Tobi Look #3: Acquainted Lace

Tuesday, August 15

| lip: Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit in Rebel Rose | pants: Gap | heels: Anthropologie | clutch: gift (Anthropologie) |
| top: c/o Tobi {I'm wearing a size Small and it fits perfectly!} |

Well hello! Excited to share my third and final look in collaboration with Tobi today! If you missed looks one and two: I went for it with a lace-up dress / the tropical crop top of my dreams.

I really couldn't see past the Acquainted Lace Peplum Top after finding it on the Tobi website. It jumped out at me as being a) SO pretty (that detailing!) b) unlike anything I owned or really would ever pick out for myself and c) perfect for a night out on my upcoming trip to NYC.

I loved it even more after receiving it, because I don't know if these pictures convey how perfectly it fits me (I am wearing a size small, for reference.) It's kinda like a cute hug! I didn't even have to adjust the straps, which is absolutely unheard of for me! Though I might have gulped after looking at it, and felt like it would show more skin than I usually do, honestly I felt super comfortable wearing it. Though the back is open, the front comes up pretty high- I didn't have to worry about any gaping or adjusting or showing off more than I wanted! And though the peplum has that see-through peek-a-boo affect, it's actually fairly subtle, and perfect for concealing a LOT of pizza (I tested this for you, you're welcome.)

With the 50% promotion for first time orders, the top is $28, which is completely reasonable for the quality. All of the stitching/detailing is very sturdy! I didn’t experience any unraveling, and all the appliqu├ęs feel luxe (instead of cheapy/plastic-y, which can sometimes happen in tops like this.) 
Big thanks to Kathleen, Carina, and Elyse for taking these pictures for me! Aren't they cute? And yes, Carina is totally wearing the crop top I also received from Tobi. Of her own volition, I should add.

A huge thank you to Tobi for allowing me to participate in this collaboration! Though they allowed me to pick out these three items to review and keep, I can honestly say I would order from them anyway (we loved this top so much, I'm about to order one for Carina!) I was super impressed by the quality/fit of all three items I received, and can't wait to wear them again! I know they will quickly become well-loved items in my closet. Be sure and check out the wide and trendy selection that Tobi has! 

Tobi provided me with this top in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own!

Weekend Update: Little Peanut, Big City

Monday, August 14

photo creds to: Kathleen, Carina, and a stranger on the boat

So New York City is really cool! I'm convinced you need to visit around five times before you have any semblance of bearings. Luckily I was in great hands, between Carina and her wonderful friends Elyse and Kathleen. I mean that for a few reasons: they always answered my "so...where are we?" (pro tip: "If you don't realize you're leaving Manhattan you're still in Manhattan"), they let me ramble about Britney Spears/make-up and pretended (?) to listen, and they were down to take some pictures for this little blog. Seriously. Wait for my outfit pics (tomorrow) when I had THREE SHOOTERS at one point. For real!

Anyway I flew to NYC early Friday morning on Carina's 29th birthday! Happy Birthday Peanut!! We met in the airport and went straight to Russ & Daughters and Milk Bar (for the birthday cake truffles!) and then to get our nails done. We met up with Kathleen and checked into our Airbnb which was this AWESOME loft in SoHo/Little Italy/Chinatown. Then we got glam (I tied Carina down to do her make-up and force her to wear fake eyelashes haha) and had a really great dinner at Meadowsweet in Williamsburg (complete with champagne toast and singing to Carina which she hated. HA!) 

On Saturday after a slow start we had a brunch at Two Hands (seriously so good and the Australian waiters were also not bad) and then walked around and shopped, before a pizza slice en route ^^ (how funny is this picture? I was literally running down the street with cheese dripping down my face) to a sunset cruise on the Hudson. That may be so disgustingly touristy that you hate me, but it was pretty spectacular. And then there was loads of pizza at Rubirosa (plus "pizza portraits") after a stop at Parm. I broke my cleanse and really went for it (at one point...was eating gluten wrapped dairy and washing it down with a Negroni.) 

Finally Sunday, before heading back, we had time for brunch at Freeman's and a stop at the 9/11 memorial. Neither Carina nor I had ever been, and I don't want to gloss over that it was a really beautiful and moving tribute.

Well NYC, there's nothing like it. It also completely wore me out! HBD to my little peanut! 

Tobi Look #2: On Tropic Crop Top

Thursday, August 10

tropical crop top
PriyaPappu_42PriyaPappu_4PriyaPappu_12PriyaPappu_55PriyaPappu_49PriyaPappu_53PriyaPappu_15PriyaPappu_9PriyaPappu_30PriyaPappu_48 | earrings: Madewell | jacket: vintage | pins: literally all over | jeans: Madewell via Poshmark | clog sandals: Target |
| lipstick: Urban Decay lipstick in Temper
| top: c/o Tobi {this print also available in matching shorts!}

What's up babes! Today I'm sharing my second look from my recent collaboration with Tobi.

Did you catch the first one? I wore a lace-up dress, for real this time!

And just so you know, Tobi generously allowed me to pick out a few items to review and keep, but I can honestly say I would buy from them again. Tobi is a fantastic spot for totally on-trend tops, rompers, dresses, and loads more, that won't break the bank! In fact, you can use the code DS50 right now for 50% off the entire site. That makes this top $23 and totally worth it. They also make shorts in the same print that I would love to get my hands on- how cute is that matching combo? I'm wearing a size small, which actually fits me like a glove (no gaping arm holes!)

I really fell in love with this print as soon as I saw it- it's tropical, which you can find everywhere right now, but the color scheme seemed a little more unique and grown-up. I love how the print and cut "Summer-fied" (sureeee!) my black flares AND a little blavy never hurt nobody ;)

I mentioned this in my first post, but once again, I was very impressed by the quality of this top. It is fully lined, not sheer at all, and the zipper is noticeably sturdy (you know how on cheap stuff the zipper get stuck and feels like it's about to rip your outfit in half? Not this one!!)

I wore this earlier in the week, to work all day and then to see John Mayer in concert! His music might be too mainstream to be cool at this point, but I do not care at ALL. I've been listening to him since I was in elementary school and Room For Squares was on the radio; and we've been through a lot together since. Six albums and few boyfriends later, still a huge fan! And his most recent album is just fantastic. I love him so much, and the show was incredible. And the outfit was absolutely perfect for it! I'll also definitely be packing this top for my trip to NYC this weekend for Carina's birthday!

OH- and I have to give a shout-out to Christine who actually styled this entire look, as I was brainstorming at the office (we have a fashion show fashion show fashion show at lunch once/week at least), she said "pair it with your black flea market flares!" I was all, ooh- done.

Sorry I look so scowly in these pics! I'm happy, it was just very bright. Thanks to Miles for making me look good (and picking out this locale- anyone else getting serious True Detective Season One vibes?) And thanks to Tobi for sending me this rad crop top! Stay tuned (next week) for my third and final look with Tobi.

Tobi provided me with this top in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own!

photos by Miles Price

Tobi Look #1: Raina Dress

Wednesday, August 9

| lip: NYX lipstick in Thalia | hoops: Target | heels: Anthropologie | bag: Marc Jacobs via Carina |
| dress: c/o Tobi {Available in olive, black & toast. I am wearing a size S.} |  

It was nothing short of providence when Tobi reached out about a collaboration, last month, during my shopping ban! Tobi very generously let me pick out a few items from their selection (anything I wanted?!?!) to review and keep. This dress is the first of three pieces and outfits I created from my collaboration with Tobi. Stay tuned for my other goodies, which I am seriously so excited about! And do yourself a favor and check out the enormous, trendy, selection of going out tops, basics, pretty dresses, and MORE that Tobi has available! 

I spent a looong time looking through pages of options that Tobi carries (#maximalist), but the Raina Lace-Up Shift Dress landed in my cart and never left. I'd only hesitantly dipped my toe in the lace-up pool before (with a pair of flats and a mock lace-up dress) because I always say the style never felt quite like me.

So, in an effort to embrace the lace-up trend more fully, I picked this dress! And you know, though it was a bit outside of my comfort zone initially, I really like it (a bralette underneath helped.) Really the only thing I have to say about it that's not a rave review is that the wrinkles you see in these photos (what wrinkles? You didn't notice them? Great!) came from 5 minutes with a seatbelt on. So just, be aware. Maybe have your steamer handy?

I love how romantic the silhouette is, AND I can see this dress transitioning to Fall so nicely! And yes, I'm dreaming about Fall already and can't be the only one. I can't wait to pair it with some OTK boots, a floppy hat, or a dark lip (or maybe all three!) so fast.

To be completely honest- I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of all three items I received from Tobi. With 50% off your first purchase, the Raina dress is $29 and totally worth it! I wouldn't mind getting it in "Toast" too! It's made of Rayon, and really feels like a thicker, high-quality linen (not sheer, doesn't cling!)

Miles & I stumbled upon this mural downtown- isn't it great? Thanks Miles! And thanks Tobi! Stay tuned later this week for my second outfit from my collaboration with Tobi.

Tobi provided me with this dress in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own!

Vacay Prep

Monday, August 7

KQ2A9915 KQ2A9909
| hoops: Target {similar} | dress: Target {similar} | booties: Target {ok so these are the same thing but at Bloomingdale's?} | bangles: Target | oh what’s up Target |

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This outfit is a little dated, so this marks the blog debut of these cut-out booties I got from Target early this year. Um, you can’t even see the cut-out, but trust me, it’s there. This style is so trendy and a nice deviation from every other pair of booties I own.

Otherwise this outfit is pretty simple, but you know what they say, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This is also a great representation of what I’m wearing 80% of the time, day dress + booties (sub flats or sandals for Summer.) This dress is another random Target find from the Spring, I loved how subtle the “lace-up” is. That is a trend I have adopted very lightly (well, I say that, and my next outfit post features a full on lace-up dress. Baby steps!) 

That's really I have to say about this outfit, so let's talk about: VACATION!

I am going to Italy in 24 days (!!!) I've barely even gotten excited yet! I kinda can't believe it's so close, since I think I booked this trip the week I got back from Christmas vacation, ha. The plan is to meet Carina in Milan, fly to Alghero (on the island of Sardinia) where we'll spend the week, then spend the following weekend in Rome, before flying back to Milan. If you have any must-see or do's in any of these cities, I would love to hear them!!

Things I am doing before my trip:

+ exfoliating! (I guess...that's all I need to say about that.)

+ collecting reading materials! Carina originally said "this trip is too chill you won't like it, all I did was lay on the beach and read" SO I want to come prepared with an arsenal of books. Would love to hear any and all recs.

+ cleansing! I wrote about this in my July post, but as of today, I've been gluten, dairy, and alcohol free for A WHOLE WEEK. Though, sure, I want to be looking and feeling my best when I'm living in a swimsuit; this cleanse is really less about losing any weight or looking a certain way than it is about just disciplining myself, for a bit, and possibly figuring out what's making me feel bloated all the time. I don't think I have an intolerance, but something is not making me feel great and I bet it's gluten or dairy! I'm really determined to stick to it (I'm still eating sugar. Totally doable, right?) until August 31st- WITH the one exception of this coming weekend. I'm going to New York for Carina's birthday and I'm not about to be the lamest party guest of all time.

This "cleanse" is not admirable but I'm just trying to keep you in the loop ;)

Vibes & Vibes

Friday, August 4

| glasses: Primark {similar} | button-up: Ralph Lauren via Jamie | lip: Estee Lauder lipstick in Nectarine | skirt: Forever 21 via Jamie {similar} | slides: Madewell via Poshmark {similar} |

This look is putting off some vibes that I can’t put my finger on exactly- but the cat eye sunnies, tied button-up, and midi skirt all look pretty classic/vintage sweetheart to me! What vibes are you getting? Because my legs are so short, I would typically wear heels with a midi skirt; but I think when I took these pictures (a couple months ago) I was still very hyped on these Madewell leather slides. Plus the slides vs. heels definitely makes this look a little more casual and Summer-y rather than polished.

What else…honestly, I’ve been spending a good amount of time by myself lately. It’s actually quite ridiculous that after a non-stop season of life, the minute I get some back-to-back downtime, I freak out a little. I’m just someone who has never done well with a lot of free time which I know is SO dumb! I’ve also been house-sitting this past week so it’s almost been like a retreat! I suppose it’s that grass is always greener thing- I always want some time to chill when things are really busy, but when things are too chill, and I have too much time on my hands to just think, it makes me anxious. I keep telling myself though that it’s OHKAY to have downtime to yourself- doing whatever it is you like to do. You don’t have to feel guilty about that.

Here’s a little reminder (maybe mostly just for me) that whatever season of life you’re in, whether or not you’re where you thought you’d be, you’re in the RIGHT place and you’re supposed to be there. Wherever you are is ok. Nothing has to be perfect to be good. Just things I’ve thought about over and over this week while I’ve been staying in a house that isn’t mine, talking to a dog that isn’t mine :D 

On a much lighter note! I am still doing this silly #nailpolishchallenge, that is, wearing (or trying to wear and getting rid of) every single nail polish shade I own. I think I started this at basically the beginning of the year and I'm STILL trying "new" shades. I think the lesson there is that I don't need any more nail polish. I'm currently wearing what I believe is Trout Pout by Butter London. A friend gifted me a few Butter London polishes a few years ago and the formula really is fantastic.

Ok, I think that's the update for now! T T Y S

JULY / life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness

Monday, July 31

+ July was a super chill month for me, a trip home in the middle, notwithstanding! I felt like I was able to get things done that I've been meaning to do forever, like get new tires & clean my car, sort some drawers in my room, etc.
+ Also three cheers for being in the heart of Summer and loving it! I've been soaking up pool time, eating and drinking on patios, cut-offs, kayaking, theme parks, lots of ice cream, and allll that Summer-y goodness.
+ After #26DaysofPriya last month, I was actually really excited to kick off #26DaysofNOTPriya. The whole point of this was to NOT be self-serving, but I had forgotten about how good it feels to do nice things for other people. I've written a lot of cards and otherwise surprised people with all kinds of gifts, big and small (facials & almond butter packets.) And I decided to do 26 things rather than 26 consecutive days so I'm still finishing up.
+ On August 31st I'm going to Italy (!!) so the biggest thing I have coming around the corner is this cleanse I've decided to do for the month of August. I'm cutting out gluten, dairy, and alcohol. You'll notice sugar is not included because I have a mega-sweet tooth. This is really more about practicing some discipline, for once, and less about losing weight or looking a certain way for my trip (though, to be fair, I do want to be feeling great before I'm in a swimsuit for a week.) And I am SURE I will keep you posted.

+ I wrote a love letter to my live-in pieces for Summer, established blogging as my hobby (and I don't care who knows it!), and brought my Bridesmaid 101 series back to discuss bridal showers.
+ I was excited to try LipSense for the first time, this accidentally tennis-inspired outfit is one of my favorites I've ever blogged, I came clean with my hat secret, wore a pink miniskirt in Charleston, and did a super Summer-y shoot with my friend Miles!
bbg meals IN THE KITCHEN: One of my small goals was to make 4 recipes from my Bikini Body Guide book. Check!
+ Lamb Tagine | Lamb is my favorite, this was doable, delicious and filling- it lasted me a week.
+ Fudgy Brownies | I spent $$ buying all these healthy ingredients (like coconut sugar!) and these were great!
+ Quinoa Chicken Pilaf | An easy, healthier spin on a traditional pilaf. Don't skimp on those cranberries!
+ Ginger Peach Overnight Oats | This is such a simple, hearty breakfast that tastes even better after TWO nights.

ON THE WISHLIST: Somebody gimme a medal, because I went a month without shopping! What I wish I bought:
Old Navy white Rockstar jeans | I already know I love these & I hate the white pants I have & I need them for an exciting upcoming collab (I got a beautiful top sent to me and only these will do!)
novelty one-piece | This is the one piece (ha ha) that I am allowing myself to buy for my upcoming trip to Italy. Really my dream is to own a gorgeous Mara Hoffman swimsuit, but in the meantime, there are so many fun options out there, especially by Private Party (think of the 'grams!)
UntitledON MY FACE: Ok, I went a month without buying clothes/shoes. I did buy a lot of makeup. Oops! [Clockwise-ish]
+ NYX Angel Veil Primer | My beauty newb self previously thought primer was only for making make-up last. The vloggers (ok I also watched a LOT of YouTube this month) taught me otherwise- it also makes your foundation go on/look better. Primers are expensive, but this NYX one is a drugstore gem for good reason- works great & only $15!
+ Too Faced palette | Steph turned me on to this! Eyeshadow can be tricky, but this palette has all the matte shades you'll ever need as a base for any look. I've been using this daily since I got it! See what it looks like inside, below!
+ Too Faced Highlighter | I wanted to share one product I've actually been disappointed by- I had to get my hands on this highlighter (the packaging!) but honestly I love my $5 Wet n Wild highlighters WAY more! I don't know if it's the shade or the brush I'm using or what, but this just doesn't work for me.
+ Real Techniques brushes | One thing that was actually (lol) on my list this month was to upgrade my brushes a bit. I know a lot of people love the Real Techniques brushes, so I picked up the Eye Shade + Blend duo (^ this bigger one is a DREAM for blending eyeshadow!) and since I'm always on the hunt for the perfect contour brush, I got the Flawless Base set solely for ^ this brush, which has actually made a world of difference in my contouring skills.
+ NYX lipstick in Thalia | Because sometimes you need an MLBB that's NOT matte, you know? This is pretty close!
+ Wet n Wild blush in Pearlescent Pink | Everybody loves the Wet n Wild blushes- however, I think the shade I had previously (Apri-Cot In The Middle) was a little light for me. All it took was a different shade for me to be hooked!

Farewell, Starlight! - Francis and the Lights | I know this is old news but I can't stop listening to this fun, dancy, album. Listen to: It's Alright 2 Cry, May I Have This Dance, Friends. 
Ocean - Parekh & Singh | Thanks to my lil bro Tuppy, who introduced them to me! Guys, Indian Indie is a THING that exists. This entire album is totally dreamy. Listen to: I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll, Newbury Street. 
Lust for Life - Lana Del Rey | Alternate title: How Lana Got Her Groove Back. I was so excited for this album because I'm a huge LDR fan, and her last album, Honeymoon, left something to be desired. Well, she's BAAACK doing what Lana does best: making you love and hate your life at the same time, making you remember "my boyfriend's back, and he's cooler than ever" and making even the most mundane trips "back to work or the coffee shop" so glamorous. This album is fantastic. Listen to: first of all, the single, LOVE, if you haven't, my second favorite so far is Summer Bummer (ft. ASAP Rocky, they are buds and I LOVE IT.) "Who's doper than this bitch," indeed. This is my soundtrack for the rest of Summer 2017.

P.S. Let's connect on Spotify (it's a NO JUDGEMENT zone!)
+ Ozone Falls | (Pictured above!) Just under 2 hours outside of Nashville in Crab Orchard, TN (cute!) You can “hike” just over half a mile down to the falls & a great swimming hole (perfect for toting a picnic!)
+ kayaking the Harpeth | I went kayaking twice this month- once in TN and once in CA (very different experiences!) Kayaking is probably the best Summer activity Middle TN has to offer- there are several rivers just a few hours drive from Nashville! The closest being the Harpeth, & there are several kayaking excursion companies that make it SO easy (even if you’re outdoor-averse, promise!) 

+ Lulu | This is my FAVORITE new place in Nashville for a few reasons: the branding/decor (I’m getting like…Scandinavian beach vibes?), the food (affordable and simple- sandwiches, a gingersnap that brought me back to life one morning), and a FREE SOFT-SERVE MACHINE (yeah, how is this even possible.)
+ Fort Louise | In my neighborhood! I went opening week and loved it! The food was delicious (I was so pleasantly surprised by fried deviled eggs), the service was so so great, and it’s in an old house which couldn’t look cooler. 
+ Slim & Husky's | I was really excited to try out this place, and if the pizza can be beat, the experience definitely cannot! I love that three childhood friend’s opened it in their neighborhood (Buchanan Art’s District, which was new to me) I love that Fresh Prince was projected on the wall, I loved the 90’s hip-hop that was playing, I LOVED the hip-hop lyric inspired affirmations painted all over the bathroom, and yeah I loved the pizza. 

I would love to hear about your favorite eats, drinks, buys, reads, listens, or adventures, in Nashville (or wherever you live!) from July! Share with me below!!

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Wears Like A Sailor

Friday, July 28

| sunglasses: Blenders Eyewear [gift] {similar} | earrings: H&M {similar} | lip: NYX Matte Lipstick in Bloody Mary | blouse: vintage {similar} | jeans: J.Crew via Carina {The "Billie" fit comes in several washes!} | clog sandals: Target {similar} | clutch: Anthropologie [gift from Katie] {similar} |

And now for something a littleeee different...I absolutely jumped at the chance to shoot with my talented friend (and co-worker) Miles! I work with so many talented artists of all kinds, it's awesome (and makes me feel...not so talented...) I was hyped about how these turned out! Thank you x one million, Miles!

One of my favorite things about blogging is how the outfit posts are like a little scrapbook. I have so many life events and trips documented through outfits: my mom's 60th birthday, Amir's college graduation, my 26th birthday, and outfits worn in Brooklyn, Paris, Miami, and Finland, to name a few! And while this outfit is from a pretty normal day, I also love looking at an outfit post and being able to instantly recognize the season it's from (whether that be a season of life, or like a literal weather season.)

These pictures scream SUMMER to me! I've been a little backlogged and mostly posting photos from the last couple months, so it was nice to put together a look/shoot that accurately depicts what's happening now. These are literally from this past Tuesday and boy does it feel S U M M E R Y around here.

The funniest thing happened to me yesterday- I was at a volunteer gig when this girl stopped me and said, "This is really weird but were you at Slim & Husky's last weekend? I loved your shoes so much and wanted to ask you about them!" So I guess I wear these a lot. I had to tell her that, sadly, these are a Target find from last year. Y'all know I love a wooden clog, but the best thing about these shoes is that they only look wooden, so they have a chunky heel that is super light!

These jeans came from Carina during a recent trip home- she had stalked them for months and finally ordered them, but they didn't fit her, and they were sitting at her desk at work, waiting to be returned. You know, I'm not even mad that I'm wearing jeans that are too big for my [little] big sister, because how awesome are these?! They've looked just as great with a white t-shirt/gray tank top as they have with this blouse- one of my best vintage finds to date! (Oh, the jeans are only available in really limited sizes, but J.Crew carries the Billie fit in several washes- I totally recommend it, I love 'em! I'm wearing a 26P but honestly the waist stretches out a lot, so I would size down!)

Well, happy Friday! I actually had the chillest week, and was back in the office for five consecutive days for the first time in...a while! We were joking about how a normal five day work week would feel SO long to me, and uh, jokes aside, it really has! I don't really have plans for the weekend, apart from "prepping" for an August cleanse (more on that soon) by eating all the gluten, dairy, and alcohol I can get my hands on (just kidding Mom!)

photos by Miles Price