Meanwhile, last season...

I think this excerpt from my journal will best describe how I'm feeling right now:
"I think I'll look back on this as a really crazy time in life. Life is so busy but so good! The last couple months feel like they've been non-stop, blogging feels like an afterthought, I have to write everything down, I forget things as soon as--" that's where the entry cuts off. Ha! 

This post has literally been in my drafts for a week or so, just waiting to be assembled and posted. Not that it really seems relevant at the moment, but maybe think of it as more of a "life" post with some "old outfit photos" thrown in. 
 photo IMG_6497_zpsd9dd70f8.jpg
| jacket: Old Navy | top (formerly dress): Old Navy | jeans: 7 For All Mankind | booties: Target |

I wish I had a better representation of what I'm actually wearing right now! But I promise I did wear this, once. Before the temperature dropped and the only time I spend outside is running from or to a building. And my ankles have not seen the light of day since...October. Fall fashion is so, so not appropriate right now (I'm looking at you, 22 degree Nashville! Gimme my Fall! Where'd it go?!) 
 photo IMG_6495_zpsbf254f19.jpg
So, because I'm constantly feeling like there are 50 million things in my brain at once, the best fashion strategy has seemed to be: simple. Jacket + shirt + pants. Revolutionary, right? Whenever I find myself bored to wear a black t-shirt with jeans, I think, "Classics are classics because they are classic" You can quote me on that!

I've been trying to wear this jacket more since at one point I thought I couldn't live without it. The problem is that it only seems perfect for Spring or Fall weather. I swear Nashville skipped both this year! This top was from a batch of dresses my wonderful mother made into shirts for me. And these are the jeans I've been wearing everyday, because they were the only ones that fit, but they're so perfectly stretchy that they seem to be a bit stretched out. 
 photo IMG_6498_zps0a800b73.jpg
I definitely have not gotten in my groove for Winter wear (so ughhhhfashionblogger but seriously.) So I generally haven't been enjoying what I've been wearing lately. There are a few looks I would like to document so maybe I'll get my stuff together before I head to California on Saturday. I am sososo vacation, family, and moderate temperature ready. 

Thanks to Dith for taking these pictures for me, over a month ago. I wore this to my friend's show on a Saturday night, which I realize is THE most Nashville thing ever.

I've also worn this jacket on the blog here, and for more faux leather jacket inspiration, check out Brittney's sweet pairing here. This girl has fabulous style!

I hope this post doesn't sound like a giant complaint- like I wrote in my journal, life feels really busy and good. Oh no, I'm doing that "blogger apology" that is so annoying, you didn't even realize I was gone did you ;) hope you all are well and thanks for reading!


Ashley said...

No need to ever apologize for not blogging - sometimes real life is more important (all the time)! I'm with you on the winter thing - I am actually only posting old outfits right now because it's just way too cold to get outside and take pictures right now. Ugh, I hate winter. Anyway, this outfit is really cool - I love all dark with the light brown shoes. So cute!

Ash @ The Nashvillian said...

I love this look. I love anything classic black. And I agree - Nashville TOTALLY skipped fall this year! However, this weekend is supposed to warm up to 66 degrees...I'm so looking forward to it! :)

Priya said...

Thank you Ashley! Once I finally figure out how to dress for these temperatures, I'm sure I'll deal!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Hey I hear ya! Winter clothes just means a big coat and no one seeing the cute outfit underneath. Plus, who wants to bear the cold without a jacket, even if just for a few minutes?? Not me I say!

lisa said...

I love this jacket and I have one in this style high on my wish list! Stay warm! :)

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

This outfit is so bad ass chic!! Love the jacket! The entry from your journal cracked me up! I love that it abruptly stops! It's good that life is crazy! If life was boring then that would be...you know boring! lol

Andi said...

You totally look like a modern Sandy from Grease in this outfit, and I mean that in the best possible way! No worries about neglecting the blog - real life is more important!

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