Graphic Tee Week #2: The HS fave

A HUGE thank you to everyone who linked up for Day #1 of Graphic Tee Week! And we're on to Day #2, where I'll be discussing and styling: my high school favorite. 
 photo IMG_6656_zps3b7f7697.jpg
| sweater: from Shelby | tee: Alyssa Zukas for UO | skirt: from Carina | boots: Frye |

The hardest part about wearing a graphic tee these days is that many of mine are old, from high school or college, while now I'm out of school and working full-time. Even though I still love 'em, I find myself asking, is this shirt still relevant in my life? How can I make myself look like I'm not in high school anymore (I ask myself that question pretty much every day)? 
 photo IMG_6662_zps48a0f347.jpg
And this one is probably my favorite from high school. You can't see it all that well, but it has a vintage looking airplane on the side, which always reminds me of my brother (who flies for the Marines.) 

This shirt was part of a collection Alyssa Zukas did for Urban Outfitters. I fell in love with her designs and bought several shirts, but hadn't seen anything by her since. Then in a weird turn of events, yesterday Hannah wore an Alyssa Zukas tee on her blog, and I learned Alyssa has her own fantastic Etsy shop, where her designs live on! That is some graphic tee gold. Check it out!  
 photo IMG_6652_zpsbd63c1f6.jpg
SO to answer my self-imposed question: to wear a graphic tee that was your favorite when you were young, naive, and just got your driver's license; try pairing it with some of your favorites today. I like to think of this as my "uniform" that I don't wear all that often, graphic tee + printed skirt. Add my sweater that I wear everyday, and my Fryes that I've been wearing everyday, because I paid for them. Bonus that this outfit is very Fall which, by the way, did you notice that it's Fall? 

Don't forget to check out Andi's graphic tee posts, she's rocking some Cardinals gear today! 

Link yours up below, and remember; we'll be going strong through the end of the week.
Check back in tomorrow for: The Forev Fave.


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

such a cute look for fall.

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

The struggle is real girl! In high school, it was cool to wear graphic tees as long as they sporting the three "in" brands: AE, A&F, and Hollister. I never owned those brands in high school because they were more expensive than the stores I typically shopped in with my mom- Kohl's and Macy's sale section. By the time I got a job and was able to buy a few, I realized I was too old for them and looked silly out of high school. Go figure right?

Then I started blogging and noticed many fashion bloggers styling the graphic tee. Although the difference is that the graphics are cute pictures instead of just brand names. Yours is adorable. Now that's a type of graphic tee I can go for!

Larissa said...

I have been thinking about joining in the graphic tee week but it turned out that I do not have a single graphic tee... well I have one I heart NY shirt but thats basically all. So in the end I look at all of you guys nice tee outfits without participating. Anyway, thank you a lot for your sweet comment on my last wedding post! Actually, my husband does not want to be presented on my blog and I totally accept that, so no couple pictures. Sorry for that.
I hope you enjoy my new wedding post anyway :)
Lots of love!

Priya said...

You're back!! It's been so lonely over here! I sooOooo know what you mean. I've always loved quirkier tees, despite them not being that cool (have I ever featured my vegetable tee on the blog...) I think the cool thing about them is you can literally find a tee for ANYTHING you are interested in. I think it's a fun way to show what you're into without saying anything.

Priya said...

Thank you for supporting all the same! Seems like a lot of people don't really have them in their closet any more. You are so considerate of your hubby- I hope you can sneak a photo of him on social media or something I'm kinda super curious to see what he looks like!

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