golden hour

Friday, February 28

 photo Style Swap with Priya 3_zpsbxa7ww4e.jpg
Today I am style swapping with Lauren at Exploring My Style! Lauren is a blogger friend who's actually from [pretty much] the same city as me in CA! I wasn't familiar with style swapping until I learned about the concept through Lauren last week. Basically, your blogger bud becomes your stylist, just by looking through outfit posts on your blog.

For Lauren, I suggested a sweet and fierce combo of a fabulous thrifted skirt, faux leather jacket, and those awesome shoes. I love the accessories she added to finish the look! Be sure and head over to Exploring My Style to see the rest of her outfit (along with thrifting treasures, SoCal sunshine, day-to-night outfit ideas...) thanks for swapping with me, Lauren! It's always nice to get a fresh pair of eyes on your closet. [On that note, anyone else interested in a style swap! Let me know!!]
 photo IMG_2602_zpsjlu5z2si.jpg
 photo IMG_2609_zpswtikfjqc.jpg
button-up: secondhand Target, belt: from Shel, skirt: Anthro, boots: Frye via Amazon
*all photos edited with VSCOCam*

For my swapped look, Lauren had the idea of combining a flannel button-up and this corduroy skirt, both well-loved pieces in my closet. Even though I love this skirt, as it's one of a few pieces I own from Anthropologie AND it's feautured in my button, I haven't worn it at all this season! I'm glad Lauren suggested it because it really is a great item that I don't wear enough.

My girl Kelley took these for me outside my office, in literally the most beautiful display of golden hour ever. Seriously, it's almost so golden-y that you can't see my face. 

And if you would, please direct your attention (to where I'm looking) at the newest edition to my closet: my Frye boots! I've had my eye on these since I saw them on my sister, Carina, first (standard). They seem like the most perfect pair of riding boots, not to mention everyone I know loves their Fryes and has had them forever. The color I wanted was on a random sale on Amazon, so I took the plunge and made the splurge. 

Blame it on this golden lighting that you can't see them very well...but I have been wearing them quite often so I'm sure you'll see them soon. 

Thanks again Lauren, for swapping with me! And happy almost-weekend to the rest of you! I'm looking forward to honing my domestic skills, a little shopping, a mani-pedi, a themed birthday party, and even a little photo shoot. Stay tuned! 

perfectly beautimous

Tuesday, February 25

Hello! Today I am linking up with Bri for Third Thursday Threads, Beauty edition. 

I haven't talked about beauty on my, ever. Not because I'm not into it! I got bitten by the beauty bug like most girls, in middle school, and suddenly all I wanted was glittery lipgloss in every single color possible. 

My tastes have changed a little, I still love it, but I have to say: I'm not a beauty-obsessed girl. This is for a few reasons: foremost, if I have to choose between sleep in the morning and styling my hair, sleep wins 90% of the time. I would much rather spend money on new clothes than new nail polish. And I often find myself feeling the most beautiful/comfortable in minimal make-up. I just honestly don't spend that much time on my hair + make-up. 

[Not that there is anything wrong with that at all and I keep hoping to one day be grown-up and actually take this stuff seriously. Southern Belles, you are gorgeous to me. Californian hippies, you are also gorgeous.]
 photo IMG_4099_zps3dce36ab.jpg
So while I don't have tons to contribute to a post about beauty, I thought I would share a few simple things I've incorporated into my "routine" (in "" because said routine is pretty laughable aka simple.)
 photo IMG_4120_zps25d6d0c7.jpg
jacket: Gap, necklace: Old Navy, t-shirt: Madewell, skirt: thrifted, booties: Target, purse: Target
 photo IMG_4097_zps5a45b9bc.jpg
1. Red lipstick. I almost feel silly posting about this because it is such a duh nowadays in the blogosphere. To my credit: I first fell in love with red lipstick my junior year in high school. I had found the perfect Jackie O. dress for our Spring formal, and knew I wanted red lips to complete the look. So I did it. Felt slightly vampy, got some strange looks, but I loved it. Red lips = instant glamour.

So while what I'm suggesting is nothing new, this might be a new thought: don't wait for an occasion to wear red lipstick. Rock red lips with a white t-shirt (done it) for the ultimate simple sophistication. And if someone gives you a hard time for drinking beer with a straw, well, beauty is pain.
 photo IMG_4110_zps5a0981c7.jpg
2. Dry shampoo. Another duh, I know! I'm down to washing my hair no more than twice a week (granted my hair is very dry and coarse naturally and I couldn't do this if it were fine.) Using dry shampoo stretches out my clean hair, and also gives it a pretty nice second, third, and fourth day texture.

But here's my tip with this: don't want until your hair needs it to use it. I use dry shampoo pretty much as soon as my hair is dry from the shower. Preventative measures, friends. And don't shy off if your hair is dark! I've spent 4ish years trying to convince Hunter my hair isn't black. I like to spray the shamps right before I go to bed, because it marinates nicely in my sleep.
 photo IMG_4104_zpsaa8fda26.jpg
3. Petroleum jelly. There are like, a thousand ways to use this stuff.

I don't know about you, but my hands get sooOOoooO dry in the winter time. I use lotion all day long, but right before bed, I use my little tub of Vaseline. I would say use a "liberal" amount but only after you've checked Twitter for the last time and set your alarm (iPhones + jelly = a terrible mess.) It also works great on your face, elbows,  knees, basically anywhere that needs some extra attention.
 photo IMG_4102_zps512242a1.jpg
4. Filled-in brows. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that FULL BROWS ARE FINALLY IN! I have wished for about 20 years that I had the super skinny, well-behaved eyebrows I saw on my friends. But now, I finally love my brows.

Because they are so dark and thick, I never thought they needed a boost. When my friend Kelley did my make-up for our office holiday party, she filled them in with powder and I was amazed at how much of a difference it made! Now I do it pretty much every day in a just a couple minutes: brown eyeshadow and an angled brush are all you need! Try it out and see who notices ;)
 photo IMG_4116_zps4aa6aa7f.jpg
That's pretty much all I got.

A few notes on the outfit (which I feel waaaay more comfortable talking about): I finally went thrifting this weekend for the first time in forever! I got two skirts that I am so excited about. This outfit is pretty much copied from this pin. And I do believe this is the debut of my dreamy Target purse that was one of my Christmas presents from Huntee.

Also, a big thank you to Andrea for taking these pictures for me, on the most beautiful Springy day.

Now it's your turn: do you have any simple but game-changer beauty tips to share? Please do!!

wind boots

Saturday, February 22

Here's my first question: how have my beloved Hunter boots never made it on my blog before? 
 photo IMG_4082_zps96544527.jpg
cardi: Banana Republic, dress: Urban Outfitters, socks: Madewell, boots: Hunter
 photo IMG_4089_zps48e9488a.jpg
I have these babies for going on three years now (haven't cleaned them...once). Sure, they seemed like a bit of a splurge at first, but if you follow the "cost-per-wear" school of thought, they've been worth it. They feel very chic and equally well-made.  I wear them at even the slightest chance of rain, and then go out of my way to run through puddles. I'm not really in to wearing them when it's not rainy, like I've seen some bloggers do. Maybe someday.
 photo IMG_4086_zps19d58764.jpg
Of course it seems inevitable that when I do where them, it takes forever to rain! This day was ssssooo windy, until it finally poured in the late afternoon #winning. 

You might remember this dress and her sister from here and here. I have a feeling that this dress might have more potential re-constructed into a skirt. 

I kept getting comments on how "Springy" I looked this day. Well, I think it WORKED because we are finally feeling a big of Spring in these parts!
 photo IMG_4091_zps5d9422b0.jpg
Kelley made me! I don't know how she gets me to do this crazy/weird stuff. I guess it is nice to have some new poses for pictures!

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend, and thank you for all the kind words on my last few posts! Y'all sure know how to make a blogger feel special. 

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remix: cowboy boots!

Wednesday, February 19

For this remix, I wanted to find an item in my closet that I'd worn recently but also throughout my fashion blogging endeavors. I didn't have to look far before these jumped out at me! In the 2ish years since I found them at the flea market, I have worn them countless times (and would literally wear them everyday unless I consciously decide not to).

Now presenting: one of the most-loved items in my closet, my cowboy boots!
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*all photos edited via VSCOCam

1. A perfect Spring look! These boots were made to be paired with a sweet dress like this. Simple, but I love it. 

2. These boots are essentially a kin to me, because here I am wearing them on Christmas day! I boarded last on the brown + black together train, but these boots are a fantastic color that magically work with black tights. 

3. My little bro took these pictures in LA, which really doesn't explain why I'm dressed warmly. Anyway, again they're a delighful color because I'm wearing tan, brown, black, and gold and loving it! 

4. This might be my favorite look on the blog, ever. The boots are a no brainer with a flannel, but the sweet dress adds a girly touch. Bonus: pattern mixing in complimenting colors! I can't wait to wear this again. 

5. I really chanced it going bare-legged in this never-ending winterpocalypse. I used to not like wearing boots with dresses/skirts at the risk of looking trampy, but it's a fun way to stay warm and not wear tights. Bonus: love the brown belt with the boots. 

6. Boots :: concerts as Beyonce :: Jay-Z. This look is such a fun memory of driving to Atlanta with Hunter for the John Mayer show, at the very tail-end of summer. 

Go ahead and check out the full posts, if you dare!
Also, for more cowboy boot-y goodness, check out the label on this post. These pictures are merely a selection.

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weekend update: mostly Valentine-y

Monday, February 17

Did everyone have a great Valentineekend? (Not quite the same ring as Halloweekend...I'll work on it.)

I celebrated my first ever corporate V-Day, and I have to say, it was right up there with a desktop mailbox grade school one. Namely, treats galore and an intense sugar high that made for a very exciting day, along with giving and getting cards from sweet work friends.

Hunter and I kept our festivities pretty low-key but he did send me with flowers at work (after delivering 10+ bouquets that were not for me, it was the best surprise!) Along with making me dinner, and a couple awesome Lululemon headbands. I've been wearing the same one every day, he knows me!

Here's a couple bits (mostly sweets from Friday) from this weekend!

1. I came home on Thursday to find: V-Day cookies from my Mom (verbatim from her card: "Priya, you're a real sweetheart [except when you go on strike]), a card from Katie, and a letter from Steph. THE best surprises!

2. Christine made by herself the best V-tine's for us girls in the office.

3. A sweet wife made & sent in this candy basket and cupcakes,

4. The first thing I saw when I came in the morning. I have to say that I purposely did not eat breakfast.
1. Said flowers from Huntee!

2. Yet another cupcake. I can't be stopped, especially when it comes to cupcakes.

3. Hunter and his gift (note the ribbon because I put work into that)! 

4. They MAKE these. The first one I ate said "Holla" on it. Times have changed.

Saturday Hunter ran the Hot Chocolate 5K, I slept through it. Then I made him take me out for date night before we went to an "apartment warming" party. Here I am, high maintenance as ever on date night.
 photo 6071A6AC-BBAA-4F64-86B7-AD245E0DDC6F_zps47myfkwi.jpg
I've been craving McDonald's forever and it just felt so right. It has been a long time since I ate inside at the restaurant at a normal hour. When we pulled up I said "I hope we can get a booth" and Hunter laughed really hard because it sounded like I was talking about some five star cuisine. I did really want a booth though. 

No pictures exist from Sunday, but just trust me, it happened, and included: church, a long happy run outside, a nap on the couch, room cleaning, four loads of laundry, and re-watching one of my favorite movies ever: Like Crazy. One time I wrote a blog post about it here.

I hope you had many happy surprises and even more treats this weekend, you deserve it! Nashville just might be transitioning into Spring and we couldn't be more thrilled. 

a {hearty} pin for the win!

Thursday, February 13

Hi, friends! Lots going on today. I should start by saying: I got a new camera lens (Canon 50 mm f/1.8 II)! My poor lil' Rebel lens was nearly kaput, and I've been itching to invest in a new one anyway. It finally came in the mail the other day, and my sweet friend Kelley was kind enough to take pictures for me like right away (this is outside my office).

Since I'm all about updating previous lists, I'll add that my new lens should help me accomplish a couple of my "blogging resolutions": better outfit posts & getting better at photography. Still have a lot to learn about the new lens, but already I think the pictures look awesome! On the note of resolutions: I've been playing around with my header as well. What do you think? 

See, lots to cover today!!
 photo IMG_4074_zpswvrfwptb.jpg
| earrings: Old Navy | sweater: J. Crew Factory | shirt: Old Navy | skirt: Old Navy | belt: LOFT |          | shoes: Marshall's |

So, the outfit. I know it seems like I'm being super festive (or at least finally acknowledging the holiday on my blog) but really, I love hearts year-round and I've been wearing this sweater non-stop. Am I the only one that does this? Find an item in your closet that you love and then wear it non-stop? 

It helps that my mother/boss/bf at work, Christine (I like to say she "hired me and then raised me") has the SAME exact sweater! Is this why I got hired? Maybe! Am I ok with that? Definitely! I keep trying to wear it and hope that we "accidentally" wear it on the same day, hasn't happened yet, but I think the odds are going up. 
 photo IMG_4077_zpset5g9rav.jpg
Another thing that's happening non-stop: blingy earrings. Maybe it's because I've been watching American Hustle (and I say "been watching" because I've sat down to watch it in pieces like FOUR times and I'm STILL not done). Maybe it's because jewelry is usually an after-thought in the morning and glamorous earrings are the easiest way to say "I tried", no other pieces required! 

For whatever the reason, I can't stop wearing blingy earrings with everything: t-shirts, this sweater, to the gym (I have been quoted as saying "Accessories do NOT come off for practice!"). Love 'em. 
 photo IMG_4079_zpshxmihq45.jpg
If you follow me on Pinterest (shameless plug) you may have noticed I've gone crazy pinning tons of outfits. I've been feeling a little uninspired as of late. So now I am charged up with sooo many ideas. I love the idea of a "pinned it and did it" type challenge (though not a fan of that name, really). This outfit is 100% copied from this pin. How'd I do? 
 photo IMG_4075_zpsk0afe1zi.jpg
This belt was my own addition to the pin. I figured, I have a couple prints/colors going on here, why not add another?

And this picture was when Kelley said "Now I just want you to be cute and be yourself!" I immediately went into crazy mode. This is what Valentine's Day does to me.
 photo IMG_4081_zpstzbcdofj.jpg
I'll finish by saying: wherever you end up on this Valentine's Day, I hope you feel loved! I also hope you feel chocolate, that never hurts. XO! 

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Sunday, February 9

 photo IMG_3869_zpspvk15ume.jpg
| earrings: gift | cardigan: via Carina | dress: via Carina | tights: Target | boots: Nashville Flea Market |

Hi, everyone! I'm stopping in for a quick outfit post before I'm off to celebrate the final hours of the weekend. A recurring theme I'm reading on blogs lately is that everyone is having a hard time taking pictures because the weather sucks and we're all bundled up anyway.

Good news: I still have pictures to use from when I was home for Christmas. So I'm super behind on these, but it's ended up working out ok! Because like most, I've been inside save for the minutes when I'm running in and out of my car, and I'm all bundled up anyway. Winter fashion exhausts me.
 photo IMG_3879_zpsx3vbbetd.jpg
But in CA, with tights and a cardi, you are all set for whatever extreme weather you may encounter! 

Usually I have to be wearing color or I'd consider an outfit wasted, but there's something really cozy about neutrals & grays in the winter. In retro with my face cut-off in this picture, this could easily be the Bridge club get up of a cat lady in her 60's. Buuutt I loved this outfit anyway! 
 photo IMG_3881_zpsdm3ze9qq.jpg
Ok, and the reason (because I know you're wondering) behind the title is: I've mentioned before how when I go home, my little big sister lovingly dumps her secondhand items on me. Many times because they are too big for her! And I am 100% ok with that. 

This lovely dress and sweater are both courtesy of her closet. The dress is so simple and pretty and I've already worn it no less than three times since I got it. If it looks familiar to you, it's because she wore it here (at the Twin's graduation). Thanks, sis! 
 photo IMG_3873_zpsuzzgr0dr.jpg
Thanks to my brother, Coren, for taking these shots!

And I'm off! To cook for my lunch bunch at work, maybe finish watching American Hustle, and definitely be asleep by ten to kick-off the new week. 


Wednesday, February 5

A couple nights ago I had a bizarre dream. There I was with my best friend Jenae, like so many times before, but we were back in high school. Somehow we had gotten the chance to go back and live one day in high school. All I really remember is skipping across the quad like "Wheee this will be fun!"

Ok. I actually miss a couple things about being in school. I loved high school. College was different but I loved it also. I miss the cyclical feeling of it; working through the fall semester to get a long break at Christmas, the excitement of the spring time because summer was around the corner...I miss much of the structure and security that school brought me. I miss seeing my best friends in the world nearly every day. 

I miss buying back-to-school clothes & supplies. Lucky for me I work in a place where I can wear pretty much anything, buuut I do miss certain things I would wear in school! By that I mean yoga pants. Oh wait, I still wear those under my skirts. Don't tell! 
cardigan- Banana Republic, t-shirt- J.Crew via Carina, belt- via Shel, skirt- H&M via Carina, tights- Target, boots- Nashville Flea Market 
This naturally got me to thinking about how my style has changed throughout school. First off, hand-me-downs 4evs, that is literally how my style started when I started school (and not much has changed...). By high school, my favorite things to wear were cardigans and pretty skirts. So like, exactly this outfit.
Ok, so real life has its' perks. Namely, what I do not miss about college, is BUYING BOOKS! Literally the worst! Especially when considering money you save on books can directly translate to new I the only one who thinks this way?

Here's a great idea for you: I started renting books late in school and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner! Renting books can save you up to 90% off of bookstore prices, plus after you're done, just ship it back! No more Microeconomics cluttering up your room!

A couple more perks about
- free shipping, BOTH ways!
- highlighting allowed
- flexible renting periods
- for every book you rent, a donation is made to OperationSmile!

Another cool thing: CampusBookRentals has introduced, where you personally can rent your own books to other students. 
Seriously. Don't spend $$$ on buying books. Just rent them, duh. 

*Thank you to for sponsoring this post! And thank YOU for reading!

snapshots of the week(S), volume V

Monday, February 3

besides freezing my butt off, what have I been up to in the last [few] weeks? I'm so glad you asked.
[clockwise] 1. nails from last week
2. new wallet that I'm obsessed with
3. selfies with my new little friend, Hallie
4. finally got my desk pretty much nested, with pictures + plants!
5. one last picture from our inaugural #adventureSaturday
6. glittery (ok yes, I'm really digging sparkles as of late) cake, the best I've ever seen
7. night out with Huntee + friends (and straightened hair, omg) 

like the snapshots? I've got a few more here.

happy Monday, all! I started my week over-sleeping and forgetting my laptop at home...yikes. it can only go up from here!! thanks for reading.