Shooties Take Austin

Saturday, February 28

 photo IMG_7533_zpsvfj768vk.jpg
 photo IMG_7529_zpsaj9q6vsp.jpg
| t-shirt: Old Navy | shots: Target | shooties: Payless | 

Hey there! Just stopping in with a quick outfit, one of those "here but not here" editions because I'm in the middle of #AmandaGoesWilder weekend (and I'm watching Parks & Rec with Huntee if this post turns Leslie Knope-ish.) 

I wore this out on my recent trip to Austin. Yes, it was warm enough there to wear shorts. No, I don't want to talk about it. This was a nostalgic little reminder about how easy it is to dress when the weather's warm. I really love the "dressed-up t-shirt" look and these shorts that I randomly found on clearance at Target are an easy way to dress up anything- and still be wearing shorts! 

On Friday night, Carina and I explored Rainey Street. Word on the street is that it's where the Yuppies hang out, and we had heard some great recommendations! Rainey St. is lined with historical-homes-turned-trendy-bars and awesome restaurants. We ate at G'Raj Mahal, where Indian cuisine meets the Austin "food trailer" scene. Thoroughly enjoyed my night out with Carina, that ended at the Friends & Neighbors Galentine's party, where we narrowly missed meeting Nicole! 
 photo IMG_4979_zps7xf1yfkt.jpg photo IMG_4976_zpszrba8pgt.jpg
There's my last little memory of Austin, in outfit form. Do you have a simple go-to going out look? 

Thankful Thursday #3 and monthly goals, February

Thursday, February 26

 photo IMG_5071_zpsjfpwcaus.jpg
mostly irrelevant though I am thankful for lip color and heirloom pins! 

I might just be overdue for a Thankful Thursday! And on this Thursday, I am thankful for:

13. Sugar by Maroon 5 and car dancing, in general. You guys. This song. Is SO catchy. I cannot listen to it without wanting to sing and dance along, and it instantly puts me in a good mood. Sometimes I allow myself to listen to it on the radio more than once a day! Also, dancing in your car, especially while stuck in traffic, is so good for you. Plus you get weird looks, which is always fun.

14. An outfit that makes me feel like a little Valentine. I mean, it's still February right? Wearing pink and red together makes me feel girly and great, bonus that I brainstormed this outfit while still in my bed.

15. A trip home next week, and all my sibs in one place! This came upon me SO fast, and I just can't wait to be with everyone, including Huntee, in the Golden State. A little vacay never hurt nobody.

16. Good hair days. I've been having a little bit of "haircut remorse" (if you will) and envying some long locks; but when I styled my wet hair with a pillow the other night and have thoroughly enjoyed the results all week long...then I really like short hair.

17. Freshly washed sheets. Is there anything better then going to sleep when you JUST washed your sheets? That makes for the sweetest dreams possible, truly.

18. Wine + Girl Scout cookies + Parks and Rec. We'll go ahead and just call this the best Tuesday night ever. Especially since this was after getting harassed by a Spencer Gift's employee.

19. That my plans tonight are baking and wrangling together sparkly party supplies. It's a hard life. Not too bad for a Thursday night.

20. A new phone! I went gold and white, and I have to say, I don't hate it. Mostly excited about gigs on gigs of space for all my photos of Beyonce, videos of babies, etc.

Just like you, I can't believe it is nearly the third month of the year. February was a good month for me, in terms of my monthly goals and life in general.

This past month I: went somewhere new (Austin), saw live music (Copeland), saw a family member (Carina), love was my one word motto and I knocked that out of the part (imho), I am hosting some girls tonight for dinner, and I sent out a lot of Valentine's! The only thing I didn't accomplish was reading a book, but as I've been telling myself: they're just goals. If I accomplished everything with ease then I would be perfect.

It always feels like things really pick up for Spring though- this year is no different, so


Tuesday, February 24

Here's a way to tell that it's actually really cold in Nashville (or a way to tell that I am totally a Californian who has never dressed for actual cold): when I'm wearing my corduroy pants. 

When I'm laying in bed after hitting snooze a dozen times, and my weather app reads 3 degrees (true life, wtf Nashville) I know I'll need as many layers as I can muster, a long coat, hat gloves scarf, probably rainboots, and pants of some sort. I don't know that corduroys are any warmer than jeans, but it's a mental thing that keeps me slightly cozier. 
 photo IMG_7674_zpsitehsncv.jpg
| beanie: H&M | scarf: Old Navy | flannel: gift | sweater: UO | cords: F21 | socks: Target | boots: Hunter |

Enough about the cold. I'll bet it's cold wherever you're reading this too! Last week was totally weird. These pictures make it look like we got snow in Nashville, but we never got more than an inch. What you're seeing here is ice that never melted, all week long. 

I keep telling people this as the silliest anecdote to describe the city "being on lockdown": I had Preds (vs. Sharks, how's that for regionally confused sports fandoms??) hockey tickets for Tuesday night, and the Preds scored 5 goals so we earned a free Frosty with our ticket, but WENDY'S WAS CLOSED. So, legit lockdown. 

I lived in this thermal and beanie for three days, and when I finally went back to work I had one of those "omg my hair is so dirty and I didn't even realize because I've been living inside of a beanie I can't wait to go home and shower" moments. 

So, yeah. Highlights and lowlights of the week. 
 photo IMG_7677_zpslehubjfp.jpg
 photo IMG_7678_zpsbckad66m.jpg
You would think with all that downtime and time spent at home I would have been SUPER productive and like re-branded my blog and DIY-ed an entire bachelorette party right? No, you know me better than that. I tried to write in my journal about last week and it was like "...snowpocalypse? Not sure what I even did..." I think my main (--> only accomplishment) was starting Parks and Rec, I love it already, and I knew Aziz would be my favorite, and he so is. It's completely relevant as tonight is the series finale.

So things are pretty much back to normal. Things on my mind:
- Amanda's bachelorette party on Friday/Saturday
- Sundar coming to town Friday night (tbd due to weather)
- Amanda's bridal shower Sunday
- going home NEXT WEEKEND, yippee! Everyone, including Huntee, will be there, and Tarif is starring in another show!

Hope you all are staying warm and not losing your sparkle (Bachelor Season 17, anyone?)
Thanks for reading! 

ipsy vs. Birchbox, January

Friday, February 20

Here's January's attempt to solve my never-ending first-world problem; in which I try to choose between two monthly subscription services (referred to hereafter as "subs"): ipsy & Birchbox. Currently subscribed to both. Trying to keep one and lose the other. But which one is best for me? (Here's: October // November // December.)

After winning the first two months, ipsy slipped behind Birchbox's all-star box in December. I'd say I'm doing a good job at using all the products I receive, which is why I am still subscribed to both (I mean...that and the fact that I can'tstopwon'tstop.) For the most part, I am still enjoying trying out new products, and the sample-sizes are perfect for traveling.

Here are the goods from last month!
Birchbox (products left to right)
Key West Aloe Facial Cleanser- I like this, and I'm all about a travel size face wash. This had a soapy feel, which made my face feel really clean; though I would be more interested in a scrub with salicylic acid/blemish benefits. I bet the aloe would be really nice after a day in the sun. 
Essentiel Elements Rosemary Body Lotion- Yay, another lotion! I thought that would be something I wouldn't tire of, and yet...this lotion isn't super greasy, which is great for application while driving, and smells fancy, like something I imagine a Jane Austen character would wear.
Sweet Science Invisible Daily Tint- This is advertised as a "concealer with SPF, yay" which sounds like a good idea. But every time I used this, I found it extremely difficult to blend, and just a terrible consistency all together. I'm wondering if I got a bad batch? 
*Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner-* I was very surprised to like this! I wasn't sure how to use it at first, since it's the same brown/copper-y color as my regular eyeshadow, but I found it works well on the top/bottom of your eyes in place of shadow (when you're in a pinch/rush.) It stayed put all day (in a cat eye), even after working out!
When Travelmate Sheet Mask- These are for after you travel, or something? I thought I would use mine after returning from Austin. As far as face masks go, it was nice, but I think I like the ones you self-apply better. I did not enjoy having that slimy thing on my face for 30 minutes, and didn't really notice a benefit after.  

*Favorite of the month! Like I said, I was pleasantly surprised how this gorgeous eyeliner could replace eyeshadow in two seconds. It went on smooth like a crayon, but still stayed in place. I would buy this! 

Can you tell how cute this confetti covered box is? I think I've decided to keep some of my favorites, and use them as giftboxes/boxes to send some Birchbox goodies to my friends. 
ipsy (products clockwise)
*Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eyeshadow-* Love this! This is a variation of the color I wear everyday, a copper-y brown. This shadow has great shimmer and pigment, and goes on smooth. That link is a little wonky though, apparently you can only buy it in a palette, and I couldn't find this exact shade. Still, I'm a fan of any Pacifica products I have tried. 
Manna Kadar Cosmetics Sheer Glo- Pretty meh. I tried using this in place of/over blush, and I think the color is just too light for me. I realize this is supposed to be sheer but this doesn't show on me at all. I like the idea, maybe if it came in a darker shade? 
Hikari Cosmetics Eyeliner in Storm- Ok, when exactly is the occasion for silver eyeliner? A NYE wedding? Between ipsy and Birchbox, at this point I have enough silver eyeliner to last me through these weddings forever. I would have much rather recieved one in purple/blue/any color over silver, as an eyeliner pen, it's pretty decent.
L.A. Fresh Day Moisturizer- I can't say that anything about this is life-changing, BUT- I took this to Austin, and it is fantastic that the pouch cap screws on and off. You can open it, use some of it, and save the rest for another trip, which is unheard of! Really great sample/travel size. 
Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip Balm- This stuff is great! It's advertised as a "balm", but it's really more of a moisturizing gloss. So it has the benefits of a gloss without being gloopy. Smells fresh and minty, and I like the bright white, minimal packaging. Seems very grown-up.

*Favorite of the month, though it was a close call! I could literally wear this eyeshadow everyday. 

You can't even tell how cute this bag is. The other side is white, and it's a faux leather-y canvas! I tucked this right inside my new purse to hold lotion, gloss, bobby pins, etc. 

Victor for January: ipsy. Birchbox was fairly meh all around this time, and ipsy had some real gems. Though I will say, it wasn't a landslide! C'mon Birchbox, you just got back in my good graces.

Anyone receive a Birchbox or ipsy this month, and have a difference experience with a product? Or maybe you got something awesome that I am seriously missing out on? Do tell! 

As always, if you are interested in signing up for ipsy OR Birchbox (or both ;) for $10/month, you can find my referral links here: ipsy //Birchbox.

** I should note that at this point, I'm more reviewing the products and trying to use them all, instead of really considering which box to cancel. I'll probably keep them both, for a while ;) ** 

Dreaming of Bare Legs, Pt. 2

Thursday, February 19

So this week has turned out to be totally wacky! Productivity rates are low, ice rates are high; I'm going on probably my 100th cup of tea, and going through all my fuzzy socks as well. When you're thrown into a weird situation like, "the city is shut down, come into work if you can", things feel very strange indeed. Today is my first full-day back at work week ago, Thursday, actually!

One thing I know for sure--I'm READY to be back in warm weather like this past weekend! No layers, bare legs, short sleeves?! Seems like a cruel joke now.
 photo IMG_7608_zpslds7yfyx.jpg
 photo IMG_7621_zpslksqmlge.jpg
 photo IMG_7599_zpss7wqnurc.jpg
| glasses: H&M | backpack: Target | dress: ASOS (giveaway win) | tennis shoes: Urban Outfitters |

I wore this outfit this past Saturday in Austin, when it was 80 degrees (!?) and we walked around the whole city. I knew at some point during the trip we would be doing some serious adventuring (Peanut is a San Franciscan and <3's to walk) so I made sure to pack an outfit that was comfy and cute. This is usually the hardest part of packing for a trip, because truth be told, I'd rather be in running shorts and a t-shirt. Especially if there's a possibility of riding a bike. 

This dress worked out to be comfortable for nearly every activity (didn't end up riding bikes) including hiding a Torchy's Tacos food baby. I opted for tennis shoes over flats since I knew we'd be doing a lot of walking. I've had these Urban Outfitters plimsolls for going on four years now? They've totally earned their keep, and I've nearly worn through the sole. Not bad for a $15 pair of shoes. 

One last note about the cold: I have now experienced a new low temperature in Nashville (and, in life) a WHOPPING 1 degree. Wind chills as low as -14, so fun! Wtf, Nashville. I will not complain this Summer. I will not complain this Summer. 

Sistertine's Weekend in Austin, TX

Tuesday, February 17

I survived Austin, Texas! That's a joke; more like, I flourished in it! The city was just so cool (can't wait to go back!) my little Peanut of a sister Carina is the best, we ate ourselves into a food coma, and I got to meet/hang with Nicole on Sunday! 
 photo Sistertines2_zpsss2axmec.jpg
- Nicole is the kindest! She took us around on somewhat of a "locals tour", including murals and..
- Carina brought us coordinating pjs, (she's "Donut Make Me Angry" on the left)
- Cupcakes! Nicole knows what I'm into, she took us to Sugar Mama's Bake Shop. YUM!
 photo IMG_7545_zpsq7wyyspp.jpg
"This cookie is my Valentine." - Peanut (also later, "This queso is my Valentine.") 
 photo IMG_7559_zps0jslyzi7.jpg
Saturday we walked from (our spectacular) airb&b to Barton Springs, just to check it out! SO cool! photo IMG_7580_zpsdoqnfqah.jpg
Many a taco was had. Also Saturday we waited in the blazing TX heat for an hour for Torchy's Tacos. 
 photo IMG_7626_zpsncv4tnde.jpg
Peanut after her race! She did really awesome, especially considering the festivities of the weekend.
 photo IMG_7634_zps6dofku31.jpg
I made her do this :) that capital building downtown is pretty neat.
 photo IMG_7649_zpsyicckiya.jpg
Sugar Mama's Bake Shop, again! Cutest shop and a pretty dang good red velvet cupcake.
 photo IMG_7664_zpsnldcfbmh.jpg
I mean, holy murals. We're not even that cute, it's just a great mural. Thanks Nicole!
 photo Sistertines1_zpsvjvg8yia.jpg
- Fancy, amazing dinner at Lenoir upon arrival, I don't expect anything less from Peanut
- I have this thing for Luchador masks sometimes...this was inside the random neon sign museum (also love those)
- Idk if you can see the "i love you so much" mural behind her? There was a line on V-Day, we had to be sneaky

I should note that our trip also included: approx. ten trips to the incredible flagship Whole Foods (including three times in one day), a Valentine's Day Kina Grannis show, ice cream in our bed, a lazy afternoon watching Chef, a self-guided walking tour of the city, sunning on the porch (80 degrees Saturday that I took entirely for granted), coffee from nearly every shop in Austin, and a few other things that could pop up in future outfit posts ;)

I'll say again how cool it was to meet Nicole. I'll also say what we're all thinking, it's always a little bit awkward and slightly nerve-wracking to meet a blogger in real life, like, what if their blog is great but they're actually not? Well, I'm pleased to report that Nicole is as lovely IRL as she comes across online, and as I suspected, the kind of person I could be friends with. And now (I think?) we're actually friends! Hooray for blog friendships! 

I am reminded how inspiring it is to simply see a new place. This reaffirms the goal I made in January, to see a new place every month of the year. Also, jet-setting to a new city for no reason other than fun was a new thing for me, but I'm determined to do it more often. There are many cool cities driving distance from Nashville, so there's no excuse! Another cool thing: on the plane trip back, I learned I've been to about 23 states, which is wayyyy more than I had thought! So that absolutely puts the fire under my butt to check off as many as I can (entirely too motivated by lists/goals.) 

Back to real life, kinda? We've had not one, but TWO snow/ice days in Nashville! That means for two days, I've woken up prepared to go back to work, and jumped back in bed! That's been pretty awesome. Not the whole 14 degrees outside thing. Not that I've been outside for two days. It's amazing how hard it is to get anything done when you have an entire, unexpected day to do literally anything. Or nothing! The choice is yours. 

jet set dress

Thursday, February 12

 photo IMG_0051_zpsiavx4n0i.jpg
| sweater: UO (from Shelby) | dress: ON | tights: UO | booties: Report (from Carina) | 

Just a couple quick notes on this outfit from last week: I hadn't washed this (hand wash only) sweater or dress for an embarrassingly long time, so they sat in my hamper When I finally did wash them last week, it was like getting new clothes! My old favorite sweater, and I dress I've worn once, back in town. They pair so nicely together! This is somewhat of a solution to my shopping ban, which, by the way, I already made it one month! Can I get some applause or something?!

I managed to inherit these booties from Carina last time I visited her. I'm slightly wary of flat booties with my super-short legs, but I like wearing them with dresses. Can you see the cute braided strap? 
 photo IMG_0052_zpsplblx42f.jpg
*photos edited with VSCOCam*

Well, I'm escaping the snow flurries in Nashville, and off to Austin, TX for Sistertine's weekend in a few short hours! Yeee! I always feel like vacations come at just the right time. Like, I'm ready for a day off (tomorrow), exploring a new city, matching pj's, too much eating (and drinking) and some quality time with my little Peanut. Oh- and meeting Nicole, hopefully!

Wishing you all a very fabulous Valentine's Day, and weekend! Hope it's filled with so much candy that YOUR teeth hurt, and ssssooo much love.

Thank you for reading and all your lovely comments, I'll be back Monday! xo

One more thing: I am posting for Bri on Work Clothes, I Suppose, check it out!

oh hey, February!

Wednesday, February 11

You guys. I think Valentine's Day might be my favorite holiday. Not for the classic, mushy, my Valentine is the best, high expectations, reasons; I mean, I feel like I haven't had a actual Valentine for all that long. I remember the first time a boy got me chocolate/flowers/etc. for the holiday, and I thought "Oh yeah...this is what's supposed to happen. This is awesome!" Since that day, I've had some ok Valentine's Days, some good ones, and some not-so-good ones. I think I've learned that the best way to enjoy the holiday is to make it more about doing stuff for people you love, instead of expecting things. 

Also- why wouldn't I love a holiday about pink, red, hearts, and glitter? I'm pretty basic in that sense.
 photo IMG_4952_zpsnt4nvytq.jpg
Spoils from Target. They had e v e r y t h i n g !
 photo IMG_4955_zpsablz0qhe.jpg
First batch of cards. How cute are those cupcakes? 

I've spent a good part of the last couple days with glitter all over my hands, making cards, and wrapping up treats (and eating a lot of them myself!) I don't claim to be an artist in any sense, but I love making cards. I could literally sit on the floor of my apartment and do it for hours. I was so giddy collecting supplies, wheeling out my craft cart, and putting together Valentines to send to my best girls, near and far (and Huntee.) 

Nicole said it so well, "I have a confession: Valentine's is my favorite holiday. It's 2015 and I'm tired of hiding it. People say it's overrated or sappy or commercial. For me, Valentine's is an extra special excuse to remind people I love them -- all kinds of people!" I agree, Nicole! 

A sure-fire way to make sure your Valentine's Day is NOT a disappointment- show everyone you love them! Recent events in my life have really, really reinforced this. Don't take anyone you care about for granted. 

February will actually be loaded with opportunities to show people I love and care about them. January was somewhat of a slow month for me, but this month is stacked! After I return from Austin, the next weekend will be spent celebrating two friends getting married (and possibly Sundar coming to visit? I hope??) The weekend after that is Amanda's bachelorette party and bridal shower, which we are busily planning away! So, cliche as it may be, my word for the month is: love

Since I'm headed out of town tomorrow, I've been running around like a little cupid trying to get all my Valentine's Day errands done, and, it's been a blast. That's why I think it's my favorite holiday.

Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions to share? What's your favorite way to show someone you love them??

puppy love

Monday, February 9

I have to confess that I'm not really a dog person (or an animal person, necessarily.) It's not that I dislike them, I totally enjoy a good puppy now and then; I just wouldn't compare myself to any of my "dog lover" friends- you know who you are! And I love you for it!

Of course, I say this, and I have spent all morning agonizing over two puppies up for adoption in an email that a co-worker sent around. I literally forwarded the email to Hunter "Can we?!" He replied "Those puppies are adorable! And labs are really good dogs!" Which of course leads me to believe it's a possibility, until he follows up via text "I should have added...'But I don't think you should get one.'" Thanks, Huntee.

But a dog sweatshirt is something I can get behind, completely, and immediately!
 photo 035110C3-F8F6-49D4-971B-045F7C27410A_zpsd443dv4r.jpg
| sweatshirt: Urban Outfitters | necklace: gift (Forever 21) | skirt: thrifted | clogs: Old Navy |

I wasn't necessarily feeling inspired this Monday morning while rushing to get ready for work, but I like the way this turned out. I pretty much threw together a few items I've neglected for a while; this sweatshirt that fools people into thinking I'm an animal whisperer, this providential Goodwill skirt, and my trusted clogs. The latter two have been on the blog before!

Oh, and I decided to brave bare legs/feet (essentially) because it was mild this weekend and I shaved my legs for the first time in...a while...but surprise, it is very cold again today! 
 photo 5A9BD403-65B1-429D-A3B5-5FB8E4208431_zpsfbmo5mmg.jpg
photos via my iPhone, work friend Kelley, and VSCOCam

It's Valentine's week, y'all! I am headed out for what I'm calling "Sistertine's Weekend" (in Austin, meeting Carina) on Thursday- can't wait for that! 

In the meantime, I'm running Valentine's errands tonight (I won't even pretend like that's a chore, I'm looking forward to it), making/sending cards and flowers, planning a date + surprises for Hunter tomorrow, packing for my trip, and wearing all the pink & red in my closet while I'm doing it :) today I went on a quest through a box of Russell Stover's to find the dark chocolate marshmallow cream. And oh, did I find it! Only took me like four tries. I love eating so much candy that my teeth hurt, so fun! What a splendid time of year!

snapshots of life, IX

Wednesday, February 4

It has been a minute since I did a snapshots post! What has happened since then? A whole lot. 

I used to use these posts as a catch-all; for anything small enough that I didn't blog about, but didn't want to forget. Looking back I realize I did blog about many of these things. I also used to say "here's what I would post on Instagram if I had one", now I actually DO have, while the function of snapshots of life has changed, and may be irrelevant, I still like doing them! There's some goodness on my iPhone that can't be missed (I think everyone can agree with this!) 

October (left to right)
 photo snapshots9Oct_zpsydkqjhoh.jpg
we celebrated Megan's birthday, and got her the coolest balloon. someone actually bought that off of her
I participated in two volunteer haunted houses, this one was at a dinner theater #experiences
I went through an old old phone and found this picture of my baby mom
haunted house #2, my co-workers said, "Priya, you really had a vision here" (scary doll)

 photo Snapshots9Nov_zps10bgx4q8.jpg
W i n g a b o u t #5 (if you really want to know, just ask!) this is Cody & my Scooby Doo shirt
ping-pong tournament at work, this is Joey, he narrowly won, after I played 9 games in a row
this is MY hand with Jacqui's new ring on it, hey, I look good with a diamond, ok?!
#carrotweekend with Amir, named this carrot Lionel, he lived on my desk for a week, don't encourage me 

 photo Snapshots9Dec_zpste4wuwm0.jpg
enter: Holidaze, this picture accurately captures my desk during Holiday Party week
our Holiday Party was a blur! I took just a few photos, this being one of them (that's Emma!)
came home from Hawaii overnight to find a bridesmaid package from Jacqui, yay! 
last picture from Hawaii, I swear (still in awe that it happened) my twinks with their new socks

 photo Snapshots9Jan_zpsjictsmjm.jpg
what even happened last month? well, for one, I got new running shoes and started working out again
Jenae & Daniel got engaged, sent me this SnapChat
from New Year's Eve. this happened. 
Mallory moved away, we celebrated her for a week; including: vintage Britney karaoke & this banner

Find a complete anthology of my Snapshots of Life here: 8 // 7 // 6 // 5 // 4 // 3 // 2 // 1

Linking up with Ashley of the Nashvillian for Two For Tuesdays (last one for a while!) See y'all real soon, I'm sure!

The Nashvillian

mad in plaid

Monday, February 2

This title is a little cliche, but let me finish- I spent this weekend doing a few things that weren't my top choice. I really tried to be gracious, I promise! Butttt then I just turned into whiny irritable me. Since joining the work force, I've become pretty particular about my weekends. It will be very interesting one day if and when I become a mother, and have to put other's interests above my own all the time! How do you parents do it, seriously?? 
 photo IMG_7515_zpsirkud9w0.jpg
| hat: UO | scarf: Old Navy | top: H&M | belt: J.Crew | jeans: Gap | booties: Old Navy | purse: Target |

Bright side: I re-wore an outfit from last week; and even in my whiny state, Hunter took me out to lunch and snapped some photos for me. I love the way this combo of prints turned out! Also, it is freezing out (and I was freezing taking these pictures) but who says you can't wear bf jeans in the Winter? Not me! 
 photo IMG_7518_zpsml75pqye.jpg
Also, behold my beautiful new purse that I've been using every day because it fits my a) laptop b) planner c) journal d) wedding notebook and an assortment of other junk goodies. I just like to be prepared, ok! 
 photo IMG_7514_zps8wqojdui.jpg
I will never not feel slightly theatric in this hat. The day I wore this to work, I was unwillingly entered in a "Who Wore It Better" contest with a co-worker in a sombrero (har har.) Then I remembered we were hosting a large event, combined with a staff lunch so, talk about being conspicuous (or, large and in charge.) I had a personal affirmation moment in the bathroom when I was washing my hands, I looked in the mirror, and thought: ehh, I like this hat, it's fun for a day, and I like what I'm wearing, regardless. 

Actually managed to wear it now three times on the blog, here and here
 photo IMG_7504_zpsntduv6qu.jpg
After church on Sunday, Huntee & I tried out Flipside in 12 South. It's somewhat of a modern diner with the most abundant and gorgeous natural light, a chicken-filled menu, and: Trivial Pursuit on every table! I can get behind that. Also a big fan of that water jug.
 photo IMG_7492_zpshdymmfju.jpg
Huntee had breakfast Jambalya, I had the "brunch special" chicken, and we switched to vintage sports trivia after Baby Boomer trivia. Both equally difficult! But fitting for Superbowl Sunday, I suppose. 

Alright everyone, have a great start to the week! And if you feel yourself getting whiny, put on some lipstick, and shut your mouth (this is my advice, from myself, to myself ;)

Update: linked up with Ashley for Two For Tuesdays.
The Nashvillian