Secondhand Color-blocked

Well hey there! I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend to kick off September! I spent it house-sitting/hanging/boating, and being mostly unplugged which was quite nice. I almost read an entire book  (All Fall Down- Jennifer Weiner) while I wasn't on my computer or phone! 

Then yesterday I ended up going home around lunchtime because I was feeling awful...I tell you this to say it feels like it's almost the weekend again and I've hardly done anything to earn it. Still, not complaining about that. 
 photo IMG_6034_zps50bb002e.jpg
| sunnies: H&M | dress: secondhand from Galina | heels: H&M | bracelet: F21 | purse: vintage via giveaway | 

But oh yes, the outfit. One lingering benefit of having my sisters in town a few weeks ago- this new to me dress! Galina literally tossed it to me as she was packing up, I think we were discussing "style challenges", and she said, "Here's your new style challenge. I didn't like this dress at all." But all I saw was silky fabric, and not just colors; color-blocked! So in!!
 photo IMG_6040_zps4bb25f2d.jpg
I figured the best way to style something color-blocked was just to add a few more colors; subtle gray for the heels, and dark green with my purse and sunglasses. And yes, sunglasses were a vital accessory on this day, when I didn't wear any make-up to work. It happens.  After the initial shock, it's quite relaxing. 
 photo IMG_6036_zps65c76d7e.jpg
 photo IMG_6044_zps0e030fb1.jpg
In retrospect, I should have opted for the necklace OR the bracelet, and not both. Which one would you have chosen?
 photo IMG_6035_zpsb9eae73c.jpg
I think I figured out why my sister didn't like it, the first portion of the skirt (the pink part) lays at a really strange, un-flattering billow. Not enough for me to not wear it though. The way I see it, it hides a post-lunch food baby exceptionally well! 
 photo IMG_6046_zps46f28f94.jpg
That's all for now! Hooray for super short weeks and second-hand dresses that make you feel first-hand wonderful (#terriblejoke #apologeez).

OH- I feel like I should tell someone this, so how about the whole entire internet: Hunter and I started watching Breaking Bad last night. Neither of us are huge TV watchers, but when we debated on the next must-see show we could start together (The O.C has been abandoned, for now), that's what we decided on! I made him say a pledge with me before we started because I jump at any chance for ridiculous theatrics. However, I didn't think to add a "don't watch ahead" clause in the pledge. So far it's not too suspenseful but that definitely could have come in handy. Time to amend the pledge.


Alissa said...

Is your hair different? Do I have different eyes? I feel like I have maybe different eyes or something or maybe they are being weird today. Anyway, bless sisters for dresses like that!

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

This dress is so cute!! Professional and cute! Love your braid too!

Andi said...

YAY for secondhand sister dresses! I think this dress looks great on you!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

FINALLY!! My boyfriend's parents are finally watching it too and they have been binge watching it every night. Be careful because you will be hooked. Makes me want to watch them all again. Good choice :)

I love that dress on you! I'd say you nailed the Color Block Challenge for sure. And I'd say keep the necklace and bracelet on. I try to avoid wearing big necklaces and big earrings because they sit closer together. However, a necklace and a bracelet are far enough apart where they don't clash for both being on the larger side. Rock it girl!

Priya said...

haha, I got it high-lighted a few months ago, and when I part it differently (aka, it is super dirty) the color really pops! Good eye!!

Megan Butcher said...

This dress looks lovely on you! I love the colors and sophisticated accessories paired with it :) Very pretty, professional look!

<3 Megan

Larissa said...

This dress looks so pretty on you! Its been a while I went second hand shopping and I think its just baout time with fall arrving :)

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