Huntee-shoot with Zipporah!

Friday, June 27

that's it, I'm officially changing the name of my blog to "perfectly Procrastinated."

literally MONTHS ago, Huntee and I got the opportunity to shoot with the lovely and talented Zipporah of Zipporah Photography. especially considering how long we've been dating, we don't really have many photos together! so, the inner-sappy-romantic girl in me was really thrilled. the location was beautiful, the details really lovely, and we had an absolute blast. I am so happy to have some pretty photos with my Huneebear.

I tried to narrow it down, but, you know...
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography-0155_zps9f365920.jpg
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography-0078_zpse4b143e4.jpg
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography-0574_zps228df765.jpg
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography-0128_zps932a8a70.jpg
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography-0047_zps92e9fc20.jpg
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography-0022_zps0675eb1d.jpg
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography-0501_zps462c2a8c.jpg
I have to say I really like the ones of us laughing together the best. I look a little silly, but I remember that none of it felt forced, he just really made me laugh. and I want to remember the joy I'm feeling here next time things are feeling difficult. 
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography--10_zps58d9b8fa.jpg
quick outfit change...
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography--12_zps5fe49e78.jpg
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography-0701_zps31a7e3d2.jpg
all photos by Zipporah Photography

thank you THANK YOU Zipporah for capturing all of this! you are awesome to work with, and we would do it again anytime ;)

be sure and check her out if you're a fashion blogger, bride-to-be, or just love pretty photos.

you can also see more of our shoot + her blog post here.

secondhand silky

Thursday, June 26

hey friends! 

I have to give my roommate, Shelby, some seriousssss props for grabbing this top from a co-worker's giveaway bag. for me! not even for herself initially, always and forever for me, because as she said "obvi it's not at all my style but I figured you would like it." #truefriendship
 photo 88C5913F-598A-4277-B8A4-B11AE2D5A7E2_zpspjda6qrb.jpg
 photo 362B4688-F1E1-40CE-B200-206E89478461_zpsosvlilc3.jpg
| earrings: H&M | blouse: secondhand H&M | pants: from Carina | wedges: Bakers | purse: gift (Target) |

uh Shel, i LOVE it! this comfy, flowy, and lovely-colored top was the centerpiece behind my entire outfit. and I really didn't need much else. some black work-appropriate pants, brown accessories (black + brown together? I never thought I would see the day that I love it, but here we are) a fun pair of earrings, and there we have it! my own perfect wear-to-work outfit.   
 photo 3E1F7871-F462-4F73-93C1-1A7928244972_zpswcvjkwfz.jpg
I have the tiniest bit of anxiety wearing these earrings because one time when I wore them in high school, my sister Carina (who, ironically, sponsored like half this outfit) asked me if it was 80's day. so...I suppose they are pretty large and obnoxious, but also fun! also i LOVE the 80's. so whatevs.
 photo D865EBF9-9A50-4B50-875A-C9F5A3F832E4_zpsmn0jrp6s.jpg
 photo 84F2FB89-5453-40E5-97ED-C87CB806D783_zps0upurrqt.jpg
have we talked about the dream Target purse over here before? if we haven't I'm shocked, because although I'm constantly rotating through my purses, this one has been a usual favorite since I got it. or I should say, since Huntee let me pick out a purse from Target for Christmas. the man KNOWS ME. and speaking of the man, he's back in town and taking me out to dinner tonight, hooray!

also re: this purse, I saw its' blue baby sister in stores yesterday. SWOON. 
 photo 4FAFB6E5-BF36-4C3A-8BCA-755853C832DC_zps3ncucvos.jpg
I got these shoes in Vegas two years ago, when my sisters took for me for my 21st birthday. I miss Vegas. ok, I miss them more. and it's official, we're having our second #pappumaweekend in August, when both Carina and Galina will join me in Nashville for Carina's birthday! I'm already way too excited for that. I'm also way too out of vacation days, yikes. 
 photo 1BFC2653-9B26-4F50-9117-8E80573C5E02_zpsq2xw5qbk.jpg
all photos edited with VSCOCam, and taken by Kelley! thanks K.

this top is seriously so comfy, and I'm already planning my next styling attempt: tucked into a fitted skirt.

well, we have nearly lived to see the end of another week. it's been a relatively busy one at work, a pretty chill week at home, but I will applaud myself for getting some errands done that have been waiting for MONTHS. I sold some clothes to Plato's Closet and justified that it was totally reasonable for me to use that money to buy some new clothing. I also used a giftcard I won from Alissa & Fran to buy some new jewelry from Target, so that was one of the highlights of the week. 

any highlights of your week? do tell! and I'll catch up with you again real soon!

snapshots of life, volume VII

Tuesday, June 24

hi! there's been some awesome things that have happened lately, including weekend trips that are short but so sweet! I've neglected to do full "weekend updates", but I definitely didn't want to forget some adventures of the Summer so far. also, I'm still getting birthday presents, which isn't soooo bad ;) 
 photo snapshotsJune_zpsda7cf70c.jpg

[left to right] top row:  
1. my hilarious crew from the weekend. with ribbons from the b & g's grand escape. what a blast!
2. the sweet bride & groom, Ashton and Ashley! what a lovely, heart-felt wedding. congrats you two!
3. SHELBY GOT ME BEYONCE NAIL DECALS FOR MY BDAY. concert manicures happening.

middle row: 
1. I made chili (first time) for a work potluck last week. am I eating all this week? obvi.
2. I had an entire family of cousins stop through Nashville last week! what fun to see them real quick. 
3. remember Kelley? this is Kelley's niece! getting to meet/hang with her + Kelley's twin sis was nearly spiritual. 

bottom row: 
1. last week we house-sat and Hunter made strawberry BISQUE! and other things. but holy Bisque!
2. my sweet friend Jacqui got me the most fabulous mug for my birthday. been using it  + feeling a bit fancy everyday! 
3. just some World Cup sports bar hangs with Sundar that I don't take for granted!

I've spent Monday + Tuesday really pretty chill, but still in that Priya sorta way which means cleaning my room, sorting my Summer clothes, running errands, and absolutely plowing through my book club book for Wednesday. 

Huntee's out of town 'til Wednesday, when I assume we'll commence our normal Summer hangs, gearing up for another full weekend that will be (mostly) local! sweet relief! 

hope to catch up with everyone's recent Summer adventures soon. thanks for reading!

more snapshots? aren't you sweet. 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1 

buttoned & tied

Saturday, June 21

scheduled posts feel a bit deceiving to me, so I'll go ahead and say: I'm away for the weekend celebrating the nups of my friend Ashton & Ashley (might need to work on that abbrev.) but let's look at an outfit from next week, shall we?
 photo IMG_5498_zps08e7d93b.jpg
I've very open about having the best intentions for a closet challenge, but never actually doing one. I'm real big about not setting myself up for failure! however, I like to trick myself into clothing challenges; meet this white button-up I stole borrowed from Huntee. I'm convinced there are a million ways to style it, so I've been challenging myself to wear it once a week. here's another outfit that is so simple, yet I loved it possibly even more than this one! 
 photo IMG_5506_zpsd9198e47.jpg
| earrings: gift | top: Huntee's | skirt: H&M | wedges: Target | ribbon: cut from dress? | bracelet: F21 |

here I attempt to do that pretty skirt-swishing/twirling thing that so many bloggers have mastered. why does this pose always make me look ridiculous? real talk.
 photo IMG_5504_zps352dc97f.jpg
motivations for this shot: I'm proud of my self-mani. I rarely advertise products on my blog because I'm definitely not organized enough for that, BUT: I love New York Color Quick Dry Nail Polish (this shade is Prospect Park Bloom.) because: the shades are lovely, it does dry quickly and my impatience is the bane of doing my own nails, and at $1.99 you could literally buy them all if you wanted to. I also have Columbus Circle Crimson and Prince Street. for colder weather nails. CoCo
 photo IMG_5503_zps9316985f.jpg
as long as we're on the subject, I'm pretty pleased with my self-pedi too #balleronabudget. 
 photo IMG_5493_zps252e8faf.jpg
last time I wore this skirt I think I royally failed, and wondered if it was an un-worthy purchase. because it's a midi, I realized it is essential to have the top fitted at the waist. the button-up fit the bill!
 photo IMG_5500_zps61e3330e.jpg

that's all for now folks! oh wait one more thing: my hair is long enough for a top-knot! 

resolution check-up

Thursday, June 19

 photo runtheworld_zpsa50396e5.jpg

If you can believe it, this year is half-way over! Last year, I gave myself a monthly check-up for the resolutions I made in January. That was hard to do, hardly interesting, and I didn’t do a great job. But I still like the idea of checking in & reminding myself of the goals I made for the year, and I figured a half-way point was a great time to do it!

Here are my original resolutions from January, with my commentary of how it's going.

1. "Use it or get rid of it." This is a constant contest! I would say I’ve made improvements in this area, and of course I can still do even better. Currently I have a pile of Summer clothes in my room that will be sorted before they have a chance to make it back in my closet. I also have a few bags of clothes on their way out, and have steadily been getting rid of things that don’t fit/I don’t wear, as well as random nick-nacks that I don’t need! I’ve challenged myself to wear items that have been sitting stagnant for a while, letting that be the final test before I get rid of them.

2. "If you already have it, don’t buy it." While the first one went better with clothing, I think this can apply more to stuff. I’ve challenged myself to use up toiletry items that I have in excess, make cards for people, and generally not be seduced by shiny *new* items when it’s something I don’t *need* (aka I never go into Target unless it is an emergency.)

3. Finances- disciplined and budgeted. Just yesterday after reading an article about a super thrifty family, I re-committed myself to being very structured with my finances. I wrote it all out; exactly how much I have coming in, what my bills look like every month (to the best of my ability) and what I should have extra. My philosophy is that I should use my actual paychecks for those essentials in my life, like bills, gas, groceries, etc. Then any “extra” money I make, by babysitting, house-sitting, etc. I can use for those extras in my life, like clothing/accessories, going out, & buying gifts. I made up this handy little phrase, “Earnings for essentials, extras for extras.” In a nutshell: if I don’t have a paying gig, time to get a little more creative with what’s in my closet. (Also- still following all these thrifty tips I wrote about here!) This is a goal because I haven’t really been able to stick to it yet. I’ll let you know how it goes.

4. Getting well-connected with a church. To be quite honest, I’ve been in Nashville for approximately one of the last eight Sundays. But I spent part of that Sunday at Midtown Fellowship in 12 South. I’ve really enjoyed the time I spent there, and after the crazy travels of the Summer die down, I would love to get involved in a small group. I’ll keep this bit short but if anyone has any more questions about this, comment below!

5. Being a good friend and sister. It’s hard for me to judge this completely, but I think I’m doing a pretty good job. My siblings and I have a running group message that makes it easy to check in with everyone, my sisters and I talk nearly every day, and I try my best to stay in touch with my parents as well. I’ve been able to see my college friends in Nashville semi-regularly. One major aspect of this I can work on is my few girlfriends from back in California. I don’t stay in touch with them enough! Back to the letter-writing, I think!

6. Being a good girlf. Another constant contest! Like any relationship, me & Huntee’s goes through a lot of ups and downs (possibly even more than normal because I’m pretty theatrical.) The things we work on the most are communication and patience (for me.) In a few short months we’ll celebrate another milestone anniversary. I know I have someone that truly loves and cares for me, and I can always be improving myself to love him back in the best way.

7. General wellness. As of late, this might be my most disciplined one! I’ve been hitting the gym with my friend Kelley at lunch. Really I tagalong with her because she’s determined, but I love having a gym buddy AND knocking out some exercise on my hour-break from work. Additionally I’ve been doing shorter runs and some body-weight type stuff for a more full body workout. I can do better about eating healthy & balanced, as always. But I will say, for the most part I sub one meal a day for a salad, and I’ve been trying to eat lots of fruit as well. Also a big goal that I can keep working on is eating less in general, i.e. not like I am statving every time I see food. Otherwise, I go to sleep at like 10 o’clock during the week and I don’t even care. It rocks.

8. Reading. Ok, most improved right here! So far this year I’ve read Beautiful Ruins, Gone Girl, We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves, The Husband’s Secret, and it seems like more but I can’t remember. I joined a book club at work and am currently reading The Book Thief, and listening to Where We Belong in my car. Joining my book club at work was a great idea, so was finding good books I really wanted to read.

9. Creating. Besides making the occasional card, I haven’t really done this. Any kind of artsy/room projects have just slipped by the wayside! I need to plan some projects for this category.

10. Traveling. I’ve been traveling pretty regularly, even enough to make me look forward to a lazy weekend in Nashville! I visited Canada with my parents in May, but I’ve learned even a weekend road-trip is enough to awake my inner wanderer whimsy. Up next in the queue: Harrisonburg, Virginia for another wedding weekend!

11. Not complaining, like, ever. Ha, has the theme of this update been “constant contest” or what? This is just a goal, ok guys?? But, I read an awesome quote on Pinterest the other day, “A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset.” Let that be my new intention for the day as I wake up.

As always, thanks for your support + making perfectly P a safe space where a girl can grow!

In the spirit of a safe space: how are your resolutions shaping up for the year? It’s certainly not too late to make a change, today!

Additionally if you have any tips for saving money, not complaining, reading books, put ‘er there (in the comments!)

my Japanese tuxedo

Tuesday, June 17

 photo 3B5F250E-916E-4CD0-869D-C0FCFDC4B3E1_zpsnxcvomfk.jpg
| earrings: Old Navy | top: from Carina | tank-top: from Carina | tuxedo pants: Old Navy | heels: gift |

Hi! Debuting a few pieces on the blog today, though none of them super new. This top was rescued from a giveaway bag, discarded by my sister, Carina. I think it's gorgeous, and definitely unlike anything else I own. Which also makes it hard to style! I love the flowy fabric though, it feels like a hip kimono to me. 
 photo DC760137-9AE3-4C4A-9EC9-ACD85ACAA09D_zpsf56ygqg3.jpg
Same song second verse: tuxedo pants. These are the refined cousin of these pants, I knew the fit worked for me, and when I saw Kendi sporting them, I knew I needed them! They are essentially cropped black pants, which are obviously a wardrobe essential. But that tuxedo stripe gives them a fun, classy twist. I've only worn them a couple times so far, here's another look I liked even better.
 photo 15BF2892-BBD9-4A7F-A4E1-E23AB95AC7C4_zpso0cteugd.jpg
Throw these elements together...add a purse/heels I've had since high school and some glam earrings, & voila, my Japanese tuxedo. This purse deserves another note: I love it. I love the shape and color, love that it fits my laptop, and love that it was probably no more than $25 and has LASTED! And let me tell you, I give my bags the test of time (and frequently throw them out because they fall apart.) 
 photo FAD97DC9-9B4A-49B7-B615-7F100BEE5A70_zpslptpci0u.jpg
all photos edited with VSCOcam
I have to say, these outfit photos weren't a priority because I looked back at them thinking I really didn't like this look. But going through the photos and back-checking my idea behind it, I kinda like it a lot better. If I were to do it again, I would go with a more basic tank top (you can't tell but this one is satin-y) and minimal accessories, because there is a lot going on. Anyway, my style and this blog is totally about trial & error! 

I wore this weeks, might actually be months, ago to go dinner and a party. My pal from work, Emma, was throwing a birthday thing, and Hunter reasoned we couldn't show up starving (and we didn't really know what the food situation was.) So we went to dinner at this neat vintage-y feeling diner called Dalt's (took these pictures right outside), split a burger & fries, and then ended up having a full dinner and dessert at the party too! Sometimes that happens. I live life with no regrets. But, good planning with the flowy top.
 photo IMG_4545_zpsde8bfe04.jpg
 photo IMG_4546_zpsae824f58.jpg
Our dinner party pre party dinner.

I've got what seems like back-to-back-to-back weekends out of town, which means I am chilling SO HARD on these week nights. Last week I finished OITNB Season 2 (if anyone wants to discuss, leave me a comment!), this week getting ready for a work potluck, wedding this weekend, and tonight, spending some quality time by the pool. 

the lonely leopard

Friday, June 13

 photo IMG_5256_zps36b007fd.jpg
| jacket: Old Navy | dress: Gap Factory | wedges: Target | lipstick: Maybelline ColorSensational |

hey there! I’m stopping in for a quick outfit post in between a half-day of work and heading down to Florida to see my brother, Sundar. I only knew for sure this trip was happening about a week ago, but I’m excited just the same for some quick hangs with my awesome brother. ok, there may be some ping-pong and steak involved too. we’ll see. 
 photo IMG_5275_zpsd1d1a019.jpg
if this dress looks familiar to you, it’s because I styled it on the blog as a top previously. I’ve worn it a few times since and love how effortlessly the print and color makes for an outfit all on its’ own.
 photo 0A144C19-FC76-4239-AD65-32728D4CCDE8_zpsdd9w0ekn.jpg
left to right: Vince, Adam, Akiva, Jorma

I wore this a few weeks ago when me, Hunter, and our friend Trace went and saw The Lonely Island at the Belcourt Theater here in town. Vince Vaughn hosted them in a Q&A session between several of their most popular videos. I’m a big fan of Andy Samberg since Hot Rod, and his pals Jorma & Akiva were equally hilarious and likeable. Vince Vaughn made for the coolest, chillest dad-like guy ever which could not have been less of what I was expecting! this was at the end of the Wild West Comedy tour, when Nashville was stormed with some amazing comedic talent. really, I was filled with feelings of “yay Nashville” after going to a variety of fantastic shows in the span of a couple weeks.
 photo IMG_5268_zps343dfa50.jpg
making its’ debut on my blog is my black leather jacket! I’ve really only worn it maybe a handful of times. I don’t know why I have a hard time styling it, because when I bought it I had myself convinced that I couldn’t live another day without a moto-style black leather jacket. anyway- what are your tips for styling a leather jacket? I’ve seen some looks that I loved, so spill stylish ladies!
 photo IMG_5267_zpsa0a09c47.jpg
and once again, my orange wedges, nothing exciting here, except for proof that I am definitely alternating between two pairs of wedges as much as I can this Summer.
 photo IMG_5255_zps3597c429.jpg
and let the Summer adventures continue! wishing you all a wonderful, warm weekend. thanks for reading along!

oh, and if you’d like to be on speed dial for the shenanigans of the week’s end (road-trips tend to bring out the best tweeter in me):
@priyapappu or @perfectlypriya or BOTH? have we reached that level of friendship yet? I think so. see you there!

Summer road-trip wishlist

Wednesday, June 11

after the longest, coldest Winter in the entire world, I think everyone is super relieved that Summer is here! Fall is definitely my favorite season (not just for all the omgblog! reasons) but for some reason, this Summer is feeling especially lovely so far. when I was younger Summers were endless and I often got really bored (and even looked forward to school starting! I guess I was a nerd.) but nowadays, Summer seems FULL of adventure, sunshine, simple outfits, cold drinks, and swimming!

and now it's my first "adult" Summer, i.e. no Summer break, no real change in day to day life since the season changed. it feels different for sure, but I don't hate it! and to keep the summer alive, I'm making as many weekend getaways as possible. here's what I've got in the queue: 
 photo IMG_4583_zps7fafe2a1.jpg
Pensacola, FL March 2014

1. Young Harris, Georgia- for Julie & Lee's wedding. DONE!
2. Harrisonburg, Virginia- next weekend for Ashton & Ashley's wedding.
3. Santa Clara, California- this is tentative. still haven't decided if I'll go home this Summer.
4. Charleston, South Carolina- just a wish. I have always wanted to go. maybe it'll finally happen!
5. Pensacola, Florida- I'm actually going this weekend, and hope to go again to see my brother Sundar.
6. Cedars of Lebanon State Park- for my birthday cabin weekend, DONE!
7. The BEACH- I wanted to take an anniversary trip with Hunter, this turned into a friends beach trip.
8. Memphis, Tennessee- to see my girl Meredith. planning this for the 4th.
9. Davidson, North Carolina- this will have to be at Summer's end, to see my brother Amir.
10. Atlanta, Georgia- I'll probably end up here more than once.
11. Austin, Texas- this is just somewhere I really want to go. I've heard how cool it is!

I'll plan on updating this at the end of the Summer to mark my progress!

what trips do you have planned this Summer? any recommendations for the places I'm visiting??

weekend update: birthday // weekend

Monday, June 9

now I'm really 23! (I feel kinda guilty for anyone I lead astray by celebrating my birthday last weekend, the actual day was Thursday, June 5th.) so I celebrated the day of, then took Friday off because my company is the best, and had a long weekend. please tell me I look older and not younger, and definitely not 16. 
 photo IMG_5470_zps01ab33d9.jpg
| earrings: via swap | jacket: Gap | dress: Madewell | wedges: Target |

I wore this to my birthday dinner on Thursday. Hunter and I messaged back and forth all day trying to plan what to do & where to go, and finally decided on Coco's, an Italian market and restaurant in my neighborhood. I love how cozy and authentic it feels. bonus that they have a Bocce Ball court (field? arena?) in the front (right behind me in these photos.) once I learn how to play, I will most definitely hit that up! 
 photo IMG_5460_zps48547db1.jpg
I didn't necessarily plan on taking some outfit pics on my bday, but apart from really liking what I wore on the day, I think it'll be a cool thing to look back on. I talked to several older co-workers about what they did when they turned 23, and now here I am, immortalized (#dramatic) in my favorite dress, wedges I've been wearing non-stop, and the heaviest jeweled earrings of all time. now I'll never forget what I looked like or what my style was like at age 23! fashion blogging is so responsible. 
 photo IMG_5472_zps2c5853f4.jpg
some years I feel like my birthday goes by and I'm like, ok, whatever (despite loving theatrics and attention and talking to people my birthday always feels weird.) then sometimes, like this year, I feel really introspective and I get all "I'm getting older, who am I ?? what have I done?!" 

the night before my birthday I spent some time (babysitting and) really thinking about my life right now. I thought about how it compared to what I'd wished for when I was younger. and where I was last year. and what I've thought of my whole life about the age "23."

I don't know if I would have guessed that I'd be living and working in Nashville, Tennessee actually. that would've been a long shot. BUT I will say that in 5th grade I did my state report on Tennessee (state bird: the mockingbird) for what that's worth!

what I felt most of all was: fortunate. and lucky, I suppose. this might be weird and too deep but I feel like there is constantly terrible stuff happening in the world, that I read about and watch on TV. so much of it feels like it could very well have happened to me, but none of it has. 

even though my blog is called "perfectly Priya" (note- I don't think if I named it again I would call it that. that might be another blog post all together.) my life has been FAR from perfect. there were absolutely times I thought my world was ending, though, it was probably just being really dramatic. I'm not saying I've never dealt with anything, but when I think about it, I've been spared pretty much any major trauma. which I realize is more than a lot of people can say. so, I feel fortunate. 
 photo IMG_5479_zps103edd56.jpg
I've been brainstorming some "life mottos" for the coming year. one thing I do love about my birthday is that it's mid-way through the year and essentially like a re-start for any new year's resolutions I made. here's what I've come up with so far.

"2 blest 2 be stressed" see above paragraphs
"23: one foot in the grave, and one foot on a banana peel." someone said that to me actually
"if you ain't got no money get yo broke ass home" I listened to Glamorous. Fergie really gets it!
 photo IMG_5465_zps5a0662a4.jpg
and because this is an outfit post: this is my favorite dress, end of story. it makes me want to skip like four Old Navy or Forever 21 dresses to get another Madewell dress (this is the conversion factor.) I've been wearing these wedges with everything and I love them! I got these earrings in our BlogNashville clothing swap. they are gorgeous, just so heavy. and jean jacket, I love you.
 photo IMG_3271_zpsd128185b.jpg
more from this weekend:
- dinner at Coco's
- Saturday Andrea ran a half marathon and we ended up hanging out all day
- I also babysat for this little nugget and we walked in the creek, it was awesome! Summer!!

Saturday we also found these in downtown Franklin (by Andrea's house) 
 photo IMG_3266_zps3b8b02a0.jpg
I guess I've never mentioned how much I love temporary tattoos, and donuts (edit- I have definitely talked about donuts on my blog.) I had to have them, and I made Andrea + Ethan & Hunter all put one on. this marks my favorite part of the Summer so far, but I still have a ways to go. Saturday really felt Summer-y and I loved every minute. 

ok so this post is more all over the place than normal even. but I hope you are all having a lovely start to the summer. thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes. oh I'm an adult now! 

MAXImum Potential

Wednesday, June 4

Blogger to blogger, we all forgive each other for taking advantage of clothing puns for post titles, right? Oh good. Moving on,
 photo IMG_5280_zpsa085dde5.jpg
earrings: gift from Galina, necklace: from Mexico, top: Crossroads CA, belt: from Shel, skirt: Piperlime, wedges: Target

Like many trendy things, I have hesitated and delayed jumping on the maxi train. I think they look great on others, I just have very short legs and never found them comfortable. But when I saw this skirt on Ashley, it was the first time in my blogging life I thought "I MUST have that" and turned around and bought it (side note- apart from the awesome skirt, Ashley is just lovely and refreshing overall. Check out her blog, I have enjoyed looking through it again.)
 photo IMG_5281_zpsd02e71ff.jpg
I first wore this skirt for a night downtown with a group of friends (didn't even have to dry-clean it after, I deserve some sort of award, as far as I'm concerned), then again for work & Shel's brother Kolten's grad party (CONGRATS Kolten!) 

When I wore it to the office I had several people compliment and ask me about it, which prompted me to look up the link, which prompted me to notice: it's even more reduced then when I bought it (already a steal!) So, seriously, you can get one here (there are several colors!) I never link to stuff on my blog, but this is something you could actually buy. And I'm not getting a kickback or anything, so just relaxxx
 photo IMG_5295_zps96f9deb5.jpg
I will say the pictures on the website appear brighter than the color is in real life, but otherwise, no complaints (we now have the pink one in my office as well, I'd say, not as bright, but still a pretty color!) It seems to be great quality. And though it is fairly long, it worked just fine with tall wedges. 

I don't really have anything else to say about this? Throughout the day I realized the wedges + belt + necklace might be too much and considered taking the necklace off. What do you think? 
 photo IMG_5287_zpscb9f61ad.jpg

Also- these wedges rock and I regret not buying them in every color when they were on clearance at Target.

I hope your week is going well! I planned to be super chill after what seemed like lots of planning & doing, but I've been babysitting and I'll be house-sitting on & off this week, and just planned to go visit my brother in Florida next week. So, three cheers to not slowing down this summer! 

weekend update: cabin birthday celebration!

Tuesday, June 3

I celebrated my birthday a bit prematurely this weekend! I rented a cabin at Cedars of Lebanon state park and hung out with some of my best friends, (shout-out to: Cormac, JB, and Meredith who came all the way from Atlanta, Birmingham, and Memphis!)

Birthdays always feel a bit weird to me...but I sure feel special and loved and over-caked. Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated, I had a blast! Oh- and as soon as I got there I realized I had left my memory card out of my camera, thankfully some friends helped me capture the weekend.
 photo IMG_3222_zps661b9c2c.jpg
1.  Not necessarily the cutest picture of us all, but I love it. So special to have my best girls together again (and discuss Amanda's WEDDING!)
2. This little clique has quickly become one of my favorites, the boys are happy, and the girls are happy! And I love this picture.
3. I got mini-cupcakes from my favorite shop and the fabulous Whitley made me a strawberry lemon cake + glittery candles, it was magical. And I'm still eating cake.
4. Hunter says, "the hand on the chest of sincerity", but seriously, what do you do when people are singing Happy Birthday?? I just felt really happy. 
*Thanks to Whitley for basically all of these photos.

My 23rd year doesn't officially start 'til Thursday...but I was talking to a co-worker this morning who said his wife's philosophy is that a woman gets to celebrate her birthday all month. Sounds alright to me, here we go June birthday month!!