#AndreasFinalFiesta Weekend!

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And for my last bachelorette party of the year (phew ;) we hopped on over to beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, for #AndreasFinalFiesta; and a lot of Beyonce, a lot of Spanish and a little Russian, and a whole lot of love and snuggles for our Mrs. Johnson to be!

We joked all weekend that this was her final fiesta because she could never party again once she gets married (but it's a joke, because we all know marriage is one giant party.) Also joked that I was the one who forced her to have her bach in Charleston, when in reality- I made a few suggestions and Charleston won out. Which I was not mad about because Charleston, omg, heart eyes! Can't wait to go back! It seems like everything you could want and need in a city.

I highly recommend it if you can swing a destination bachelorette party. We all wished for more time, because we merely dabbled in going to the beach, going on a boat, walking downtown, checking out the local cuisine and nightlife, and of course all that crazy bachelorette hanging out.

I'll say it was a success. And I'll say, once again, how much fun it is to meet all my best friend's best friends. Apart from making my friends wear crazy hats etc. it's been the funnest part of bachelorette parties this year! I feel like I have a whole group of new friends #winning.

Andrea (because I know she'll read this) we all love you baybay. Thanks for being my friend. Now let's make you a Mrs. Johnson!

(In case you're like, wait, I want to see all the bachelorette weekends you had this year:
Amanda // Jenae // Jacqui, and if you need some recommendations for anything...hit me UP!)


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Aww another successful wedding event! It sounds like you had a blast! I don't remember much about Charleston so that just means I'll have to go back!

Priya said...

I think you said all you remembered was mud and alligators? Haha, didn't see much of either, thank goodness. I loved it! Thanks Lauren!

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