snapshots of life, IX

It has been a minute since I did a snapshots post! What has happened since then? A whole lot. 

I used to use these posts as a catch-all; for anything small enough that I didn't blog about, but didn't want to forget. Looking back I realize I did blog about many of these things. I also used to say "here's what I would post on Instagram if I had one", now I actually DO have one...so, while the function of snapshots of life has changed, and may be irrelevant, I still like doing them! There's some goodness on my iPhone that can't be missed (I think everyone can agree with this!) 

October (left to right)
 photo snapshots9Oct_zpsydkqjhoh.jpg
we celebrated Megan's birthday, and got her the coolest balloon. someone actually bought that off of her
I participated in two volunteer haunted houses, this one was at a dinner theater #experiences
I went through an old old phone and found this picture of my baby mom
haunted house #2, my co-workers said, "Priya, you really had a vision here" (scary doll)

 photo Snapshots9Nov_zps10bgx4q8.jpg
W i n g a b o u t #5 (if you really want to know, just ask!) this is Cody & my Scooby Doo shirt
ping-pong tournament at work, this is Joey, he narrowly won, after I played 9 games in a row
this is MY hand with Jacqui's new ring on it, hey, I look good with a diamond, ok?!
#carrotweekend with Amir, named this carrot Lionel, he lived on my desk for a week, don't encourage me 

 photo Snapshots9Dec_zpste4wuwm0.jpg
enter: Holidaze, this picture accurately captures my desk during Holiday Party week
our Holiday Party was a blur! I took just a few photos, this being one of them (that's Emma!)
came home from Hawaii overnight to find a bridesmaid package from Jacqui, yay! 
last picture from Hawaii, I swear (still in awe that it happened) my twinks with their new socks

 photo Snapshots9Jan_zpsjictsmjm.jpg
what even happened last month? well, for one, I got new running shoes and started working out again
Jenae & Daniel got engaged, sent me this SnapChat
from New Year's Eve. this happened. 
Mallory moved away, we celebrated her for a week; including: vintage Britney karaoke & this banner

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Linking up with Ashley of the Nashvillian for Two For Tuesdays (last one for a while!) See y'all real soon, I'm sure!

The Nashvillian


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I love seeing little snapshots of your life! I feel like you'd send the funniest snapchats of your life. We may need to add each other soon. When did you get an IG?!?! I'm going to look you up right now!

Alanna @ Alanna and Co said...

Wow that doll is super scary! I love this snapshot post!

Priya said...

It's a recent thing, and I haven't been on it a whole whole lot. But let me know if you can't find me :)

Unknown said...

Jacqui's ring does look beautiful on your finger :) Best of luck Mallory! Happy Thursday, Priya! I l enjoy reading your recap segments.


Unknown said...

Love looking over snapshots! Great post!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Love seeing snapshot of your life. Cute running shoe.

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

That scary doll picture is now going to haunt my dreams!

Ash @ The Nashvillian said...

You have a super fun life! And yay to being on Instagram!

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