Post-Bach Brunch

So what do you wear to a post-Bachelorette party brunch when you've slept 10 hours in two nights combined and spent three weeks planning the party? Your new favorite t-shirt and velvet leggings. 
| glasses: H&M | t-shirt: gift | sweater: Urban Outfitters | leggings: Target | flats: Target |
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This is literally what I did as soon as I got home from brunch, after taking photos, because you know, a blogger's work is never done! 

Just a couple notable things about this outfit: this t-shirt was part of my Christmas present from my sister, Carina. I've worn it as many times as socially acceptable since I got it. And you know, I wasn't always a snuggle monster, but now I totally am. If we ever meet, expect a really big cozy hug. 

And the leggings- so I'm trying not to buy clothing this year, since a huge new budget called "all my friends are getting married" has popped up in my life. But I decided it was ok to buy some new accessories so I don't go crazy. And my definition of "accessories" has gotten very liberal indeed. I make my own rules, OK?! 

But these leggings, seriously. I was on my 1000th (each increasingly dangerous) trip to Target for party supplies, and found an entire section of clearance hosiery/socks/leggings. Already obsessed with them, and I'll be wearing them all weekend on my trip. So...justified. I would seriously recommend them if you can find 'em at your neighborhood Target. 
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Ooh that post-party brunch (went to Mack & Kate's by the way, so good!) One of us is looking especially haggard. But I had the most lovely griddle cakes and deviled eggs.

So, I'm in the middle of another surprise snow day, crossing my fingers that we make it out of Nashville this evening, and to California tonight. A snow day today is dope, as far as I'm concerned (we actually got a few inches!), just as long as it doesn't interfere with my plans. Catch you on the flipside, and in the meantime, follow along via Twitter or Instagram, if you like! 


Alysia Avé said...

Make your own rules girl! Those leggings were a great find not to be passed up! Super cute!

Alysia Ave

Danielle Wallace said...

Gosh Priya, does your hair have to look so perfect after a bach party weekend?? ;) After my friend's party in December, we all had messy buns on top our head looking like a hot mess. I think it's good that you're still treating yourself with acessories!

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

For only sleeping 10 hours you so cute! I'm really obsessed with the tee right now! Adorable!! My best friend just got engaged two weeks ago, so I'll definitely be helping to plan all sorts of stuff! Exciting but nerve-wracking too!
Sincerely, Sara

Alissa said...

You. Do. You. You rock.

Marisa Noelle said...

Ah love! I need more cozy and cute and casual outfits like this. I hear you though, I'm obsessed with buying tights and leggings at Target as well. I go in to buy toothpaste and come out with like 5 pairs of tights, haha. And you look completely radiant even after a busy bach party weekend with little sleep!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I've never heard of velvet leggings. Now you have me intrigued! A tee and leggings sounds like a perfect outfit for today (I'm still in all my around-the-house fleece with my floor length robe on top. Classy.) You are so strong to keep from buying much this year. I can only imagine how much one bridesmaids dress costs, let alone several. Any chance you can wear the same one twice? Maybe have it shortened for the second wedding?

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

great casual outfit. and that sure sounds like a grand bachelorette party! =D


Larissa said...

I am really amazed by the fact that you plan not to buy clothes for an ENTIRE YEAR! I mean, A YEAR! Thats a loooooong time! And I think its totally fine to deifne "accessoires" in a more liberal way. Leggings are like socks, sometimes we just need new ones. Its different than dresses which we wear four to six times a year. Now, please keep us updated on how it is going with not buying any clothes. Also like you it makes you feel, if you miss it or if you feel like it maybe frees you somehow!? I really would love to know!!!

Priya said...

Do you know that I woke up from my nap and showered RIGHT away? My hair was sooooo dirty here haha.

Priya said...

It is SUCH a fun thing. I had a blast, from start to finish! Glad you'll be doing it too!

Priya said...

This is the dilemma of Target, seriously. Thank you dear :D

Priya said...

girl, when no one can see you and it's cold, it's just about staying alive. I would NOT want to tell you what manner of crazy combos I wear in my apartment, haha.

Re: bridesmaids dresses- luckily, it's kinda all across the board. One friend let us pick our own dress, another was super affordable, the other two will be a bit pricy, but the bride is buying the shoes, etc. I def plan to wear the dresses again if at all I can! And yes, prob have my mom shorten them.

Priya said...

Well, this is the plan! Just doing my best. It helps that I pretty consistently get clothing from other people, I have to say. You are so right, leggings are like socks! Uh-oh.

I will definitely keep updating about that on here. I'm so glad you are interested in it! So far, as long as I avoid going to the mall, it's been doable!

Unknown said...

Adorable t-shirt! Also, I swear by velvet leggings. I'm actually wearing some right now.. xx

Priya said...

I have to check out how you wear yours!!

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