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Thursday, March 31

| sweatshirt: Kate Spade (gift from my sis) | belt: Target | skirt: Anthropologie | heels: H&M | purse: Target |

DONUT. But seriously! This seems like a perfectly apt motto for my life. 

It is with joy and chagrin that I present the last set of photos I took recently with my wonderful friend, Caitlin (Mrs. President / Wouldn't It Be Nice / Jersey Girl.) Until we do it again, eh Caitlin?? 

But it's also my favorite set! If you know literally anything about me, it's that this donut sweatshirt is one of my favorite articles of clothing of all time. Also V PUMPED about this sparkly belt I recently picked up at Target, you know the old, go in for face wash and light bulbs and $100 later...

This look was born out of trying to dress this sweatshirt up. It is, for all intents and purposes, a crewneck sweatshirt; but I think with the right accessories (bright lip, pencil skirt, heels) it perked right up as business casual wear. The bright colors paired together here just make me happy!

I got this gorgeous skirt on clearance at Anthropologie years ago, and never wear it quite enough. It's actually really warm, and I only have a narrow window throughout the year to wear it. It doesn't take much for me to get totally overheated in the office (I'm gonna blame that on the ping-pong, entirely.)

Hope you guys are having a great week! I'm actually pumped because it's Friday around here- Steph & Tim got in yesterday afternoon, are amusing themselves today, and tomorrow I'm taking the day off! It's so nice having them here in Nashville. We actually kicked off their trip (I keep saying I'm on vacation too because, why not? Adult Spring Break stay-cation!) with a really amazing nap, so I am alllll about their style of guesting.  

Also- thanks to those of you who reached out after my last post. Lucky to have friends like you. 

Talk to you soon! Steph, Tim & I have plans that include a LOT of bbq this weekend. 

Current State of the Union, 3.28.16

Monday, March 28

Currently / life: isn't this Paper Source desk calendar an absolute gem??
+ And in March 2016, everything changed. Things have been different and weird for me. Don't feel too bad- I haven't been sharing much in real life, let alone on my blog (this might explain the less personal tone around here, if you've noticed.) Real life will eventually trickle down to perfectlyP as it always does, and in the meantime, if you want to know anything, dear reader, just ask! 
+ Apart from that drama (sorry!) Spring is good. Regardless of your religious affiliation, you can't deny that Spring, and this past weekend in particular, signals some rebirth and rejuvenation. And thank goodness, right? 
+ I've been in town with no visitors for the past month- this is unusual for me! I feel myself physically yearning to get away, especially to the coast (you can take the girl out of California...) Alas, I have no plans for a beach trip, but will have a full, busy month of hosting out of town guests (Steph! Jacqui! Carina!) and hopefully time for a night away. 
Currently / wish-listing: And is often the case, recent emotional upheaval resulted in SO MUCH online shopping! Whew! 
+ Scandinavian design is onmymind (when is it not?) Ladies & gentleman, boys & girls, set an alert in your iPhone for when the Marimekko + Target collection is released in stores on April 17th. See, Marimekko is literally in my blood- I've been wearing this colorful Finnish brand since I was a tot. So needless to say, I went b a n a n a s when I heard about this collab. i WILL be getting my hands on the ^ Kukkatori tunic ^, also have my eyes on the Appelsiini top. Oh, and everything really.
+ Also bought this Taria tunic via after thinking about it since my Finland trip over the holidays
+ Fun Priya fact: I have never in my life owned Chuck Taylors. I've always dreamed of some black hi-tops, and though I'm over my shoe quota for the month, maybe soon. Now that sneaks can be worn with anything [again?], I'm into it! 
+ If you've read literally another post on my blog, you KNOW that my obsession with clogs is real and wonderful. They give me the height I want, the retro/t-strap style I adore, and OHTHECOMFORT! I had pretty much decided to invest in some real Swedish Hasbeens after my cheapy Old Navy clogs ate it, since I've loved them so much. Well, I was advising a friend at work about clogs, happened upon the Hasbeens website, and one thing led to another...these are just the style I wanted, and they are on an awesome sale (still sizes & two colors available!) I can vouch for these 1000%- so, so, good, you guys. 

Currently / pop culture:
+ I haven't been watching hardly anything, besides the occasional March Madness (on record: if Oklahoma wins it all, I WIN my office bracket challenge. Yeah. GO SOONERS!), and Broad City. This show is not for the faint of heart. But it is entirely wacky and has absolutely destroyed me on several evenings. Seriously, idk, how they come up with that stuff.
+ Also in true Priya form, I finally watched Obvious Child last night, and have decided I am totally obsessed with Jenny Slate, in every way. Obvious Child is a dram-edy that will definitely throw you for a loop, make you laugh, and likely cry. But don't take my word for it! 
+ I've mostly been listening to dumb playlists I've assembled when the inspiration strikes (fine / 3.19 / if you had a twin i would still choose you) there's a lot of repeats on those, probz.
+ LOTS OF RIHANNA! She played in Nashville and I have a decent amount of regret for not going. I did, however, make a greatest hits playlist (called RI-babes, a play on my nickname Pri-babes) as some sort of consolation. 
+ The one album I'm really into right now is Carnavas- Silversun Pickups, I'm going to see them in May, and realized I should listen to them a little more...this album is super good, guys. 
+ My #tbt track for this round is "You & I" - Lady Gaga. Remember how good this song is?? I have also decided that it is THE most perfect karaoke song. Me, singing this, coming soon to a Nashville karaoke hot spot near you! 

*Follow me on Spotify but don't judge me, ok?*
Currently / beauty: clockwise, and how cute is this ipsy bag right??
+ Behold, the most perfect Easter manicure shade- Peri-wink by Milani Cosmetics! Honestly this polish is not that great...but the shade was absolutely clutch for this weekend! Three cheers for Spring manis! 
+ This is more so a shout-out to how much I love theBalm products in general. Clever branding, gorg colors/shades, and inventive products- I'm sold! The Stainiac works for both lips and cheeks. While stains are generally not my favorite lip product, and I didn't find it to be pigmented enough for blush, I enjoyed sampling another theBalm product. 
+ Beauty friend Kelley recently sold me on Revlon Color Burst lip gloss in Bellini as the answer to everyone's problems. Wear it alone, wear it over any color to tone down the shade and gloss it up. I had looked for this at Ulta before finding a tube in my own room. Now it's in heavy rotation!
+ Last month I reviewed the NYX liquid lipstick that I had picked up at Ulta. This month I got another (nude) shade in my ipsy bag- which is a WIN for ipsy if I've ever had one! ^ Soft-spoken ^ IS my natural lip color (+ a little polished matte), and now the girls at the office have a little saying "Soft-spoken all day every day."
+ My bossmom/beauty friend Christine really has me sold on anything in crayon form. This treStique shadow crayon works as an all-over shadow, but maybe better as an eyeliner. I now have this in three colors, "Aspen Green" being my least favorite, but, a cool-girl alternative to black eyeliner. 

*If you are interested in signing up for ipsy OR Birchbox for $10/month, you can find my referral links here: ipsy // Birchbox. Loads more ipsy/Birchbox product reviews here. *
What's tickling your fancy this Spring, in beauty, pop culture, wish-lists, or life? Share with me! Thanks for following along.


Friday, March 25

| coat: from Katie | necklace: from Andrea | button-up: Old Navy via Katy | jeans: old F21 | booties: Sam Edelman

Hey! Hope you're having a good Friday. Just stopping by with a quick outfit to end the week.

I've been eyeing a "military button" style peacoat for some time. This one is a very random, thrifted hand-me-down from my dear friend Katie (as in, I was in her room one time and she was like "do you want this?") There's something totally classic and nautical about a navy peacoat with gold buttons. 

Otherwise, this was just a simple, casual outfit for work a few weeks ago.  I think I've mentioned before how I bought these ^ Sam Edelman booties and my cheap Target booties around the same time (last Fall.) Ironically, the Target pair, at a literal fraction of the price of the Petty booties, have become my go-to favorites. I think it has to do with the heel and overall style- though these gorgeous booties are noticeably, real, cognac leather (and the Target ones are noticeably faux.) I think there's a lesson in there somewhere... 

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter weekend, no matter how you're celebrating! I have some middle school friend, birthday, and brunch plans in my near future. 

snapshots of life, XIII

Thursday, March 24

This snapshot post is a bit of an unorganized mash-up, because there's been random goodness all over my life lately. 
At the very least, these are all moments from 2016 so far! 
(left to right) - did I mention my roommate got a puppy? meet Baby Wilson. 
- so I babysit a LOT, and this little cherub (who I've been hanging with since month 3) just said Priya for the first time!
- Betty (my steed) has been missing a hubcap; meet Scot, my co-worker/newbestfriend who gifted (& installed) a new one!
- don't you love having time to get ready in the comfort of your room? + cute mug + silk robe? I know I do!
- one more pic from my time in Denver, with Rachel, at the Coors Brewery <3
- I hope this selfie isn't so tiny that you can't see my namesake "Priya Pickle" (Mom & I picked this up at the Indian grocery)
- seriously stumbled across this lucky sunset on an evening run from my office. Nashville, guys! 
- one more pic from a quick weekend in Asheville, NC. give me all the local brews! (at Pisgah Brewing Co.) 
- so you know how on Pinterest you see pics of unmade beds and they look so dreamy? I think I came close
- best part of my new house? original, vintage, green tile in the bathroom 
- i love shopping at Cracker Barrel and I will NOT be shamed. this cute (+ accurate) print is about to go on my wall
- new running shoes! in my lifestyle favorite color, purple! Mizunos are the best guys. they feel so great 

But like, where would all these gems from my iPhone GO if it weren't for snapshot posts??

More snapshots? You got it: 
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Jersey Girl

Tuesday, March 22

| necklace: H&M | top: from Leena | belt: Francesca's (old) | jeans: Old Navy | heels: J.Crew via Carina | 

For my next outfit/set of photos with my friend Caitlin [first set / second set], I wanted to go absolutely classic. The first things that came to mind? A retro silhouette, red lip, and a splash of leopard print. Though the more I look at these photos, and even as I was putting it all on to take them...I can't help thinking it looks SO New Jersey housewife in 1985- RIGHT?! I can already hear my sisters giving me a hard time. 

Not that I have anything against New Jersey (I have always dreamed of visiting Atlantic City- don't ask me why!) or the 80's. In FACT- I am certifiably obsessed with the 80's. About once a week you'll hear me say that my biggest regret is not being born in the 80's (like it was something I had control over...hee-hee.) I'm convinced I would have absolutely thrived in the decade known for big hair and terrible pop music. These are my THINGS, you guys! 

So, I pacify this loss by rocking out to my 80's playlist on the reg, maintaining that my band name (everyone needs one on stand-by!) is Alive in the 80's, and, you know, wearing outfits like this. This honestly looks like a costume to me. And I love costumes, it's all good. Oh, and if anyone cares, I'm actually wearing this outfit, to work, today. 

It's hard to compliment a photographer without sounding like "look how cute I am!" but Caitlin really killed it with this set- the backdrop, framing, colors; I really dig it. 

I'm always working on the best ways to make my blog searchable, shareable, and helpful; in the outfit details above, I've linked other ways each piece has been worn on perfectlyP- check it out! (Also if you have any helpful tips about labeling/archiving, I would love to hear them.)

I hope your week is off to a GRAND start! I had a weekend where I made a list (not unusual) and got to check nearly everything off, and you KNOW how that gets me. I also have a blog collab in the works which is pretty exciting! Stay tuned! 


Thursday, March 17

| sunnies: H&M | hoops: Target | tee: from Galina | skirt: H&M | purse: from Carina | loafers: Old Navy | 
 *photos edited by VSCOCam and taken by Hillary*

Not sure exactly when I became a skirt & dress girl. As a kid, I was an interesting mix of total tomboy (playing outside with my brothers, lots of sports, lots of shorts), and girly girl (I loved dolls because I loved making things up- I still do, actually [make things up, not dolls]!) Somewhere in middle school I really started to love pretty skirts, and of course, you know by now that I'm super into dresses. 

I think style is about 90% governed by functionality in your life. So though I still love skirts, I'm looking for a way to make them functional in a casual office. As a 24-year-old who still likes graphic tees (and loves Sierra Nevada.) I stole this shirt from my sister Galina, who had picked it up at the Sierra Nevada brewery in NorCal, awhile back. My love for Sierra Nevada beers is equal parts California statriotism and a propensity towards IPAs (my favorite type of beer!) 

I definitely didn't plan on taking outfit photos this day, but I got enough compliments at work (guys- beer t-shirt, girls- ensemb) that I decided to run outside and take them. And I did really like this outfit.

This combo is VERY similar to this recent outfit- just swapped the graphic tee! It's a formula I just keep repeating again and again (especially lately), because it feels so ME! If you have a take on a graphic tee for the office, I would love to see it! 

Oh- lastly, if you're wondering if you can wear hoop earrings- you can! 

Also, did you notice? I've officially shifted into my "Spring fashion" label for outfit posts, because it REALLY feels like Spring has Sprung. All my outfit posts are labeled by season, for your convenience: Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter. Check it out! 

Happy St. Patty's Day AND March Madness. I (mistakenly I'm sure) entered into a bracket challenge at work. To me, these challenges always feel like "who wants to take my money, for free?" Maybe I'll have the luck of the Irish on my side this time. 


Monday, March 14

| sweatshirt: Kate Spade (gift) | dress: Madewell (gift) | necklace: Tiffany's | loafers: Old Navy | watch: c/o JORD | 

My #donutfriend thing has been exhausted on my blog at this point, right? (--> I worked at a donut shop in college, then everyone started getting me donut stuff, I started referring to myself in the third person as everyone's "#donutfriend" and now donuts are super trendy...) Great, so I won't even mention that ;) my sister Carina, who is my #1 beez, absolutely, really supports my love of donuts and bought me this sweatshirt as a gift a while ago, and even more recently a new donut sweatshirt. God made us sisters and life made us friends, amiright?

Otherwise this outfit is comprised of 100% favorites. I would buy this dress again in two seconds (another gift from my sister. Go ahead and send her some trophy emojis), these loafers make me feel like French royalty, and my little crown necklace is a daily reminder to myself that I am the queen of this story. 

I am having a definitely above-average day. Happy Pi Day, by the way! I was thinking about it this morning, and wondering if that's something even relevant in the corporate world (I mean, unless you're working at an accounting firm or something, then duh.) I had a brief chat with our CFO (who is also my buddy), he told me that the REAL celebratory Pi Day was last year (3.14.15 NERDS), and just rolled his eyes at any celebration of it today. But then I went and got mini pies for our engineers anyway. They use numbers, right? 

Otherwise the sun is out, the Spring weather is prime, my hair air dried pretty well last night, I also had ice cream today, my Birchbox came in the mail, I'm wearing my new clogs (OMGYOUGUYS wait til you see them) AND a new graphic tee. I've been babysitting a lot and shopping online a LOT. And this is turning into a Thankful Thursday!!

AND I'm seeing Carly Rae Jepsen tonight so I'm not sure how I'm even functioning right now?! I had listened to Run Away With Me two times before I even left my HOUSE this morning, then I had to cut myself off. Planning an epic, colorful, sparkly outfit too, so stay tuned for that. AH! 

Remix: Sweater Vest!

Wednesday, March 9

It's re-re-re-remix time, after a long while! Remixes are, to me, one of the best, and definitely most helpful, parts of blogging.

Contrary to popular belief, I'm not in a phase of life where I can wear something once and throw it away (work/beauty friend Emma likes to give me a hard time about this.) Therefore- everyday I'm remixing! There's nothing better than reaching for a piece over and over again, and realizing it was a great investment. Especially when that "inVESTment" was a $5 sweater vest you found in the clearance bin of your favorite neighborhood vintage store.
Here are five ways I’ve worn my beloved sweater vest (click through for the full posts! Look here for a complete index of documented vest wearing.)
1. Over a tank dress + booties for Spring: I know I say this every single time I wear it- but when I bought this vest, the shopgirl commented how it would be perfect over a tank dress in between seasons- genius! I’ve always kept that in mind. I love how the proportions of this outfit turned out. I rarely wear this dress apart from being a swimsuit cover up, so that was a win too!
2. Layered over a button-up & belted for Fall: Pretty sure this was a travel outfit, where I could have just as easily worn a long shirt with leggings and called it a day. The layering in this outfit is what elevates it, and kept me cozy in Fall temps. The belt added a little something extra, and kept me from sacrificing my shape! 
3. Over a printed blouse + a skirt: The perfect combination of polished (structured skirt) and fun (cat printed blouse + floral loafers.) I like how the sweater vest really anchors this classic girly combination into something a little more androgynous (a style I love, but never seem to be good at!) 
4. Over a sundress + booties for the end of Summer: Just because you may have inherited the vest from your dad (totally been there), doesn't mean you have to wear it like him! This look was a neutral party with a step up from a normal Summer outfit. I can't stop wearing this vest over dresses and, as they say, why fix what's not broken? 
| flannel: Target | vest: Local Honey | jeans: (old) F21 | booties: Sam Edelman |

5. Layered over a flannel + booties for Winter: This seems so quintessentially cold weather to me! Yes, you can wear a sweater vest with jeans. This outfit felt so cozy, and perfect for that time of year. Cognac brown booties pair SO well with this vest, note to self. 

Are you team sweater vest? What's your best styling tip? Any of these looks that you think could have been done differently/better? Let me know! 

Wouldn't It Be Nice

Friday, March 4

so this is also my new Facebook profile pic...# w o r l d s c o l l i d e 
| jacket: secondhand | tee: gift (Uniqlo) | skirt: H&M | loafers: Old Navy | lip: Maybelline Colorsensational in Fuchsia Fever

Two of my favorite things: graphic tees and The Beach Boys. While my taste in graphic tees may have changed throughout my life (like, I wasn't wearing a Sierra Nevada tee in middle school...) I've always loved them, and will wear them forever. I even co-hosted a week-long Graphic Tee link-up with another blogger one time! 

I love The Beach Boys because listening to them, without fail, always makes me happy. There's just something so nostalgic and whimsical about their music. This past Christmas I seriously couldn't sleep one night because I had their entire Christmas album stuck in my head. If I've never mentioned my obsession with them on the blog before...I'm not sure how that happened! 

So yeah. I'm feeling myself in this outfit. It's kinda perfect for this stage of life- almost professional for the office, but without sacrificing my personality. 

Oh, and can we discuss real quick how dreamy this mural is??

This is the second set of photos by my talented friend Caitlin (more of her work / contact her: Check out the first look from our session right here

What is everyone getting into this weekend?? I don't have big plans (I mean, a have a post-it full of things I should do, but we'll see.) Thanks for reading! 

Mrs. President

Wednesday, March 2

| sunglasses, necklace, coat: H&M | button-up: Brooks Brothers via Mom | leggings: Target | flats: Old Navy | 

I am super excited to be sharing the first set of photos I took with my friend Caitlin a couple weeks ago! Caitlin and I went to university together (fun fact: I actually hosted her on an official visit when she was still in high school), and have remained friends throughout and after. If her name looks familiar around here, it's probably because she shot Amanda's wedding photos last March (and since then had her own lovely wedding that I was delighted to attend, so some names may have changed :) 

Caitlin texted me at the start of the year, asking if I'd be interested in trying out her new lens. Bloggers- you might know what this is like- I jumped at the chance, and am SO pleased at how the photos turned out. We shot in the 12 South neighborhood (so many awesome backgrounds) one cloudy afternoon. 

Apart from getting some exceptional photos for my blog, I also enjoyed putting together the looks we shot. Caitlin told me to go in whatever direction I liked (I know- where to even start!), and the four outfits ended up being a pretty perfect capsule of my personal style, if I do say so myself. 

Generally I started each outfit by picking out one piece in my closet that I absolutely love (or that absolutely represents a style I love- graphic tees, for example) and the first one I had in mind was this coat. And I didn't intend to style it back-to-back on the blog, but here we are! I'm also wearing this exact outfit today to work- which rarely happens! So just some good, good stuff all around. 

Life lately just seems to be about the tiny things that make me happy- this coat is one of them. Go ahead and call me names! But when the weather is gray, it's not so bad if my coat is so bright. I strutted into the office this morning, feeling a little bit like Jackie Kennedy, or maybe like I could run for president, and immediately got a sweet compliment from one of my co-workers :) 

The rest of the look is fairly simple- but there's something about this silhouette I adore and feel fabulous in: pointy flats + leggings + oversized top + fitted coat. Definitely filing this formula away for another time! I know I could do it just as easily with my Zella leggings or another pair of mixed media ones I have (that have never been on my blog?? how?) 

SO thanks Caitlin! Nashvillians or otherwise, if you're looking for gorgeous photos and a wonderful gal to spend some time with, Caitlin is your girl (contact her --> 

Stay tuned for the rest of the photos from this set! Have a great Wednesday.