JANUARY / new year, who dis?

Tuesday, January 31

Last year, in lieu of a monthly goal check-in, I opted for a Current State of the Union post, to capture the latest & greatest in my life every month. This year, I'm switching things up again! Though I do have some goals for the year, I probably won't reference them much. But I love having a catch-all at the end of the month though, soooo that's what this is! There's no telling what direction it will go. 
another year, another Paper Source calendar that I loooove

+ January was a super chill month for me, perfect for dreaming and scheming for the rest of the year. Apart from Jenae & Steph visiting over the XL weekend, I really don't have much to report!

+ Usingmy ban.do planner (it is super cheap right now!) + stickers (book one & two) religiously, in a twist of fate I also received the I Believe in Fun and I Believe in Red Lipstick pins while ordering pins for my girlfriends for Christmas! No, actual fate, they shipped me the wrong ones. ban.do everything, forever.

+ Buying | I was kinda determined not to shop this month because I have no more storage + a lot of travel plans, & I was doing just fine until we did a little walkin' & shoppin' this weekend. I picked up this life-changing dress, another pair of dressy shorts (real similar to these), and this casual boho dress.

+ Enjoying | Fran's "Healthyish" series, and wishing I had more to share with y'all about my fitness routines! I have one workout left in the 4 weeks of pre-training for the Bikini Body Guide, then the real fun begins (plus I've been running, nothing crazy!) I only eat very boring stuff, but maybe I'll make it a goal to make some interesting, healthy recipes and share them next month.

+ Glamming | There are some e.l.f. products I really love (one time I did this tutorial) including the HD blush! They are super pigmented, like, super, so you only need a tiny bit and lots of blending!

+ ListeningI'm Alone, No You're Not - Joseph, We Move - James Vincent McMorrow, Remember Us To Life - Regina Spektor (her new album that no one told me about!) I've also been crushing this blessing of a playlist: all the NOW cd's combined. You're welcome (psst let's connect on Spotify!)

+ WatchingRats, the Morgan Spurlock documentary on Netflix, in an effort to face my fears but it was truly terrifying, The 80's docuseries on Netflix because have I ever told you how much I love everything about the 80's? SNL pretty regularly (check out Aziz hosting/Big Sean performing) and The Office because it just feels like home.

+ Nashvilling | My new favorite place in town is Barcelona Wine Bar in Edgehill. It's technically a chain (??) but a great one. Cool vibe, extensive bar, and a tapas selection that will actually fill you up!

+ Reading | East of Eden by John Steinbeck. STILL working on this classic that my friend Rachel recommended, and I'm really determined to finish it! This month I also read Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler. I didn't love the main character Tess, so I couldn't really root for her, but Danler is undoubtably a talented writer, and it was worth reading!

+ Blogging | I shared my favorite songs from 2016, memories from Christmas vacation, my goals for 2017, my Top 10 Essential Accessories, and I wore a dress that doesn't match my style shift, corduroy shorts, a super casual outfit for a beer crawl day, and my culottes- for the first time!

However you're tracking your goals/life in 2017, I would love to follow along. Share your links with me below!

Cool It!

Thursday, January 26

KQ2A1079 KQ2A1061

| cardigan: Banana Republic {really similar} | brooch: vintage- my mom's! {similar} | culottes: Old Navy (still available!) | socks: Target | clogs: Old Navy {similar} | lip: PBJ Smoothie Stick |

all photos by Adriane Smith Creative
**looking for a talented & affordable wedding photographer this Spring in the Southeast? Adriane is your girl!**

At this exact moment, as this post goes live, I can promise you I'm getting frantic texts/phone calls/emails from my sisters like "what in the HELL are you wearing??" So, here's the story, and yes, there is always a story! 

I picked up these culotte's, a buzzword that I honestly can't pronounce, recently, the same way I always try out new trends: by adding them into an existing order at Old Navy because they are super cheap and why not? These are even available in Petite sizing which, at 5'2", I have to have with styles like this (I am wearing a 4 Petite for your reference and they are still available online!)

So once I got them in the mail, and they fit, and are totally badass and on trend with the resurgence of the 70's, I just couldn't wait for the weather to warm up to wear them! I played around with wearing tights, but couldn't pass up the knee socks when I tried them on.

Bonus that this outfit brought this cardigan back to life out of the depths of my closet! So, this look might be a little kooky, but I can't wait to break out these babies when it warms up. Are you team culottes? Styling tips, appreciated! 

As of this evening I am OFF for an XL weekend with two of my best girlfriends from high school (Steph & Jenae!) We have not spent this much time together as a trio...probably since high school? An XL girls weekend is just what the doctor ordered, and I am super excited to laugh until I can't breath and eat junk food and cram the three of us in my tiny bedroom. Catch you on the flipside!

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perfectly Priya's 10 Essential Accessories

Wednesday, January 25

Last year I was excited to compile and publish my list of the ten most important pieces in my closet. I couldn't write that list without wanting to include some accessories, and realizing they deserved a list of their own! So today, welcome to part two in the series about my fashion MVPs. 

Accessorizing is equally as tough as it is important. The right accessories are truly the finishing touches that make an outfit special- they can make a black t-shirt look incredible, or a gorgeous dress look tacky. 

And considering that accessories are the easiest way to freshen up your closet, especially on a budget, or try out a trend you're a little wary of (leopard print anyone?) maybe it's time we paid accessories the attention they deserve. 

{click the item name for wears on the blog, and links to shop for exact or similar items!}
0. everyday jewelry | Accessorizing can be tough, especially if you are chronically tardy like me. Having a set of “default jewelry” that you put on every day, without thinking about it makes this a lot easier. On a daily basis I wear a simple necklace (usually my Tiffany’s crown), some stud earrings (lately it’s been faux diamonds from Target, or my Kate Spade glitter ones) and a watch (my JORD!) Think of this as a “base layer” to accessorize on top of.

1. a blanket scarf Notice I say “a”, because I find myself wearing the same one or two all season long. Last Winter it was my ^this plaid one^, this year it's been my Madewell Christmas gift, & I even wore my Summer scarf last season! By all means, rotate, if you can, but I’m in the camp that you really only need one that you can wear everyday. During colder months, I’m convinced a scarf tucked into a coat is the quickest way to look chic and put-together.

2. watch | JORD was kind enough to send me a watch to review about a year ago, and I can honestly say I love it and wear it nearly every day, and get compliments about as often (thanks JORD!) This one is super casual and lightweight, and I would love to add a girly, dressy, option into my rotation. Think of this as a functional bracelet. It is actually so handy to know what time it is without going down the rabbit hole that is your phone.

3. work tote | Previously I had too many work totes I felt “meh” about instead of one perfect one. But I got one for Christmas (this reversible one!) It is similar to the Madewell Transport tote, but I love that mine can be black OR brown. Something about walking into the office with a chic tote just makes me feel like I’m going to have a productive day, bonus that it translates into a purse for drinks after work.

4. lip color | Though I’m a big fan of make-up these days, I’m still a rookie, and lip color is my poison of choice. My love of lipstick goes back to my childhood days of musical theater and has never left! Another instant way to feel put-together; if you have 5 minutes to pick a way to accessorize- go with a swipe of lipstick or a slick of gloss! A couple of favorites: NYX Liquid Lipstick in Soft-spoken (neutral), Stila Liquid Lipstick (fantastic product in a spectrum of shades), Maybelline Colorsensational (this drugstore lipstick has been my go-to since high-school!) Urban Decay Vice lipstick (noticeably luxe and worth every penny.)

5. statement necklace | My other personal favorite way to accessorize, because once you have a statement necklace on, you need very little else! I was gifted a blogger fave J.Crew statement necklace that I love, I would also recommend having a faux diamond and “50 Cent chain” in your arsenal. Add studs and call it a day.

6. cross-body purse | If I’m not headed somewhere straight from work (with a work tote ^), you can bet I’m carrying a cross-body (lately it’s my Kate Spade.) A lot of days I go to work with my cross-body tucked into my ^work tote^. Having a reliable cross-body WILL make a difference in your life- if only because you can be hands free in the club.

7. tights | Cold-weather accessorizing is the cutest, but can also be the most overwhelming. I started wearing tights as often as I could in high school, and have amassed quite a collection. Tights can make pretty much anything cold weather ready, and don't limit yourself to black! Opaque, sweater, patterned, & colored tights are all a fantastic way to add some visual interest to a drab Winter day.


8.  baseball cap File under "functional accessories that are also high fashion." I've been known to go as long as possible between hair washes, sometimes even one day too many. And on these days, I look no further than my small collection of caps. My absolute favorite is pairing a baseball cap with a girly outfit, so unexpected that it just works! 

KQ2A1915 (1)
9.  fun clutch | While you need a neutral ^cross-body bag^ and a professional looking ^work tote^, a clutch is the perfect place to go a little wild. In such a small dose, you really can't do any harm! As evidenced by the clutch above that I was "force-gifted" and then realized, why not? Especially considering you're most often using a clutch with an LBD or something boring and formal. Let your choice of clutch show off your personality! I'm a cow! And I'm dying for a fold-over leopard clutch. Kate Spade actually makes one that SAYS "fun" which makes me lol. 

10.  boot(ie) socks Kinda the easiest and cutest way to accessorize in the Winter. You don't have to commit to tights, but you can still get the cozy/visual interest factor. You can also ^ layer them over tights ^ I have a few different pairs I've collected from Target and Madewell, but the ones pictured are super special because they were knitted by my mom's aunt in Finland, so they feel super legit. Bonus that you can also, totally wear your bootie socks with: 

11.  clogs** | I don't even have to tell you how much I love clogs- you already know! They're adorable, totally on trend with the current 70's vibes, a nod to my Scandinavian heritage, AND the thick heel makes them so comfy to wear all day. This is a bonus one that's a teaser to the third and final installment of this series, perfectly Priya's 10 Essential Shoes. 

All ten items in one handy image, for your reference!

      What's on your list of Essential Accessories? Is there one thing you never leave home without? Anything seriously missing from my list? Let me know in the comments!

Beer Stripes

Friday, January 20

| jacket: Nixon via Carina {similar} | tee: Old Navy | jeans: Old Navy | booties: Steve Madden via Carina {similar} |      | purse: gift [Pop and Suki] | lip: Pacifica Power of Love lipstick in Sweet One |

Happy Friday!! The sun finally came out today in Nashville after what seems like weeks of gloom and rain. Hopefully it sticks around for a while. I've been totally slammed at work this week, so I'm looking forward to a super chill weekend (with some side-hustlin' in there. You know how I do.) ALSO I'm just now realizing my biffy Jenae is arriving in town on Sunday! She'll be at a conference all week and then Stephanie is joining us for next weekend. What a treat!

This outfit is the last remnant from Christmas vacation. I flew to San Diego a day early to just hang with Sundar and Amir before my whole family got together. Spending a day-ish with no real plans with two of my brothers (which I never ever get to do) was so dope. I'm embarrassed to tell you we kicked off the day with a "family trip to the gym", went on a little San Diego beer tour, and finished the night at Sundar's house making tacos and listening to Chance the Rapper. 

This outfit was totally casual & perfect for checking out the craft beer scene in San Diego! We started at Ballast Point (which Sundar said was basic but I insisted), stopped by Modern Times (such a neat taproom! Highly recommend), and finished up at Green Flash (a San Diego institution?) I don't know if I've specifically mentioned before that I love craft beer? A brewery tour is seriously such a great way to explore a city! Any other craft beer fans out there? 

I don't have a whole lot to say about this simple outfit, but I loved wearing it! I picked up several (long and short sleeve) linen tees from Old Navy on super sale at the end of the year, and man, they're all I want to wear. They drape so nicely and feel a little more stylish than just a t-shirt. These booties were a recent hand-me-down from my sister and I also want to wear them with everything!

Most notable about this whole look is the best little Christmas present that I got from my sister Carina. Even though I'm the blogger, she is way up on trends, & successfully told me about Pop & Suki, baited me into telling her which color I thought was best, & the next weekend the cutest box showed up on my doorstep. And I nearly cried! This marks the first item I've ever had with my name printed on it. It is truly a bag for just essentials, which I love & hate.

shop the look below! 
thanks Amir for taking these photos for me!

2017 goals

Wednesday, January 18

I've been reluctant to write a "New Year's Resolutions" post because guess what? I really don't have any! What I do have are a list of goals/things I would like to do in 2017.

I hope that publishing them in this space will help me with accountability, and keep them at the front of my mind (and because I always enjoy reading other people's goals.) Here's what I'm working on this year.

+ finish paying off my car | hi Mom & Dad! I am so, so close to this. Time to be smarter with my $$ and be DONE. 
+ travel to Italy | This flight is booked! I am going with Carina the week of Labor Day and I am pumped!
+ complete the Bikini Body Guide (again), run 2x week | So far (week 3 of BBG) my new fitness regimen is going great. 
+ make some new friends | Not to say I don't LUV my existing friends, it's just time to prioritize friendship again.
+ re-brand & re-design my blog | Yeah, this is a big one! So far I've done: nothing, but step one is some brainstormin'.
work with new photographers | Again, love the ones I work with, but I'd love to branch out + reach out. 
+ read 12 books | This has been a goal for the past few years, haha. But I'm finally gonna DO it. One down! 
+ become a morning person | I think this is going to be the hardest & most life-changing one for me. So far, not great.
+ be kinder to everyone in my family | We discussed this at xmas & I'm not bad at it, but we could all stand be kinder.
+ prioritize self-care | Admittedly I am not good at relaxing (stupid, I know.) Part of this is finding the right ways to do it.
+ be a fantastic bridesmaid | So far I'm in one wedding this year, time to brush up on my Bridesmaid 101!

Just 11 tiny goals. Totally doable, right? :)

I also love the monthly small goals system, pioneered by Nicole at writes like a girl. The idea is that "breaking [your big goals] down into smaller, more manageable goals is the best way to succeed in the long-term." So while I am participating in making small goals, on the month overview page in my planner, and loving it; so far these have seemed more boring ("get my house professionally cleaned") and personal. I'm not planning to share them just yet, but that could totally change, so don't hold me to it!

What are you working toward achieving this year? If you have a a resolution or small goal post written, I would love to see it! Leave me a link, and we can cheer each other on! 

Corduroy Christmas

Monday, January 16

here's your one blooper for the year- you're welcome / edited with VSCOCam

| lip: NYX liquid lipstick in Cherry Skies | top: secondhand {similar} | shorts: Anthropologie {similar} | tights: Target | | boots: Target

A bit belated, but here's what I wore on Christmas day with my family, in Oceanside, CA. Though I (happily) spent about a week wearing my favorite purple leggings, huge tie-dye Lagunitas t-shirt, and absolutely no make-up, I wanted to take one opportunity to get a bit dressed up. These corduroy shorts (which you can barely see, I'm sorry! They're a dark green) and velvet top (an old favorite that my mom's cousin gave me years ago) combined into the most festive outfit I could dream up for the holiday.

I'm completely obsessed with the streamlined look of black tights + OTK boots (I actually haven't worn them another way!) But I'll be honest- I was a liiittle toasty for my California Christmas. It was very ironically warmer here in Nashville on Christmas than it was in San Diego, but still pretty balmy!

Are you all totally back in the swing of things after the holidays? I jumped back headfirst into busy weeks at work, but otherwise life has been super chill. Hoping to post about the goals I'm working on, this week! Thanks for reading.

shop the look below!thanks to Amir for taking these pics!

heart-ly speaking

Wednesday, January 11

| lip: Tarte | button-up: Old Navy via thredUP | dress + belt: boutique in Memphis {similar} | socks: Target | 
| clogs: Old Navy {similar} |

all photos by Adriane Smith Creative
**looking for a talented & affordable wedding photographer this Spring in the Southeast? Adriane is your girl!**

First outfit post of the New Year! Woo-hoo! 

How’s everybody’s 2017 so far? I’ve been reminded of how much I absolutely *love* this time of year- because (especially after the bustle of December) nobody has anything going on! I’m feeling good- I’ve taken some time to list out some goals for the year, and already started chipping away this month! I’m also very excited about how travel plans are shaping up for the year! More on all of that, soon. 

As far as style goes, it's been interesting to look over My Favorite Outfits from 2016 and reflect on how I feel my style changing. And it is changing. Beginning with compiling my Fall Un-Capsule, that I based on simply what I wanted to wear last Fall, I started noticing that I was gravitating towards different things. 

Here are the facts: I'm 25, by no means old, but working in a professional setting, albeit a very casual one. As I reflect on the direction I want my style to go in 2017, I'm leaning more towards neutral colors, classic pieces, and generally a more grown up version of my personal style, "quirky classy." I will never be able to give up bright colors or prints altogether, but I know there's a way to make them look and feel more grown up than my college wardrobe. 

I'm still in the experimental phase of how to dress like an adult but not be totally bored. My best examples so far? Leopard trousers, a sheath dress in the best bright print, sparkly shoes with a tailored outfit. With more to come, soon! I'm sensing a trend here, though: classic pieces (trousers, sheath dress, flats) in fun colors or prints (leopard print, ...leopard print, glitter.) 

All this to say- this is probably the worst outfit to illustrate how I believe my style is shifting lately. But I can't promise I won't throw in an occasional heart print or some pattern mixing, and I'm still obsessed with clogs with socks

Oh p.s. - I know being into neutrals is nothing revolutionary, in fact, it's like, trendy right now. I was just shocked to be so into it after years of dressing like a Scandinavian art teacher.

So how do YOU feel your style shifting in 2017? Better question- how do you dress up the bright/playful pieces you used to love to make them relevant for your life today?

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Saturday, January 7

Just a few photos from this past Christmas, spent in Oceanside, California (north of San Diego) with my entire family, minus Carina, plus Sabina, and the newest Pappu, Marisol!

I was able to fly out a couple days early and just hang with Sundar, who lives in Carlsbad, and Amir who drove down from the Bay Area to join us! Spending two days with my two favorite guys was a treat!

It wasn't necessarily beach weather (ironically it was warmer on Christmas Day in Nashville), but it sure was nice being on the coast for a bit. That California coast that I miss so much in the wonderful but landlocked state of Tennessee.

The extra-long weekend was super chill, and I lived in my huge tie-dye Lagunitas t-shirt and purple leggings (not the worst), we also continued our Priya-implemented tradition of pairing up for dinner + activity partners! Sundar & I joined forces on Christmas Eve for go-karting (I broke my "no extreme sports" policy and was pleasantly surprised) and tri-tip sandwiches (we played to our strengths & Sundar's is definitely the grill.)

Thankful for the holiday that brings us all together and off from work to relax in this roomy beach house!


My Favorite Songs of 2016

Wednesday, January 4


I started writing this list when I was writing another post, and the first song on this list came on, and I almost started crying because I instantly felt like I was training for my race on a sunny Spring day on the Shelby Bottoms greenway, feeling good, but at the same time like what should I do with my life??

Super cool how music does that to you. I’m already looking forward to the day in the future when I randomly hear that same song come on and think, “wow, when I loved that song initially my life was such a shit show and now it’s perfect!”

Anyway, I listen to music basically all day at work, and then when I exercise (which was a lot when I was training for a marathon) and I thought it’d be fun to share this list. I’m a music person in that I love it- not saying I have super cool taste or anything. I absolutely love terrible pop music (**case in point: one song on this list is vintage Britney**)

Priya’s Favorite Songs of 2016, Vol. I

1. Catch & Release- Matt Simons | just a beautiful song (on a great album!) check out the remix too!
2. Sorry- BeyoncĂ© | the queen doing what the queen does- giving me THE song I didn’t know I needed this year.
3. It’s All in Vain- Wet | I can tell you the exact moment this takes me to. LOVE Wet, saw them in concert this year!
4. Feeling Ok- Best Coast | so many nights driving home I can’t even tell you. Great episode of Song Exploder too!
5. Genghis Khan- Miike Snow | the catchiest song, maybe ever? I still listen to this & it still makes me happy!
6. Touch- Nick Jonas | He played this at his show! Fab song & album, & Nick has emerged as a great solo artist.
7. The Less I Know The Better- Tame Impala | Such an amazing album/group.
8. That’s My Girl- 5th Harmony | dark horse! More than one time, this song made me cry as my feminism credo.
9. We Don’t Talk Anymore- Charlie Puth | Narrowly missed seeing CP in concert, this album/song is amaaaazing (Shout-out to Selena Gomez who is also on this track.)
10. Fever- Carly Rae Jepsen | CRJ all day. Nothing from E*MO*TION made it on this list (narrowly!), but here’s my favorite from the b-sides. Also saw her in concert this year and she was Pat Benetar reincarnate.

Priya’s Favorite Songs of 2016, Vol II.
(which was originally honorable mentions to a list of 10 and then I was like, I need to double this list)

11. Lost on You- LP | An absolutely incredible artist, and this is her new single I think? Loved it the first time I heard it.
12. All Time Low- Jon Bellion | This is on the radio too, and for good reason.
13. Closer- Chainsmokers ft. Halsey | You already love this song, I don’t have to tell you why I love it. Jam of the year?
14. Cool Girl- Tove Lo | A really cool sound. 
15. Welcome to Your Life- Grouplove | I need to listen to more of them, honestly, but this song is awesome!
16. Livewire- Oh Wonder | A fantastic album, through & through. Probably my favorite track though.
17. Overprotected- Britney Spears | Haha. This song is legit on my top tracks playlist of the year. Um, just a great song!
18. A-YO- Lady Gaga | an amazing, alternative return by LG. Probably the best track on the album, imho.
19. I Feel it Coming- The Weeknd | I’m pretty convinced this IS Michael Jackson. Way to go, Weeknd.
20. Sugar- Maren Morris | Love this album from start to finish, I think this is my favorite track. Huge fan of hers!
21. Me, Myself & I- G.Eazy | A great song to run/feel great about yourself to.
22. No Problem- Chance the Rapper | I don’t have to tell you about this album. I think this is the best track though!

I even made a handy Spotify widget so you can listen to this playlist so easily! If you’ve made a similar list, I would love to check it out, as I’m always looking for new tunes to listen to! Share below!!