I'm nearing the end of photos my friend Stephanie took for me while she was in town (and yes, I did stock up on outfits for the blog before she came!) After this, it'll be back to "the-best-I-can-do" photography! So, enjoy, I know I am. 

Btw- being creative and wonderful, Steph is also helping me with some re-design stuff for perfectly Priya! Stay tuned for that!!
 photo BlogResolutionSunflower920140817_zpsd0115088.jpg
| necklace: flea market | dress + belt: Wish (Memphis) | clogs: Old Navy | purse: thrifted |

Remember that time I went to Memphis and bought a few new dresses at the best boutique? The other two are gorgeous and will make it on the blog eventually, but this was one I could wear right away. The print, cut and color all feel very "me". This is a dress I could literally wear with flats and call it a day, or accessorize and make even cuter. The best kind! 
 photo BlogResolutionSunflower1520140817_zpse04542aa.jpg
Plus it came with this nice belt. Equally excited to pair it with tights in a couple weeks (?) or so!
 photo BlogResolutionSunflower1320140817_zpseee73b7f.jpg
 photo BlogResolutionSunflower1020140817_zps23ebaf83.jpg
 photo BlogResolutionSunflower1720140817_zps81c3b26e.jpg
Cost-per-wear of the brown clogs is already down to like...$1? 
 photo BlogResolutionSunflower720140817_zpsccec738c.jpg
I know it looks like I'm standing in front of a beanstalk, but it really is the prettiest mural outside a flower shop in my neighborhood. I've been dying to take photos in front of it since I first laid eyes on it. The flowers + hearts + purple necklace might feel a bit much but I really love stuff like this. So, no apologies for liking cute pretty things.
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This week is off to a fantastic start! But mark my words, by Thursday morning, I know I'll be exhausted (Thursday is always the hardest day for me wake up. Is this really weird or just kinda weird?) Some weeks I feel like I go straight home after work, eat, shower, read, blah blah blah. It is relaxing, but then I start to feel antsy and bored. 

This week I'm hanging with old friends, best friends of best friends, co-worker's brothers, and working a night gig one evening. And folding lots of clean laundry and STILL finishing Ginger Spice's autobiography. Girl's got stuff to say! 

Blog friends- you're the best. Thanks for reading.
IRL friends- for all of you I've been meaning to call but still haven't, you know I love you! Stay sweet.


Stephanie said...

hmm pretty sure there's a certain blouse that has yet to make it on the blog... ;)

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I'm absolutely in love with your dress right now! Heart polka dots?! Call me obsessed!! So cute!!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Seriously, could you get any cuter?? That dress is DARLING on you and I would have definitely thought of you had I seen it in stores. Anything cute and girly- Priya. When I was going to work, Thursdays were my Friday so I didn't quite have the same problem but I didn't really dread work either. I'm sure if I worked full time, I'd be the same as you. Hey, at least now it's hump day!

Priya said...

I still want to...haven't altered it yet though. But I will! :)

Priya said...

Thank you Sara! Also pretty obsessed.

Ashley said...

You have definitely gotten good wear out of those shoes - in a good way! They are just so versatile and make every outfit look cooler! And I love the dress. It suits you well. And you are so fortunate to have such a good friend to help you with pictures and with your blog!

Priya said...

oh staaahhhpppp. You think of me IRL?! :,) (crying tears of joy)

Priya said...

I definitely default to them with every outfit, not a bad thing, but I guess every other pair I own is getting neglected!

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