Weekend Update: #DunnandDunn Wedding Weekend!

Tuesday, June 30

 photo DunnWeekend1_zpskn0sultd.jpg
 photo DunnWeekend2_zpsdajfoeja.jpg

(lots of photo cred to Steph) iPhone snaps now, legit photos later; this is my plan! 

I'm back! Jenae is married! And I somehow did not get a picture with the bride and groom at the reception. Who am I?! Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Dunn!

I am learning so much by being in these weddings, you guys. I'm learning how to give myself an up-do, the right thing to say during a meltdown, how to tie a fisherman's knot, that family/family-in-law dynamics are the most wonderful/hardest/craziest thing, that walking down the aisle takes 1.5 seconds, and that my main job is just to hang and enjoy, and help the bride enjoy even more. 

This wedding was so Jenae! Every single piece of it, from the Vans to the concerns to the "Pitbull's Greatest Hits" playlist (after the ceremony us 'maids kept saying: just cupcakes and Pitbull from here on out, ladies!) It is such a warm fuzzy to have a celebration for your best friend be the personification of her. Also shout-out to my bestie for giving us THE MOST COMFORTABLE bridesmaid ensemb to wear. I don't think I will ever be more comfortable in a wedding (least of all my own!)

Jenae & I are always so goofy (not that we don't love each other, hug evidence above ^) that it was very strange/emotional to tell her how beautiful and happy she looked. I'm just really happy for her. She's been looking for Daniel since the moment I met her (she was lamenting that another guy at our school liked another girl ;) really stoked to hang with the DUNN's, whenever that happens next. 

And I feel a little inappropriate saying this, but once again: hanging with Jenae and Daniel's whole family (<3 <3), and my parents a little bit, and other guests (HEY Miss Kellner and Spencer Look!) was such a highlight. 

Another highlight- the most perfect California backdrop. The weather there is UNREAL you guys. Santa Cruz felt like paradise on earth. Being at the beach on Saturday night & actually needing the warmth of a bonfire-I had COMPLETELY forgotten how that feels. And check that ^ day-of-the-wedding sunshine where Jenae is sitting on the balcony. But TN, you know I love ya. 

Your girl is 2 for 2 for crying throughout the wedding weekend. Though, I didn't cry as much as, say, <3 Daniel <3 which was precious in every way (just ask my mom.) 

And with that, wedding #2 of 4 in 2015 is history (here's my recap of #1!) You can't really "recap" being in a wedding; especially not in my current mental capacity, so that's why I'm in bed at 8:46pm. Kbye. 


Thursday, June 25

| tank: gift (Target) | skirt: vintage (Hip Zipper) | sandals: Blowfish via DSW |

On Tuesday, Hunter and I planned to have date night before I headed home for a long weekend. A friend at work shared that the Nashville Symphony was having a free concert at the park by my house! That, paired with a hastily-made picnic dinner (roasted veggies + tilapia) and a bottle of Vino Verde seemed like a dream of a date night (and to be honest, I knew that would qualify for my outdoor concert on my Summer Bucket List.) 

Unfortunately when we got to the park, it was raining, and shortly after they had to call the show! Kinda a bummer, but Hunter and I took cover in a baseball grandstand and had our picnic anyway, Southern Summer storms be damned! It ended up being a lovely evening, after all! 

My glowing face is c/o the 100% humidity that has not left Nashville in the past two weeks. I had never had that moment of starting to sweat the minute I walked outside, until this day! A just-barely-possibly topknot was the ONLY way to survive. 

I can't believe this skirt is making its' blog debut (for all intents & purposes. I did wear it to my brother Coren's graduation from nursing school a few years ago.) This is a vintage gem that I'm 90% sure I got while in college from the Hip Zipper in East Nashville. You can never be totally sure about those vintage finds, though. Btw- this is my favorite vintage shop in town. If you're a Nashvillian, or visitor to, you must check out the Hip Zipper! I always leave there with something incredible!

So in a few short hours, I'm headed home to be in wedding #2/4 in 2015. Jenae and Daniel are getting married on Sunday (epic #tbt found here!) I am: incredulous, emotional, and excited to party with a little bit of family and a lot of friends, all weekend long.  

My vacation responder email is on...and I am OFF!

Snapshots of Life, X

Wednesday, June 24

And once again, it has been a sizzling hot minute since I rounded up some snapshots around here! I like to think of these as tiny moments of life, not significant enough to have made it on my blog, separately, but still significant enough to not be forgotten. Here's what you've missed:

February/March (left to right)
 photo snapshotsX_zpsul57potk.jpg
our friends Blake & Faith got married in the middle of an ice storm (congrats guys!) I had a cute date
this is Stella and she loves Huntee (file under: animals acting like humans)
that awk moment when your friends look like the twins from The Shining (at Amanda's wedding)
this is the exact afternoon when Andrea asked me to be her bridesmaid! 

 photo snapshotsXapril_zpspvgvw9ls.jpg
all the props to Carina for sending me this (now it keeps popping up in my head)
loved getting to Skype this cute face and talk WEDDING
Amir & I with our "Easter bags" c/o Huntee
I love this picture! lunch + cookie date with Huntee at the Puffy Muffin

 photo snapshotsXmay_zpsbuq8rbgu.jpg
we saw Newsies (Valentine's Day present? I think?) and omgomgomg theater4ever, cried three times
I play ping-pong all the time (especially on Wednesdays) and I started shuffleboard! I like it!
we picked flowers on a hike and I put them in a cool glass bottle and felt very domestic #marryme
our buddy Ethan got his masters in science or something and this was his awesome cake. the engineers rejoiced!

 photo snapshotsXjune_zpsp1fbkije.jpg
Nashville Sounds game with Art, Huntee, and Matt (made Art take this selfie, sorry for the half-faces)
June 6th, 2015: Hunter lists me as his emergency contact. #relationshipgoal: √
the most perfect Nashville night after the most perfect Nashville day, CMA Fest!
this past weekend! on a pontoon boat with some girlfriends (and guyfriends!)

The snapshots of days of old can be found here: 9 // 8 // 7 // 6 // 5 // 4 // 3 // 2 // 1

Blazer Monster

Monday, June 22

| blazer: H&M | necklace: via Amazon | t-shirt: gift from Carina | tux pants: Old Navy | flats: Old Navy |

Good Monday to you all! I woke up on time this morning, and I'm feeling peppy and productive today. The weekend was fun, but also restful, so I am ready. to. go! 

Huntee snapped these photos for me Friday after work, kinda while we were babysitting? We're both total photog rookies, but when I noticed the ample natural light in the house, I jumped on it! I'm always amazed at how bloggers can take great photos indoors. This is my first attempt, and I think we did alright! 

I love how this outfit came together. The blazer is a new something I picked up for my birthday. I think blazers are awesome- on other people, but for some reason, I rarely like the way they fit on me. Still, when I saw this one in H&M, I had heart eyes and bought it anyway. The light pink is a great option for a Summer blazer!

I've worn this t-shirt a lot of ways since I got it for Christmas (here's one), but again, this might be my favorite way, dressed up with faux diamonds and a blazer + dress pants. 

I bought these pants first because Kendi had them. Though they seem basic (good basic, not #basic) I always struggle to wear them (here's a couple times I've managed them on the blog.) I think it's clear that pairing them with a graphic tee is the way to go. Also- no less than THREE guys at work told me I was wearing sweatpants. Or track pants. My wbffl Art said "I heard a segment on NPR about how wearing track pants as normal pants is very fashion forward...way to go!" To which I said "THESE ARE NOT TRACKPANTS OR SWEATPANTS!" Boys!

The lip color (that you can barely see?) is a LAQA & Co. lip sheer I recieved in a Birchbox a couple months ago. This has not left my purse, and is the most perfect sheer pink. Full details here.

Well I sure hope your week is off to a great start! It's a short one for me, as I'm headed home for Jenae's wedding on Thursday evening. What in the world.

Things seem a little quiet in blogland right now, which is good; that means everyone is enjoying a busy Summer :D thanks for reading, and I'll be back soon!

ipsy vs. Birchbox, May

Friday, June 19

It's beauty day in June, y'all! I'm becoming a beauty person, one Birchbox/ipsy subscription at a time. You can view this entire series right here: April // March // February // January // December // November

*This series originally started as I was trying to pick between two subscription services: ipsy and Birchbox. At this point, I don't plan on canceling either; I really enjoy getting them both, recieving and trying out new products, and challenging myself to use everything I receive! 

Here are the goods from this past month:
Birchbox (left to right)

Naobay Cream Moisturizer- Moisturizer seems to be the #1 thing I don't have when I travel, so I like getting these samples. I took it on a trip already, and have to say, it's a bit too greasy for my taste. 
*Well People The Expressionist Mascara-* I love that this comes in a white tube (though, it is no longer white, after a few weeks in my make-up bag.) I think I will always be excited about getting a mascara in a sub. This one is an expert declumper, and (this is going to make me sound like a total newb, but) after I read the instructions (begin at roots and wiggle back and forth gently) it works like a charm!
Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume- I may be the only person that actually likes perfume samples. They all kinda smell the same to me though. This one is incredibly fresh and light, perfect for Summer.
Macadamia Professional Oil Treatment- I've been good about getting my hair trimmed lately. But boy, the ends are coarse. I was excited to try a hair oil, especially after hearing my friend Andrea talk about hers. My consensus is that it does make my hair softer, but it's messy, and running it through my hair undoes that natural texture thing I have going on. I would like to try this again when I'm going directly from wash --> straighten. 
Beauty Protector Body Lotion- Never opposed to a travel sized lotion. This stuff gets an A+ for fragrance, consistency, and packaging from me!

*Favorite of the month! Mascara is a staple for any girl, and I loved trying this one out. I don't usually gravitate to shorter, de-clumping wands (I'm normally more of a volume + legnth girl), but I found this worked surprisingly well when paired with another mascara.

This month's box was a collab with Cupcakes and Cashmere. Birchbox, if you're listening, I will gladly collab with you as well! I'd say the box itself was pretty meh, though I like the gold foil detailing.
ipsy (clockwise)

BelláPierre Cosmetics Eyeliner- Always good to get a "daily use" product in a sub! This eyeliner goes on extremely smooth, and stays put all day (with a good primer + setting powder.)
*Pixi by Petra Bronzer-* I was so happy to get bronzer! I've been using this everyday since I got it. My beauty friends all said, "Bummer, if it weren't shimmery, you could use it as a highlighter." Not positive what that means, but I like a little shimmer in a bronzer anyhow.
Urban Decay Lip Pencil + Gloss- I ended up with two of these because non-beauty-friend-Lauren doesn't love purple lipgloss. I don't either, for the record; but after blending it turned out alright. This came with two sample colors and a clear pencil. I used the pencil under lipstick the other day and didn't notice a huge difference, tbh. 
Peter Lamas Facial Cleanser- I will never tire of getting a facial cleanser. This one smells great, and was just soapy enough to wash my makeup off. It came with me immediately on my trip to New Orleans.
Alterna Haircare Caviar Cream- I'm on the fence on this one. I generally don't like (--> don't know how to use) hair products, mostly because getting my hair washed and clean is hard enough as it is. In between my last wash and style, I tried this out. I noticed a soft sheen on my curls, but also some build-up in the back of my hair. User error? I'd like to give this another try.

*Favorite of the month! There's something special about seasonally appropriate products, like someone thought of me specifically. Like I've mentioned, I've been using this everyday!

I've heard mixed reviews about these bags (there were a few designs.) I personally think they're a little silly, but I do appreciate that it's a bit bigger than normal, and have been using it as traveling cosmetics bag lately.

Are the ipsy bags taking over my life? 

Let me answer that question with another question; would you believe me if I told you I had three in my purse right now?

And in a shocking twist of events, I believe Birchbox is the winner for this month! That's only happened a couple times. Though they both had products I like, I would say overall, I liked more of the Birchbox products. And the quality seemed better.

Anybody tried any of these products? Or maybe you got a standout something in a subscription? I'd love if you shared it with me!

If you're interested in signing up for ipsy OR Birchbox (or both ;) for $10/month (it's a highlight of my month, for sure), you can find my referral links here: ipsy //Birchbox.

View the rest of this series here

Weekend Update: TN lovin'

Tuesday, June 16

 photo weekendupdate1TNlovin_zps9nbpi7ya.jpg

I just had the best weekend I've had in a long time. Yes, I love traveling and having visitors; but there's something to be said about a spectacular weekend that takes place right where you live currently, with the people that make up your daily life. I felt really, really happy to be in Nashville, which- I normally do, but I also miss California a lot. So I enjoy these warm TN fuzzies.

I spent a good chunk of last week putting together a happy hour for our new employees on Friday afternoon. I even bought balloons and Doritos so yeah, it was a rager. What's happening in this picture is that our nametags had a spot for our name AND spirit animal, and Kelley listed "Priya" as her spirit animal <3 <3 <3 <3

Friday night our friend Mike Yang threw a little soiree (Go Warriors!) that culminated with very late Waffle House with a new high school Huntee friend that I hadn't met before! I really love meeting his high school friends. I also really love blueberry waffles, covered hashbrowns, and raisin toast (insert my remix to Rihanna's "All I See Is Signs" aptly titled "All I Eat is Carbs.")

So Saturday I was mostly useless. Though I did have a great #BBG workout, in an almost empty YMCA, Huntee & I babysat for the most adorable twins, ate tacos, and started Season 3 of OITNB. Not a total waste.

Sunday was literally the most perfect Tennessee day. I slept in, picked up kayaks from our friend Dave's sweet parents, and spent a few hours on the Harpeth. The very best thing. In that picture, there is a mini cooler that I picked out at Target bungee-d right behind my seat. My dream come true.

Then Huntee, his roommate Matt, and I decided to try and get tickets for CMA fest that night- I had never been! Well, it worked out! The lineup was great; we saw Darius Rucker, Eric Church, Keith Urban, and Brad Paisley.

I honestly can't believe how much we packed in the day, and the weekend as a whole, and I'm still paying for it- it's been non-stop since. But, I'm telling myself to not be a whiny baby and just enjoy it. It was a Tennessee weekend for the books. 

Balayage, baby

Monday, June 15

photos edited with VSCOCam and taken by Kelley
| top: Gap via Carina | skirt: J.Crew | jacket: Gap | clogs: Old Navy |

Hi! I am making strides with my Summer 2015 Bucket List, which has made for some busy, fun days. Nashville is covered in hazy, mirage-like, Summer humidity, and this week is going to be sweltering!

On my birthday I got my hair ombréd (I believe the correct term for this style is balayage, but correct me if I'm wrong.) I haven't really posted where you'd be able to see it yet, so here it is! I was originally going for Mindy Kaling's fabulous ombré, but mine ended up a lot more subtle since I'm a hair color baby. I really love it though! It feels totally fresh and new for me, perfect for being 24. If you're in Nashville, you must go see Olive at Trim, she is the BEST!

I suppose halfway through the month is a good time for me to say that my one-word-motto for June is: kindness. I would consider myself a pretty "nice" and generally "friendly" person; but I definitely don't go out of my way consistently to be kind. This motto can seem pretty vague, and since my brain works best in a "checking it off" fashion, I'm aiming for one random act of kindness every day. So far, I haven't been very consistent about it, but it's on my mind. How do you show kindness in your everyday life? Tips greatly appreciated!

Oh yeah, I wore this today. I was seriously wiped from the weekend when I woke up this morning, so I brainstormed this outfit in my bed. It's alright, but this top flares at the bottom and doesn't tuck into a skirt well. I'll be changing the bottom half of this as soon as I get home, since I'm headed to a baseball game tonight!

This is such a #bloggerprob, but I have not had a chance to take outfit pictures at all recently, though I've wanted to. This is because the perfect storm of: being with Hunter/having my camera/in the daylight/when I'm wearing a cute outfit and makeup just hasn't happened! I hope I can get around to photographing my two birthday outfits soon. 

Thanks for reading friends, I hope you're covered with pleasant sunshine or magnificent air-conditioning, wherever you are! 

Weekend Update: Make it like your birthday everyday!

Monday, June 8

 photo birthday1_zpshttsk6g9.jpg

Thank you everyone for the sweet birthday wishes! I think it was the best one yet (ironically, all I have to do is write a post about how I don't like my birthday and then I actually enjoy it.) Friday I was feeling pretty dang lucky to be Priya; from the moment my alarm went off (and I went back to sleep) until the moment I swan dove into bed.

We kinda did celebrate all weekend and this Monday I am all tuckered out!

My favorite moments of the weekend: sleeping in, picking out a new birthday outfit, getting pampered with new hair and a mani + pedi, Hunter getting me a birthday button, taking me to a hip new restaurant, and decorating his apartment [Friday]; yellling "I LOVE YOU" and "YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL" as I cheered on Hunter & Andrea in their race (this is becoming a yearly tradition?), riding shotgun in Huntee's truck through beautiful Leiper's Fork (file under: most "country" moments of my life), getting to see Andrea's new apartment, having a pool party all day, and then the best burger of my life that night [Saturday]; watching Backstreet Boys music videos and getting chauffered around in a golf cart [Sunday.]

It felt like my birthday everyday for a few days there; and for that I am thankful. And I'm also 24! 

Words I Would & Wouldn't Use to Describe Myself

Friday, June 5

 photo 242_zpslteb2u9g.jpg
 photo 241_zpsnsizents.jpg
a young girl documents her 23rd year of life with prolific selfies (warning: self-indulgent post ahead!)

Today I am 24 years old. (In case you're wondering what the song for this year is- Twenty Four by Switchfoot. Say what you will about them, but it's a pretty song. This is preceded by "What's My Age Again?" - Blink 182, "22" - Taylor Swift and "21 and Invincible" - Something Corporate for 23, 22, and 21 respectively.)

If I'm being totally honest here, though I would say I mostly enjoy being the center of attention (not all the time, mind you, but probably a good 70% of it), I generally don't like my actual birth day. To be completely transparent- it's always disappointing. You look forward to this day all year, you expect it to be totally different than any other day, you expect to feel different- when in reality, it's just another day. And you're a year older, which doesn't feel different.

That's embarrassing to share because what I don't mean is "my life sucks, nobody thinks I'm special"; I love the people I'm surrounded by, and any kind of adventure- but I enjoy it all a lot more without the pressure of it being my birthday. Just to clarify. All that to say- when I'm old and rich, I'm throwing a rager- I'm thinking like, destination birthday party or renting out Carnegie Hall or something- I will be lowered onto a stage in a giant cake- and you're all invited!

In the spirit of indulgent self-reflection, I was thinking the other day about words I would use and words I wouldn't use to describe myself. I realize this is a little self-involved, but it's my blog, whatever, and also- on what better day would this be more appropriate? Let me tell you about myself!

i AM:

  • creative- the most accurate way I can define this is: I love making any kind of stuff up. And design/colors. 
  • friendly- I wouldn't always say "outgoing", but always "compassionate." I love making/having/being friends. 
  • organized- to a fault. About everything. I clean my room once a day. I keep even my brain organized by journaling. 
  • enthusiastic- not all the time, but I live at a general level of excitement and frequently can't sleep because of it. 
  • dramatic- thought it was a joke/coping mechanism at first; but I enjoy flowery language and mannerisms on the reg. 
  • passionate- about nearly everything. See also "fan girl" & "obesessive." I think I have an obsessive personality. 
  • loyal- honestly I think this goes with "obsessive", it's like if I choose to be friends with you I can't not do it. 

but NOT:

  • artistic- minus nail painting and blogging (?) I have NONE of those enviable classical skills: music, drawing, etc. 
  • patient- when you play that game that's like "What's your biggest flaw?" This is mine. I am not endorsing this! 
  • punctual- also, this is really silly. Once I'm 24, I hope that I can just be on time to places, dang it! 
  • disciplined- hmph this is like a shame parade, but true, I have a hard time with things like "don't eat an entire cake!" 
  • efficient- just ask Hunter about this, ha! I realize it takes me a long time to do most things and go anywhere. 
  • objective- so this means based on facts and not feelings. But everything I do is based on feelings so...
  • calm- how do I say- "I feel like I have little control over my emotions or attitude" without sounding insane?!

I would love to hear your answers as well; I think it's fascinating!

What is one word you would and one word you wouldn't use to describe yourself?

And despite my lil rant above- I actually am excited about this day. I'm spending it doing things I like, and maybe wouldn't do on an ordinary Friday. It's pretty chill and feels very 24. #adulthood, I suppose (even though my real birthday wish-list includes an Easy Bake Oven AND a new tire + hubcap.) OH- and it's National Donut Day which is providential, friends!

Happy it's-my-birthday everyone!! 

I Guess That's Why They Call it June Gloom

Wednesday, June 3

| earrings: Nashville flea market | dress: Old Navy | blazer: F21 | belt: thrifted | clogs: Old Navy |

I've had "I Guess That's Why They Call it June Gloom" to the tune of this song stuck in my head all week! I don't really think that makes sense. But today marks the first time we've seen the sun in a while! It certainly doesn't feel like June without it. 

I realize this looks really similar to the last outfit I posted. What can I say, I have a thing for floral dresses. Who doesn't? Last week's dress is backless and totally inapprop for work, this one felt super approp with the blazer over top and some heels. I rarely wear this blazer (I realized this because several co-workers commented on how professional I looked), sometimes I feel like the fit isn't great. The key here was that I cinched my waist with a belt, so even though the blazer is over-sized, I didn't feel like I was drowning in it. 

And if you were wondering- the clogs are on heavy rotation again now that it's warm! I wore them all last through last Summer (forealz: brown / black), and have completely decided I will invest in Hasbeens when these fall apart, because I love a clog heel THAT much. 

Are you guys having a good week?? It's a short one for me (I get Friday off for my birthday!) and in other exciting news, I got an intern at work today. Technically it's my team's intern, but I kept introducing him as mine, so now he keeps saying it! I can't wait to wave him off with one hand and say "Get me a latte!" Kidding (but seriously...)