Stripey Behavior

Wednesday, May 24

| glasses: {similar} | lipstick: Rimmel Moisture Renew in Red Alert | necklace: H&M {similar} | purse: Pop & Suki (gift) | button-up: Polo Ralph Lauren via Jamie {similar in blue or pink} | jeans: Urban Outfitters | heels: Nordstrom Rack

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Hey there! A few things:

+ Can I tell you about the worst possible thing to happen to a blogger? When you think you came up with an awesome outfit, only to realize you had actually pinned it years ago? This just happened to me twice. I was so hyped about this look, that came together with a few new-ish to me pieces, until I saw it on my Outfits to Try board on Pinterest (now it lives on my Pin For The Win board.) Oh well. 

+ These jeans! I can't stop wearing them. Should I apologize in advance if my next five posts feature them? I went -WHERE ELSE- to Urban Outfitters, where all the cool kids go, looking for a trendy cut of denim. I tried on both "Mom jeans" (which were the most horrendous thing I have ever put on my body) and these girlfriend jeans, which are an A++. How are they magically the perfect length for me (this never happens!) They are also stretchy, so comfy, and the perfect rise. You don't have to use my affiliate link, but you DO have to buy these jeans. 

+ The best day comes but once a year, and it happened recently! My work friend, Jamie, who is honest to god one of the most hilarious people I've ever met, lets me help her clean out her closet! That night involved Rosé, a novelty print swimsuit, and a LOAD of goodies. I mean, I could have a new signature look with how many oxford button-ups she gave me. Coming soon to a blog near you! #handmedownsarelife

+ Loads more about this purse (that has my name on it!!!) right here

+  I have to give a shout-out to East Nashville, where I've lived on and off since I graduated four years ago (eek!) and absolutely love. Where I live right now, specifically, is my favorite spot I've lived in the entire time I've been in Nashville (I guess I won't say where specifically but, it's right by this mural!) This part of town certainly has its' charms, and I really enjoy a Saturday where I can wander around and don't have to cross the bridge- ha! I've been eyeing this mural for a while, and it seemed like the perfect ode to the neighborhood I love so much!
How cute is my sister?? She's trying to stay off the grid so I won't say her full name. When she came to town a few weeks ago, we brunched at Little Octopus, stopped by this mural, and then spent a long afternoon on the couch. It was pretty perfect.

Since I was off last Friday and Monday, my week has been all over the place (like, more than usual even) but really great! I've had no idea what day it is. And of course there's a long weekend ahead and then another extra short week (because I'm celebrating my birthday in Chicago!) Have a wonderful long weekend and thanks for reading! 

pictures by the incomparable Little Peanut

Weekend Update: #60YearsofArja & #NicetobeWong

Tuesday, May 23


Several people commented this weekend on how nicely it worked out that my mom’s birthday party was the same weekend as Katie’s wedding- to which I replied, that’s cute, no I totally planned it that way. What happened was as soon as Katie texted me and said, “hey does May 21st sound ok for our wedding?” I sent an email Save the Date to my family that said “hey Mom’s party is May 19th- be there.” So, per absolute usual, it was a jam-packed festive weekend, and that’s just how it has to be when I go home! I say "has to" like I’m complaining- not complaining, I am absolutely amused by it.

I got in Thursday night, made the most of my “Central Time alarm clock” and spent Friday running around with last minute party errands, as well and going to lunch with my parents, Coren & Marisol, & Amir. A completely normal thing that was such a treat to me!

Then together with my partner in crime, (shout-out to Galina!), threw my angel mother the 60th birthday bash of the century! It was a family and friends that feel like family affair through and through. Steph came to hang and take photos (cannot WAIT to share those! THANKS Steph! <3), my brothers played & sang In The Blood (it only takes until the first line of this song before I start weeping), I spent way too many hours on a slideshow, and forced everyone in my family to make a “toast”, including Sundar, who submitted a “video toast” because he just got deployed. And yeah, that was impossible to top. Not a dry eye!

The biggest way I see myself becoming like my mom (I can only hope to be so lucky!) is that MAN I am a crier. I want to reinforce that I am sentimental but not sensitive, and it’s never about sad things. In fact, I’m writing this on the plane and sitting next to a mom with a baby, and an older lady across the aisle just said “I’m a mom too. If you need a third hand, just let me know.” And this is exactly the kind of stuff I’m talking about- I could have cried for the rest of the flight if I allowed myself!

Anyway- the party was a hit. My mom told me she felt loved and celebrated which was really the only thing we needed to accomplish. It was so fun to pamper and celebrate her because she really is the most deserving person. My toast was a thank you for being patient and not selling me to the gypsies, and having an un-rivaled servant’s heart: as evidenced by her helping us prep for the party that day (I was like MOM- GET OUT OF HERE this is your party!) and serving one million meals, and, ultimately, getting thrown up on by my dad’s sister at her own 60 birthday party, because she was helping someone in need (it was less of a “turnt” situation and solely a “she passed out” situation.) I’m not really sure if I’m supposed to be sharing that! But it happened! And she is truly an angel! And today is actually her birthday- Happy Birthday Mom, LYMTL!

After an abbreviated post mortem night out with my sibs, I was up for wedding central! We spent Saturday running around and at the rehearsal & dinner and ultimately forcing Katie to go to sleep as early as possible.

I’ll keep this short because this post has somehow become very long and I will share photos from the wedding and write more about it; but all you need to know is that Katie is the type of friend that will buy YOU lunch the day before her wedding. And I would do absolutely anything she asked me to do, ever. The wedding was such proof that she is that way to ANYONE she meets. There are some friends you just feel lucky to know, and Katie is one of those for me.

I am excited to get to know Jon even more, though we did all go to high school together (actually- there were quite a number of people I graduated with in/at the wedding which was so fun! I got to walk with Kenny who I ADORE but never ever get to see! I also ran into our class president [have I ever mentioned I was Vice President?] and we were like, hey, time to plan our ten year reunion in two years…which, I can’t even talk about. HOW is that possible?) Everything I know about Jon I love! He is very gentle, and kind, and called me to ask/tell me he was going to propose to Katie (i KNOW), and he certainly looked very handsome this weekend!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, I love a wedding day, because my only job is to get ready and hang out with my best friends and help the bride! The wedding was BEAUTIFUL, I could not get over the California backdrop. This is going to sound insufferable but especially after just reading East of Eden I couldn’t stop gaping at how beautiful the Bay Area is. It really has become the age old question for me, Nashville or the Bay…

I wept through the ceremony that Katie’s sweet dad conducted (naturally) and Katie walking down the aisle with her veil blowing in the wind and the hilly California backdrop and the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack playing was a moment for life if there ever was one!

I got to make the playlist which really freaked me out, but, it turned out great! And was really fun! And I’ve never danced to The Thizzle Dance at a wedding before! #bayroots

Ok, I’m excited to be back in Nashville to kick off Summer time, but California, see ya real soon.

Blue Jean Baby

Wednesday, May 17

| lip: Rimmel Moisture Renew in Red Alert | earrings: Madewell | dress: Madewell | clogs: Swedish Hasbeen {similar} | tote: gift (Nordstrom) |

Don't forget: click the item name for alternate wears on the blog/product name to shop exact or similar!
Also: you can view my outfits by season! Check out the Spring fashion label on this post!

Y'all (remind me to tell you the story about when I was hostessing at a restaurant in Nashville and I said "y'all" and someone said "you're not from around here are you?") first of all: THANK YOU for your kind comments, tweets, and texts in response to the new Priya the Blog! I've been working on this for months and when I finally deployed, was kinda frustrated and ready to get it over with, totally not realizing what a morale booster this would be for me personally. Thank you, thank you. So excited about this.

If you stepped away from perfectly Priya for a minute and you're like what the H is going on --> check out this post! Basically everything around here is updated, so be sure and take a look at my About page, Blogs I Love, and the page where you can shop my favorites. Also a heads up that the posts in the "filmstrip" above are my most popular for the last year or so, and probably a great place to start. Last thing and then I'll shut up about it for a while, ye olde blog Twitter is also shiny and new! Let's connect!

This outfit is 100% comprised of my favorites, lately. And I believe for the first time in the history of this blog, this entire look is available for you to shop, right now! Check out that widget below or the links above! My wardrobe is so random/old/secondhand most of the time, I swear.

I originally wore this for day two of stage hosting at our big annual conference: it took me from emceeing all day, to our wrap party, to a comedy show, to a crashing a bachelor party; feeling fresh and comfy all the while! I just want you to know the rigorous tests I put these outfits through before I share them with the world!

I hear mixed reviews about how comfy wooden clogs actually are, but I think because I spend a lot of time wearing uncomfortable shoes, the thick wooden heels really do it for me.

This look was perfect again for a ramen date when my sister was in town the other weekend. Give me all the "sack dresses", seriously, so that I can eat my ramen and then eat her ramen when she doesn't. I finally got my hands on some tassel earrings! And I want a medal because this is probably the first tube of lipstick I bought (long enough ago that I'm embarrassed about it and won't tell you when) and now it's down to the nub!

Ok, what's new with you? #TeamSackDresses or nah? I'm in Nashville for a short week, before I head to California tomorrow for my mom's 60th birthday party on Friday and Katie's wedding on Sunday! Flying back to CA for a weekend of festivities is totally the norm around here. You can tagalong on Twitter and Instagram, and I'll be back here next week, 100.

Shop the look below!

Thank you to my Little Peanut for snapping these photos for me!

The New Priya the Blog!

Thursday, May 11

| earrings: Kate Spade | lip: Too Faced Melted lipstick in Strawberry | blouse: vintage via Any Old Iron {similar} | jeans: Urban Outfitters | heels: Kate Spade {similar} | 

Hey out there! Welcome to the newly rebranded Priya the Blog. I'm so excited to share it with you!

After blogging for a few years and deciding it was definitely something I wanted to keep doing, I made a goal to freshen up this space this year, and continued to think long and hard about a new name and a new look. My angle being: if blogging is something I want to do like, forever, I need a name (and a domain name!) and a "brand" that will always feel like me.

But first, a little more backstory. I started blogging in 2012 after suddenly inheriting a good chunk of free time. Like so many other bloggers, I had followed several blogs for while, wanted but hesitated to start my own, and finally just decided to go for it! I've always maintained that since I'm such an avid (--> obsessive) journalist, blogging seemed like the perfect extension of that; on a platform to share with people, adding in the element of community, as well as sharing photography, music, etc. etc. online. Like, if I write about a song in my journal, I can’t link it to Spotify, ya dig? perfectly Priya felt like it fit me then, but it just doesn't anymore. I'm not even sure where I was going with that. Still a recovering perfectionist, though ;)

SO while it may not be the most creative, my first name is the one thing that will never change. The other thing that likely won't change is anything about my blog ;) I don't have a "here's where I'm heading" strategy or plans to make it a full-time thing. I'm proud that this little blog has remained exactly how I've wanted it, since I started, and I think that's why I still love blogging as much as I do. I'm just gonna keep writing about whatever I want, ok? 

I'm sure I'll be tweaking things forever, and I'm still working out a few kinks- and on that note, if you spot one, please help a sister out!

Huge thank you to wonderful Adriane for taking these pictures (and so many others), and my talented friend Kevin for designing my header! Couldn't have done it without you guys! 

I guess this is kinda an outfit post too, but the only note I have about this look is that it feels very Priya, and the next five outfit posts feature the same jeans because I cannot stop wearing them. OH- and these pictures were taken at the mural in my neighborhood, which I love SO MUCH.

Ok, love you guys! Thank you, truly, for your support that comes in a million ways. Thanks for reading! Onward!

Weekend Update: Sisters Before

Monday, May 8

Sometimes your beloved sister needs to change a plane ticket last minute and says, I'll be in Nashville next weekend! 

I don't know if you've gathered that I really *love* maximizing and making plans, but I knew this would be a different kind of weekend. The weather actually shaped up really beautifully, so we kicked things off (after I picked her up at the airport with her favorite queso on Cinco de Mayo AND then we slept for 12 hours, best life) with a walk in my favorite spot, ^ the Shelby Bottoms greenway. Everything is so GREEN in Nashville right now!  

We had two unofficial hashtags ^ for the weekend (I know, I can't help myself) oh, make that three with the help of our unofficial branding consultant and some borrowed phraseology from my mom, (#comfortsoffamily.) I say unofficial because they are kinda a joke but only kinda. Not pictured: an amazing dinner at 5th & Taylor, an entire Sunday afternoon on my couch, a failed hunt for my holy grail girlfriend jeans for Peanut, an Inglewood historic homes tour, brunch at Little Octopus (maybe the best space ever), Despacito about ten times, and a load of lipstick swatches. 

LYMTL Little Peanut, and Nashville does too! See you next weekend (would you believe that we live across the country from each other?) 

Tutti Frutti

Friday, May 5

| earrings: bridesmaid gift {similar} | lip: Stila Liquid Lipstick in Beso | blouse: vintage [ via Any Old Iron] {similar} | coat: H&M {similar} | jeans: Old Navy | wedges: secondhand via Carina {similar} |

So about 90% of the time these days, all I do is eat salad and take flat lay photos and wear black, white, or gray. Ok so that’s not all true, but, just like you, I’m caught in the chicest of traps- N E U T R A L S. I barely remember how to wear color in a “cool” way anymore! And I’m not really saying this is cool. I’m just saying that once a week I freak out a little bit and want to wear every color in my closet, all at once.

Purple and red is a color combo I am SO ASHAMED to admit that I saw for the first time on an episode of The Bachelor. Everyone knows how I feel about purple (I describe it less as my favorite color and more of my lifestyle) but seeing it paired with red really made me go “hmmm.” I’m into it! How beautiful is this blouse? I found it in a very random vintage shop on my way home from a run one Saturday and ended up going back for it the next weekend (originally noted in my March recap.) For anyone in Nashville or passing through, Any Old Iron is definitely worth checking out! I spoke to the owner, whose background is in costume design- it was actually an incredible sequin blazer on a mannequin that made me go inside in the first place! The store has a great selection of vintage dresses and blouses, along with the handmade line of sequin blazers and jumpsuits- swoon!

This pink coat has been dubbed my “Spring coat” for the last few years because it’s 1) bright 2) not very warm but 3) makes me feel more chic than anything else I own! I never wear it quite as many times as I mean to in the narrow window when it is appropriate.

I kind of ran myself ragged this week, so I couldn't be happier it's Friday! Carina actually switched a plane ticket last minute to Nashville so she'll be here for the weekend. Tomorrow is looking pretty crummy weather wise, so I'm looking forward to lots of snuggling, maybe some shopping, ordering take-out, going to dinner (basically all the food and drinks) and generally giving my sister a little lovin'. Enjoy the weekend and thanks for reading!

Oh, and if you have advice for wearing colors in a chic and on trend way- I'm all ears! 

pictures by Adriane Smith Creative

Worry is a Waste

Tuesday, May 2

In the middle of this past pretty carefree weekend, I came to a realization about a specific situation that's been on my mind a bunch lately: I decided I'm just not going to worry about it. What is the point of that, exactly? Worrying doesn't solve a problem. Worry is a waste.

And that simple thought hit me pretty profoundly.

Worry is a waste. It's a waste of my time, energy, and emotions. If you're dealing with a situation that you can actually change- do that. Turn your worries into proactive measures. Problem solved. If it's a situation that's out of your control, that sucks, but there is literally nothing to be gained by worrying about it. Which reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." - Maya Angelou

So this might be minimally profound but, I figured I'd share it anyway! My mantra as of right now:

Worry is a waste. 

And I hope that helps you too!

Happy MAY! This month I'm ready to: bike to work, plan and host an amazing 60th birthday party for my angel mother, actually accomplish some Spring cleaning (closet, looking at you), get that base tan started for Summer, celebrate the ish out of Katie & Jon at their wedding, renew my car registration, and maybe, finally rebrand this here blog :D Hope your month is off to a fantastic start! 

APRIL / showers bring

Friday, April 28

a few favorites from this month

+ I know, I know, but I just can't believe I'm writing this post on the eve of MAY. Whether they were literal or emotional showers that clouded your April (I've had both), you know what those April showers bring! There is so much good stuff around the corner, guys!

+  This past month I was a part of two bachelorette parties; one here in Nashville for Anjali, and one in Portland, OR for Katie! I transitioned out of Winter wear with my one cold-weather-accessory, paid an homage to millennial pink and my new favorite purse, wore the most 90's outfit ever, and styled my culottes for Spring!

+ Can I get a round of applause because I have finally finished East of Eden? Only took me 8 months. I'll be honest, I had to do a SparkNotes deep dive afterwards. It is undoubtably an incredible piece of literature and John Steinbeck is a writer rivaled by few. A couple gems (but there is SO MUCH good stuff):
"Act out being alive, like a play. And after a while, a long while, it will be true."
"Eventlessness has no posts to drape duration on. From nothing to nothing is no time at all."
"He had an idea that even when beaten he could steal a little victory by laughing at defeat."

BEAUTY: I'll keep this month's brief because next month is gonna be a doozy. 
+ 24K Nudes Palette | I randomly came across two rave reviews of this palette in one day. So far, not in love with it.
+ Urban Decay Vice in Tampered | I've been on the hunt for this since this post and found it in Sephora in PDX!
+ Too Faced Shadow Insurance | Still a beauty rookie who doesn't wear a "full face" daily, but I can't live without this!

NASHVILLE: We painted the town with an all-star line-up for Anj's bachelorette weekend!
+ Le Sel | Couldn't be more perfect for a Bach party (two words: pink booths) & I had the best lamb gnocchi ever!
+ LA Jackson | No, THIS is my new favorite spot in town. A top the Thompson Hotel a classy af rooftop bar?! Hello.
+ Margot | We had our aforementioned life-giving Bach brunch here, I had steak and fries and it was the ultimate.
+ Marché | Don't forget about Margot's free-spirited sister where you can't make a reservation & I had Easter brunch.

+ Have to give a shoutout to my favorite artist, Andrew McMahon. Saw him again this month & he has a new album!
+ Here's the playlist I'm listening to as I workout these days (I update it weekly!) and it's called Twerkout Now. 
+ Have you guys checked out the I Love My 90's / '00's R&B playlists on Spotify?? Just an anthology of classics.
+ Few more tracks I love right now: Don't Take The Money, Despacito, Love, Now or NeverSign of the Times (duh!)
P.S. Are we following each other on Spotify??
SHOPPING: These Spring sales slayed me, you guys. Linked to similar for random items!
+ My girlfriend jeans from UO are my fave purchase of the month! They are a dream & I want to wear nothing else.
+ I was also dying for some tassel earrings and this pair from Madewell fit the bill, perfectly (and on sale!)
+ I love the Madewell courier shirt and picked up the dress equivalent to wear for a casual conference Friday. Love it!
+ This cord skirt (linked to identical) is the only remaining item off my Fall wishlist! I found mine at a local boutique.
+ Y'all know I can't resist a day dress and a trendy muscle tank one came home with me from the UO sale for like $10.
+ Two Poshmark purchases this month! First, some fabled Madwell floral jeans which are so cute and I think too small :/
+ Second, the most gorgeous Erin Fetherston silk romper (really similar to this) purchased with a Bach party in mind!
+ Scooped up another lacy bralette (can't stop!) from the Urban Outfitters additional sale on sale.
+ How amazingly 90's is this velvet dress (though mine is maroon) that I also found at the UO sale?!
+ My bridesmaid ensemb for Katie's wedding is shaping up to be so stylin, it includes these gold heels.

Always interested in hearing the latest and greatest in your life. Please share with me below! Thanks for reading!

Tornado Culottes

Tuesday, April 25

KQ2A9327 2
KQ2A9304 2

KQ2A9299 2
| earrings: Old Navy {similar} | lip: Wet n Wild LiquidCatsuit in Give Me Mocha | blouse: H&M {similar} | culottes: Old Navy [still available!] | tote: gift (Nordstrom) [still available!] | heels: Nordstrom Rack [still available!] | 

click item names for additional wears on the blog / product names to shop identical or similar! 

If you're reading this, that means I survived our conference last week! You know, I would say I actually thrived. I got to emcee for two full days, & have I ever mentioned how much I love being on stage? It was a dream. I also got to sit in on some pretty amazing keynotes sessions. I'm so hyped to be apart of this team. I'll probably spend this week catching up from last week but, all good! I also had the laziest weekend in the history of weekends so, feeling alright. 

These culottes are turning out to be my best random purchase, maybe ever (check out my first and second styling attempts!) I think, not shockingly, the move is to keep the rest of the look super simple, since these pants are such a statement. This look may be my favorite way I've worn them so far, and was perfect to wear to work. They are still available at Old Navy in pretty limited sizes, but this pair from Forever 21 is super similar.

This style of heel is everywhere right now and for good reason! They are so comfortable and go with everything (I'm wearing them today, actually!) They're also a pretty flattering style for anyone with short legs (raising my hand.) This exact pair that I'm wearing is also still available at Nordstrom Rack

I started down a SUPER dangerous path this week & started watching some beauty tutorials/product reviews on YouTube. Once I get my bearings a bit, I'll definitely share some favorites! Quick shout-out again for the Wet n Wild LiquidCatsuit lipsticks, the shade I'm wearing here is Give Me Mocha. It has been so funny to me that Wet n Wild is the drugstore brand that literally ALL beauty vloggers rave about; considering it's honestly the first make-up I ever knew existed. I bet there's still a couple bottles of crusty Wet n Wild glitter nail polish at my parent's house, from the 90's!

Ok lastly, I was absolutely dying at how beautiful all the blooming trees were a few weeks ago. I knew we had to get outside & get some pictures before they turned green, but on this day I SWEAR there was a tornado that afternoon so the wind was INSANE. A little bit of wind is a dream for blog pics, tornadic winds, not so much. The laughter in these pictures is real because I could not get my hair to stay put at all! The things we do for these blogs, I swear. 

Truly Madly Deeply

Wednesday, April 19

| lip: Wet ‘n Wild Liquid Catsuit in Nice To Fuchsia | crown necklace: Tiffany’s | dress: Vinnie Louise Nashville {similar} | sweater: H&M {similar} | socks: Target {similar} | boots: Doc Martens |

How do you determine if you have an obsessive personality? I mean, without science (I hate when people explain things to me using science.) If you have information regarding this, let me know. Or as my brothers would say, “Allow me to Google that for you.”

I’m obviously obsessed with the 90’s- and could this outfit be any more 90’s?? I’m actually more obsessed with the 80’s- but that’s a different matter. I was actually alive in the 90’s, and I think I was doing pretty well back then; but I have this theory that I would have absolutely freaking thrived if I were alive in the 80’s. I mean- my hair was meant for this decade. When I go on dates I actually like to ask the question “If you had to pick between 80’s or 90’s music for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?” (You know, just a fun, casual, icebreaker question.) Truly there isn’t a wrong answer- not with me anyways- what I’m really looking for is passion, maybe more specifically that they take this matter extremely seriously. The more worked up they get, the better.

But back to this look! I vaguely included this dress in my monthly round-up for March. Vinnie Louise has emerged as my new favorite boutique in town- it’s casual, trendy, and really reasonably priced! Nothing is worse than coming across a thin cheapy dress at a boutique that’s like $88- no thanks. I really want to write a guide to my current favorite shops in town (stay tuned!) There is really nothing I love more than a day dress and when I came across this in the shop, I couldn’t un-see it paired with my Docs- IS THIS REALLY THEIR BLOG DEBUT??

Guys. In an effort to not make this post too ramble-y, I’ll save my Docs story for another time. And oh there is a story. Every style has a story.

On a personal note- we are hosting our annual conference at work this week! It kicks off today and goes through Friday, and then I am headed to Memphis on Saturday morning (with Amanda to visit Meredith!) So, m-m-m-madness as usual! I am actually even more excited about our conference than normal, because I'm an emcee on one of the stages this year! I've finally arrived! So, trying to be a charming professional adult and simultaneously functional human. Stay tuned. And follow along on Twitter (blog / personal) for my "professional outfits" and marketing best practices lolololol

P.S. I read recently that tying a sweater around your waist is the easiest and cheapest way to transform your entire wardrobe. You’re welcome!

P.P.S. This title obviously inspired by my favorite 90's song of all time. I loved Savage Garden then, and they have TRULY stood the test of time. Thanks guys.

P.P.P.S. If you're looking for a good 80's and 90's playlist to get you started, here ya go: 80's / 90's

Shop the look below!Photos by Adriane Smith Creative

Pop, Suki, & Priya

Thursday, April 13

IMG_8878 2
| sunnies: stall in London {similar} | lip: NYX LiquidSuede lipstick in Tea & Cookies | button-up: secondhand Target {similar} | scarf: H&M {similar} | jeans: Old Navy Rockstar | oxfords: Primark {similar} | 
| purse: Pop & Suki (gift from Carina!) | 

Forgive me for not being fully reverent yet to this. PURSE. If you’re not impressed just because it’s tiny and pink, please understand that this is one of just a couple things I own with my name on it (and that’s only because my as-Southern-as-sweet-tea ex-boyfriend was super into monograms!) (No shade- hi Hunter, I still love you.)

My sister who, ironically, keeps me informed on all the blogger trends, was filling me in on Pop & Suki before Christmas last year, and innocently asking me which one she should get and which one was my favorite, and then this showed up on my doorstep (on today’s episode of: My Sisters Spoil Me!)

The “camera bag” is truly a purse for only your essentials- cardholder, phone, lip- I even have to detach my gaggle of keys when I use it. Which makes me a little panick-y, because I’m the kind of person that likes to tote a suitcase around, but it’s also pretty liberating. They also just released some dreamy new colors for Spring (lavender and robin's egg blue- swoon!)

And this is the last set (for now!) of pictures Steph took for me in January. This look was really just planned around showcasing this purse, though I’m all about the simple chic of a button-down and oxfords, as well as a pink, white, and gray color combo. The oxfords I've linked to are pretty dang similar, and such a versatile shoe to own!

I’m always a fan of areas of Nashville that make it feel like you could be in a different city (which…is there some sort of lesson in there?) and that’s how I always feel in Hillsboro Village by Vanderbilt. I’m not sure exactly what this beautiful marble building is…besides a great backdrop for some blog pics amiright?

Thank you Steph for all these photos! Check out the rest of the photos by her from that weekend right here.

Thank you Carina for my favorite lil purse! Check out other things Carina has given me...literally all over my blog.

shop the look below! photos by Stephanie B Photography