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+ It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas It's the last day of 2017! Wowwweee!

I spent a pretty blissful week in California with my family, snuggled up, not wearing real pants, and I've actually continued that routime back in Nashville for the last few days. It is COLD- perfect blogging, reading, watching TV weather. December was a really fun, festive month for me!

+ Quickly touching on my small goals: I completely re-did my bedroom, I won a planner in Emily's giveaway, which changed my plans a bit (can't wait to receive it & start using it!), for the most part, I stuck to my festive advent calendar, I've done one year-end post so far (with at least 2 to come!) I bought hella gifts, and I made the Thai Beef salad and it was SO good (pro-tip: deli counter London Broil.)
+ What Christmas Means to Me I actually had a lot of fun blogging this month!

The festive outfits were poppin'- I wore a yellow velvet dress, purple velvet trousers, and patent leather!

**Skipping beauty otherwise because I'll be sharing my Best of Beauty 2017 tomorrow!**

+ Underneath the Tree a few presents for Pri, too
So what happened was...I went to LOFT to get some gifts for my mother (found these outstanding pants), and followed up with what I saw in stores online, where they were having a mega sale. I ordered this coat (that I'm obsessed with, doesn't fit me right :/), this skirt that I LUV, the corduroy skirt of my dreams that I will need to get tailored, basic black leggings, THIS PURPLE skirt (exchanging for the correct size), new tuxedo pants, & this fantastic sweatshirt dress. I debated velvet booties & then I was like whatever I work hard (+ BOGO got these neutral block heels too.)

Shop with meeee (all of this stuff is actually available online right now!)
+ Silver [Screen] Bells 
Due to the subject nature, I feel weird saying I was enchanted by Mindhunter; but it had this hazy 70's nostalgic vibe and I absolutely loved the characters (the mains, NOT the serial killers.) If you watch the pilot and it takes a few weeks to work up your courage for the rest- me 2 girl.
I was SO excited to see Lady Bird and it did NOT disappoint. The story of Christine McPherson is a coming-of-age tale, a study of the complex relationships between mothers & daughters, and a glimpse into attending a religious high school. I chuckled, I sobbed, I missed my mom so much, Saorise Ronan is a dream and Sacramento has never looked so good.

+ Do You Hear What I Hear? Here's my Top Songs 2017 Playlist, bless you, Spotify!
Amy Shark is a new-to-me artist whose far-too-cool EP, Night Thinker came out earlier this year. Listen to: the single, Adore. Moody gold, and who hasn't been that girl before?! Really into the whole EP.
I was somewhat familiar with SZA from Insecure/the Billboard Top 100/What Lover's Do, but shout-out to Dago for encouraging me to listen to the full album, & now I can't stop! SZA is a queen and really doesn't like shaving her legs (theeee realest.) Listen to: Drew Barrymore
This is such a sleeper pick, sorry- I've only been a casual St. Vincent fan in the past, but her newest album, Masseduction, is sssoooo fantastic. Not to mention, I admire the hell out of her. Listen to: Los Ageless
I would like to applaud Sia for releasing an entire ALBUM of original Christmas songs. Sia is a pop master so this is really just a great pop album that happens to take place in December.
Speaking of Christmas- I already shared this, but I made a dope Christmas playlist with the best pop, some classics, lots of Soul/Motown, and no Santa Baby, Baby It's Cold Outside, or Pentatonix. Bookmark it!

+ Let it Snow! (So I can read.)
I finished The Nightingale last night which means I officially hit my reading goal for the year- 12 books! This story of two French sisters during WW2 was probably the best book I read this year, and I cried like a baby.

+ Walking in a Winter Wonderland- Nashville!

I can't believe I haven't mentioned Rudie's- my neighborhood gastropub! It's solid and pretty under the radar, but I went the other night and had my dream meal: red wine, a local cheese plate, shrimp cocktail, and seasonal roasted vegetables. If this is not your dream meal- they specialize in sausage & seafood.

I can't believe I've written a whole year of these posts! Check out the series right here and, as always, share your December joys with me in the comments!

Wishing all of you a fabulous and safe New Years Eve, and I'll talk to you in 2018 (teehee!) 

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alittlebitofgoldglitter said...

Love these posts! I'm planning to visit a friend in Nashville in March so I'm creeping through your posts to find the best of the best in Nashville :)

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