Top Five Memories of Summer 2014

It's October, and technically Fall though not officially Fall. I've had my first caramel apple pop and started breaking out those sweaters and scarves, all very technical; but still, I figure it's ok for me to look back on my Summer as the season ends.

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My Top Five Memories of Summer 2014:
1. Centerhill Lake day with Galina, Carina, and Sundar
2. Beyonce & Jay-Z concert in Atlanta
3. Birthday cabin weekend at Cedars of Lebanon State Park
4. Wedding road-trips to Georgia and Virginia
5. July 4th in Memphis

Looking at these pictures and thinking through these memories brings me so much joy. While these are special events and getaways; I want to note that I really enjoyed some everyday stuff this Summer too: pool days, hiking, grilling out, crazy fun afternoons at work, nights out with friends, sitting on the porch. All the things that make Summer so sweet.

Way back in June I wrote a "Summer Road-Trip Wishlist", let's see how I did:
1. Young Harris, Georgia- for Julie & Lee's wedding. DONE, wrote about it here.
2. Harrisonburg, Virginia- for Ashton & Ashley's wedding. DONE, wrote a bit here.
3. Santa Clara, California- home! I didn't get to go, unfortunately.
4. Charleston, South Carolina- just a wish. This didn't happen, still on the list.
5. Pensacola, Florida- to see my bro, Sundar. DONE, wrote about it here, headed back next weekend!
6. Cedars of Lebanon State Park- for my birthday cabin weekend, DONE, here.
7. The BEACH- kinda an anniversary trip? Didn't happen. Boo!
8. Memphis, Tennessee- Meredith for the 4th. DONE, here, planning to go back for Halloween.
9. Davidson, North Carolina- to see my little bro, Amir. I'm hoping this can happen in November.
10. Atlanta, Georgia- DONE, I ended up here a few times!
11. Austin, Texas- didn't happen, still on the wish-list, for sure!

I accomplished 6/11 of these, not bad! The first half of Summer felt so crazy, and I was ready to stop taking road-trips. Whereas the second, "dog days" half felt a lot more chill, and I had three weekends in a row of guests coming to see me instead! 

So long, sweet Summer. Thanks for being good to me. 

And I think this goes without saying, but I LOVE FALL and I'm ready. Bring it, Autumn. 


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I love that you collected your favorite memories! That's a great idea! A Beyonce and Jay-Z concert sounds awesome!

Unknown said...

Action packed summer, I love it! Here's to a more fun-filled autumn and winter 2014! Happy Friday, Priya :)


Priya said...

It was unreal. I still have trouble talking about it ;) thanks Sara!

Isabella said...

I'm impressed by all of your roadtripping! I agree that sometimes (perhaps always?) the little, unnameable memories are the sweetest :)


Anonymous said...

I know I'm crazy behind but this is such a lovely post. Very well done on the number of trips you managed ti make! Very impressed. Tragic we didn't get to meet in the summer, let's make a vow we will meet... at some point or other (come to London awww yeah ) xxxxx

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Girl, you seriously know how to do summer!! I remember the posts where you were super busy and wishing for a break! It sounds like it was a summer to remember. So many little trips and get togethers. Sounds like a winning summer to me!

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