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Today is the best day of my life. I cut seven inches (surprise!) off my hair last night, I just joined the Fall Out Boy mailing list to get the presale code for their show in July with Wiz Kalifa, we're having hot chicken for lunch at work, and tonight is Ping & Wing. So much chicken happening today. 
 photo 70D6D32F-9CD9-416E-8270-CAB5F9BE54E6_zpsadmwk0hm.jpg
 | necklace: gift | sweater: F21 from Mallory | button-up: Huntee's | jeans: F21 | loafers: Old Navy |

I think I've mentioned a few times that I've come into some awesome hand-me-downs lately. This sweater came straight from Mallory's "I am moving across the country" fire sale, and it's been on heavy rotation since. (P.S. Time to wash these jeans! HULLO saggy knees!) 
 photo 6C5E20CF-720B-4C26-B6B4-9D054EC052F9_zpsbg1c2dsh.jpg
This fabulous necklace was a gift from Andrea, and I am OBSESSED. It's pretty neutral and can go with most things, but still totally glam with the oversized gems. Such a great gift! I've also been wearing this as much as I can get away with it. 
 photo F7BBF253-EC58-4730-8B49-EBFDF70FF3AA_zpstxzbaybd.jpg
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So due to: the amount of hand-me-downs I've gotten lately, moving and looking at alllll my stuff, and getting ready to drop some ca$h on weddings this year, I've kinda got a crazy notion in my head: that I won't buy any clothing for myself in 2015.*

*This is of course, separate from the three lovely bridesmaid dresses I'll be buying. And I cannot believe I haven't mentioned that as of right now, I'm in three weddings this year and on wedding watch for the fourth. Have I blogged about this already? Because it's dominating my mind right now. 

*And accessories. Because I figure I'll need to give myself some grace in there somewhere. And I already bought this bag from Target, because I've been looking for a purse big enough to fit my laptop. You'll notice it's $45 on the website, and I paid a whopping $17 for it in stores (clearance + a Cartwheel coupon for clearance items.) Yes, seriously! RUN, do not walk! Look for that on the blog soon, since I've been using it everyday since. 

So, if I'm not getting anything new, I just have to get better. I've been posting my #ootd pretty consistently on my blog Twitter @perfectlyPriya, trying to keep track of what I'm wearing, what's working, and what's not. You can also check that out for a sneak peak of my new haircut! 

I read an interesting quote from Kendi Everyday, reigning queen, recently, 

"I notice that if I just spend a few extra minutes -- and I mean like 20 like not just 5 -- if I give myself more time in the mornings, I can put together a killer outfit for the day. But style takes time and effort and sometimes I choose to be lazy and I waste a great opportunity to style myself." 

This. Is. So. TRUE. I'm really trying to put a little effort into pulling something together, it makes all the difference when I'm running out the door in the morning (every single morning.) 

That entire 2015 Style Resolutions post is a great read. I love to read about how an already incredibly stylish person is pushing herself to get better, and I can see myself following her resolutions like commandments in my quest this year. 

I'm gonna go ahead and give myself an out by saying I'm not entirely convinced I can do this, it seems crazy, and a totally reasonable need may arise...but it's a goal, nonetheless. 

So, any style resolutions for you this year? Any tips on how I can make it an entire year without shopping? Anyone ever done that before? 


Danielle Wallace said...

Woman, you are crazy! I couldn't do it, but good luck to you! I have to say that I am totes jealous of all your hand-me-downs because what's better than thrifted clothes? Free clothes! You should totally start posting these #ootds on instagram ;)

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I LOVE this outfit! I pinned it immediately and now wish I had a blush-colored sweater! So cute! No shopping for the WHOLE year?! I couldn't do it, so I wish you the best of luck! My advice would be to get rid of temptation: no more emails from stores you like with subject lines like "60% off everything" or "New clothing in-store." That always helps me when I need to stop buying stuff!

nicole s. said...

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. it's so you, but like a 2015 version of you. i'm so glad you can wear that shade of pink because i can't and i love it. can't wait to see what you wear this year on your shopping freeze.

also i'm so excited that you're in so many weddings! i want to see your bridesmaids dresses and know all about your bachelorette party planning!

Larissa said...

I just love your positive attitude! Some people may say you just had a normal day with some nice twists but you say it was the best day of your life. I like that! I love hand-me-downs and I love your cute pink sweater. This light pink color is my favorite at the moment. And I love these loafers! I always wanted golden shoes... these are perfect!
Have a most wonderful Thursday dear Priya! I hope it will be another best day of your life :)!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

My goal is to go a whole year without buy clothes. The longest I have gone is six month. The key is to not look at clothes in the store. Also to rework your closet to see what you have. If you have an itch to buy something new. Find someone to trade clothes with. You can do this. I have gone 22 days with out clothes shopping for 2015. It a little more day if you add my 2014 in.

You new hair cute looks fabulous to by the way.

Unknown said...

LOVING the new hair cut!

I think if you can buy no new clothes for an entire year that's AMAZING! I'm trying to go "new" free this year, i.e. no new clothes, but I will definitely be hitting charity shops, ebay etc. So not quite as noble as your goal! But I'd love to see how it works out, maybe you can write a follow up post in a few months??

That jumper is great! I can see why you've been wearing it a lot, also I think I've said this beofre but I so love those shoes. This whole outfit is great, one of my favorites I've seen from you I think :) xx

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I am SO happy to hear you are SO happy!! Wooohoooo!! That is definitely a pretty ambitious goal of not shopping for an entire year, but I'm sure if you are determined you can totally do it! I agree that if we would just take some time and put thought into our outfits, we could probably make SO many killer outfits with the pieces of clothing we already own. I definitely want to cut back on shopping this year myself since I have plans to make some big (and exciting!) investments. Perhaps I will participate in the 30 for 30 challenge to practice better how to recombine my pieces!! Good luck to you Priya, at least we can be brave in not shopping together!! hehehe.


Alissa said...

Well damn you are having one good day.

I have honestly thought about saying no to anything new for an entire year. I think it terrifies me which probably says something about my consumerism. I should really listen to it.

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Aww I love that you're having such a good day! That makes me happy :) As for going a year without shopping, wow. I can't even go a month. Granted I haven't tried but I'm not too sure I could!
Fashion goals for 2015: I look at my closet and don't love what I see. Sure there are classic favorites but I have a lot of items that I hardly wear or that need serious replacements. My goal for 2015 is to use Pinterest to reflect on items that I actually really want and will get a lot of use out of instead of just a bunch of random things I love in the moment. For example, I have wanted a wool or cashmere camel crewneck sweater for over a year. I found the perfect style and material that I want but it's quite expensive. I'm telling myself I don't want to spend that much but yet I'd already spent that much this month on other warm things. I think I need to either make a budget or limit myself to 1-5 nice items per month, items that I really want or need to replace the items I'm only keeping in my closet until I get pieces that fit right or that I like and want to wear. Before committing to a year of no spending, what about trying it for a month or two to see how you do?

Mica said...

this is such a lovely outfit, and it's wonderful you're having a great day in it too! Always good to have a happy occasion to be dressed your best for! :)

I've seen a few people do no shopping for a year, and I just don't think I have their willpower! But like yourself, I'm taking this year to think even longer about what I'm buying, what I'm actually wearing in my wardrobe, and trying to downsize and refine what comes into my wardrobe. I don't think I'll ever be able to stop shopping entirely, but by being more thoughtful with what I buy and forcing myself to wear it differently at least twice in a month, I'm making sure I'm at least buying things I'll use :)

Good luck with your style resolutions! :)

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Alysia Avé said...

No tips here! I enjoy retail therapy way too much. I admire your resolve!
My style resolutions for 2015 are to wear more bright colors and at some point do a 10x10 challenge. (Working my way up to 30x30 but baby steps darling!)

Alysia Ave

Priya said...

I'll post them on insta when I have a really good one :) I'm hoping that this year I keep getting "new-to-me" things, just not buying any for myself, catch my drift?

Priya said...

Aw, thanks girl! Sub that sweater for any colored sweater you own! I'm not entirely convinced that I'll be able to do it :/ but I just feel like I have SO much! We'll see. That is great advice. The Old Navy email that I get every day is such a temptation!

Priya said...

Still hoping to hear about those big and exciting investments?! I would love to finally do a blogging challenge as well. We'll see!

Priya said...

I love the idea of using Pinterest as a way to find pieces to add to your closet. I pretty much only use it to find outfits to copy, but that's a great idea. I think everyone struggles with buying investment pieces vs. fast fashion pieces. I've only just recently started buying a few more expensive pieces here and there, which I think is a perfect place to be at 23.

So far, a few months in, it's going ok! But only because I've been able to get a few new things through hand-me-downs and gifts. Otherwise, I think I'd be SUPER feeling the itch!!

Priya said...

I think a 10x10 is a great place to start! Idk that I'll ever be able to do a 30x30 either!

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