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LIFE: This June was a month where my suitcase lived on the floor of my room. Not to mention, a great one!
+ #26DaysofPriya | Most notably, I turned 26! You know, it was a really good birthday. I was determined to find a small way to celebrate myself every day for 26 days, and thus #26DaysofPriya was born. We can talk more about why I did this in case anyone wants to give me shit, but in a word, because I'm single. Ultimately the project was less intentional then I intended (you know, weekdays get busy and I was writing things down in retrospect) but a few examples: slept in with no alarm, bought a birthday dress, got my hair blown out, birthday cake milkshake, went to the beach, bought myself flowers, went to a bar alone, wasted time, and bought fancy groceries. Specifically the point was NOT to spend money or buy something every day. It was cool.
+ small goals | I accomplished: getting on my own health insurance (!), renewing my driver's license, and #26DaysofPriya. I did not book our Airbnb for Christmas, replace my tires, decide if I should go see Britney Spears or Chance the Rapper, or start #26DaysofNOTPriya (yet.) I'm starting on July 1. Stay tuned for that next month!
+ fitness | After finishing 16 weeks of the Bikini Body Guide last month, I started it again- same exact thing, just plugging in weights wherever possible. I'll keep you posted as to whether doing it twice in a row (like a cheapskate) works. 12 weeks from the start of June should have me finishing in perfect time to go to Italy (and eat bread and cheese for a week!) I'm actually planning a full cleanse in August, details to come.

BLOGGED: My blog this month was all style and travel, which doesn't feel like"real life", but I guess it was!
+ Here's how I spent my 26th birthday, we went to Chicago for a long weekend, I took a mid-week trip to Charleston with Jacqui, and just returned from a long wedding weekend in California.
+  This outfit post is basically just about my brother Amir, here's a Varsity Girlfriend combination that hasn't let me down yet, a 70's inspired outfit for Spring, and a look I'm calling "Island Hipster Joanna Gaines."
BEAUTY: still in a beauty-obsessed phase for sure, but happy to report I didn’t buy anything this month!
+ Another new Wet n Wild fave: shimmer palette in Boozy Brunch (I like to say, what’s actually better: a boozy brunch or Boozy Brunch?) This stuff is GOLDEN & gives an amazing glow from cheekbones to temples (you can’t/don’t need to put it anywhere else!) Bonus: leopard print. More recent Wet n Wild faves here.
+ Finally perfected my brows with a 3 step method (not partial to any products, they’re all the same to me): I tame with a tinted spoolie (I like the NYX Brow), fill in at the “corners” with a pencil (currently a random Pacifica one), & finish with a quick one-two swipe of powder (the e.l.f. kit has a gel & powder for a cool $3!) Fab brows in 3 minutes!
+ Going to the beach, pool, and blow-drying my hair left things feeling rough. For the first time ever, I deep conditioned my hair over night! It left it noticeably softer and better looking, but also noticeably dirtier faster. :)
+ I’ve also become obsessed with the idea of a DIY body scrub and masque. If you have a recipe you love to make, please share it with me!
JuneShopping SHOPPING: So I got a lot this month (it was my birthday & some were gifts) and I swapped my Summer clothes in my closet, SO: I have a lot. Planning to FREEZE in July. Wish me luck!
+ gingham dress | I was super excited to shop at Zara in Chicago, "just for a birthday dress" (worn here!)
black trousers | I cannot WAIT to wear these! I tried them on a whim, they are unlike anything I own & badA.
+ day dress | you know I love a day dress! Stripey, oversized, also from Zara, & perfection. (But not online? Sorry.)
floral jacket | Saw this in the store & LOVED it but thought it was so unpractical. Then I came home & ordered it!
+ Rifle Paper Co. + Keds | Also told myself no more novelty sneakers, but these are too pretty & I've been waiting!
+ beaded tassel earrings | Part one of a birthday present from Old Navy, and my new go-to earrings.
+ black swing dress | I own this dress in red-orange and have been waiting to get it in black too! A perfect day dress.
+ ban.do duffel | Literally sold a Vera Bradley duffel on Poshmark and immediately ordered this cuter one (on sale!)
+ floral flats | I watched these for months and they arrived at the tale end of May. And they're sold out, sorry :/

The Keepers | I can't recommend this Netflix original series because it's good, but it is definitely compelling and you won't be able to stop watching. Trigger warnings for basically anything traumatizing.
Witness - Katy Perry | Did you know that I consume celeb gossip like a delicious treat and thissss albummm has been like a Coca Cola on Christmas Day?! I suppose I’m just referring to Swish Swish there. But the rest of the album is all club beats. Hey Hey Hey is a feminist anthem I love and work out to.
Melodrama - Lorde | I'll be the first to say this album took me a few listens to get into, but, woah. We already all love Lorde, but this captures moody young love perfectly. Homegrown Dynamite is hot fire that I'm listening to on repeat. Amir & Carina argue The Louvre is the best track (whatever).
Gone Now - Bleachers | I was so excited for this album to come out! Bleachers is probably the best feel good music, and just in time for Summer! My favorite track so far is Let's Get Married.
~feeling myself~ | Just like you, sometimes I get down on myself. I made this playlist to cheer me up in a pinch, also a fantastic, empowering playlist to workout to!
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+ Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | Carina lent me this book and advised I read it next because it has a "strong female lead." Adichie is an incredible writer, no doubt about it, and the story definitely appeals to the hopeless romantic in me. Big plans to finish it this weekend.
+ Man Repeller by Leandra Medine | I've been a lukewarm fan of MR for years, but have recently become really obsessed with Leandra's style. I didn't know she wrote a book (thanks Emily!) and promptly checked this out from the library. So far, she is zany, and I'm loving it.
Untitled NASHVILLE: I thought it’d be fun to add in a couple fun things I did locally in June!
+ Chinese Lantern Festival | This was randomly at the fairgrounds and absolutely mesmerizing.
+ Verticity | Nashville's answer to SoulCycle. I have a friends that go religiously, so I went to class this month! It was such a great, hard, inspiring workout, and they just opened a brand new studio!
+ Sinema | I still have never eaten here, but it's my new favorite Happy Hour! They have amazing food and drink specials (including a cocktail of the day- I had a blueberry whiskey one) AND jazz on Monday nights!

How was June for you? I hope you enjoyed my birthday month, too. Share all your favorites with me, below!

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