AUGUST / the Sunday of Summer

Priya the Blog, Nashville blogger, August 2017 update
+ LIFE: I hope everyone has had a smashing end to the Summer (technically, though maybe not weather-wise.) August was a chill month for me, which is necessary and good (this is me assuring myself.) Most notably, if you're reading this, I finished & scheduled this post in time before my trip to Italy! I'll be in Milan/Sardinia/Rome for about 10 days with my sister Carina and I am sssooo excited. So the month was mostly chill anticipating my trip.
+ In small goals news; I have nearly perfected a packing capsule for my trip (will report back), I got a new phone (the iPhone 7+ is SO luxurious!) and I officially found and went to the doctor on my own insurance.
+ Most notably- proud of ME for sticking to my "cleanse" the whole month (minus a trip to NYC.) I have not had ANY alcohol otherwise, & super minimal gluten/dairy. I promise it wasn't a free-for-all with passes & if I broke my rules it was for good reason (i.e. someone cooked for me & I didn't want to be a brat.) Not super impressive, because I was eating sugar, but it's huge for me! And what a time to be alive, there are literally GF/DF subs for everything!
+ As of Monday, I finished the Bikini Body Guide (again! I did 28 weeks total.) I'm proud of that AND happy to be done for a while :) Because I <3 being active, I signed up for 5K the first weekend of October as my next fitness endeavor. This marks my first time training for a 5K since...2011? Will keep you posted!

+ BLOGGED: A quick trip to NYC weekend update and the conclusion to Bridesmaid 101 (Gifts I've Given & Loved / Day of Do's & Don'ts) were all up on the blog this month! I wore a classic white button-up, my latest favorite day dress, my silk bomber jacket that I'm obsessed with, an all-white band tee look, and a lace-up dress, tropical crop top, and lace peplum top all in collaboration with Tobi. 

+ SHOPPING: Minimal this month (yay me!) but hoping to do some damage in Italy. Now I can spill that I got these Rosé one pieces for me, Carina, & Luise to wear on vacay (duh), white jeans (worn here) that I'm loving, and this And Other Stories jean skirt I picked up in NYC, after wanting a 90's style for a while! 

+ POP CULTURE: Not sure how I've neglected to tell you literally the most important news- I got tickets to see BRITNEY IN VEGAS the in November! Details TBD but yeah I'm already losing my mind #yearofBritney.
+ Generally not a fan of country these days (peep my Country That Doesn't Suck playlist) but I do consistently love Brett Eldredge (seem less bro-y than most?) His new album is pop country FUN, y'all. Listen to: Love Someone.
+ Since we last talked tunes I saw Foster the People & John Mayer in concert. I loved the first Foster the People album so much (they have a new one, btw! Listen to: I Love My Friends) & the show was super cool. I've raved about John Mayer before, just a reminder his new album is GREAT. (cried twice at the show.) 
Insecure IS BACK and probably the best written show on TV? Season Two last added a new layer of polish and is even better, if possible. This is literally the only show I watch every week. Also started Fresh off the Boat which is a perfect light, easy show and the child actors in it KILL me, they are adorable and hilarious.
Let's connect on Spotify! Most recent Daily Mix: Rilo Kiley, Regina Specktor, and Vanessa Carlton.

COOKING: To off-set my cravings (& I had free time because I wasn't going out) I experimented with a couple (modified) GF/DF recipes! These Cake Batter cookies are amazing & I've been eating too many of them, I had the BEST sweet potato pancakes in NYC & tried my best to make them at home with this recipe.
Priya the Blog, Nashville beauty blogger, August 2017 update, August 2017 beauty buzz + BEAUTY: A few faves from lately. Dream Fresh is the BB cream I'm using right now (in Medium/Deep) & totally LOVE. I've mentioned the Wet n Wild highlighters before (so pigmented!), Crown of my Canopy is a gorgeous shade! I wanted a loose powder for light coverage days & this Covergirl one works great (in Translucent Honey.) The Mega Plush is a random mascara I had & found that is so great for a natural or "no make-up" make-up look!

+ NASHVILLE: We had a team dinner at Hemingway's, I had the pork tenderloin which was amazing (also recommend the starter Mussels & Clams), unfortunately I didn't have a cocktail but they looked great. I finally tried the Funk Seoul Brother truck at Live on the Green and had the BEST Korean BBQ tacos! Korean BBQ is something I haven't been able to find in Nashville otherwise and I love it.
+ I hiked/camped this past month at Big South Fork state park. Just a couple hours away from Nashville with SO much to offer: camp sites, a pool, plenty of hiking trails (we did about 20 miles), stunning overlooks, and the Cumberland River. 
Priya the Blog, Nashville blogger, August 2017 update, Big South Fork state park
As usual, if you have life, shopping, reading, beauty, or pop culture gems, don't hold out on me! Share below!

And I'm off to Italy! I should have a couple posts scheduled to go up over the next week. Follow along on Twitter (blog/personal) and Instagram for #ootds, our adventures and loads of food porn. TTYS <3

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