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Vanity Tour time!! If you've spent any time on YouTube at all...you probably know these videos are very popular, and I never get tired of them! Something about seeing people's beautifully organized make-up collections is so interesting and soothing to me. So I decided to do one of my own! 

This vanity set-up is definitely the most elaborate I've ever had (I mean, this after YEARS of doing my make-up in three minutes over a bathroom sink or dresser.) It feels absolutely luxurious to me, and when I say I LOVE it - it is literally my favorite place in my entire house! I previously had just the desk set-up, and it was very cluttered (see my room tour.) Since I moved into Art's house, I've been able to spread out a little more, so it feels totally deluxe! This set-up is in our guest room, if you're curious. Of course, we haven't had any guests lately and not sure how we'll make this work when we do, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it ;) (trust me, I don't want to be intruding on guests to get ready BUT living in a shared space with someone who has hobbies that take up a lot of space [drums! literally the biggest instrument!] we just have to make it work. And I promise I'm not complaining! We have more than enough space for two.) 

Where was I - oh yes, IF you have the capabilities to create a little getting ready space for yourself, I highly recommend it. It's not overindulgent, it's a simple way to regularly take great care of yourself. I feel like this could be another blog post entirely. Anyway! My vanity is actually a mini desk from West Elm, which is perfect because it's small enough to tuck into the corner of a bedroom, a walk-in closet, etc. West Elm consistently has really beautiful mini desk options. 

So, take a peek if you're interested in how I set up my vanity space, and how I organize and store my make-up collection. Yes, it does involve the IKEA drawers that you are required by law to have if you are a beauty vlogger, but I'm also sharing all my storage hacks for a beautiful and functional set-up. Oh - that incredible mirror is from Impressions Vanity and was gifted to me by Christine. THANK YOU, Christine! If you have questions about anything else, just ask! 

These beauty vlogs have been a fun little quarantine project! I'm also excited to do a make-up tutorial when I can finally get ready to go somewhere fancy. 

I would really love it if you subscribe to my channel, give my video a thumbs up, and leave me a comment on YouTube - let me know what you'd like to see next. Thanks y'all! xo


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