packing list- for a week long trip [Winter edition]

Friday, May 30

Hi & happy Friday! By now I'm sure you've almost forgotten about my trip to Canada (that's a joke because I just won't stop talking about it.) Once again, I tried to pack smart. Let's take a look.
 photo packingCanada_zpsa75264eb.jpg
not pictured: undies, pjs, toiletries, backpack stuff, shoes (because I forgot!) 

I feel like a broken record, but: I was not prepared for how cold it was. Since it literally finally just warmed up here in Nashville, it was hard to pack for Winter again. I took a small carry-on suitcase which worked perfectly, it wasn't quite packed full (this left room for a few gifts I took + souvenirs.) The problem was that even though I probably didn't need anything else, I felt like I had some extra room. So could I have packed less? Yes. Did I have to? No. 

I can't help but be hit by anxiety when it's time to pack for anything! I just have to keeeep reminding myself that I don't need to take everything everywhere (Hunter gives me the hardest time about this.) One thing I hate the most is being unprepared for anything, especially when I have what I need sitting at home. 

I tried to let the "number of days --> number of pieces" philosophy really guide my packing for day to day wear. I laughed after I wrote that because I have waaay more than seven pieces here, but: I had to pack some warm, active clothing for hiking etc. And accessories don't count. 
 photo IMG_5236_zps223452b4.jpg
I needed at least two "workout" type t-shirts to wear for hiking & outdoor stuff (on the left). The two in the center were formerly dresses that my Mom altered for me, so I was excited to pack them (plus I wanted to show Mom how she did!) I thought a flannel would be a great/cozy layering piece. The t-shirt on the far right is one of many I've had sitting in my drawer. I wore it to travel, & for a casual day. 

One thing I've started to love about packing- it helps me really USE certain items in my closet. Some that have maybe been neglected, so it's the final make or break that helps me sort through my closet. 
 photo IMG_5210_zpsff9841e8.jpg
I packed some running tights in lieu of snow pants (#dumb) and wore them pretty much every day, even with my dress at night. One dark pair of jeans that had been sitting in my drawer, & came in handy. A lighter pair of jeans that were much too fresh out the dryer for the trip there (#ugh.) And one pencil skirt that I could have ultimately done without!
 photo IMG_5244_zpsd71f03c0.jpg
Every piece of outerwear was essential, I wore a layered combo of two pretty much at all times.  I wore the jacket & fleece (left) layered everyday during our adventures; and the cardigan and my coat (right) layered every evening for whatever else. As I mentioned previously, this coat didn't get much rotation during this (actual winter), but the longer length and neutral color made it perfect for the week!
 photo IMG_5243_zps96ddd721.jpg
I felt silly even bringing a swimsuit, but I needed it for the hotel & hot springs (do you love my California bottoms or what?) This dress was perfection, I wore it during the week, to church on Sunday, and for the trip home! 
 photo IMG_5232_zps69f72bfb.jpg

I would say I did really well in the accessory department (and very minimal.) I used the purse, belt, and snood almost every day. Never wore these black tights, and the bling was a nice switch-out for my casual jewelry to dress up an outfit.

I realized today I completely forgot about my shoes. I did photograph them but the photos are nowhere to be found, also I had the collage made. Anyway, I wore either my brown Frye boots or pink Asics trainers all week. 
 photo Desktop12_zpse9257aa8.jpg
Here's a little spread of the majority of my outfits for the week (anything else I wore was an active outfit/boring traveling outfit.)

Not bad, Pri. Lessons learned: you can absolutely live in brown boots and exercise tights all week. Any tips for not going overboard while packing for Winter weather? Do tell! I'll use them next year because:

it is SUMMER over here! I've got a tiny bit left at the office before I head away for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. Tales to follow, count on it. 

happy birthday Dad!

Thursday, May 29

 photo IMG_0013_zpscb3144bb.jpg
Dad & I at an Indian wedding, June 2013

my Dad's birthday [was yesterday.] otherwise I'd say I've been pretty on top of things around here!

I really look forward to the time I get to spend with my Dad these days. it's limited, and it's usually pretty funny. I feel like we are still getting to know each other. Canada was especially funny especially because my South Indian Dad is NOT a fan of cold weather. I wrote down some things he said that made me lol because I love saving them for later and laughing all over again.

(Dad describing his last trip to Ireland)
D: “I found myself outside a coffee shop, on the side of the road…and decided to break into song, spontaneously!”
Me: “…with an open guitar case in front of me”

(in response to me telling him to wear something casual)
“Yeah, that’s casual. Hawaiian.”

(an advertising campaign to Mom for lemon water)
“Arja see- lemon water. Take one sip, and taste the difference!”

(Mom & Dad discussing facial hair)
D: “Who wants to have a beard?”
M: “You had a beard when I met you.”
D: “No. It was a mustache. And it was French.”

(dinner at a Chinese restaurant)
D: “Where’s the beef?”
Me: “Oh it’s right here.”
D: “No I’m not asking ‘Where’s the beef?’ I’m just saying the phrase ‘Where’s the beef?’"

(about his hiking stick)
“It’s always good to carry a big stick, just in case."

so besides making me laugh...when I thought about this post, one memory of my Dad was at the front of my mind. on & off throughout middle school, my Dad picked me up. every day I would get in the car, and everyday he would ask me, "Did you learn anything new?" so much so that I would specifically be on the look-out all day for a new fact that I could share with him when I got in the car.

one thing my Dad has definitely instilled in me is ambition. it was his ambition that led him from India to Cardiff, Wales, to meet my mom; and his ambition that ultimately took them to California, where I call home. it was him who first told me, "Whatever you are, be a good one." (I know he didn't originally say that, but that's when I first heard it.) when I was younger my Dad told me I could be a pediatrician (I wanted to for a while), and then a lawyer (so my ambition changed to that.)

if there's one single thing I have learned as I've gotten older, it's that no family is perfect. my parents aren't perfect. but one thing I appreciate about them is that they have never made me feel like I wasn't good enough. they have definitely encouraged me to be better & do better, but that sense of ambition was never accompanied by the feeling that what I was doing wasn't good already.

one other thing I appreciate about them is that they are very good sports about their accents/pronunciations getting imitated and made fun of, and have been for 30ish years (since Galina learned how to talk!) just yesterday when I called my Dad on his birthday I tried to teach him to say "Age ain't nothin' but a number" over the phone. it didn't go so well.

it was because he gave me a VERY hard time when he beat me at ping-pong after my freshman year of college that I trained very hard to beat him next (I crushed him, by the way.) now I love ping-pong and play pretty much every day! thanks Dad! I love that it's something we can do together.

another thing I admire about him: he literally has friends in every country in the world. not exaggerating. he has his passions, and he is passionate about them; meeting people, traveling, and his ministry. I think I got my love for people directly from my Dad.

happy birthday Dad! you are one of a kind, you're my one & only Dad, and I love you for it!

(I'm writing everyone in my immediate family a post on their birthday.
you can find them here: Mom // Sundar // Amir & Tarif // Coren

weekend update: remembering Memorial Day weekend

Tuesday, May 27

here's what happened this weekend (mostly in order):
1. I house-sat and puppy-sat.
2.  Julie & Lee got married in Georgia.
3. I spent Monday in a boat on Percy Priest lake.
4. Amanda got engaged yesterday!
5. Hunter went on vacation and I miss him.

 photo IMG_5329_zps9bc0027f.jpg
my +1 bailed so last-minute (stressed), but I LADIES TRIPed it up with Katie & Em. SO much fun!
 photo IMG_5364_zpsf1dcca0f.jpg
this is where they got married- amazing! I actually spent one Thanksgiving here with Julie & her fam.
 photo IMG_5398_zpsab2445ed.jpg
remember my housie Em? miss her so! she spun tracks & we planned outfits for B + Jay the whole ride.
 photo IMG_5386_zps1932bdcb.jpg
Amanda, (forever my "Roomie") was IN the wedding, and then got engaged yesterday. seriously!!
 photo IMG_5357_zpsba271d3d.jpg
really super pumped about how this picture turned out.
 photo IMG_5412_zps440d888a.jpg
and here's the beautiful bride! I love you both!!
 photo IMG_5352_zpse0a86d7c.jpg
so many pretty little details everywhere!
 photo IMG_5423_zpsff0ca1ca.jpg
on Monday, I jumped off this cliff (into the lake) this is a huge deal!
 photo IMG_5435_zpsca29e38c.jpg
lake day with some work franz! Idk when I woke up and it was summer, but I'm happy about it!

I'm feeling really thankful for my beautiful friends and excited because Summer is really here!!
I'm off to go finish my book for book club and go straight to bed. catch up with y'all soon.

happy birthday Mom (& 13 things she's taught me!)

Friday, May 23

 photo IMG_5789_zpsba50503d.jpg
Mom & I in her hometown of Nurmes, Finland, May 2012

today is my Mom's birthday. I know what you're thinking, "but it was just Sundar's birthday!" true. rumor has it Sundar was brought home from the hospital on my Mom's 30th birthday. I guess I shouldn't advertise anymore what age she's turning now, but you could definitely figure it out.

so because I skipped Mother's Day pretty much entirely on here, I hope you will allow me to brag on my mom for a minute. especially because today's her birthday and now that's just perfectly Priya tradition. *warning* cliches directly ahead!

I want to go back and clarify something I said on the blog a while ago. I quoted my mom as consistently saying "Priya, one day I hope you have a daughter just like you." as I was growing up. I received several "aww how sweet" comments about that, but what she meant was, "Priya, I really hope one day you get your just desserts and deal with a child as difficult as you" usually said after I had a brilliant/messy idea at 11 pm, or a particulary vibrant "performance", or a spirited debate at the house.

here's a secret: I wasn't the easiest kid. I'm not the easiest adult (though, family: I'm getting BETTER aren't I??) I was a "passionate" kid, I am a "thespian", I have great crazy ideas and I like things done a certain way. immediately. I've said it before and I'll say it again, literally thank God that my mom has the personality she does, or I don't think I would still be around. but, enough about young Priya, this is my mom's birthday, so let me tell you more about her.

Every day, I realize a little more just how much of a badass my mom really is (she will be HORRIFIED that I called her that & I expect an immediate text message asking me to change the verbiage. so, if it's still intact when you're reading this- thanks for being a superfan.) My mom raised seven (awesome) kids and worked full-time while doing it (how? seriously Mom, how?!) My mom has raised her voice at me one handful of times in my entire life, and has immediately apologized after. My mom is undoubtably the most patient and sacrificial person I know. I get teased because when I was little I said, "Mommy, I think I have a crush on you."
I still do, Mom!

I'm just really impressed by her. she's committed to her health, her family, her work, and probably most of all, her faith. I'm also impressed because she was wearing a swimsuit she bought when she was 15 until I stole it from her (I already said that, but I just want to say it again.)

and oh goodness, the SAGE advice that I never appreciated until I realized most of it was true. I wrote a list a while ago that I wanted to post on Mother's Day, but I'm publishing it here for your enjoyment (peppered with my own commentary because I can't not, ok?)

13 Things My Mom Was Right About

1. You don't have to wash your hair every day. Mom was saying this long before not washing your hair was trendy. I thought she didn't know anything. now I try to wash my hair once a week.

2. "Everybody already has everything." says Mom, while taking me to buy my friends birthday presents. This used to drive me CRAZY. but oh my gosh, this is true. another takeaway from this- give someone a gift that involves an experience (tickets, a treatment, a trip, etc.)

3. "The part that's coolest is inside of you." Verbatim, friends. Did I mention English was not her first language. This is funny, but I remember writing this down after she said it, because I didn't want to forget it.

4. Going to bed early is just fine. Mom goes to a church where women don't preach, but if she could preach, THIS IS WHAT SHE WOULD PREACH. When I call her after 9 (CST) she will without fail end the conversation by saying, "well Priya it's getting late, you should probably be getting to bed." Mom, you cutie. I'm an adult. But seriously though- isn't sleep just the remedy for everything?

5. "You can't do everything." this also used to drive me crazy. Mom wasn't a tiger mom, and Pappu kids were limited to extracurriculars. but ultimately, I think this helped us excel. otherwise- this is great general advice. you can't do everything. give yourself a break. don't be afraid to say "no" to people.

6. "Modest is hottest." Mom has never actually said these words (how funny would that have been?) but growing up, modesty was required from me & my sisters. I had to fight really hard to get my first two-piece swimsuit/spaghetti strap tank/mini-skirt. luckily as the years progressed (and I am the youngest girl) the standards were slackened a little bit. but I do still own a classy one piece (now 2) that she bought for me, and I won't forget, that modestly is the hottestly way to dress (work with me.)

7. Don't show up empty-handed. not always easy or convenient to follow. but people absolutely DIG IT these days when you show up for a party/sleepover/appointment and you've brought something to contribute. Mom used to give me Finnish gifts to take to people, but hey, unless you're going to Kimye's wedding this weekend, that's probably above & beyond.

8. There's nothing wrong with a little dessert. preach, Mom. take care of yourself, no doubt, but for goodness sakes, don't deprive yourself. going home now means I will be having the coffee and coffee cake and cookies and Ferrero Rocher, please & thank you.

9. The library ROCKS. thank you Mom, for dropping me off at the library and always encouraging me to read. I refuse to say "thank you" for getting rid of our cable because I really missed out on MTV in the 90's, but it was good reading time, for sure.

10. You don't have to be skinny to be healthy. I cannot help but observe the relationships other girls have with their mothers. my mom is not remotely concerned about fashion (which...that could've been cool) but I am SO thankful to have a mom that never made me feel bad about my weight, what I was wearing, or how I did my hair/make-up. she has always made me feel good enough.

11. Hiking is fun. used to hate it, now I love it. 'ppreciate ya, Mom!

12. "No one can tell you you're wrong if you tell them how they made you feel." I went through something, once. at first I was worried to talk to my mom about it, I was afraid she would be disappointed and not side with me. but she rocks, remember? take that advice to the bank. and meanies, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

13. Thrifting is magical. Mom is opposed to magic, so she didn't say this exactly. but she would take me thrift shopping, back when my clothes were only cool if they came from the mall. wow- she was so right about this!

and so, happy birthday Mom! I wish the very best day for the very best lady. I love you! also as soon as I have a kid get ready to live with me for the first...12 months.

(btw- May is a birthday month for Pappu's. stay tuned next week for my Dad's bday post, on the 28th.)

[more birthdays? Coren // Tarif + Amir // Sundar]

ONE last thing, seriously: when I published Sundar's post my mom texted me and said, "What happened to the capital letters when you start a sentence?" I say, "Haha just being cool, punctuation is for squares" she says, "I like the look of punctuation, call me square if you like :)" sorry Mom, you square! 

happy birthday Sundar!

Wednesday, May 21

if you've been following along lately, you probably noticed this year I've been doing somewhat of a "birthday tribute" (ugh, that sounds stupid) for each member of my immediate family [Coren // Tarif + Amir]. for some reason, they are always hard to write, and I put them off until the last minute. when I think about writing them, I think. "how could I possibly sum up in a blog post what this person means to me and makes me think of?" but, I'm following my own personal writing philosophy, "writing something is better than writing nothing." I'm gonna keep doing the best I can. 
 photo IMG_3900_zpsa8bc9179.jpg
 photo IMG_3902_zpse788af58.jpg
Christmas in CA, December 2013

today my brother Sundar turns 27! let me start by saying: he's the coolest guy I know. that's the first thing I can think of. when I hear people musing about their older brothers, or even Hunter talking about his younger sisters, I know firsthand what the sentiment is there: admiration. I have always, my entire life, thought he is the coolest. though, now it's even better because I feel like I have a really cool close friend.

I think my memories of us fall into a few different categories. I tried to think about my first memory of Sundar, and here's what I came up with: challenging Carina & I to be ready before him for school in the morning. I don't think that worked out. but, it's funny to think about, because even then he was punctual and put-together. it was that year or next that he was the class president at Pomeroy Elementary School.

fast-forward to myself as a tiny middle-schooler, while Sundar is absolutely tearing it up as the quarterback at Santa Clara High. Coren used to drop me off, Sundar picked me up a lot of the time (as they say--"It takes a village...") and here's my favorite memory: I got into the car one afternoon lamenting about a boy flicking bottle caps at me (it was all the rage). Sundar puts the car back in park and says, "Do you want me to kick his ass for you?" and that's when I knew I had an unwavering ally, someone that could always keep me safe.

and fast-forward one more time, to the summer before college, and the first two after that. Sundar & I worked as camp counselors together (he actually told me to apply on a whim, and oh gosh, some of the best times.) the campers and fellow counselors alike all thought he was the greatest, so did I. one time we had a bonfire with our counselor friends where he said how much he appreciated driving to and from work with me, talking about our days, listening to music, and I thought "good, so it's not just me."

after that, but throughout college, whenever I came home for the summer, Christmas break, whenever, Sundar is the one I hung out with most. I have fond memories of waking up, finding him, and figuring out what we would do for the day (usually a combo of disc-golfing/poker lessons/shopping.) as is too often the case, I never appreciated that until I realized it probably won't happen just like that again.

Sundar has great taste. He's impossible to buy gifts for, and usually gets crap for it. but I say, the guy knows what he likes, and appreciates the finer things. as well as some really good rap & hip-hop. thanks for that Sundar, I would be so lost without you in that department!

right now he's in Pensacola, FL, in flight school as a Marine. he's really found what he wants to do, and we are so dang proud.

happy birthday to a guy I will always think is the coolest, and always be proud to say "oh yeah that's my older brother." I love you Sundar, hope your birthday rocks!

forgive me.

Tuesday, May 20

I know, now I'm one of those bloggers posing with the coffee cup. But bear with me here. 
 photo IMG_5164_zpscddef64d.jpg
top- Target, jeans- Forever 21, boots- Frye 

These pictures actually seem symbolic of the nation of Canada to me! Before I left, I asked my (Canadian) friend Rachel about what I needed to do while I was in Canada. She said, "Go to a Tim Horton's!" So we did... nearly every day. 

Tim Horton's is primarily a breakfast spot, cheaper and less snooty than Starbucks, but cleaner and with more options than say, a Breugger's Bagels. So needless to say, I really enjoyed it. 

Tim Horton's, against the backdrop of Rail Canada, I mean, Canada tell me I'm your national anthem. 
 photo IMG_5170_zps0613eedf.jpg
 photo IMG_5172_zps79257ef0.jpg
Other than that, not a whole lot to say about this outfit actually. It was simple, but very comfy, I liked it! Something about a flannel and brown boots feels so good when it's chilly outside. 

Though have I mentioned I rescued this shirt out of a giveaway bin in my old dorm and it may be my most worn flannel? If you're questioning the ethics of doing that, I also frequently put things in the bin. So, circle of life, if you ask me. 
 photo IMG_5167_zps4d1578c2.jpg
 photo IMG_5163_zps2d601ad4.jpg
I wore this on our last day in Jasper; north of Banff, west of Edmonton, the center of Jasper National Park. We walked through the town center and did a bit of shopping before making the drive back to Edmonton. 

Jasper was quite different than Banff, but I liked it a lot. It seemed much less commerical, more like a small town. Mom and I made an hour long walk through the town the night before, passing the old fire station, middle & high school, and dozens of unique homes. It all felt very charming and I couldn't help but wonder about the locals that lived there year-round!
 photo IMG_5161_zps6077b4c9.jpg
I saw quite a few trains running while we were there, so I'm assuming this one does. Something about these old looking trains is just so cool.

The scenery in Jasper was different than Banff, but still beautiful! It was actually a lot warmer there, which was a welcome relief! Almost felt like I was hiking in California in the late fall. The picture below is from our trip to the Maligne Canyon.

The canyon is over 160 feet deep in some spots! There was quite a bit of ice still at the bottom, some of it even looked like waterfalls that had frozen half-way down. Pretty neat.
 photo IMG_5141_zps7e50930a.jpg
My cute parents. Dad was so pleased with his walking "staff".

And by now I bet you're just about done hearing about my trip, which is perfect timing because I'm just about done blogging about it ;) I have a packing post coming up but then I'm really, truly back in real time!

Hope your week is off to a great start, and beautiful weather follows! 

O, Canada

Monday, May 19

Good Monday morning to you all!

I'm pausing in the middle of some outfits + packing from my recent trip to share some general pictures and memories!
 photo IMG_4970_zpsc787eff2.jpg
Mom & I flew into Edmonton on Monday night, Tuesday morning we headed to Banff via Calgary.
 photo IMG_4967_zpseea41fe4.jpg
Here we are on top of the Calgary tower, Mom holding on for dear life!
 photo IMG_4972_zps06cb792c.jpg
Banff National Park, about 4 hours from Edmonton. You might recognize it from The Bachelor.
 photo IMG_5034_zps4737bb9e.jpg

The surroundings were beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen that many huge snow covered mountains.
 photo IMG_5058_zps74e248d4.jpg
Wednesday we spent out and about; on a gondola, hiking around, exploring the lovely town of Banff.
 photo IMG_5010_zps6ff79399.jpg
 photo IMG_5070_zpsc93a21b3.jpg

Visiting the Hot Springs may have been my favorite part of the trip; being in that hot water was so nice.
 photo Desktop10_zps4ea1454a.jpg
Also really enjoyed taking some jumpy pics with my Mom. She cracks me up.
 photo IMG_5110_zpsd4c70080.jpg

Thursday we headed to Jasper, via the Columbia Icefield and Glacier Skywalk. Dad loves the cold.
 photo IMG_5102_zps2c9d37ff.jpg

Here's the skywalk- a clear walkway that juts out into a canyon, it was awesome and nerve-wracking!
 photo IMG_5084_zpsd5b15b91.jpg

This is the Columbia Icefield- a glacier. It was freeeeezing out there.
 photo IMG_5133_zpsb8f4bfa0.jpg
We got to Jasper later that day where it was MUCH warmer.  photo IMG_5157_zpsef15dc21.jpg
We hiked through the Maligne Canyon- that was awesome and it was so nice outside.

Friday late morning we headed back to Edmonton, and went around the city a bit.
Saturday was spent visiting with (new!) friends & family, and eating A LOT.
Sunday we went to church before Mom & I flew back that afternoon! 

I always love visiting a new place, and I was really happy to spend time with my parents. Also loved getting to meet some new friends (most of whom I'm related to in some way..?) Canada really is beautiful and the people are very kind. 

I'll finish up this saga with one last outfit and how I packed for the trip!

Hope your week is off to a great start- gonna be another busy one over here! My weekend was really as chill as I planned so I'm still pooped, but it was a lot of fun. Hunter and I got into True Detective and naturally had to finish it- any fans out there?

the highs & lows of Banff

Friday, May 16

I won't bore you with temperature details anymore, I'm *obvi* talking about my new high-low dress!
 photo IMG_5119_zps84085f7b.jpg
earrings: Old Navy, snood: ASOS, dress: ASOS, purse: vintage, tights: Old Navy, boots: Frye

Here's my second outfit from Canada (oh you missed the first one? Here ya go.)

I was lucky enough to win $50 to ASOS in a giveaway from Katherine at of corgis & cocktails. I've heard and seen SO many good things from ASOS and was very excited to pick out my own! Still waiting for a return/exchange to work out on my second pick, but this one is just perfect. 

I have completely ignored the high-low trend because something about the low back made my already short legs look even shorter. This dress is from the "Petite" line so it fits great, is super comfy, and I love the heathery gray color. 
 photo IMG_5131_zps65804054.jpg
I also got this oatmeal-y colored snood, and was worried I wouldn't be able to wear it until next year in Nashville. Easy solution- travel across the continent, where weather still permits your last colder-temperature styling wishes. I'm actually very glad I packed it because I wore it alllll week. 
 photo IMG_5117_zps5a22c9b9.jpg
 photo IMG_5121_zps0b4b84e7.jpg
 photo IMG_5116_zps043b8c08.jpg
How gorgeous are those Canadian Rockies? Once we got into Banff, they were everywhere, and a guide told us they still had up to 22 feet of snow on them!
 photo IMG_5039_zps5d1a7671.jpg
I wore this on our second day in Banff, where we spent the morning on a hilltop (via a gondola! True story!), and the evening at The Evergreen restaurant enjoying authentic Canadian dining (if you must know, I had duck. Also sampled "elk medallions", "artic char", and "curried lamb.") Ok, technically I wasn't wearing my dress on the gondola (same tights though!)

I also wore it to church on Sunday and for the trip home, which was the best traveling decision I could have ever made. Especially after wearing jeans straight out of the dryer on the trip to Edmonton. How does the saying go, "our sight only clears after our eyes are washed away with tears?"
 photo IMG_4978_zpsa73f280c.jpg
How cute is the downtown Banff area? You really can't beat the mountain back-drop.

Any big plans this weekend? As I've already told several people today, and I am excited to chill SO HARD. This week ended up much busier than I intended, kicking off with my late arrival back in Nashville Monday (morning). Then I accidentally had plans every night this week. I haven't even unpacked yet so honestly it's very fitting to still be blogging about what I was wearing.

Have a great weekend everyone! Talk to you soon!!

oh-one last thing: the wonderful Emily at Bon Marche Couture interviewed me for her blog today! She described me as "bubbling over with enthusiasm and a sense of fun without being one of those people who makes you feel like a loser because her life is so effortlessly perfect." I honestly can't think of any compliment that would make me feel like a better blogger. Thank you Emily! Check it out, here.

neutral cardigan hotel

Wednesday, May 14

 photo IMG_4989_zpse3cdc663.jpg
shirt (cut from dress): Urban Outfitters, cardigan: H&M from Carina, coat: Old Navy, jeans: F21, boots: Frye

Hey there! Here's my first look from my trip to Canada this past week. I think I've mentioned (more than once...) that it was really, very, cold and snowy. I had to carry this coat on the plane both ways since it was SO hot in Nashville when I left, but I lived in it all week. 

I was happy to get more use of it, since although I've wanted a "military-button" style coat forever, this one pretty much took over my life this past Winter. I needed a coat that would go with everything I packed, since I wore it all week. This dark charcoal gray fit the bill! I layered it up with a neutral colored cardigan (wore that all week...seeing a trend there?). Was more about survival than being fashion-forward.
 photo IMG_4995_zps5215012e.jpg
Another live-in for the week: my Frye boots! When I posted about them last time, someone asked if they lived up to the hype. I would say- they are exactly what I wanted in a pair of brown boots. I really love the color and style of them, and though time will tell, they seem to be extremely good quality.
 photo IMG_4987_zps33998a1c.jpg
This "top" is the reincarnation of this dress and one of four pieces I gave to my mom to give new life. Now I'm regretting any time I've ever gotten rid of a dress that was too short, instead of cutting it to make a top! I mean, four new tops, instantly. This one is especially perfect because the cut of the dress resulted in a subtle peplum blouse. 
 photo IMG_4993_zps340f1447.jpg
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cold, crazy eyes

I wore this on our second day in Canada, when we traveled from Edmonton to Calgary to Banff, where we spent a couple days. We took the four hour trip at a leisurely pace, stopping to visit the Calgary tower and have lunch with a couple of my parent's friends. Once we got to Banff, Mom & I took off to explore the town- it is darling! 
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This is the Fairmont Banff Springs, where we snuck around back to take some photos! Pretty awesome, huh? It looks like a castle from the outside, and has the plush interior to match! Mom & I walked around inside trying to look swanky and like we could possibly be guests at such a beautiful place.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't spend most of the week trying to figure out which hotel in Banff they stayed at during Sean's season of The Bachelor (remember Tierra- the polar plunge drama? The hot springs? That was all in Banff!)
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Also huge shout-out to my mom who was an awesome walking buddy and photographer to me all week! Since I just missed Mother's Day, I won't brag on her too much (for now) but I will say: the swimsuit she packed for the trip was one she bought when she was 15 (which I may or may not have stolen/inherited and it is a vintage dream.) Yeah, seven kids later...GO mom!

Stay tuned this week for more Canada outfits/snowy pictures and eventually a dissertation of how I packed for the trip! 

Stay sweet, friends.