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| earrings: Old Navy | top: from Carina | tank-top: from Carina | tuxedo pants: Old Navy | heels: gift |

Hi! Debuting a few pieces on the blog today, though none of them super new. This top was rescued from a giveaway bag, discarded by my sister, Carina. I think it's gorgeous, and definitely unlike anything else I own. Which also makes it hard to style! I love the flowy fabric though, it feels like a hip kimono to me. 
 photo DC760137-9AE3-4C4A-9EC9-ACD85ACAA09D_zpsf56ygqg3.jpg
Same song second verse: tuxedo pants. These are the refined cousin of these pants, I knew the fit worked for me, and when I saw Kendi sporting them, I knew I needed them! They are essentially cropped black pants, which are obviously a wardrobe essential. But that tuxedo stripe gives them a fun, classy twist. I've only worn them a couple times so far, here's another look I liked even better.
 photo 15BF2892-BBD9-4A7F-A4E1-E23AB95AC7C4_zpso0cteugd.jpg
Throw these elements together...add a purse/heels I've had since high school and some glam earrings, & voila, my Japanese tuxedo. This purse deserves another note: I love it. I love the shape and color, love that it fits my laptop, and love that it was probably no more than $25 and has LASTED! And let me tell you, I give my bags the test of time (and frequently throw them out because they fall apart.) 
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I have to say, these outfit photos weren't a priority because I looked back at them thinking I really didn't like this look. But going through the photos and back-checking my idea behind it, I kinda like it a lot better. If I were to do it again, I would go with a more basic tank top (you can't tell but this one is satin-y) and minimal accessories, because there is a lot going on. Anyway, my style and this blog is totally about trial & error! 

I wore this weeks, might actually be months, ago to go dinner and a party. My pal from work, Emma, was throwing a birthday thing, and Hunter reasoned we couldn't show up starving (and we didn't really know what the food situation was.) So we went to dinner at this neat vintage-y feeling diner called Dalt's (took these pictures right outside), split a burger & fries, and then ended up having a full dinner and dessert at the party too! Sometimes that happens. I live life with no regrets. But, good planning with the flowy top.
 photo IMG_4545_zpsde8bfe04.jpg
 photo IMG_4546_zpsae824f58.jpg
Our dinner party pre party dinner.

I've got what seems like back-to-back-to-back weekends out of town, which means I am chilling SO HARD on these week nights. Last week I finished OITNB Season 2 (if anyone wants to discuss, leave me a comment!), this week getting ready for a work potluck, wedding this weekend, and tonight, spending some quality time by the pool. 


Unknown said...

first up, I love the monochrome of this look. Secondly, man, what a cooool tuxedo top! Gorgeous

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Japanese Tuxedo is the absolute perfect name for this look! That top looks like a kimono FUR SURE which is all the rage right now. Good choice on rescuing the little orphan! It does look a bit hard to style but I'm sure you could belt or tie it to create even more outfits :)

Oh man, OITNW. So much happened, especially during the last episode, where I found myself gasping and clapping my hand over my mouth. Crazy good show!

Bri Marie said...

Merrick (MerricksArt.blogspot.com) just wore a kimono style top like this and I LOVE it, but I love the neutrals in yours that make it far easier to style. So cute!!

Unknown said...

Ummm, let me know when you're fitting Bach into your sched, kthanks.

Priya said...

;) we have some SERIOUS things to discuss!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like great forward planning with the flowy top Pri (can I call you Pri? via the medium of text?) and I would definitely have done a double dinner also (well I struggle to finish meals actually but I would have been all for it in theory). I love your hair in these top photos by the way you look so elegant!!

I am so bummed we can't meet in the US, I don't know if you would have read my reply on my blog, my trip ended up getting chopped down and there have been a few tragic casualties in destination.. I figure I'll just have to come back sooner….

Also YES Orange Is The New Black! I haven't finished the season yet though, I'm hoping to catch up this week now I'm in the UK. But I did just finish Morello's episode and OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. SO MUCH ARGHHHH. I love Lorna and her crazy accent and her cute red lipstick and now I have to re-evaluate my love for her as a crazy psycho lady. AHHH xxxxx

Priya said...

"the little orphan" haha!

Priya said...

OF COURSE you can call me Pri! only my friends call me that so when someone new adopts it I'm like, "yay, a new friend!"

you must come back to the US. or me to the UK. it's destiny.

Morello is my favorite and that episode was one of my faves of season 2!

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