those providential clearance finds at Gap, especially considering it's the most perfect destroyed denim jacket. It probably wasn't a week later before I made her pick one up for me.
 photo jeanjacket3_zpsc025fd0c.jpg

I go through phases of wearing & not wearing it but one thing's for sure: it's lasted through high school, came along to college, and I'll never let it go, because it keeps coming back!

Here are four ways I've worn mine:
 photo IMG_4120_zps605fbb72.jpg
1. To dress down a pencil skirt. Here's the simple formula for this combination: next time you're wearing a blazer, just SWAP it for a jean jacket. Think of a jean jacket as the cool, All-American, fun-loving cousin of a blazer. Plus- a denim layer is so Spring friendly!
[perfectly Beautimous: I thought the denim and red was too perfect. Wore this to church!]
 photo IMG_3017_zpsf6f5a622.jpg
2. To top off a perfect summer ensemb. If you're living in (or dreaming of) a whimsical Summer, I can't think of a more quintessential piece. You really don't need an evening layer in the South, but it never hurts to have the option to cover your shoulders. Bonus points for aviators, hello summer cool.
[return of the jellies: Looking at this makes me want summer SO bad. Can't wait to wear those shoes too.]
 photo IMG_4331_zps7a3c67e2.jpg
3. As a light jacket for a day-venture. Sometimes you wake up and you don't know where you'll end up (those are my favorite type of days). Sometimes you need an easy layering piece that's not too dressed-up, but not too schlepy. In these cases, a jean jacket is your Goldilocks: just right. 
[distressed buildings & jackets: This just happened. Perfect for a day in San Francisco.] 
 photo IMG_2337_zps906cd37d.jpg
4. For a funky twist on a night out: The mini-skirt says "I'm cute and fun and ready for a night out" while the jean jacket says "But I'm also totally American and I'll drink a beer". Try a denim jacket over a leather jacket/sweater next time you go out! It adds a relaxed feel to an otherwise glam get-up.
[orange in SF: I really like the combo of the wedges + jean jacket. Again in San Francisco!] 

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distressed buildings & jackets

Monday, March 17

Top 'o the Monday to you! I'm back with the third outfit I packed for my trip to CA last weekend (here's the first and second one. More stories and pictures from my trip here!)
 photo IMG_4329_zpsw7msbwnf.jpg
scarf: gift, jacket: Gap (old), t-shirt: Madewell, pants: Old Navy, shoes: Jack Purcell, purse: gift (Target)

I dug a few pieces out of my archives for a day spend on Angel Island. The day turned a lot more hike-y than my outfit intended it to. So, by midday, I wasn't pumped about the black jeans. Hunter & Amir kept saying "What's wrong? Don't you like hiking? Why didn't you just wear running shorts?" I had to explain "I dressed more 'cute day in the city' than 'sweltering hike gaining 780 feet of elevation'." 

Their response? "You actually plan out what you're gonna wear for the day?" I'm trying, boys. 

I think the hardest part about packing (which I already hate) is accessories. Probably because they're an afterthought, and it seems like so much more to plan out! I think I love the idea of packing one scarf to wear the whole weekend. This one worked perfectly with all my colors schemes. Bonus: it's been in my closet for a while since I received it as a gift from my old boss (back in my Hall Assistant days.)
 photo IMG_4338_zpsqfnwy4ca.jpg
 photo IMG_4334_zpseiixmsme.jpg
 photo IMG_4342_zpsmra0snws.jpg
Otherwise this outfit is pretty standard casual. Nothing fancy about a jean jacket, t-shirt, and jeans, but also nothing wrong with a classic look.

I originally purchased these shoes in high school and had them sitting in my closet at my parent's house forever (they are a bit tight). It came to the "wear them or give them away" point for me, so I opted to break them in a bit more. Plus it helps that they are totally being sold by J.Crew now!
 photo IMG_4331_zpszvpdkspt.jpg
pretty much copied this outfit from this pin

I know what you're wondering- where in the heck were these pictures actually taken?? Angel Island is loaded with cool stuff, notably here, old abandoned buildings once used as a military base. This one was so shabby-chic as well as very open, which I thought would provide some beautiful lighting.

Here's Hunter, my mom, and Amir right in front where I took these pictures. How cool is that??
 photo IMG_4347_zps2drj2ncr.jpg
And a couple more pictures from this adventure. It was seriously the most beautiful day in the Bay!
 photo IMG_4277_zpstfgteg7l.jpg
 photo IMG_4283_zpsk0fktci1.jpg
Down to one last outfit from my trip home (here's #1 & #2!), and I'll round it out with a packing summary.

Thanks for reading, dear friends!

leopard & donkey print

Friday, March 14

Haaaaaappy Friday, folks! It has been an awesome week. I attribute it to the budding Spring weather that's putting everyone in a good mood. Here's my second look from my trip to CA (view the first one, here!)
 photo IMG_4258_zps228258c8.jpg
necklace: H&M, dress (top): Gap, velvet skirt: thrifted, heels: H&M
As I mentioned, I did a little shopping recently and hit up Nashville's first H&M. SO much good stuff, like I had feared! Meet my new favorite shoes- with a low heel (comfy for work!), dreamy suede, and the most perfect shade I've dubbed "dove gray". I am seriously contemplating going back for them in every color. But I think I've used up my Spring budget.
 photo IMG_4265_zpsf88b19e1.jpg
I also picked up this silver-y necklace (along with my gold one) and have pretty much been alternating between the two of them every other day. A simple, statement (oxymoron?) diamond-y necklace to wear with everything has been on my list for a while now. I'm loving this one!
 photo IMG_4267_zps7c6e10ac.jpg
"Going to the theatre on a Friday night" makes me think classy, a bit dressy, but still fun. I had a few more new goodies to choose from, including this skirt and dress (I'm wearing as a top). Hooray for new clothes!

This skirt was literally an act of thrifting providence. I've seen other bloggers with a phantom "thrifted velvet skirt" and thought, there's no way that was in the middle of a cat sweater and a free college t-shirt. But low-and-behold, as I reminded myself how awesome it would be to find a velvet anything really, I sifted through a rack to lay hands on it. Don't hate me.

Scored this dress at Gap Factory, and I promise you it makes the sweetest little flattering Spring shift, but also worked in a pinch as a top. I love the print. And now I'm turning it over to you: at first glance I thought, leopard print, awesome! But now I'm like...are they small flowers?
 photo IMG_4260_zpsb4cc3e4b.jpg
 photo IMG_4272_zps66dcbabf.jpg
And I know you're baffled by this glossy 'do. Galina and I got our hair done at DryBar this afternoon. Which, as far as I'm convinced, when I die, bury me at DryBar. Place is unreal. I have no idea how to do my hair like this. I honestly think they may have just transplanted a new head of hair on my head.

Lipstick is e.l.f. Studio Moisturizing Lipstick in Coral Cutie, for any interested parties. I don't think I've mentioned that I "invested" in a haul from e.l.f., and I'm generally pretty pleased with all of it. This lipstick was one of my favorite items, it goes on super glossy and almost stays on like a gloss. And for $3, you really can't beat it!
 photo IMG_4263_zpsa8705a0e.jpg
I wore this outfit for the show on Friday night, a perfect opportunity to get a little dressed up. I won't rave about Tuppy's performance more on my blog...but I am SO proud of him. He's got a talent, that's for sure! (Also, don't get me started on the picture of the twins...#dead.)
 photo IMG_4818_zpsac6e9def.jpg
*all photos edited with VSCOcam
For more about my trip, you can check out this post and this post!
Aaand we're off for the weekend! Make it count, & I'll be back soon with the third look from my trip.