oh wait, I've worn this before

   Does that ever happen to you? Find a combination that works and then find yourself wearing it again (you can find that first outfit here. Bun and all. Oh Priya)? I was so determined to wear these NEW wedges on Sunday when I was hostessing. These wedges are so fabulous that I wasn't sure what to wear them with, but I figured I couldn't go wrong with all black.
 headband- F21, top- c/o cousin Leena from Finland, pants- Old Navy, wedges- Target
Pictures taken by my housie Emily at probably the coolest picture spot ever: an old hat shop. Before I moved in I always wondered, "How is that shop still in business?" Well, turns out that concern was valid, because now it's closed.
 I love this velvet top, given to me by my mom's cousin Leena. I have probably six plain black shirts, but the velvet totally transforms this one into something special.
 And here they are. Purchased as I consoled myself over the loss of another pair of shoes, per everyone's suggestion. I got these at Target, on clearance, for (wait for it) $15! That's right! Run, do not walk, to Target, to find these beauties (also available in patent white and black. See Jenny rocking the white here).
I really liked wearing this. It felt a little more funky-luxe than my usual quirky-classy style of dress, but it was FUN and comfortable.

   Happy Tuesday friends, and thanks for reading. I'm in the middle of a two news stories, physics test, and business paper kinda week so...I promise I haven't forgotten you all!


Ali W. said...

I LOVE this outfit Priya! That is the cutest headband ever. You are so good at putting things together. I think i've worn the same things like five times on my blog...so no big deal! haha

Unknown said...

Yay! The orange shoes, they are so fun!!! I own a bunch of black tops too and I guess you can never have too many since they go with everything? This velvet one is awesome though, it definitely stands out since it has dimension and texture.

xo Jenny
P.S. Thanks for the link ;)

Alexa said...

i totally feel you! your like this is the cutest outfit ever and then you realize that you already wore it! haha anyways, i really like this! the all black combo with those gorgeous bright wedges is so chic! i also dont understand how your hair is always absolutely perfect like actually! you look amazing as always Priya <3

Alexa <3

Kelly said...

Those shoes are incredibly fabulous; I LOVE the color and think it goes great with your teal nails!! Haha I do that all the time :) but nothing wrong with that!!! It'd be super sad if every time someone wore a cute outfit they could never wear it again!!

Love it :)

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Your new wedge shoes are so pretty, I love the color! I know what you mean, it has happened to me several times that I wear a nearly identical outfit as one in the past without even realizing it.. hehe. Anyways, you look great!


Priya said...

Thanks Ali!! I got that headband as part of my epic flapper costume last year, I'm sure they still have some like it! It's pretty loud so I try and keep the rest of my outfit streamlined. And glad I'm not the only one haha thanks!

Priya said...

Thanks Jenny! I've worn them again since and gotten tons of compliments, they are winners! I love my velvet top, I'm actually hoping to find some more velvet because it's so retro and fun again!

Priya said...

Alexa you are too kind, thanks! My hair was actually a washed and slept-on mess but I'm glad I passed it off as presentable! And thanks, I think I'm liking the stream-lined all one color look! It's easy!

Priya said...

Thanks Kelly! Someone noticed my nails, yay :) I actually consciously did that! You're so right, I'll keep wearing the same things and enjoying them every time!

Priya said...

Thanks Marie! And I am seriously happy to know that everyone (even the super stylish ones) find themselves wearing the same things!

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