My leopard tuxedo

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 photo IMG_8240_zpsjlrvrefo.jpg
| blouse: J.Crew from Carina | jeans: Gap Factory | heels: J.Crew from Carina | lip color: NYX in Little Susie | 

I have this thing with "making" tuxedos, apparently.

I'm having a good day for no apparent reason! It's still total gloom and doom in Nashville, but it's not so bad. I've spent the last two nights watching Parks and Rec with Huntee after being super productive and doing laundry, etc. My weekend plans to go see Amir in NC just got scrapped which feels...actually relaxing? I practically have a free weekend to look forward to. Whatever will I do?!

Thoughts about this outfit:

- I need a normal black belt. There is a marvelous blooper I didn't include that features me hoisting up my jeans, and if that isn't reason enough, I just think the outfit would look better with it.

- I love this lighting! Took these photos over the weekend, wore this outfit a few weeks ago.

- This top is yet another magnificent hand-me-down from my sister, Carina. I love how luxe this tuxedo blouse looks and feels, especially when paired with my boyfriend jeans.

- The shoes make me feel like a winnah. Here's the first time I wore them.

Tune in tomorrow for the FINALE of Four Seasons, One Dress; a series I've been doing for nearly a year with the lovely Danielle of Goodwillista. We made a fancy collage for the whole year and everything, and you'll get to see my face side by side four times! Maybe more! 


Danielle Wallace said...

You just can't go wrong with those heels. I'm pretty sure you could wear a potato sack with them and still look fabulous! I just finished Once Upon a Time on Netflix, so I've been looking for a new show to start. What's Parks and Rec about? I'm thinking about starting it.

Priya said...

A potato sack, I'll have to try that one ;)

Oh man- Parks & Rec is LOL funny, seriously. If you love Amy Poehler-watch it. If you love The Office-watch it. If you love Aziz Ansari- watch it. Too many hilarious characters and plot lines on the show, I would whole-heartedly recommend it! I can't believe it took me so long to get into it, honestly!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Um, yes those heels are perfection! I like the chunky heel. I'm sure they're easier to walk in too huh? I'm pretty sure you need to share that blooper pic. It's only fair since you mentioned it...

Andi said...

I really love this outfit! You just look so effortlessly chic!!

Kristian said...

Very chic, though I do think it would look great with a belt.

Unknown said...

You look super-smart in this outfit Priya! Super-sassy! Those shoes are gorgeous! XX

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