Obvious Auxiliary Exercise Tights

My outfit thermostat is all out of sorts; going from premature FREEZING Nashville, to warm CA, back to cold TN, and the high today is 66 (warm enough for bare legs) and rainyyyyy. Anyway, this 'fit is from those unbelievably cold days before Thanksgiving. And, in retrospect, it is completely obvious that I am wearing yoga pants. I'm just trying to stay alive, folks. You do what you have to do, when you're a young California girl that finds yourself in weather with digits less than your age. I maintain: never a good thing! 
 photo IMG_6725_zps7bb2919c.jpg
| coat: Old Navy | blouse: Old Navy | skirt: J.Crew | tights: Lululemon | boots: Frye | 

Something about the proportions of this outfit felt just right. I wore the heck out of this coat in Canada, but otherwise, I just don't reach for it when I'm running out the door. Something about the silhouette feels a tad dramatic, and I always wish it were black for some reason. I think I like it best over skirts and dresses though, so this was great. 
 photo IMG_6731_zps2bce7c82.jpg
This blouse was my favorite for a while after I bought it (see it also: here) and then I completely forgot about it! I was determined to wear it this day, and the rest of the outfit just fell in place around it. If anyone is considering Frye boots, I will say: I've had mine for about a year and feel like I've already justified the purchase in cost-per-wear. I've been wearing these a few times a week! 
 photo IMG_6728_zps3976c9d8.jpg
And if these pictures look like they were taken in a divey restaurant parking lot, it's because they were! A couple weeks ago, Hunter met me for lunch on his way back from a couple days in Knoxville, for an engineering class. This was a big exciting deal because we NEVER meet for lunch! We went to Thai Phoo Ket, which is in a double wide trailer, across from Titan's stadium, and has arguably the best Thai food in town. And if you ever want to give them a call, their number is below! 
 photo IMG_6722_zpsbc0564c8.jpg

How cute is Huneebear in his little peacoat? He was pleased as punch.

I'm gearing up for a full, fun (although, rainy,  I guess) weekend! It is fun being back in Nashville. Do you guys have anything exciting planned? Have a great one! 


Danielle Wallace said...

Priya, I love this outfit!! That's such a great top that you can style a million and one ways and that skirt is so pretty and feminine! I need a skirt like it fosho. And I really like Hunter's coat, I wish Larry would wear stuff like that haha. Have a great weekend girlie. :)

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

good to love when an outfit come together like that. Have a great weekend.

nicole s. said...

i actually love the look of yoga pants with the flirty skirt. it gives a sort of industrial look that i think is super cool, looks deliberate.

Ash @ The Nashvillian said...

The good thing about Lululemons is you can ALWAYS style them into a regular outfit because they're just that awesome. I pretty much live in mine all weekend long. :)

lisa said...

I love your coat and the color of it! A good pair of boots is worth the investment and they always last so much longer than the cheap ones I occasionally try to substitute :)

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Cute outfit!! Love your classic coat! I've been wearing thicker tights and leggings under dresses because it's so cold lately! Brrr!

Priya said...

I think it's from Target! Sometimes you just have to buy them stuff to help them out :)

Priya said...

never would have thought of it that way! good thinking!!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

This outfit is great Priya!! I need to rock skirts more often in winter. I just hate fumbling around with two layers of tights when I have to use the restroom! Your coat is just gorgeous! I have a similar black one that I held off on wearing for a long time because I thought it was too fancy (plus my ex said it made me look like I was wearing my older sister's coat. Stupid I know but it still stuck in the back of my head.) Now that I'm 6 years older, I feel I can wear it more often and I have a coat for any occasion. The buttons and fit of yours is very classy and feminine. You should definitely keep wearing it!

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