Weekend Update: Sunday Funday

Monday Monday, so good to me. That's from a song by The Mamas & The Papas I listen to constantly. And check out that video too, couldn't be groovier! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! And tomorrow is the first day of Autumn or something, so it can't be long until we're all wrapped up in the LOVELIEST season!

I saw Hunter once last week, for a couple hours on Monday evening; so this weekend we penciled in some serious time to hang. We had a Sunday Funday! What is a Sunday Funday exactly? Well, I guess the first rule is that there are no rules, just do whatever you want. Ours included church, lunch at Huntee's apartment, a long walk, core exercises, some football aka a nap for me, a couple episodes of Breaking Bad, and dinner at Soppapillas. Maybe our favorite date spot.
 photo IMG_4075_zpsfbfc8aa5.jpg
I just love being outside. Yesterday was sunny and gorgeous. I took this picture at the end of our walk, of a creek that runs along the greenway where we walked. Oh, and I love walking. Since I feel like I'm always trying to get a workout in, walks seem soooo relaxing and still productive.
 photo 74280C2E-B049-4381-8E4F-7A71C50FFBCE_zpsxpqyhtt4.jpg
*photos edited with VSCOCam

My cute date & I in front of the best patio. I wanted these pictures to happen earlier, kinda an outfit post but not really (plus Hunter & I inadvertently wore matchy outfits to church. Then he changed!) But by 7:30 when we went to dinner, it was this dark! Ok, goodbye Summer!

We really love Soppapillas (for any of you around Nashville -go!) This time I actually had a soppapilla, a fried pillow-like pastry from New Mexico. My entree was a soppapilla stuffed with chicken, and for dessert, they bring out complimentary soppapillas that you eat with honey. SO good. And even better to say!

It was a really nice day. I think Sunday Fundays are here to stay!

Ok I think that's all for right now. Stay sweet friends. 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Sunday Fundays sound amazing :) I can only tell it's autumn because the sun is setting much earlier than before. The heat is finally gone and we can breathe again, thank goodness! I love that football time means nap time for you. I would rather take a nap then sit through a football game any day!

You look incredibly adorable in that dress by the way. I like the chambray worn open on top :)

Ruth Alvarez said...

I wanna visit nashville so bad. I feel like there would be so much to do there.


Isabella said...

I agree that autumn is the loveliest! Walking is my favorite (and often only) exercise, I feel like it's good for the soul! It's great that you guys made time to spend a whole day together doing things you enjoy. You both look cute!


Priya said...

I was hoping someone would notice my outfit a little bit :)

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