remix: jean jacket!

Time for a remix! [Sidenote: I realize things have been a little outfitpalooza around here. Always trying to find that balance. And then sometimes I feel like I haven't worn clothes in forever. Anywayyy, thanks for following along.]

I think I've told the story before of how I got this jacket. My sister Carina and I shared a lot of clothes in middle/high school, shopped together, and she often shopped for me. It was circa 2005 when she bought herself one of these jackets. It was one of those providential clearance finds at Gap, especially considering it's the most perfect destroyed denim jacket. It probably wasn't a week later before I made her pick one up for me.
 photo jeanjacket3_zpsc025fd0c.jpg

I go through phases of wearing & not wearing it but one thing's for sure: it's lasted through high school, came along to college, and I'll never let it go, because it keeps coming back!

Here are four ways I've worn mine:
 photo IMG_4120_zps605fbb72.jpg
1. To dress down a pencil skirt. Here's the simple formula for this combination: next time you're wearing a blazer, just SWAP it for a jean jacket. Think of a jean jacket as the cool, All-American, fun-loving cousin of a blazer. Plus- a denim layer is so Spring friendly!
[perfectly Beautimous: I thought the denim and red was too perfect. Wore this to church!]
 photo IMG_3017_zpsf6f5a622.jpg
2. To top off a perfect summer ensemb. If you're living in (or dreaming of) a whimsical Summer, I can't think of a more quintessential piece. You really don't need an evening layer in the South, but it never hurts to have the option to cover your shoulders. Bonus points for aviators, hello summer cool.
[return of the jellies: Looking at this makes me want summer SO bad. Can't wait to wear those shoes too.]
 photo IMG_4331_zps7a3c67e2.jpg
3. As a light jacket for a day-venture. Sometimes you wake up and you don't know where you'll end up (those are my favorite type of days). Sometimes you need an easy layering piece that's not too dressed-up, but not too schlepy. In these cases, a jean jacket is your Goldilocks: just right. 
[distressed buildings & jackets: This just happened. Perfect for a day in San Francisco.] 
 photo IMG_2337_zps906cd37d.jpg
4. For a funky twist on a night out: The mini-skirt says "I'm cute and fun and ready for a night out" while the jean jacket says "But I'm also totally American and I'll drink a beer". Try a denim jacket over a leather jacket/sweater next time you go out! It adds a relaxed feel to an otherwise glam get-up.
[orange in SF: I really like the combo of the wedges + jean jacket. Again in San Francisco!] 

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nicole s. said...

oh my gaaaah i love ALL of these looks! you are the actual queen of color pops, i'm positive of it. my denim jacket is one of my most worn pieces too because it just makes me feel complete. plus, i'm always cold, so even in texas i love having the option of covering my arms in a freezing mall or restaurant. i need to pick up a pair of red wedges and a pair of purple jelly sandals. also, adooooore the red lipstick/red skirt combo. maybe you and your sister should move to austin and we can all share closets. ;)

xo nicole

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Yay for denim jackets!! I can't believe it took me SO long to get one! I tend to reach for it anytime I'm wearing a dress or skirt. Those outfits are my favorite.

I love your little commentary on each outfit-especially the last one. "I'm totally American and will drink a beer." hahaha I laughed aloud that that one. I'm surprised you could ever show bare legs in SF. I'm always way too cold for that! But living in Cali all my life has made me a wuss for the cold.

Danielle Wallace said...

I'm with Nicole, can't we all just share clothes? I'd wear anyone of these outfits in a heartbeat. And to be honest, I have pretty much all of the same pieces to be able to.. Other than your awesome jellies and fabulous red sandals, loveeee those!

Priya said...

aww thanks girl, that makes me feel great! Sometimes I'm like no one is reading this crazy stuff I'm writing anyway...ha

also- living in TN has made my tolerance for cold go WAY up. I've stopped wearing tights, I can't do it anymore this season, and it was 37 this morning. whoops!

Andi said...

LOL - I want in on this clothes sharing idea! I always want to steal things that I see, especially those purple jelly sandals!

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

Yay for remixes - love it with the polka dots! I don't know what I was even thinking, but I considered eBay listing my Gap jean jacket in college… so glad I came to my senses & kept it! Always a classic!

Also, I saw the picnic pictures Zipporah put up of you & Hunter…. my goodness! Are y'all models! Those are GORGE!!


Priya said...

aww, thanks girl! We are definitely NOT models, but I love how they turned out! She is mega-talented. I should say thanks for connecting us in the first place (and loaning us your photographer :)

Kristian said...

I love a good jean jacket. They seem very classic and preppy/all-american so I can see how well it could last the years and your changing style.

Bri Marie said...

So glad you picked a jean jacket! I have one that I almost never wear, but I'm loving these outfits and definitely going to keep them in mind to encourage me to pull out my jacket more often!!

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