an American Nutcracker

A couple more beautiful CA Thanksgiving mems on this dreary dreary (albeit maximal cozy) day in Nashville. Seriously, mid-TNers (or elsewhere with storms) say safe! Stay inside!
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earrings- gift from Jacqui/Katie, necklace- Tiffany's, top- Madewell, pants- Old Navy, shoes- Blush boutique (Nashville)

On this trip home, I was lucky enough to see a production of The Nutcracker, starring a close family friend of ours. Is it so terrible that after planning to attend an event like that my next thought is often "What is appropriate to where to [said event]?" What can I say? I like my fashion to revolve around appropriateness (or, being "approps" if you're into "abbrevs"). I mean that in the sense of just being relevant for the event, weather, crowd, etc. So that being said if I were invited to an "80's skank party" I would dress to the nines and in rare Cindy Lauper-esque form. (Already have the approp earrings, take a peek.)
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Anywayssss, my mom (I know, right? Go mom!) took these pictures for me right before the show. I settled on an all-black ensemble with pops of red (lipstick- Rimmel in Diva Red, earrings- gift from London circa 2009 from my loves Jacqui & Katie) that felt very holiday-approp. 
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This Madewell top came my way via a price adjustment giftcard after purchasing the dress of my Madewell dreams. "Price adjustment" has been one of my favorite terms as of late. As in: if you buy something online and then it goes on sale (probably some of the worst moments of my young life) get thyself a price adjustment! My dress hasn't made it on the blog, why?? I don't know. Stay tuned! With my giftcard combined with a promo online I scored this top for around $10! Also my first peplum. A dreammmm by all accounts.
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This was my first time seeing The Nutcracker ever, so I was pumped. I wrote my title because the whole time I joked that it seemed a very "American" thing to do, especially kicking off the holiday season. It was such a lovely Sunday afternoon activity to enjoy with my near and dears.
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Asha made a beyond gorgeous Snow Queen (& that costume. I'm dying!). Wonderful job my dear! Suddenly all my childhood dreams of being a prima ballerina came in full force! Still waiting for those long, dancer legs to grow, BTW...

I'm really having a wonderful day. It started with a surprise friend coffee date this morning at the super cool bar/lounge/bowling alley that has established itself next door to my office (locals: Pinewood Social). I meant to post this yesterday, but I got a few projects to do and before I knew it the day was over! One involved helping with our company holiday party...which is making me feel very festive and excited! I'm honestly very glad I wrote today instead. 

I was supposed to head to Memphis this weekend for a marathon relay tomorrow, but with this weather so dreadful, TN is kinda on lock-down (and especially Memphis). Now looking very much forward to a cozy weekend inside where I eat cheese and watch movies.

Stay safe & dry friends, thanks for reading & talk to you soon!

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Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I love that you're going to spend your weekend eating cheese...not chocolate, or cookies, or soup but cheese! You make me laugh girl.

You can really rock the red lipstick! I'm so pale I've been afraid to try it but maybe I just have to find the right shade..
Exploring My Style

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