Moto Kimono

Hey there! I'm gonna go ahead and attribute this look to Shell B Cheri, the fantastic stylist I had the pleasure of working with a few months ago. As for the pictures, I'll go right ahead and say thanks again to Stephanie, who took these for me when she was in town last weekend. I absolutely freaked having a profesh photog to myself and we took as many sets of photos as we could muster in one day (here's the first set on the blog.) 
 photo BlogResolution4120140817_zps72658967.jpg
| lipstick: MAC in St. Germain | necklace: H&M | tank: Gap | kimono: F21 via Carina | pants: Old Navy | shoes: Payless | 

My goal for my session with Shell B was to style pieces I love and wanted to wear, but had trouble with. Namely, these cargo pants and this kimono top (I've worn them on the blog here and here.)

And when in doubt on how to style things...pair them together! Ok that probably works out like, 1% of the time, and here's an example of that. I like the contrast of the rougher cargo pants with the flowy florals of the top.

Shell B and I put together probably a dozen ideas for looks. The nice thing is, I hung them back in my closet as full ensembles, and since I've been house-sitting and running back and forth, they've made for pretty easy grab & go outfits! Normally when I'm rushing to pick out clothes, I end up with things that are really weird or really simple, either way nothing I'm excited about.
I need to "pre-style" more often!
 photo BlogResolution5120140817_zps1b6a61e9.jpg
 photo BlogResolution5320140817_zps18068875.jpg
Forever my Beyonce shoes! I can't wear them without thinking about her. 

Speaking of (I mean...I'm really always speaking of Beyonce), WHO watched the VMA's last night?? I actually watched the whole thing, super enjoyed it, and live-tweeted throughout. Plus Beyonce did a medley of her entire new album, nbd. And then Jay and Blue presented her with an award and she was crying, I was crying, it was a magic moment. 
 photo BlogResolution5520140817_zps1071665a.jpg
 photo BlogResolution3720140817_zpsc595f382.jpg
We took these right outside of a laundromat, where there were totally people doing their laundry, and I didn't even break pose! I think these are serious strides as a fashion blogger.
 photo BlogResolution4920140817_zps414b08f9.jpg
Oh and then there was a motorcycle there. I mean...providence! I can't take myself too seriously with these pictures of me posing in front of a motorcyle, but it made for a fun prop. 

I hope your week is off to a great start! Yesterday I was thinking, "A Sunday well spent brings a week of content." (- not sure who to credit for that) I had a well spent Sunday so I'm ready for a week of content. Thanks for reading!! 


Kristian said...

This has a bit of a Hepburn feel to it. Lovely.

Ash @ The Nashvillian said...

You look gorgeous!

Isabella said...

You look fierce! I'm impressed by how eclectic and yet cohesive this outfit is, and you and your photographer friend make a great team. Also, that motorcycle is perfect :)

I didn't watch the VMA's, but I did see the clip of Bey&Jay&Blue and it is PRECIOUS. I'm disappointed that the Wrecking Ball video won over Chandelier, but I'm glad that Beyoncé is still reigning queen!


Priya said...

Oh my, the ultimate compliment! Thank you lovely Kristian!!

Andrea Fer said...

Pri! I LOVE these pictures, they're the best. Steph needs to come by more often and take more pics!!!

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Love this cool kimono and that bad ass lipstick!! You are rocking this look!

Unknown said...

I think it would work all the time! Rough textures (cargo pants, denim etc) with flowy kimonos and you got a winning combo! Also looking this lipstick :D

Alissa said...

Girl you don't just look good, you look Queen B fierce!

Nothing but a Pigeon said...

You're killin' it girl!!! Love that lipstick and thick gold chain necklace and those Beyonce shoes!!!! Dang!

Elaine said...

Priya, I hope you know you are GORGEOUS.

Priya said...

OMG- I'm freaking out because you commented on my blog, but thank you so, so much!!

Priya said...

I was very surprised that Wrecking Ball won as well! And yes, Beyonce IS still reigning queen.

Priya said...

The ultimate compliment :D thanks Alissa!!

Larissa said...

Priya, you really are a supermodel! Seriously! Awesome!

Priya said...

Oh stopppp, these photos felt a little funny. But thanks!!

Danielle Wallace said...

Girrrrrl, this outfit is hot! I actually saw those shoes on someone on instagram a while back and was convinced that I had to have them, but then I went to Payless and tried them on and the heel height looked weird to me. But now I keep seeing more people in them and the heel height isn't weird! Totally kicking myself for not getting them! Definitely pinning this look btw :)

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

This is so cute! Moto Kimoto is the perfect title for this post. And loving your shoes! Both yours and Saras make me drool. So adorable!

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