Vacation Brain.

| jean jacket: Gap | t-shirt: Forever 21 via Carina (SO old) | shorts: H&M | sandals: Target |

I'll start by saying this day has been entirely unproductive. Though it's a rainy Thursday, it totally feels like a holiday Friday. I've got vacation on the brain, forward and back; reminiscing on being in sunny California last weekend, and preparing to be hanging in Nashville all weekend long for the 4th. I don't have big plans, but I do have little ideas that involve swimming pools and fireworks. Let's hope this weather holds up so we can celebrate Amurica to the fullest!

Amir snapped these pictures for me in my parent's front yard, last weekend. I wore this outfit on Friday for running around and lunch with my dearest friend Katie (love you, firstie!) These fun shorts were a total "birthday impulse purchase", perfect for going out, but also super comfy. I lived in this jean jacket all weekend! It's something I love more and more with every wear (and there have been many, check out this remix!) 

That's all I've got for now! Have a very happy and safe 4th, you fireworks you! 

IMG_5739& Shout-out to my little brother Amir; for taking these pics, being the best adventure buddy, and generally my favorite human <3                 he even reads this blog sometimes, what a guy! 

He's also interning at Stanford Hospital this Summer, nbd. Wish we were hanging out this weekend too, Melt!


reshma said...

I definitely have vacation brain right now myself!! And ever since I found the perfect jean jacket... I pretty much can't live without it! In fact, I already have it sitting out right now to wear on the plane ride.

Unknown said...

Those shorts are so lovely! I have a couple of pairs of H&M shorts - one floral and stripy which are fun for holidays (I just realised I got them in 2011 which would explain why they're a little old) and a black pair I've been wearing CONSTANTLY the last few days (we're suffering/enjoying a heatwave here in London). xx

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Wow, Stanford hospital is NICE! Congrats Amir! You look fantastic as always, those shorts look as comfy as pjs!

Priya said...

Ha, they may as well be! Thanks girl, we are so proud of him! He is a rockstar!! I thought of you while I was home :) someday we'll be there at the same time and meet-up asap!

Kristian said...

Very classic look though- who doesn't love a good animal print balanced with an All American Jean Jacket :)

7 star success point said...

Thank you very much🙏

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